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Dr. Papu Khan

General Physician, Mumbai

Dr. Papu Khan General Physician, Mumbai
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Papu Khan is a trusted General Physician in Bhayandar West, Mumbai. You can meet Dr. Papu Khan personally at Ravi Surgical Nursing Home in Bhayandar West, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Papu Khan and consult privately on

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Sir I want to increase size of my penis. Earlier I have taken cobadex-czs, cipcal 500 mg, ashwagandha 500 mg and sandha oil for 2 months but I didn't find any improvement in size. Pl guide me how to increase the size.

Sexologist, Panchkula
You didn't find improvement in size. I advise you to do kegel and jalqing exercises daily. Follow this and give feedback.
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Hyperglycemia - 10 Tips to Manage it

Endocrinologist, Srinagar
Hyperglycemia - 10 Tips to Manage it

In simple terms, hyperglycemia is the medical term for abnormally high levels of sugar in the blood stream. The blood sugar level range is 65-110 mg/dl and can extend up to 120-140 mg/dl a few hours after eating. However, when a person has eaten no food, but has a blood sugar level of more than 126 mg/dl, that may be a symptom of diabetes mellitus.

Reasons Behind it

A person who is hyperglycemic is most likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, which may be type 1 or type 2.

Type 1 diabetes is caused when the immune system destroys the insulin secreting cells in the pancreas. The insulin production in the body stops, thereby, causing an enormous increase in the sugar levels. In such a situation, nothing, but external dose of insulin will be required to survive.

Type 2 diabetes is caused when the body stops responding to the insulin produced by the body and in a desperate attempt to maintain blood sugar level, the pancreas produce excess insulin. In this case, changing lifestyle, food-habits and taking proper medication can be the only way out for a healthy life.

Therefore, the major causes leading to increase in blood sugar level might be:

  • Inadequate supply of insulin

  • Slow or no reaction of the body to the insulin produced by the body

Tips to manage hyperglycemia

Here are some important tips that could help individuals regulate their blood sugar levels:

  1. As we know, the carbohydrates break down into glucose, which is absorbed by the body cells with the help of insulin. So, in case of hyperglycemia, individuals should manage or better, cut off, carbohydrate intake in their meals.

  2. Another important element to be highly monitored is the blood cholesterol level. For this, you must curb eating oily and spicy food.

  3. It is very important that individuals limit their alcohol intake because alcohol contains huge amount of calories and carbs, which might lead to sky-rocketing blood-sugar levels.

  4. The diet should contain adequate portions of nuts and olive oil.

  5. Eating fatty milk products and fatty food should be strictly avoided.

  6. Each and every food should be inspected for sugar because even a slight bit of sugar can mess up the entire process of managing the sugar level.

  7. Individuals should try stress-free mild work out, as heavy work out could cause the blood-sugar level to rise in case of type 2 diabetes.

  8. Anxiety, tension and stress would not help the process in anyway.

Proper medication and check-ups are necessary. It is important to be fit and healthy.

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Hello sir, as i, m having typhoid. And I taking medicine for the same. But I put on weight from the day onward I taking medicine please prefer me something so that I stay fit not fat.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Dear lybrate user, there r certain associated symptoms to be taken into account to reach a suitable meditation for you. * character of fever. * appetite * general condition. Gastric disorder. Diarrohoea * take, plenty of water * your diet b easily digestible, timely. * * take, rest, properly. Till, symptoms r collected of yours, please take * homo-medicine* @ arsanic alb 30-6 pills, 6 pills, twice a day.=7 days @ typhoidinum 30-6 pill, thrice a day.=7 days please, report in a wk with other associated symptoms, take, care.
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Sir I am masturbating from last 10 years and now my penis foreskin is not covering the glans of the penis so please sir advice me.

Homeopath, Chennai
Bad effects of masturbation are: a. The nervous system is affected the most. b. Besides the heart, the digestive system, the urinary system as well as the other systems are adversely affected and consequently the whole body becomes the museum of diseases with profound weakness. c.Continuous headache and backache. d. Dizziness and loss of memory. e. Palpitation of heart on lightest exertion. f. Nervousness. g. Unable to perform any heavy physical or mental work. h. The person dislikes any company and activities and rather likes to sit in seclusion and suffers from weakness. i. All the senses are impaired. j. Impotency. Therefore, young men are advised to consult a qualified and honest homoeopathic practitioner for his expert advice and effective treatment . Further, those young men who are or have been engaged in the regular habits of masturbation should not ignore the necessity to consult the qualified homoeopaths to avoid sexual embarrassment at the time of marriage. You can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance.
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Have continued vomiting 2 days ago, 1 dY ago had a anti vomiting injection & medicine, don't work out any well, what should I do?

General Physician, Cuttack
1. Take one tablet of Aciloc Rd twice daily 2. Drink plenty of water with ORS 3. Take bland diet, avoid spicy, oily, fatty food
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I suffer from severe head ache when I study for long hours during night please suggest a solution.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Take paracetamol 500mg,1 tablet sos after food up to a maximum of 3 tablets daily, 2.Drink plenty of water 3.Take rest If you have recurrent attack of headache 1.It could be a tension headache due to stress, strain,depression,agitation, inadequate sleep,refractive error 2.Avoid stress, physical and mental exertion, take adequate sleep for 7-8 hours daily 3.Go for regular exercise 4.Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercise to calm your mind, control your emotion and relieve stress 5.Check for refractive error, sinusitis Hemoglobin 6.consult doctor/ me for further advice
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Why do I get Knots in Muscles in Neck and Back?

Physiotherapist, Noida
Why do I get Knots in Muscles in Neck and Back?

What are muscle knots?
Muscle knots are points within a muscle where contracted fibers are unable to release 1, or, as the dictionary puts it: highly irritable localized spots of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in palpable taunt bands of muscle tissue.

A common problem for active people, muscle knots technically called myofascial trigger points, or mtps feel like a small knot to your fingertips. These knots can range from the size of a pinhead in smaller muscles to the size of your thumb in larger muscles. 2

Muscle knots can cause pain in two ways: (1) latent trigger points, which are knots that only hurt when you put pressure on them, and (2) active trigger points, which are knots that actively refer pain along your neural pathways, causing it in non-localized areas.

Trigger points in a constant state of contraction have excess metabolic waste and oxygen use because blood flow to this area stops this sends pain signals to the brain. Because your brain wants to stop the pain, it commands the muscle to rest, which leads to under-usage of the muscle. This is what makes the muscle shorten and tighten up.

What causes muscle knots?
The most common causes of muscle knots are:

1) accidents acute trauma, such as bad falls sports injuries that strain you joints and muscles
2) postural stress sitting too long with poor posture, sitting with no support, lifting improperly
3) overstimulation

My mother is always suffering from Headache and weakness problem. What should I do? Is anyone (Doctors) who will treat my mother?

General Physician, Cuttack
-check her hemoglobin,Bp.Consult doctor for a thorough medical examination to find out the cause of chronic headache. She may be having hypertension
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I have problems of headache from very long time I take many types of medicine daily but I don't get rid of it.

PhD in Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Specialist,
First go for few blood test if required for ct scan then can guide u. As without knowing in details very difficult to explain proper treatment.
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Home Remedies for Viral Fever

Home Remedies for Viral Fever

Home care in viral fever 

Take a bath: soaking in a tub of lukewarm or cool water may help you feel better.

Control the heat: lower the room temperature via thermostat or by opening a window. Keep a warm blanket close by in case you have chills. Use the blanket instead of difficult-to-remove items of clothing to self-regulate the temperature.

Drink lots of liquids: water or clear liquid is best the anti-oxidants found in most fruits might also help, and if there's vomiting or diarrhea, a drink with electrolytes might help. Herbal teas and ingredients that aid fever reduction include catnip, echinacea, elder flower, eyebright, feverfew, honey, lemon balm, lemon peel, lemon verbena, lemongrass, peppermint, pleurisy root, purpurea leaf, sage, stevia leaf, and yarrow. 

Lemon socks: squeeze out the juice of one lemon into a cup of hot (but not scalding) water. Soak a pair of thin cotton socks in this lemon water, squeeze out the excess liquid, and put on the socks. Pull a pair of thick woolen knee socks over the lemon water-soaked socks so that you don't get your sheets wet. Keep the two pairs of socks on all night.

Hot and cold socks: first, prepare one basin of hot water and one basin of ice cold water. Next, soak a pair of thin ankle socks in the cold water. While you're doing this, soak your feet in the hot water for a minute. Then, towel off the excess water and put on the socks that were soaked in cold water. Wear another pair of socks over the wet socks to protect your sheets. Keep the socks on for several hours. 

Damp washcloth: soak a washcloth or face towel in lukewarm water, squeeze out the excess water, and for 10 minutes, pat the cloth or towel gently from your elbows down to your hands and from your knees down to your feet. This works by pulling the heat away from your core and from your head, where excessive heat can harm your organs, on to your limbs where it is then released through the pores. 

Lemon: slice a lemon (or other citrus fruit) in half and rub one half all over the soles of your feet. You may also use socks to keep slices of lemon against the soles of the feet overnight.

Garlic: crush, puree, or slice up a clove of raw garlic and eat it. You can mix it with honey to make it more palatable. 

Garlic and olive oil: crush 2 garlic cloves and mix them with 2 spoons of olive oil. Warm the mixture up a bit before applying it to the soles of your feet before covering with a plastic wrap overnight.

Vinegar: add half a cup of vinegar to your bathwater and soak in it for at least 10 minutes. 

Potato and vinegar: soak a few slices of potato in vinegar for 10 minutes then place them on your forehead topped by washcloth or small towel. 

Raisins: in half a cup of water, soak a handful (about 25) raisins. After a while, crush the raisins with a spoon to mix them with the water. Then add the juice of half a lime, strain, and drink this concoction twice a day.

Herbal teas: lots of herbs can be steeped to make teas that are beneficial against numerous medical conditions, including viral fever.

Immunization influenza children adult vaccine

Antibiotic is for bacteria not viral avoid over intake abusing lead to resistant 

Avoid abusing of antipyretic

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I am suffering from fungal infection of groin over last 1 year. Tried all anti fungal medicine and consulted best doctor. Still it reappears after I discontinue medicine. Red blister in inner thighs and bottom. Tried creams like Terbinext. Episert. Candid B. And many more. It is very irritating and I am suffering too much. I don't have much money to spend on it. Already spent nearly 5-6 thousands.

MBBS, Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD)
Dermatologist, Delhi
Fungal infection requires both external and internal treatment for a definite period of time. It is better to be sure if it is candida or something else .You also need to be certain if there are other underlying issues causing the infection. Your doctor should be able to diagnose your infection just by examining your private parts and questioning you. Have patience and consult your dermatologist for proper treatment. It is always advisable to keep the affected area dry and not to apply many creams over the affected part.
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Caring for Your Sexual Health in Your 30s

Sexologist, Delhi
Caring for Your Sexual Health in Your 30s

Men in their 20s are more active and possess fast metabolic rate and they can be good in bed too, even after having a tiresome day. How can this not be possible in your 30s? This is because you have hit your 30s and there is a lot of difference in the peak you had in your previous ages. This change is quite critical, as what you do during these changes affects your overall sexual health. 
The male menopause also known as andropause starts hitting individuals as early as 35. During this stage, there is a drop in the libido and even can cause erectile dysfunctions. 

How do you avoid this? 
Here what you can do on a regular basis to keep yourself fit at all times so you can be fit when it matters the most! 

  • Check your family medical history 
  • Check your testosterone levels proactively 
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners 
  • Keep a check on your alcohol consumption 
  • Dump the junk and add more veggies on the palate 
  • Get a lot of sleep 
  1. Check your family medical history: Family history is an important determinant to understand the faults in one's genetic DNA. It matters even though you and your family must be living a different lifestyle or live in a different environment, but as they say, it is all in the genes. You can still lead a healthy sex life if you are active and fit at times available to you. 
  2. Check your testosterone levels proactively: Declining levels of testosterone brings a lot of problems such as hair loss, decreased sex drive, depression and memory levels which is again a vicious cycle. To avoid this, include meat, fish, cheese and yogurt in your regular diet. 
  3. Eliminate artificial sweeteners: Sugar may not be our strongest friend, but it is our strongest foe for it all does other than lessening sweetness in our morning tea, coffee, diet soda, but also increases the risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. 
  4. Keep a check on your alcohol consumption: It is okay if we gulp down a drink or two of red wine daily, but if it is more than that, then you can say goodbye to love making sessions as excessive drinking can not only destroy your liver and your gut and so on, but also impairs your libido. The key here is just moderation. 
  5. Get a lot of sleep: A minimum 6 hours of sleep is ideal as it helps your brain health, manages your stress levels and most importantly optimizes the male hormone production, which helps you in a healthy libido to satiate your partner. Men who sleep less than 6 hours have an increased risk of stroke and heart disease as well. So take care of your body while you can before it's too late!
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My dad is having hearing disorder. From one ear, he can't hear anything but from the second one, doc says that a machine can be used. My question is, is the hearing impairment machine the only solution for long term (can some medication or alternative treatment help)? I'm trying to find an alternative to hearing aid, as I assume that if someone is using hearing aid then over long term his ear can't improve, it will only deteriorate further. Please correct me.

Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (B.A.S.L.P)
Speech Therapist, Chennai
You go for 6 channels hearing aid it will improve your daddy's hearing sensitivity like small sounds also can able to identify easily but very expensive. Hearing aid is the only management for hearing loss.
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I have a stomach problem and I do not eat food regularly. And very high pain in my tummy. Pls tell me well treatment plan for me. Thanks.

MD - Pathology
General Physician, Amritsar
First of all get an ultrasound whole abdomen done, empty stomach take capsule ocid20 empty stomach in morning tablet sporlacds twice daily come back after one week.
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Stomachache from 3 days, thought it will be ok, but still its the same, what to do?

General Physician, Faridabad
Drink 3-4 litres of water daily, it will help in long run. If required take tab meftal spas after eating something and 1 tab pan 40 empty stomach daily for 15 days. You are welocme for further queries. If needed get ultrasound of whole abdomen done and come back with report. Thank you
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I am 47 years old and I have an problem of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I am diabetic from 10 years. Please advise me good Ayurvedic medicine.

General Physician, Nashik
Please mention your ongoing treatment and revert back to me for further assistance. Dr. Surbhi agrawal consultant physician and diabetologist
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I am 20 year old and I am down with nightfall. Not overnight but some random night interval after. please suggest me what am I do?

Homeopath, Raebareli
Men who have frequent wet dreams should have yogurt twice or thrice in a day. Yogurt is good for health and it lowers the chances of getting wet dreams. If you include yogurt in your diet, you will see the difference in few days time. It is advisable that you should have a big bowl of yogurt thrice in a day. This will help you for sure!
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I found white transplant fluid n its sticky comes out from my peins its is happening last one month pls let me know what is that.

General Physician, Nashik
It could be smegma. You need to throughly clean yourself and maintain local hygiene. Normally, a healthy foreskin can be retracted for cleansing and smegma can be removed by washing. The fact that it is a superficial substance renders its removal easy, provided cleansing is performed with regularity. Particular attention should be given to the depths of the foreskin where smegma is liable to lodge in the pocket between foreskin and glans. Without correct treatment, ill health of the foreskin is liable to worsen --- formation of smegma continues and, without outlet or access for cleansing, deposits collect and harden within the foreskin cavity. Such compact masses of smegma can lead to chronic disease, and even prepare the way for cancerous changes.
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I am not getting sleep for last 10 days, when I got sleep at late hours I wake up suddenly, what is the problem with me?

Ayurveda, Ambala
Causes of lack of sleep are : • stress • Anxiety • Depression • Pain • irregular schedule of sleep such as sleeping during day time & working during nights. • Caffeine , alcohol • Due to drugs • Due to high blood pressure . • Aging Due to lack of sleep there are many complications arise such as lack of concentration ,irritability, fatigue & digestion problem. So these are some instructions & methods for good sleep : • Frequent oil massage of head with oil relax your mind and enhances sleep .You can also do foot massage daily it destress you . • Do not take stress . Do meditation and long breathing pranayams to relax the mind. • Do not take caffeine, tea & alcohol in excess and these are stimulant ,(activate) your brain result in lack of sleep. • Avoid drinking alcohol & smoking. • Avoid sleep during day time as it makes it harder to fall asleep at night. •Try to sleep early at night . Do not think during sleep and avoid use of laptop during night . Do exercise and long walk daily . • Avoid to take sleeping pills because these are habit forming drugs and these drugs disturb your normal sleep pattern. • Take a bowl of curd daily in afternoon and one glass of milk at night daily .
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