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Dr. Prachi

Gynaecologist, Mumbai

Dr. Prachi Gynaecologist, Mumbai
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
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Dr. Prachi is a renowned Gynaecologist in Borivali West, Mumbai. You can visit her at Bhagat Nursing Home in Borivali West, Mumbai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Prachi on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 43 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Bhagat Nursing Home

Ganesh Niwas 2nd Flr,Pai Nagar, Ganjawala Lane, Borivali West. Landmark: Opposite Borivali Petrol Pump, MumbaiMumbai Get Directions
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Nutritional Tip for Fertility

MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
If you want to boost your fertility and increase the chances of getting pregnant follow these tips:

1. Stay positive
2. Keep your body hydrated
3. Drink more water
4. Cut out drinks
5. Consume green vegetables
6. Eat good quality protein with each meal, such as organic chicken, fish, grass fed meat and plant protein such as beans and pulses, nuts and seeds.

Stay Healthy

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Stay Healthy

Let's all break the taboo against psychiatry and accept it as any other field of Medicine. Let's all join and raise awareness and spread the message "Dignity in mental health" and treat people suffering from such illness with respect.

Join hands, help break the taboo. 

Let me clear some common misconceptions we have about psychiatry today:

  • People suffering from mental illness are not "mentally disturbed" there are different kinds of problems and we should stop labelling them. 
  • Psychiatric medications are NOT addictive!
  • You are "NOT WEAK" if you seek help of psychiatrist. In fact you are mentally strong and mature enough to understand you have a problem and will do what is right to solve it rather than running away from and issue
  • Illness is not under patients control it is not all  In their head!
  • Hypertension and diabetes are all long term illnesses we take medications for that them, then why not for depression and other psychiatric illnesses?
  • This is just an imbalance of neurochemicals, just treat it and lead a peaceful life.
  • Psychiatric illnesses are treatable.

Hope this helps and clears some doubts lingering in our minds.

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My wife gave birth to boy baby on 21/3/2015 now she is very weak but from some days she gets tired & she tells when she urinates she feel pain & when she waked after her eyes gets heat & body also please suggest what food should she must eat.

Diploma in Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Secunderabad
1. Protein 2. Omega-3 3. Calcium 4. Iron 5. Vitamin and mineral. For further assistance concern me privately.
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Take Deep Breaths Before Walking

Master of Physical Therapy MPT CARDIO, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Rajkot
Take Deep Breaths Before Walking

Before starting out for a walk, relax and take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh air which will move them into their most efficient position. After you exhale, maintain the chest in this position with shoulders down and slightly back throughout the walk.

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I am 24 years old, female, I would like to know whether Periods for 15 to 17 days is normal or not.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
It is not normal. If this has happened for the first time then there is no reason to worry. Of course period for this long is not normal. This happens because of temporary hormonal imbalance. As this has occurred for the first time, it does not warrant any further investigations or treatment. Observe future cycles and similar things r happening again and again then only go for tests or treatment.
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Add Spices to Your Diet

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), M.D in Ayurveda, Ph.D
Ayurveda, Hyderabad
Add Spices to Your Diet
Add hot spices to your food, as they can stimulate your metabolism & help you to burn more calories.

My wife next mensuration will start on around 9 december. I.e 9 -14 dec. .what is the best date to get her this month and next month also. Pls! Mention the date range.

Homeopath, Howrah
If she has a normal menstrual cycle the the chances of ovulation is around 12th to 14th day. 19th to 28th will have more chances for pregnancy. More precise from 21 to 23rd.
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Extreme vaginal itching. White discharge without any foul smell. The itching is mainly in the labia minora portion. Sometimes getting scar during itching.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), PG Diploma in YOGA Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Bhopal
Apply 1. V- gel - for local application 2. Syrup renalka - 1 tsf bd 3. Pushyanug churna - 1 tsf with milk two times a day drink more water.
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I am 18 years old, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. My periods is irregular, I am 79 kg, I dont have thyroid or any other relative problem. Ldl is slightly high 117, how can I get rid of this? what diet can I maintain to regular my periods?

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
Pcos can be cured in homoeopathy. Before start homoeopathic treatment we need depth case taking from your side and it will take time to cure.
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Will hymen break when penis is half inserted and will I get lower abdomen pain because of that.

PG Diploma in YOGA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Hymen can break from penis insertion & from many other reasons also. Half insertion of penis also can break hymen. You may get some bleeding and may get little pain at vaginal opening.
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Hi 29 years old I got married last years we having sex after her ovulation time but she is not getting pregnant? please help me out from this problem i m worried about it.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Ahmedabad
Hw do you cnfirm dat ovulation has ocured. Your wife' s period is regular. If its nt dan d ovulation may b delayed.
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My wife getting irregular periods after did d and c on may 2015 we have checked thyroid, the test shows normal what is the reason for this?

M.D. homoeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Noida
Thanks for the query. Irregular periods can be due to hormonal disbalance or even stress. Before going for complete hormonal analysis you can go for a whole abdomen sonography to rule out ovarian cyst. Review with reports to start with homoeopathic treatment.
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I am a 26 year female. I want to get Non Hormonal IUD placed. May I know the price of IUD and the best one to be placed and any protocols to be followed for placement of IUD.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
HELLO, Its copper t 380A and its cost is about 650/-INR. It is to be placed between day 5 to 7 of your cycle ideally.
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I am 19 year old girl I am getting period twice in two month. Is it harmful. And how can stop this. And stomach pain please help.

Diploma in homeopathy, B. Sc
Homeopath, Gurgaon
Periods twice a month is weakening and period pains don't help. Request for remedies to correct this.
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Healthy living manifesto

Homeopath, Solan
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If I suck and drink sperm any problems or health issues also masturbations is good or bad for health? These two activity any relationship with menstrual cycle? Because I have delay in period also less count of blood and less pain in last period but before painful but this is first time less pain. Sir give me better remedy and advice for better health and correct my menstrual periods?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Drinking semen does not cause any health issues. Masturbation is not unhealthy unless you do it in unhygienic conditions. Little delay in menses is acceptable and does not need any treatment. It occurs bcos of hormonal changes or weight gain also.
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I am 29 years my period is late by two days I don't want to get pregnant. Give me a tablet to get period or. Can I take abortion pill which is available in clinic please help me I ve 1 year baby.

Sexologist, Panchkula
You can take abortion pills but take them properly, otherwise problem in abortion occurs. For better guidance and treatment.
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Rules for Successful Living

Psychologist, Delhi
Rules for Successful Living

Successful living is a state where the mind and body are in perfect sync. In this state, one is able to make use of all of the available resources to live happily and with satisfactory results as far as life, work and relationships go. This does not mean that there are absolutely no problems. It simply means that you look at the problems and challenges as opportunities for growth, and solve them to live to the best of your abilities.

So what are the rules for successful living? Here is our list!

  1. Believe and Understand: While you may have heard the phrase, 'Believe in yourself', you would not have heard the word understand associated with it on a normal basis. Yet, the crux of the matter is this to believe, you must understand. Believing in your abilities is one side of the coin. Understanding your limitations is the other side. So, once you have both things in place, it becomes easier to plan your actions in a realistic manner. When you believe in your competence and understand your limitations, you will either take on those tasks that will be commensurate with your skills, or you will equip yourself with higher skills so as to take on even more varied activities and tasks.
  2. Simplify: This is an often repeated and extremely underrated term. To be more organised, you do not merely need the latest modular fittings in your home and office. One of the aspects of simplifying is decluttering. When you declutter, you are effectively removing all those things that do not serve you. If these things were to remain in front of you, they will only serve to expend your energy with thoughts of wastage and wastage of time as well, since you will be working your way through chaos to get to your core.
  3. Moderation: Simplification and moderation go hand in hand. Superfluous acts may give instant gratification, but they do not serve you in the long run. They strip you of self-control and can even alienate you from your relationships as you get closer to things rather than people. So, it is good to have a healthy dose of everything in your life for true balance and successful living.
  4. Perspective: If problems are bogging you down, then there are chances that your perspective is all wrong. Being more open and looking at the big picture are two sure shot ways of ensuring that the problems come and go without affecting your equilibrium.

Being in the moment and putting your family first is a part of creating a balanced situation in life where judegments, material wants and egos will not matter.

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After periods of 3 days 7 days white sticky discharge like gum is coming in my vagina its a monthly process but there is no foul smell. Is this normal?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
Hi lybrate-user. As long as the discharge has no field smell and it does not itch or cause burning then no need to worry. All the best.
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I got some rashes on penis head which got converted into wounds.What is this and what is the treatment.

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patna
Is it anywhere else in body, is there a sexual exposure in recent past, do you have etching also, Since how long you are suffering? it may be scabies or some other STD. Better consult dermatologist.
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