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Dr. Nitya Nadar


Homeopath, Mumbai

19 Years Experience
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Dr. Nitya Nadar BHMS Homeopath, Mumbai
19 Years Experience
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Dr. Nitya Nadar
Dr. Nitya Nadar is a renowned Homeopath in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. He has helped numerous patients in his 19 years of experience as a Homeopath. He is a qualified BHMS . He is currently associated with Khandelwal Clinic in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Nitya Nadar and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced Homeopaths in India. You will find Homeopaths with more than 28 years of experience on You can find Homeopaths online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BHMS - Maharashtra University - 2000
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How can I loose my weight. Because in my age 22 my weight is 95. I don't want to use any medicine. So sir please tell me how I loose my weight without medicine.

Post graduate diploma in? Early childhood care and education (ECCE), Bachelor of Science (Home) with major in FOOD AND NUTRITION
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Vadodara
How can I loose my weight. Because in my age 22 my weight is 95. I don't want to use any medicine. So sir please tell...
Hi Lybrate user weight loss can be acheived if you to need to follow a proper diet and physical activity weight loss tips 1. Avoid much outside food, fried food and junk food. 2.Avoid papad, pickles, Coconut-peanut chutney. 3.Can eat homemade Paneer sabji, sandwich, paratha. 4.Opt for Brown bread, low fat cheese, skimmed milk, roasted food items. 5.Use skimmed milk in food items as much as possible, sprinkle over cooked sabji and add in milk, soups as thickening agent. Can be eaten as wholesome powder also 6.Avoid too much off starchy foods like Potato, Yam, arvi, sweet-potato, sabu dana (Sago), Maida, corn-flour. 7.Eat lots and lots of vegetables and green leafy vegetables in form of cooked vege, Salads & Soup. 8.Avoid canned and processed foods like cream biscuits, wafers, pickle, papad For specific weight loss diet loss plan, please enroll in my weight loss package.
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In such a hot weather I usually have low bp problem. Please suggest me what should I have to maintain my bp constant.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, Follow these tips to increase your blood pressure: 1. Increase intake of salt by adding salt to curds rice and taking pickles along with curds rice. 2. Drink plenty of fluids like Nimbu pani, tender coconut, water, buttermilk, fresh fruit juices,etc. 3.Drink hot coffee or tea when you feel dizzy. 4. Take sound sleep for 7-8 hours at night. 5. Avoid standing for too long hours. 6. Do yoga and meditation which helps to relieve mental stress and control emotions. 7. Avoid anxiety, stress and depression. 8. Perform regular exercises. 9. Consume lots of fresh green leafy vegatables, fruits, sprouts, high protein diet, etc. 10. Check your Hb% and BP with your family doctor and take their advise for further management.
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Dear doctor my question is that my hair is falling on heavy large amount .so please keep a suggestion.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Dear doctor
my question is that my hair is falling on heavy  large amount .so please keep a suggestion.
Hi. Let me tell you about hairfall. In layman's language, hairfall can be divided into 2 types - temporary hairfall and permanent (which is called as 'Hairloss' rather). In temporary hairfall, hair grows back again from the same hair root, but in case of permanent hairloss, may be because of formation of DHT (Di- Hydro -Testosterone) around hair root it gets choked up, subsequently affects the blood supply to the hair and thus hair root is lost forever. (There are different pattern and types of hairloss, because of different reasons like Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, Scarring Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, etc.) Causes of hairloss: Many factors are responsible formation of this DHT or male/ female pattern baldness - hereditary, post-illness/ ailment, post-delivery, post- chemotherapy, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, insufficient sleep, sudden loss of weight, stress/ tensions/ excessive anger, use of bore water, any other underlying diseases, etc. Management: Take diet rich in protein like non-veg., eggs, pulses, legumes, sprouts, nuts (sp. walnut and almonds), iron-rich food like green vegetables, also take flaxseeds, green tea, soyabean, fruits, salads, etc. Take proper 6-9hrs of sound sleep. Give up the habit of smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Avoid junk food and any kind of beverages (tea, coffee, aerated drinks, cold drinks, etc.) Avoid canned/ tinned food or food that contains preservatives (eat fresh ones). Avoid use of hard water to wash the head rather use boiled water for head wash. Avoid use of harsh hair colour, hair treatment like rebonding, straightening, perming, etc. Avoid vigorous exercises or any supplements provided by the gym! Use Rose wood/ any wooden hair comb to brush your hair. Regular exercising is also one of the important point, but should be done under some good, qualified yoga teacher or instructor for proper guidance; it also releases the stress/ tension in the mind and the body and keeps you FIT and YOUNG!! Medication: Take homoeopathic Rx - Schwabe's Wiesbaden 200 & Alfalfa Tonic twice a day for 1 month and revert. Also, use Schwabe's Arnica shampoo and Hair Growth oil regularly as per the condition of your scalp (minimum 3 times a week). After shampooing, use Bakson's Arnica Hair conditioner as well after every head wash. Apart from thistake Follihair tablets (multivitamin) - 1 tab. daily once for 1 month. (N.B.: With the help of homoeopathic medicines, we can only prevent further progress of the hairloss, means it will get arrests in the present condition in case of progressive baldness. But, in case there are areas of baldness which has gone smooth and shiny, you will have to choose an option of Hair Transplant along with theses medications!). Investigations advised: Get your blood tested for (empty stomach) - CBC, S. Iron, S. Folic acid, S. Ferritin, S. Calcium, S. Vitamin D3, S. Vitamin B12. If there is any family history of Thyroid dysfunction, get Thyroid function test done as well.

Health Tips on Growth of Child

MAMC, MRCPCH, MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Noida
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Tips for growth of your child-

Hello friends, I am doctor IPS Kochar, pediatric and adolescent diabetologist. Today, I will be giving you some health tips first of all on growth. Growth is a very important parameter for children who are growing. A lot of parents are concerned if my child is growing well or not. When a newborn is born his height is around 50 cm and around two years his length is around 75cm at the age of approximately 1 year. When a child is 50 cm he grows by 25 cm first year and grows around 12.5 cm in the next year and another 6 cm every year. So he is about 100 cm at 4 years of age. If a child is growing less than 5 cm a year that is a little concern and the parents should worry about. If child is not gaining height properly in the sense the child is not having a change in dress in the last 1 year or if the shoe size is not increasing in the last 2 years, he is shortest in the class, he is being checked by the doctor and it is found that the growth is less. So these are the ways to pick up children who are not growing. There might be the complaint from his peer group that he is not being able to play with the rest of his friends. These are things one should be little concerned of if growth is not occurring properly.

Growth is also dependant on many factors. It depends on nutrition, sleeping pattern, parent’s height and other factors like hormones. If a child is not growing properly he should be consulted a pediatric endocrinologist, why he is not growing properly. The role of the parents in this is to make sure that the child is getting good nutrition, good sleep, good physical exercise will help a lot. When you are finding out that the child is not growing properly then you should measure and see if the child is growing less than 5 cm a year, that is a big concern. This is one parameter where the child is not growing.

There may be other reasons to it, may the parents are short, the child is short. It may be possible because of constitutional delay, that is when you have parents also who had their late bloomers, periods in the girl's matter came late in the mother or the beard and the moustache might have come late in the father. this is then called as a constitutional delay but the other factor is that the child having a systemic disease like a lung disease, git disease, growth hormone deficiency. So it is very important from the point of view of growth, one should monitor the child’s growth and the parents should be concerned whether my child is growing properly or not because people have only 1 to 2 children nowadays and they all want their children to grow tall and good. Height makes a lot of differences.

If your child is not growing properly you should consult an pediatric endocrinologist.

You can contact me via lybrate.

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My hair is becoming white before the reaching my old age. I am only 16 years old boy. What should I do?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Surat
My hair is becoming white before the reaching my old age.
I am only 16 years old boy.
What should I do?
You need to check IRON LEVEL and contact your Dr. And you can take calcium supplements for 6 months.

Few yoga steps for reducing weight overall fat specially from belly and thigh part.

Diploma In Diet & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Few yoga steps for reducing weight overall fat specially from belly and thigh part.
Best Yoga Asana for weight reduction is Surya Namaskar. Start with 5 rounds. Then add 2-3 rounds after every week. Do this twice a day. Mornings and evening. Also do jogging for 20-30 mins every day. After 3 months you will see yourself in great shape. The way you dream of.
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Liposuction-What You Can Do About Genetic Fat

Fellow In Dermato - Surgery, Fellow In Hair Transplant Surgery, MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Mysore
Liposuction-What You Can Do About Genetic Fat

Your genetic background influences where your body fat is stored. In case your mother or father has fat stored in the abdomen, hips, waist or in the thigh, it is likely for you to develop deposits of fat in the same regions.

Circumstances of genetic fat-
1. You may have a proper or a balanced BMI (body mass index) but still tend to develop bulges in areas, which are likely to make you look disproportional.
2. You may become obese by development of excess fat accumulation in the lower abdomen region, referred to as pannus. Extra fat may accumulate in your lower back and hips as well, which cannot be lost in spite of taking weight losing measures.

Liposuction to get rid of extra fat-
Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that allows you to remove genetic fat or any extra fat from the body, in order to change the body's shape. Liposuction does not remove cellulites and tightening of loose skin cannot be done.

Liposuction removes excess fat from the body by suction. Small, narrow tubes with blunt tips known as the cannulae are inserted through incisions in the skin surface. The tubes are moved under the skin to target the suction of fat deposits.

There are several types of liposuction techniques-

  1. Tumescent liposuction: In this form of liposuction, a wetting solution such as lidocaine with a local anesthetic is injected into the patient before surgery. This causes the shrinking or constriction of blood vessels due to which it allows liposuction to be performed while the patient is under local anaesthesia. Blood loss and post surgical pains are reduced.
  2. Suction assisted liposuction: This mode of liposuction also known as SAL is the most primary form of liposuction. It involves drawing out of fat using a vacuum.
  3. Power assisted liposuction: This liposuction technique called PAL in short involves the process of SAL with an extra tool for increasing the motion of the cannula. The process is faster.
  4. Ultrasound assisted liposuction: This process (UAL) involves the transmission of energy via a specialized hand piece for loosening and melting of fat. A greater volume of fat can be removed via UAL. VASER is a variation of the UAL method where an ultrasonic cannula with grooves helps in energy disruption to improve removal of fat.
  5. Laser assisted liposuction: LAL is a newly developed liposuction technology where a laser works like an ultrasound for disruption and removal of fat cells. This mode is more efficient and involves less trauma.

Liposuction is an effective way to remove unwanted, genetic fat from your body, which may be harming your body image. However, liposuction is associated with severe side effects. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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How to control over masturbation? Am having high sex drive. How can I control that? Any solutions?

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
How to control over masturbation? Am having high sex drive. How can I control that? Any solutions?
The habit of masturbation is like an addiction. Once you you have started masturbation, it is difficult to quit. It might seem even impossible. However if you have strong will you can quit this habbit. Again if you are doing masturbation once in a while [like once in two days] you should not be worried about it. But stopping it or minizing the frequencing will be a good thing if you can. To stop the habit of masturbation you must first bear in mind what damages it can bring into your life. It will reduce your genital power. You will feel pain in the back and legs. You would not feel at you 100% all the time. You will keep forgetting things. These effects are more salient at a later age. It will effect your self confidence a lot and you might not be able to talk to girls whome you want to talk. All this is because of masturbation. To quit masturbating lets see where most people would masturbate (or thos people who do it so often that they fall in the problem of premature ejaculation which litteraly destroys their whole life). 1.When you are taking bath 2.When you attend bathroom. 3.Before going to sleep at night (every night) 4.When are feeling board and are alone. You do it to kill boardem. 5.When you have a strong fantasy about sex/someone 6.When you see an attractive girl and are alone in home 7.You see beautiful actress on the TV 8.You see a porn movie and unable to control yourself. I have mentioned the cases in order of more dangereous to less dangerous. Look at item 1, you masturbate because you look youself in the mirror and get excited right away. Since you are naked and in right place to masturbate you can't help not doing it. This is one of the harmful way of masturbating [if you doing it all the time when you are taking bath]. Since it is somewhat unintentional masturbation because you are really taking a bath and should not be masturbating, it is really bad. Many people, in their teenage, would take bath just because they get a chance to masturbate. I remember I was not very regular in bath and when I discroved it, I used to take bath willingly. You should try to control over it slowly. Do not masturbate all the time when you are taking bath. Do it only if you are really feeling aroused enough to do it. The second reason is when you attend a bathroom. This is the place where you see yourself naked, getting bored / or sexually excited and go for masturbation. You should not masturbate when you attend bathroom. The reason is you attend bathroom every day which means you will masturbate every day! Masturbating before going to bad is another common type of masturbation. You simply are bored (can'g get sleep) and you masturbate. As soon as you masturbate you fall asleep easily. This also shows the physical effects of maturbation. You are relieved of all tension and your mind becomes free of thoughts. Your body becomes relaxed and somewhat exhausted and you easily fall asleep. Note that a good way to sleep is to free you mind of any thoughts esp sexual thoughts! They keep you aroused and you never get to sleep! The remaining points are also important but not as much as the above three. Because the above three are the most common types of masturbations. Masturbating on sexual fantasies is also a common source of masturbating. You need to lower the frequency of masturbation on fantasies by getting involved in other things. Controlling by Food Food plays vital role in your body metabolism (Metabolism is the breaking down of your food to give you energy). If you eat rich food, your metabolism rate will increase giving you higher energy level. They higher engergies level will get you sexually more excited and you are more likely to masturbate if you eat hot and spicy food rather not non-spicy food. The food is paramount when it comes to controlling your habit of masturbation. Without know what is hot and what is not, it may be difficult for you to control the habit of masturbation. If you are already having a premature-ejaculation problem and want to control masturbation, you are definely required not to eat spicy food. I will provide a list of spicy food in near future. The most basic hot food is eggs. You should avoid it if you are feeling strong urge for masturbation or trying to quit it Other Techniques There are some other way to quite the habit of masturbation. I will mention each of them in separate paragraphs. Change your place: If you are used to masturbating in certain places, just change that place. Avoid going to that places. Like if you have bahroom where you masturbate more likely avoid going to it. If you masturbate all the time when you are sleeping alone in your room, try sleeping with someones else room. Use your relegios beliefs to keep yourself away from masturabation. For example is Islam masturbation is prohibited [ allowed only if there is a strong urge for that]. There might be similar believes in other relegions. Try seraching in '' to find out more information. If you are masturbating with right hand, switch to left hand. You will get a reduced joy and gradually stop masturbating. Avoid seeing pron movies. Porn movies only excites you more. There is not reason to watch porn movies. It distracts you from your studies. Never risk your moral values. Keep yourself busy This is a really good way to avoid masturbation. As a common quote'empty brain is home fo setan' mean that when you have to do nothing you are thinking about wild ideas. When ever you feel bored, do something contructive: give time to stuy or talk to a friend or your mother or father. Read a good newspaper. Watch TV or take some time and go out for palying, for a walk or visit a friend. All these things which might mean nothing keep you busy and it is a good way of spending your life On aspect of masturbating that I would like to metion here is that when you masturbate only with one hand, your penis is getting used to it and it bents in the direction opposite to the hand you are using. This is because you are using same type of unbalances pressure on your penis which causes it to bend. Masturbating with both hand will come over tha problem too. I hope that the information is of some help to you.
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Good evening. My name is sanjeev. I am getting headache everyday night. What is the solution to my problem?

General Physician, Cuttack
Good evening. My name is sanjeev. I am getting headache everyday night. What is the solution to my problem?
If you have recurrent attack of headache 1.It could be a tension headache due to anxiety/stress, inadequate sleep , Low BP/High BP,migraine, prolonged use of cell phone/computer, chronic anaemia, refractive error,chronic sinusitis, organic brain lesion 2.Avoid stress, physical and mental exertion, ,have adequate sound sleep for 7-8 hours daily in the night 3.Go for regular exercise 4.Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercise to calm your mind, control your emotion and relieve stress 5.Check for refractive error, sinusitis Hemoglobin, BP 6. Avoid prolonged use of cell phone/computer 7.Consult Neurologist to rule out other causes of headache , if required take a CT scan of head to exclude any brain lesion 8. consult me for further advice

Tumor Biopsy - Things You Should Know About It

Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
General Surgeon, Mohali
Tumor Biopsy - Things You Should Know About It

A tumor may be defined as an abnormal unwanted growth of tissue in any part of the body. This word need not immediately cause panic because the tumor may or may not cause a health threat. There are three types of tumors:

  1. Benign tumor: This is a noncancerous type of tumor. In our body, new cells are formed while the old ones called dead ones are disposed by our immune system. When this disposal of cells does not occur, the remaining dead cells form a lump, which is called a benign tumor. They are not dangerous since, they do not contain harmful fluids and do not spread. A person suffering from a benign tumor in the brain may have frequent headaches.
  2. Pre-malignant tumor: It is an initial disorder, or an earlier symptom of cancer manifestation. The inclination of this medical condition is that it will progressively become precarious. This is so because it is capable of conquering neighboring tissues and spreading as well. Leukoplakia is a form of premalignant cancer. They evolve as thick white patches inside the cheeks or on gums below the tongue. These patches are very difficult to be scraped off from the mouth. They are caused mainly due to chewing tobacco and smoking, and if left untreated can expand.
  3. Malignant tumor: These are the cancerous tumors, in which cells multiply abnormally and rapidly. They are unstable and travel along bloodstream, circulatory system and lymphatic system to other parts of the body. Sarcomas and carcinomas are the most common types of malignant tumors. While the former is related to connective tissues the latter is related to organs and glands.

The most common procedure to name the type of cancer is to refer to their site of origin. Adenocarcinoma, refers to cancer in the adenoid glands. Similarly, a benign tumor of fatty tissue is called lipoma, where as a malignant tumor in the same area is referred to as liposarcoma.

What is a biopsy? How does it relate to a tumor?
A Biopsy is a medical procedure practised by qualified medical practitioners. This procedure helps in identifying the type of tumor within a patient. It aids the doctor to conclude the type of treatment to be given to any patient. This procedure is a definite diagnosis to the identification of cancer. A Biopsy is the removal of a sample of the abnormal, unwanted tissue for laboratory examination. Biopsies are of different types, and they may be performed using ultrasound, CT scan or MRI depending on where the tumor is.

  1. Excisional biopsy: In this method the entire lump of excess tissue is removed.
  2. Incisional biopsy: Here a sample of the abnormal tissue is removed surgically.
  3. Needle aspiration biopsy: Here the sample is extracted with the help of a needle.

After extraction, the tissue layers are sent to pathological departments to check their composition, and cause of disease.

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