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Dr. Nitin Kochar - Ayurveda, Mumbai

Dr. Nitin Kochar

88 (17 ratings)
BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga

Ayurveda, Mumbai

28 Years Experience  ·  1000 at clinic  ·  ₹500 online
Dr. Nitin Kochar 88% (17 ratings) BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga Ayurveda, Mumbai
28 Years Experience  ·  1000 at clinic  ·  ₹500 online
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Personal Statement

It is my mission to help people to make their life healthy & happy. And as far as possible, to prevent them from taking any kind of toxic medicine. But to achieve this goal, I need eq......more
It is my mission to help people to make their life healthy & happy. And as far as possible, to prevent them from taking any kind of toxic medicine. But to achieve this goal, I need equal amount of efforts & cooperation from you too. So likeminded & inspired personalities are welcomed to join & contribute their efforts to fulfill this mission. As it is written in following verse
More about Dr. Nitin Kochar
Evidence based Ayurveda Consultant with a Clinical experience of 22 years( Practicing since 1995) and with the grace of God, My teachers, Parents & due to faith of the patients; I have successfully treated many patients, especially chronic patients of - All kinds of Cancers, Migraine Allergic Rhinitis & Bronchitis, Asthma. Urticaria, Psoriasis, Alopecia areata, Acne, Eczema, Urticaria. Arthritis, Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis.  Managed Life style diseases like Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease( Heart Disease) . Ulcerative Colitis, I.B.S., Hepatitis B., Malee -Female Infertility, PCOD., etc


BAMS - Mumbai University - 1990
MD - Ayurveda - Mumbai University - 1995
Diploma In Yoga - Mumbai University - 2006
Past Experience
Internship at Department of Medicine Surgery, E.N.T, Gynaec-Obstetric &Pediatrics O.P.D. & Hospital at Smt. K.G.M.P. Ayurveda College & In Rural Area
R.M.O at Sangam General Hospital
R.M.O at Dhanwantari Orthopaedic Hospital
Residency at Smt. K.G.M.P Ayurveda Hospital In Medicine & Panchakarma Unit
Residency at Multispecialty Bhatia General Hospital
Languages spoken
Awards and Recognitions
Sandu Dhanwantari Award
Efficacy and tolerability of herbal Combination Femnia in Premenopausal Women {The Antiseptic Vol 100,12,37-39
Efficacy of Ant diabetic herbal combination Glucoin in diabetes Mellitus The Anti septic Vol. 101,2 , 41-45
Evidence based management of obesity
Evidence based Integrated management of Cancer
Safety and pharmacokinetics of a solid lipid Curcumin particle formulation in osteosarcoma patients and healthy volunteers. J Agric Food Chem. 2010 Feb 24
Professional Memberships
National Integrated Medical Association ( NIMA)
Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Scientific secretary of Goregaon Medical Association


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Garbhasanskar- An Ayurvedic Approach!

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai
Garbhasanskar- An Ayurvedic Approach!

A happy and healthy baby is what every couple dreams about. Turning to Ayurveda is the perfect way to make the dream come true. The traditional medicinal system of India offers a holistic approach to treating any disease and disorder. But it does not end there. Ayurveda sets the path for healthy life and guides every individual on how to live wisely. It helps in leading a balanced life, both physically and emotionally.

Plan it in advance: Any species aims at reproducing the next generation. Creation and procreation are, in fact, the basis of life. In the recent years, it has become common to see many couples waiting for treatment to be bestowed with a progeny. With the surge in population every year, the list of infertile couples is growing as well. This is because not many lead a healthy lifestyle. Junk and processed foods fill the plates and the work style is completely sedentary for most of the people. Messing with food, health, and lifestyle certainly affect the chances of becoming a parent. Ayurveda recommends couples to start planning at least three months before you actually want to get pregnant. This planning period should be meant for eliminating toxins and taking nourishment.

What is Garbhasanskar all about?

Garbhasanskar means educating the child in the womb. From the very first day of pregnancy, brain development of the child begins. Garbhsanskar ensures the child is born intelligent and healthy. This is an Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy that recommends eating the right foods and maintaining positive thinking. Doing mild exercises and yoga, and positive thinking are insisted as a part of this technique. Pregnant women are advised to stay happy and relaxed. Getting to know your constitution is the first step in Ayurveda for staying healthy. This can be done only by a medical practitioner.

Consult an Ayurvedic doctor and determine your constitution or prakriti, which is the Sanskrit term. Ayurveda considers eggs and sperms as the deepest form of transformation of nutrients. Foods one consumes are refined multiple times to transform them into the vital essence of life. This is called the seed of the life. Any obstacle in the body can affect the reproductive system. This can be anything from excess weight to anemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, constipation, or an infection.

Diet and lifestyle:

The foods one take can stimulate the production of eggs and sperms. Reproductive foods, as they are called, when taken during the planning period, can help conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, saffron, ghee, and honey are good examples of reproductive foods. Asparagus or Shatavari helps in improving the reproductive health of both men and women. The menstrual cycle is considered vital for a healthy pregnancy. Healthy periods should constitute a moderate flow, no pain or discomfort, should be devoid of clots, and the length of the cycle should be of 26 to 30 days.

An Ayurvedic doctor can determine which dosha dominates your menstrual cycle. Based on this, foods and lifestyle changes are prescribed. Pregnant women are advised to take panchamrut. It simply means an elixir with five ingredients. This offers strength and boosts the immune system. Mix curd, honey, ghee, and sugar (one tea spoon each). To this add seven spoons of milk. Taking this in the morning every day is recommended. Listening to music has a great benefit on the health of the fetus. However, listen to the hymns of Vedas, devotional music, and Carnatic music. These relax the mind of both the mother and the baby.

Chronic Cough And Cold - How Ayurveda Can Help?

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai
Chronic Cough And Cold - How Ayurveda Can Help?

A cough and cold are caused by infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, and exposure to dust. Ayurveda recommends not just medications to treat a cough and cold. It also insists on incorporating certain dietary and lifestyle changes for complete cure. A cough is a way that the human body uses to blow off foreign bodies from the respiratory airways. However, when someone coughs for long, it can lead to dizziness, hoarseness of voice, and wheezing. In case of a chronic cough, fatigue and aches in the joints are experienced.

In Ayurveda, cold is also known as Vata-Kaphaja Pratishaya. According to Ayurveda, Virudh ahar (incorrect combination of foods), Ama (toxins), and Asatmya (change in environment) lead to allergic reactions, and cold is one such example. Toxins may accumulate in the body of an individual due to impaired metabolism and digestion. On the other hand, intolerance towards specific food items may lead to an allergy.

Vamana Panchakarma, followed by Virechana can be administered for the treatment of a chronic cough and cold. This helps correct the balance between the three doshas and to eliminate toxins. In some individuals, nasal drops therapy or Nasya treatment can be administered to clear congestion. This is done by pouring herbal oils such as Shadbindu or Anu taila in the nostrils. Ayurvedic medications can also be administered to strengthen the immune system and the respiratory tract.

The following sections explain some of the other Ayurvedic remedies that a person can try out to relieve cough and cold.

Home remedies: Ayurveda points the kitchen to get relief from a cough and cold. Ingredients from the kitchen shelf can help a lot, along with medications. Ginger juice is an effective way to treat a cold and cough. This helps in ejecting mucus. To try out this remedy, an individual can prepare fresh ginger juice and add turmeric (one-fourth teaspoon), tulsi leaves juice and honey (half teaspoon each) and a pinch of black pepper powder to it. Mix everything together. If you want to use it multiple times, you can increase the quantities in the same ratio and refrigerate it. Consume one and a half teaspoon of the mixture at least three to four times a day to get relief from a cough. For children, give half the quantity thrice a day. This is an excellent remedy to relieve a cough and cold without leading to any side-effects.

Gargling also helps. Mix a spoon of salt to warm water. Gargle twice a day with this. Chewing cardamom buds and cloves also help in eliminating cough. You can also take four black raisins and add a pinch of rock salt and black pepper powder to them. Dry roast and take this three times a day. You need to eat this for at least for 15 days.

Otherwise, take a glass of water. Boil with licorice powder and black pepper powder (half teaspoon each). Grate fresh ginger and add one spoon of it to the mixture. Add 10 basil leaves, and make a decoction of everything. The water should turn half the quantity. Palm candy can be added to sweeten the decoction. Try this instead of coffee or tea in the morning and evening to relieve cold and cough.

Dietary changes: Take lots of fresh pulses with grains. Taking pulses with grains help in gaining all the goodness of the pulses. Green gram, yellow lentils, and red lentils can offer nutrients that are required and are easy to digest. Vegetables such as pumpkin, marrow, squashes, ivy gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, smooth gourd, onions, beetroot, celery, carrots, and parsnips can be consumed as well. However, consume cooked vegetables only. Grains such as rice, oats, and millets are good choices. You should refrain from taking wheat and processed flour. Almonds, apricots, figs, dates, and hazel nuts are beneficial. Limit your consumption of fish, chicken, and turkey. Red meat can be taken twice a week. Avoid dairy milk. You can take soy milk or oat milk as a replacement.

Lifestyle changes: Quit smoking. The health of the lungs can be damaged to the core with smoking and this can also lead to cancer. When you suffer from chronic cold and cough, immediately consult a doctor, if you smoke. Avoid exposure to pollens, dust, and pollutants. Use a mask while driving, and cover ears and nose exposed to cold.

Talk less: This gives enough rest to vocal cords. Taking warm water instead of plain water is a good option. Take tea made of herbs. Tulsi, mint leaves, and ginger can be added to the herbal tea. Do not mix milk with tea. Take a balanced diet and keep yourself away from processed and junk foods.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

2 people found this helpful

Psoriasis , Before And After The Treatment

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai
Psoriasis , Before And After The Treatment
avoid Maida completely.
eat two fruits
dinner by 8 pm
two teaspoon virgin coconut oil.

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai


Cancer treatment by Ayurveda

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai
Cancer treatment by Ayurveda


kšNsr Aai` AayuvRedIy ]pcar v  Aahar

vE´ | intIn rajn kocr- 0m| DI|

Ó- AayuvRedaca 4oDKyat prIcy-

  AayuvRed he 0kmev Asee wartace ik.bhuna jgatle p/aicn vE´kIy xaS5 AsUn sa2ar`t: tIn te pac hjar v8aR.pUvIR, p/4mc AacayR crk v smkalIn  AacayR su&ut, td vaGw3 Hya vE´kIy 9e5atLya Tya ka;aCya na.makIt vE´a.nI AayuvRedace p/aTYai9ka sh sqol )an, Tya.Cya gu=.kDun p/aPt k=n Tyala AapLya Anek v8aRCya AnuwvacI , tpXcYaRecI joD de]n, ko`TyahI prtfeDIcI va AajCya p/ma`e rašyL3I vEgrecI Ape9a n #evta fKt  lokihta4R he )an wiv*yatLya svR ip!yana iniXctp`e ]pyogI #rel Axa xaXvtSv=pat g/.4=pane ilihle | Hya AayuvRedace Aa# AsUn Hyala AaMhI A*3a.g AayuvRed Mh`to | Hyat icikTsa, xLy Mh`je sjRrI, xalaKy Mh`je kan nak 6sa v Do;ya. cI icikTsa , kOmarw<Ty Mh`je lhan mula.ce ivkar, giwR`I icikTsa, vEgre. 0k AjUn go*3 nmUd kravIxI va3te v tI Mh`je Jyave;I AayuvRed xaS5 ilihle gele hote v AapLya svoRCc ixqravr hote Tyave;I jgatLya [tr Anek s.Sk< jNmdeqIl zala Nhvta v Axa ka;I AapLya su&uta.nI Avyv , Tvca p/Tyarop` sarQya ATy.t k#I` Axa sjRrIj k=n ilhUn ka!Lya hoTya


Ô| AayuvRedatle kšNsrce v`Rn-

AayuvRedat kšNsrla AbRud Ase Mh`tat v pu!Ilp/ma`e v`Rn v cikTsa Aa!;te ( iMAGE UPLOADED IN NEXT POST )



Õ| AayuvRedanusar kšNsrce mu; kar` v Aa2uink xaS5anusar Tya.cI

AayuvRedanusar Aap` je kahI qato- ipto te svR Agodr po3atLya Ja#raiGnmu;e pcte Tya ANnrsaca pu!la p/vas su= hoto v to rKtaVdare s.pU`R xrIratLya p/Tyek pexIt pohocivla jato te4e Tya Tya pexItlI pacn y.5`a, Jyala AayuvReedat @aaTvaiGn Mh3le Aahe, tI Hya ANnrsace prt pcn k=n AapAapLya pexI.Cya va!I sa#I AavXyk 63ka.ce v ]jRece ]Tpadn krte ,  Hya p/i¢yet vat ipTt v kf Hya do8a.cI deqIl inimRtI hot Aste| vStut: he do8 jo pyR.t ivix*3 pat;I myaRdet ]TpNn hot Astat to pyR.t te AapLyala qUpc ]pyogI Astat v xrIraCya svR p/i¢ya VyviS4t p`e par paDt Astat | Axa sm p/ma`at v myaRdet ]TpNn zaleLya p/ak<t do8 Mh`tat| soPya wa8et smjave Mh`Un Aap` Hya p/ak<t "kayRkarI tTv" ikva. Functional Units  Ase Mh`U xkto| tsec AayuvRedoKt AiGn, @aaTvaiGna la pacn y.5`a Mh`Uya. Hya AiGncI v Aa2uink xaS5oKt Cellular Mitochondra cI s.kLpna 0kdm im;tI ju;tI Aahe. 

kšNsr m@ye qalIlpEkI 0k va Anek kar`;e hI cyapcyacI y.5`a m.davte Ü Termed as Mitochondrial Dysfunction  Ý

  • bIj do8 Mh`je kahI v.xanugt kar`;e
  • jaStp/ma`at goD qa~ya mu;e
  •;e- jse- rasayink qta.Cya Ait;e, t.baqu, da=Cya Aitsevna mu;e, kahI p/itjEivka.Cya Ait vapramu;e,
  • stt ic.ta, t`avat rahILyamu;e
  • VyayamaCya kmtrtemu;e

AaplI cyapcyacI y.5`a m.davte v Tyamu;e teVha. pu!Il kahI bdl 6Dtat jse

  • ]jRece ]Tpadn kmI hote Ü Less production of ATP Ý
  • do8a.cI jaSt ]TpTtI ho]n te ivk<t Sv=pat prIvitRt hotat
  • pexI.Cya AavXyk 63ka.cI fajIl va! hote  Hyalac AayuvRedat 2atuv<@dI Mh3le Aahe Ü Excess production of Substrate Ý
  • suj v Avro2 inmaR` kr`ara, dugRiN2yuKt 63k , Jyala AayuvRedat Aam Mh3le Aahe TyacI inimRtI hote | AayuvRedanusar ha Aam

b-yac kar`IwUt Aahe. |

  • tsec kšNsrCya pexI qUp jaSt p/ma`at Lactic acid cI inimRtI krtat


Hya prI`am Mh`Un -

  • ]jRece ]Tpadn kmI zaLyamu;e VyiKtla qUp 4kva ja`vto, vjn kmI hot jate , dm lag`e, ]Tsah ns`e vEgre l9`. idsU lagtat
  • ivk<t pexI.cI AmyaRd va! hote v
  • Lactic acid mu;e p/itkar xiKt Hya ivk<t pexI.pyR.t pohocU xkt nahI, ]l3p9I, Hya Lactic acid mu;e [tr ca.gLya SvS4 pexI.cI s.r9k kvc Ü Matrix Ý n*3 hot jate v Hya ivk<t kšNsrCya pexI pu!e p!e psrt jatat v SvS4 hI ivk<t krtat v 0ka Avyvat ]TpNn zalela kšNsr dus-ya Avyavat psrto v te4Il y.5`ahI kuckamI krto
  • Hya Lactic acid mu;ec v Pacn y.5`a m.davLyaca Ü Mitochondrial Dysfunction  Ý prI`am Mh`Un b-yacda =G` kemo4erepIla dad det nahI

Pacn y.5`a m.davLyaca Ü Mitochondrial Dysfunction  Ý AjUn 0k prI`am Mh`je, 0rVhI p/Tyek pexI itce Aayu*Ya s.ple tI AkayR9m zalI tr hIc pacn y5.`a Hya juna3 n*3 krt Aste Ü Termed as Apoptosis  Ý  v xrIra baher ka!t Aste, p` m.davlelI pacn y5.`a Ü Dysfunction Mitochondria  Ý he k= xkt nahI v Tyaca prI`am Mh`Un Hya ivk<t pexI n*3 hotc nahI Ü No Apoptosis  Ý  ik.bhuna Tya AapLya sarQyac AjUNa ivk<t jNm det rahtat v Axa p/kare Tya AmyaRd ka;a pyR.t v AmyaRd p/ma`at va!t rahtat

  • Hya svR p/i¢ya survatIla AgdI m.d gitne hot AsLya kar`ane lvkr l(aat yet nahI v rog AatLya Aat va!t jato


Ö| kšNsrce indan

ijtKya lvkr kšNsrce indan ho{l ittKya lvkr Hya rogavr iny5.` im;vta yete Aai` pU`Rp`e bre hI ho] xkto | Tyasa#I Aaple DšaK3r Jya kahI cac~ya sa.gtIl Tya kravyasc hVya | Hya svaRca ]hapoh kela tr ha leq qupc mo##a ho{l Tyamu;e Tyaca pu!Cya leqat ivvecn krIn

×| kšNsrcI Aa2uink v AayuvRedIy smNvyaTmk icikTsa

survatIlac 0k mhTvacI go*3 sa.gavIxI va3te v tI Mh`je kšNsrCya p/a4imk Ü Primary Tumor Ý ga#Imu;e m<Tyuce p/ma` ik.v xKyta dha 3KKya pe9a hI kmI Aste p` jr ka Hya ga#ItLya ivk<t pexI [tr Avyvat ps= lagLya Ü Metastasis Ý prt nVyane ]TpNn zaLyas Ü Relapsing / secondary Tumor Ý tr ma5 =G`at m<Tyu dr va!avyas lagto Ü Reference- More than 90 % of Mortality in Cancer Patients is Attributed to
Metastases & Not to the Primary tumors -
- Journal of Bioenergetics · August 2012

Aap` vr bi6tLya p/ma`e, m.davlelI ivk<t Cayapcy i¢ya hIc kšNsr ho~yaCya, psr~yala v icikTsela dad n de~yala kar`IwUt Aahe tsec jr hI pacn xiKt pUvRvt zalI tr kšNsr cI p/i¢yela A3kav ho] xkto v Asa@y AvS4e pUvIRc pacn y.5`ela yoGy tI icikTsa idlI rog kšNsr  brahI ho] xkto

 References-“Ó | ÜThe results suggest that tumors do not arise from nuclear genomic defects alone and that normal mitochondria can suppress Tumerogenesis.” 

Ô| Ü“ Mitochondrial dynamics are clearly implicated in all the hallmarks of cancer cells ”  -J. Seminars in Cancer Biology-2017  Ý

Õ| Ü Mitochondria organelle transplantation:

Introduction of normal epithelial mitochondria into human cancer cells inhibits proliferation and increases drug sensitivity. Breast Cancer research-  2012 Nov;136(2):347-54. Ý

Ö| Ü It is clear that the biology of mitochondria in cancer is central to our understanding of cancer biology, 
Cell - Volume 166, Issue 3, p555–566, 28 July 2016 Ý

hI pacn xiKt cyapcyacI i¢ya su2ar~ya sa#I pu!Il ]pay AaharaTmk ]pcar kravet

  • ska;I wrpUr Aal, gvtI cha, tu;s. ka;IimrI ce 0k te don da`e ,, dalicnI svaRna 0k Glas pa~yat ]k;Un ip`e ip`e
  • duparI roj jev`a Agodr AaLyaca 7o3a tukDa ca]n qa`e
  • jev`a.t ghU b.d k=n JvarI bajrI cI wakrIc qa`e
  • 0k va3I vr` k!It A2aR cmca h;d ]k;Un ip`e
  • Jaev`a A2aR te 0k cmca , wijvlele me4I da`e qa`e
  • S.a@yaka;I g/In 3I ^yava
  • ATy.t mhTvace Mh`je ra5Ice suyaRStapUvIRc ho{l Asa inym k3a9ane pa;ava
  • mEda, mEdyace svR pda4R pU`Rp`e vJyR kravIt
  • sabuda`a, telk3, ix;. Aa.bvlele pda4R, lo`c, sašs vEgre b.d kravIt
  • Aa#vDyatUn 0k idvs ]pvasaTmk Aahar 6e`e Mh`je fKt mUgace pa`I, pat; pej, cha, nar; pa`I , don te tIn f; Üha ]pay AapLya vE´ana ivcarLya ixvay k= nye Ý

Hya;e Aapla AiGn va pacn xiKt ]Ttm rahte , Aam inimRtI 4a.bte, ivk<t do8a.ce xmn hote, 2atU.cI fajIl va! 4a.bte, Lactic acid cI inimRtI kmI, kmI hot jate , p/itkar xiKtla ]Ttejna im;te v kšNsrCya mat< pexI.cI Ü Cancer Stem Cells Ý va! qu.3te v Tyamu;e rog prt VhaycI psr~yacI xKyta qUpc kmI ho]n jate|

  • kahI mhTvaCya AayuvRedIy AO8i2


0kU` 3500  vnO8i2. pEkI tInxe. vnSpit.m@ye kšNsr ivro2I gu`2mR Anek p/yogat is@d zalele Aahet v jgmaNYa Axa nama.kIt vEdiky jnRLs m@ye he svR p/is@d zalel Aahe { Journal of Plant Sciences and Agricultural Research-November 10, 2017)(International  journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and research 2015) } | tsec Aa2uink v Hya s.xo2nane is@d vnSpit.Cya smNvy icikTsene kšNsrCya pexI lvkr mrtat v rog prt ]d\wvt nahI hehI is@d zalele Aahe

{ References-  1- On Turmeric- The Lancet- Oncology-  Volume 2, No. 6, p371–379, June 2001 & Nov.2005 , Turmeric useful in Leukemia : Anticancer Research - January 2018

2. A variety of animal models and human studies have proven that Curcumin is safe and well tolerated even at very high doses. Biofactors  2013 Jan-Feb; (Oxford, England)

3. Mammary Cancer Chemoprevention by Withaferin A Is Accompanied by In Vivo Suppression of Self-Renewal of Cancer Stem Cells   (Su-Hyeong Kim1 and Shivendra V. Singh2,*)  J.Cancer Prevention Research -13-0445 May 2014) ( U.S.A.)

4. A novel combination of Withaferin A and Sorafenib shows synergistic efficacy against both Papillary and Anaplastic thyroid cancers-  The American Journal of Surgery –  Volume 204, Issue 6, December 2012, Pages 895-901

5. Tinospora Cordifolia Induces Cell Cycle Arrest in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells.
Gulf J. of Oncology  2017 May;1(24):10-14. }


AXaa p/kare, h;d, AXvg.2a, gu;vel, me4I Hya AgdI xuLlk va3`a-ya svR AO8i2.m@ye Anek p/karCya kšNsr ivro2I gu`2mR Aahet he var.var is@d zalele Aahe hyal AaMhI Reprodicible effect or properties  Ase Mh`to v JyaNvye Hya AO8i2.ce xaiS5yTv is@d hote

 Sarte xev3I, kšNsr zala Aahe Mh`Un 6ab=n n jata Tyaca pU`R xiKtnIix l!a dYavyas pahIje, v doNhI xaS5a.Cya smNvyane Hyace ]Cca3n kravyas hve.


vE´ intIn rajn kocr

Ü Senior Ayurveda Consultant for Cancer & All chronic diseases- Goregaon, Mumbai / 9819702151Ý

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligentyly is an art

Eat at right time

Eat in right portion 

Eat slowly

Avoid late night dinning 

It is demand that ayurvedic laxative has no side-effect for long term use and they are not habit forming and safe. Is it true? I am using ayurvedic laxative muci - bael. COMPOSITION Each 5 g contains:- Bael-Fruit (Aegle Marmelos) API 0.786g Isapgol - Husk BrNR 2.12g Sonamukhui - Leaf (cassia angustifolia) API 0.853g. Haritaki API 0.416 Amlaki, behera - API - 0.416 g saccharin sodium PFA 0.416g.Sodium benzoate as preservative. It is free from side effect if I use it for many years?

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai
It is demand that ayurvedic laxative has no side-effect for long term use and they are not habit forming and safe. Is...
Ideally there should not be a need to take any laxative, if your diet, exercise and water intake is correct. Try to find out the cause of your constipation. Last but not least, any medicine, irrespective of any pathy, if taken without understanding proper reasoning behind it, may cause un expected side effects.
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I want to increase my height and I am 5 feet height and it possible to increase height after 24?

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga
Ayurveda, Mumbai
I want to increase my height and I am 5 feet height and it possible to increase height after 24?
Do not waste your hard earned money. There is no such medicine exist which can increase your height. If yes, then master blaster, and may more hero and heroins would have increased it.
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