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Dr. Neha Gadgil

Dentist, Mumbai

Dr. Neha Gadgil Dentist, Mumbai
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Neha Gadgil is a popular Dentist in Virar, Mumbai. She is currently practising at Dr. Gadgil's Dental Clinic in Virar, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Neha Gadgil and consult privately on

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I am again here for help. Please suggest me that how should I make my teeth whiter. Its going more yellow than earlier. Please suggest something. Any guide, please suggest?

Dentist, Mumbai
First of all, if you smoke, drink cola drinks, have a lot of lime or vinegar in your food, stop that. Then go to a dentist to evaluate your condition. Losing your enamel makes the teeth yellow, so you need to find out what is causing that.
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Dirt on our teeth should be cleaned continuously or not, what is the period for cleaning teeth?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
All individuals requires scaling (cleaning) to be done atleast once in 6 months to maintain our oral hygiene clean. Our toothbrush is not much finely designed to clean all the plaque and calculi in the interdental areas of the teeth, which is the area where most of the calculus accumulate much and has to be removed regularly using scalers by the dentist.
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Hello Doctor I have Dental problem, between my teeth gap is their and its not looking good while laughing due to this I am not enjoying party and groups. My age is 24 years and I want to doctor also nd they suggest me to put clip in teeth, but also told 2 teeth they will take out also. For that I want suggestion if I do this is it beneficial for me and will it create any problem in future for taking teeth out in this age? And if I do so. Then how long it will take to recover. Please suggest me what to do?

Dentist, Faridabad
Hello you mentioned that you have gaps in your teeth. If the gaps are due to cavities, get them filled. But if you have been suggested ortho treatment, then it is not necessary that teeth have to be removed. If space is already present, then I do not see the need for removal until unless opposing teeth are posing a problem for their alignment. Please see an orthodontist/dentist to get full evaluation done. If the teeth has to be removed, the space created will be adjusted and closed by moving the teeth backwards. The healing of the sockets, if taken care properly is uneventful and usually heals in 5-10 days.
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My teeth are not in white. I want to change it. How many days it will taken to change? Is there any esi card option for hospital?

BDS, Certification in Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Certified Implantologist
Dentist, Surat
Color of teeth are due to various factors treatment depends on the diffrenet factors. So kindly visit a dentist.
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I am 37 years old when I brush my teeth it's blood every where in mouth or bleeding from teeth Please give suggestion.

Dentist, Delhi
Initial signs of pyorhea. Get a dental check up. Scaling and guidance about proper brushing techniques is ind.
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I have cavity in last teeth something smell come from mouth Can cavity will be remove.

cavity can be treated if there is not too much loss of tooth material..go and ask your local dentist..
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Wisdom tooth is coming out and its paining alot in the gum above the wisdom tooth. Suggest me something so that I can get some relief.

Homeopath, Thane
Hi, Take Tab Biochemic Calc phos6X (SBL) 4tabs to be chewed thrice a day for 30 days This helps in easy growth of tooth
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I use tobacco my teeth look yellow i want to clean up my teeth what is the genuine standard cost for it ?

MDS Prosthodontics, BDS, Medicine
Dentist, Mohali
There is no Genuine standard cost. Depends upon the qualification of Dentist & as per his practise. Regards
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5 Ways to Treat Stained Teeth

Dentist, Mumbai
5 Ways to Treat Stained Teeth

A bright, white smile can make a world of difference in one's expression and confidence. Tooth discoloration can therefore, be a frustrating impediment to achieving the brilliant smile you deserve. Worse yet, some stains are absorbed deep below the surface, making them seemingly impossible to remove. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options available to expunge or conceal discoloration, helping patients restore the natural color of their teeth.

What causes stained teeth?

Many dentists believe that it can occur to people within the age groups of 2 to 49. There are many causes that can be associated with discoloration of teeth such as consuming acidic food items as they tend to leave stains on the teeth.

Age is also one of the most important factors that contribute to discoloration of teeth. Other than that beverages such as coffee and alcohol also take away the whiteness of teeth leaving them yellow and stained. There are many remedies for stained teeth both medical and natural. One can conveniently choose accordingly but also consult their dentist before going ahead with their decision.

Types of Tooth Discoloration
Before deciding on a procedure, it's important to understand the type of discoloration present on your teeth. Some stains are more easily removable than others, and as such, may require alternative forms of treatment.

  1. Extrinsic Stains: Also called surface stains, these are the most common source of discoloration. Extrinsic stains tend to result in the general darkening or yellowing of teeth, especially along the edges and near the gums. These are typically caused by food, drink, and tobacco use.
  2. Intrinsic Stains: Also called deep stains, these tend to be smaller yet more noticeable. As opposed to widespread discoloration, intrinsic stains are localized and a distinctly separate color from surrounding tooth tissue. These are most often caused by medication, overexposure to fluoride, trauma, disease, or enamel erosion.

Whereas surface stains exist within or above the enamel, deep stains are embedded within the inner dentin tissue. Consequently, surface stains are more easily removable. 

Treating Surface Stains
Because surface stains can be removed, they are primarily treated through a simple teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening is both safe and long-lasting, allowing patients to restore the color of their smile without any dental restorations.

Treating Deep Stains
Patients looking to restore balance to a smile should consider concealing such stains via restorations. The two most common methods of masking discoloration are dental bonding and porcelain veneers:

  1. Dental Bonding: A bonding procedure includes the use of composite resin, which is applied over the surface of a tooth. The tooth is first coated with a layer of tooth-colored resin before the resin is hardened with an ultraviolet light, with additional layers added as needed. The resin thus conceals any discoloration beneath it, while blending in with adjacent enamel.
  2. Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are used as a replacement for the surface of a tooth, enhancing it in both color and form. It is an excellent way to alter its overall outward appearance. 

Well, your choice of treatment should be the result of an in-depth discussion with your dentist.

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About The Root Canal Treatment

Certified Implantologist, Aesthetic , BDS
Dentist, Gurgaon
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About The Root Canal Treatment

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Mah teeth of lower area is getting yellow. What can I do for it being white again. In home itself. I am person who is free from alcohol. Not using any type of cigarettes. Or any tobacco products. And I am a person who brush mah teeth daily.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
The simplest method of removing minor surface stains is polishing, or micro-abrasion if staining is more intrinsic. Provided that your discolouration is not due to inadequate enamel exposing the dentin, tooth whitening (bleaching) is often the most effective treatment for yellow stained teeth. Advance procedures can be done with laser. Use snowdent tooth paste for whitening until then. Apply snowdent paste on the teeth. Wait for 10 to 15 min. Then brush your teeth with the same paste. Applying it overnight for better results.
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I got braces 4 days ago. N I got metal bands also. Due to metal band I m unable eat. Chewing is not possible. I consulted my orthodonist she said she cant do anything. What shall I do. Is metal bands are necessary. Please give your valuable suggestion

Certification in Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Post-Graduate Certificate in Oral Implantology (PGCOI), M.Sc - Master of Oral Implantology (MOI), Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Rajkot
Do not worry continue with this it will take some time now a days clear aligner(no braces)treatment is available
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I am eating tobacco from many years and now I want stop how could it be done and my teeth has became dirty so I want to clean suggest home remedies.

Dentist, Delhi
for dirty teeth u should go for professional cleaning and to quit ur habit eat something else u juss hav to chew something healthy
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MDS - Orthodontics
Dentist, Jammu
Well, most of us eat or munch on some food or the other throughout the day. So, if you go to bed without brushing at night, a lot of small food particles remain stuck in between your teeth and these may cause cavities. Here is an interesting fact - the bacteria in your mouth never sleep, not even a wink. In fact, they become more active when the levels of saliva, the natural protector in your mouth, become low.

Only morning brushing means your mouth would have double the amount of bacteria at night (while sleeping). These bacteria remain in the mouth long enough to act on our teeth which will eventually lead to cavities. The cavities in turn will lead to pain and discomfort, along with decay in the tooth.

Top Reasons for Tooth Pain

General Physician, Mumbai
Top Reasons for Tooth Pain

Mild to severe tooth pain can turn out to be debilitating and damaging condition if it is persistent. Also, the pain can spread to the rest of the head and give you an uncomfortable ache and tingling sensation all day long. So what are the causes behind tooth pain? Here's our list!

  1. Tooth Decay: The presence of food debris that has not been cleaned out can stay on and cause cavities and persistent tooth pain. This condition can also make the teeth extra sensitive and pain then emanates as a natural response to signify that all is not well in the area. This can also lead to sharp pain when bite an apple or munch on nuts. One must see a dentist for this kind of pain so that scaling and plaque removal can take place. 
  2. Injury: If there is persistent, throbbing pain after eating something that is too hot or too cold, then it might be more than mere tooth sensitivity. This condition could also point at chipped, broken or cracked teeth due to excessive teeth grinding or a fall or accident. It could also be caused due to sports injury. The dentist will usually take a dental X ray to find the cause of the pain and to unravel the extent of the damage as well.
  3. Inflammation: Constant pain may also point at inflammation of the pulp. This may be caused due to damaged roots. If this kind of inflammation comes with bleeding and fever, then you must see a dentist immediately. It can also mean that the pulp or root of the tooth is dying, in which case a root canal may be required. 
  4. Sinus: A dull ache in the sinus area of the upper teeth usually point at sinusitis, which is a condition that emanates due to pain in the nerves of that area. This pain can also happen due to cold and cough as well as an allergic attack that affect the facial muscles due to excessive sneezing and watering of the eyes. Also, a flu and fever can lead to this kind of pain. 
  5. Infection: Inflammation along with fever and bleeding can also point at infection. This can render the complete pulp tissue damaged. Also, the growth of abscess in such cases can cause acute tooth pain. The dentist will usually diagnose the issue with a tooth X ray before prescribing antibiotics and carrying out a root canal for severe cases. 

Persistent toothache with other symptoms should always be checked by a dentist so as to rule out long term damage that can result in tooth loss.

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My upper and lower left molars are really hurting. How can I control the throbbing pain. I'm scared to do root canals. I'm female. 51 yrs.

Dentist, Dehradun
Hello You need to visit. Dentist first of all. They will take an x ray and tell you whether you really need root canal treatment or just simple filling. If your tooth needs root canal treatment then also nothing to worry because the dentist will anesthize that area and it wont hurt plus they will prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics. Go ahead and get your treatment done.
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I am 47 years old. I was suffering with dental problem .(i.e) some brown ligament is appearing around the tooth. Why it is happening like this and what is the reason for that. I seems to be awkward if a brown is visible means around the tooth. Please Suggest me permanent solution for this.

Dentist, Delhi
Give the proper detail. You got a cap done. If there is broken discoloration it might be a gap. Get it corrected visit a dentist.
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Hello delegates, my teeth gets collide or like grinding each other in the early morning while sleeping . My mother told about that. What is the cause and solution of this problem. Tia.

Dentist, Hyderabad
Hi lybrate-user that is called as bruxisam. Nothing but night grinding of teeth, go to dentist, they wil advise you night gaurd which is a habit breakin appliance or else in future you will land up in spondylytis.
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I have had a RCT on 1st molar few months ago. Now it pains and have nodule on the gum.

M.Sc - Medical Bio-chemistry, BDS
Dentist, Jaipur
This may be a case of rct failure due to imoroper sealing of canal or due to unobturated canal. Visit your dentist and get radiograph done. If required go for rerct.
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