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Dr. Priti Khatu - Psychologist, Mumbai

Dr. Priti Khatu

89 (25 ratings)
MSc in Applied Psychology, MSc Health Psychology, PGCTC, PGC (Family Therapy)

Psychologist, Mumbai

17 Years Experience  ·  1500 at clinic  ·  ₹350 online
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Dr. Priti Khatu 89% (25 ratings) MSc in Applied Psychology, MSc Health Psychology, PGCTC, ... Psychologist, Mumbai
17 Years Experience  ·  1500 at clinic  ·  ₹350 online
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Personal Statement

To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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I specialize in Short term Client Focused therapy and Stress & Health.


MSc in Applied Psychology - Madras University, - 2005
MSc Health Psychology - University Of Rohan, - 2006
PGCTC - SNDT College, - 2002
PGC (Family Therapy) - TISH, - 2003
Languages spoken
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Commonwealth Scholarship


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Stress - How To Overcome It?

Stress - How To Overcome It?

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. When there is too much time on your hands with nothing to do, you end up thinking about things which are not going well, leading to depression. Come to think of it, if there is nothing that you can do to improve it, there is no point in wasting time over it. On the other hand, if there is something to improve the situation, just go ahead and do it, so everybody involved is happy. However, if there are too many other factors which are beyond control, then you need to see how to change your outlook towards it.

One such effective way is to keep yourself busy and distract yourself from it. The following are some simple measures, which can be very effective in dealing with stress.

  1. Sleep it off: One of the main reasons for depression is the physical exhaustion and lack of good rest. So, it is good once in a while to just sleep it off and give your body the much-deserved rest. This gives the brain a chance to begin to heal and feel better.
  2. Clean up the house: The home or the space you enter into indirectly indicates your state of mind. A clean home and workspace mean that much less clutter in the brain. Clean out the closet, give away your old stuff, and in the process, you would end up feeling good about having helped somebody. You will also realize how much excess stuff you have collected over the years. Stacked up in the attic and cartons, these were meant for use on “some fine day”, which never seemed to arrive.
  3. Exercise: Force yourself to exercise. While initially, it would be an ordeal, gradually you will enjoy it. Exercise also releases chemicals in the brain, which make you feel good about yourself. In addition, the physical benefits will start to show up, leaving you feeling elated and in a chirpier mood.
  4. Travel: When you go solo traveling, the amount of time you spend with yourself just increases. The changed surroundings will help you understand yourself better and come to terms with things that can be under your control. You learn to let go of things and come to terms with life. If time and money are limitations, go out and explore places in your own surrounding city or town. You will realize how little you know the city or town you live in.
  5. Hobbies: Whether it is learning to play the guitar or speak Spanish, pick something that you have always wanted to do over the years and work at it. You will see the depression vanish in no time.
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Depression - Ways To Tackle It!

Depression - Ways To Tackle It!

Depression is a genuine condition that affects the brain. Anyone experiencing depression will let you know, that it is not “just in your head”. Depression is more than simply feeling down. It is a serious sickness brought about by changes in the brain’s science.

A lot of factors add to it including hereditary qualities changes in hormone levels, certain restorative conditions, stress, sorrow or troublesome life conditions. Depression can be caused by many factors. In spite of the fact that researchers think that depression is a brain issue; the verbal confrontation tells us about correct causes. Many factors may add to the problem of depression, including hereditary qualities, changes in hormone levels, certain therapeutic diseases, stress, pain, or substance abuse. Any of these factors alone or together can tell the particular changes in the brain’s science that lead to the numerous signs of depression.

Some of the treatments for depression are as follows:

  1. Workout: General exercise can be as important as taking medications for depression. Not just exercise helps serotonin, endorphins, and other great happiness chemicals, it triggers the development of new brain cells just like antidepressants do.
  2. The right kind of food: Eating right is critical for both your physical and psychological well-being. Eating little but around six meals a day can help you keep your energy up and minimise state of mood swings. While you might be attracted to sugary foods for the brisk help they give, complex starches are a better decision.
  3. Rest: Rest strongly affects the state of mind. When you do not get enough rest, your depressive side effects will be more terrible. Lack of sleep leads to irritation, gloom, pity, and tiredness. Make sure that you are getting enough rest every night. Not many individuals do well if they sleep for less than seven hours a night.
  4. Social support: Solid informal organisations decrease detachment, which is a key hazard figure for depression. Stay in touch with loved ones, or think about joining a class or group therapy. Volunteering is a magnificent approach to get social support and help other people while additionally helping yourself.
  5. Stress decrease: Roll out improvements throughout your life to overcome and diminish stress. An excessive amount of stress leads to depression and puts you at risk for future breakdowns.
  6. Relaxing techniques: Relaxing systems may decrease stress and support sentiments of satisfaction and prosperity. Attempt yoga, deep breathing, dynamic muscle relaxation and meditation.
  7. Acupuncture: Acupuncture, the method of using fine needles on particular points on the body for remedial reasons, is progressively being explored as a treatment for depression, with some examinations demonstrating promising outcomes. In case that you choose to attempt acupuncture, ensure that you locate an authorised specialist.
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Trust Problems - How To Get Over Them?

Trust Problems - How To Get Over Them?

Trust issues can destroy any relationship. Trust deficiency creates a feeling of insecurity and makes a person ponder over his partner’s faithfulness, genuineness and truthfulness. As a matter of fact, trust is essential for any relationship, be it a romantic, friendly or business relationship.

Here is a list of 5 ways by which you can sort out the trust issues and save your relationship from getting ruined:

  1. Figure out the root cause: Trust issues can arise from a lot of factors. There are people who have a natural tendency to distrust people for no particular reason. This can arise from a variety of reasons such as the way a person is nurtured, defence mechanism, confidence and so on. Make sure you know the reasons for which you are distrusting your partner. Identifying the root cause helps to sort it out quickly.
  2. Keep an open communication channel: The majority of the trust issues arise from lack of communication. It is, therefore, very important to have a very open communication channel with your partner. Keeping a doubt to yourself do not do any good for your relationship. A matter which might be causing you distress needs to be clarified and get over with. Apart from clearing doubts and mistrusts, good communication strengthens the bond with your partner.
  3. Gain trust: You partner will only place trust in you if you do the same. In order to achieve this, take the lead. Trust your partner wholeheartedly devoid of doubts. Once this happens, your partner will feel a lot more at ease and would be willing to trust you. The key to achieving this is to make sure that you do not place any doubt on your partner to start with. While this might sound a little difficult in the beginning, the results are fruitful.
  4. Do not be spooky: At times we become overly curious about our partner's activity and doubt them for all the wrong reasons. While a critical analysis of a particular behaviour of your partner might make you suspicious, to gain trust, it is essential that you do not judge your partner more often. Most things or activities are done by your partner are aimed with good intentions. It makes sense to appreciate those rather than becoming too judgmental about it.
  5. Do not compare your life with others: Many times trust issues arise out of nowhere. One tries to imagine problems that he or she might have heard or seen with their close ones. Try to appreciate your life with all the good and bad in it. Comparing your life with your friend’s can unnecessarily crop trust issues in your life.
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Do we have anxiety due to antral gastritis I have anxiety I am unable to sit still I Have antral gastritis.

Do we have anxiety due to antral gastritis I have anxiety I am unable to sit still I Have antral gastritis.
Anxiety is not due to antral gastric but due to physical discomfort caused due to health issue. It’s vis a versa. So work on relaxing your mind and release emotional stress on regularly. Either by indulging in yoga nidra or practicing progressive relaxation techniques ones in day. If needed do consult a counselor for further support to identify if other triggers.

My mom (61) has been diagnosed with depression 1 month ago. She is currently taking tablet soltus 50 mg, escitalent and rejunex. We took her to the Neuro psychiatrist 2 days after her symptoms started (such as complete lack of emotion ,distant gazing eyes, pessimistic views such as how will I live like this, not interested or sacred of not been able to do the daily chores specially cooking, She complains about feeling a void all the time, but tells me wants to get better). My mom (single mother) was a govt. OFFICER took vrs 4 years ago. She is a very strong, determined and complete workaholic. My dad expired untimely 11 years ago (Also a govt employee. I have cracked ibps and will be joining soon. She had suffered from ppd before.(had 3 miscarriages due to work pressure ,late marriage at 31). I have never seen her like this. Her face looks miserable all the time. How should I behave with her. Please help me. Also we have sold our house (my dad made it) as it was too big for my mother to manage and shifted to a 3 bhk nearby.(She complains a lot about small space but it was her decision)

My mom (61) has been diagnosed with depression 1 month ago. She is currently taking tablet soltus 50 mg, escitalent a...
I understand from your sharing that your mother is struggling with too many life turning events in few years times. Now that she has retired and nothing to focus her energy she is bound to feel void and useless. To avoid such transitional situation she should be encouraged to learn or take up activities or hobbies to keep herself occupied in constructive ways. Reconnect with her friends or involve in volunteer social cause or ngo. This will reduce her emptiness and lead a healthy active lifestyle.
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What to do for live a long life. Not get any diseases and live happy life. My age 37 male and give thinking power and that power helps in future. Please help thanks.

What to do for live a long life. Not get any diseases and live happy life. My age 37 male and give thinking power and...
Lead a active lifestyle with little exercise good sleep, nutrition and most importantly managing stress well. Regular once in year basic health check if any family history of disease.

How get back from mentally stressed. I am having my bad so that is why I am mentally stressed?

How get back from mentally stressed. I am having my bad so that is why I am mentally stressed?
Regular food intake, good sleep, and good time management with positive attitude will help bounce back. Stress is experienced when inability to maintain balance between demands on oneself increases due to everyday life and inability to manage.
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