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Dr. Ms. Bansari Tejookaya

Psychologist, Mumbai

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Dr. Ms. Bansari Tejookaya Psychologist, Mumbai
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
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Dr. Ms. Bansari Tejookaya is an experienced Psychologist in Bombay Hospital, Mumbai. She is currently associated with Unlimited Potentialities in Bombay Hospital, Mumbai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Ms. Bansari Tejookaya on

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My husband drinks a lot and that scares me so much that I get nightmares I keep on thinking if something happens to him what will become of my children.Please do help.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
He has to be admitted in a rehabilitation center for at least 6 months to get him out of this habit. Even after the rehabilitation he must attend aa meetings and continue this support for a long time. You will also need to attend some sessions and go for al-anon meetings for your co-dependency issues. You cannot treat him in isolation because you have all gotten used to his drinking and have made some unhealthy adaptations to somehow cope. Your children will also have to attend meetings to work out their issues because of the father? s habit. In fact, they are all suffering from the adult children of alcoholics syndrome acoas, which in effect means that they are genetically predisposed to alcoholism or can have cross addiction problems and they will have similar traits of the abusing alcoholic but in a milder form. There are special support groups for them all over the world. Should they touch or indulge in alcohol or any addictive substances or behaviors, they could also become full-fledged addicts themselves. So you have a lot on your plate and must act effectively and firmly to bring all of you into therapy. If your husband refuses to go for rehabilitation, then some centers have a method of picking him up when he is totally sloshed and is not able to fight back effectively. They will need your written consent before willing to take him in this manner. Make a serious plan with your children and whoever else? s support you can get and act on it fast.
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Dear Doc, I am 35 yr old man, I always feel that something is gone wrong with me. Listed below are my feelings, Please help me to come out from this i want to live happy life. 1. Always feel my head is very heavy 2. Everytime feels like sleepy 3. So amny matters running in mind, always thinking 4. Feels like out of this world 5. Always in sad mood 6. Always feels scary Please help me.

M. Phil Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Hyderabad
You seem to describe symptoms of depression. However, a formal diagnosis should be given by a qualified professional. I think you can be helped by talking to someone about the issues that concern you. It's better to get help soon before your symptoms become worse.
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I am addicted of wine and smoking. So many time I tried to quit but I do not. please tell me what I have to do.

Dear lybrate user, you may need a bit of willpower to stop your habit of drinking alcohol permanently. You could easily abstain yourself from alcohol during the initial 2-3 days. But after few days of abstaining from alcohol you will feel a strong craving to drink just one peg of alcohol whenever you face any tense situation. Here lies your real test. You cannot satisfy yourself with just only one peg. You will need a lot of willpower to resist that craving & face any tense situation without the help of alcohol. Moreover you may feel a slight shivering of your hands after abstaining from alcohol for more than 15 days. However, you can take homoeopathic mother tincture acid sulph q, 30 drops, thrice daily, after meals, in a cup of water. This medicine will help to reduce your craving for alcohol.
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I lost somebody close to me and I feel depressed and prefer keeping to my self all the time.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Bhavnagar
I lost somebody close to me and I feel depressed and prefer keeping to my self all the time.
Hello dear. I can understand. Your feeling & mood are obvious. But you have to move on. Thats d life. & that person would have never like that you live in depression my advises to you are * take life lightly * main problem is how you are reacting matters & incidence of your life & day to day * you can see half filled glass of water by two way: half is still empty (nagative attitude) or half full (positive) * take balance diet * give time for yoga * constipation should removed * you can take brahmi sankhpuspi etc ayurveda medicine
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I am suffering from social anxiety. And not being able to enjoy my life. Have even tried things like visualisation. But they help only for short term. I feel so depressed about it. I fear it is going to severely affect my career as I am a CA student. N I have to face the corporate world. God only knows how I am going to tackle. Is there any solution? Pls help me out.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I am suffering from social anxiety. And not being able to enjoy my life. Have even tried things like visualisation. B...
Hi. Here are few asanas which will help you in reducing the anxiety problem. -Sit in the meditation position (cross-legged or heel seat) and put the hands in the lap. The back is straight and the belly relaxed. Stop one minute every thought. Then remain in meditation, thoughts can come and go as they please. All feelings of anger, fear and grief appear and dissolve by themselves. -Dhanurasana: Lie on your stomach with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by the side of your body. Fold your knees and hold your ankles. Breathing in, lift your chest off the ground and pull your legs up and back. Look straight ahead Keep the pose stable while paying attention to your breath. Your body is now taut as a bow. Continue to take long deep breaths as you relax in this pose. But don’t get carried away! Do not overdo the stretch. After 15 -20 seconds, as you exhale, gently bring your legs and chest to the ground. Release the ankles and relax. -Practice Shavasana or Corpse Pose as it looks like a dead body. If practiced correctly and with full efforts, can relax every body part, relaxing not only the body but also the mind: Spread the legs one to two feet apart, the toes are turned outwards, the heels facing each other, a comfortable distance apart. Bring the arms a little away from the body, palms turned upward. Relax the neck and allow it to turn to the side if it is more comfortable. Close the eyes and focus the attention on the body, breathing normally. Begin focusing each body part and relaxing it, then moving on. Keep the mind focused on relaxation, the breath should be normal. Relax the whole body. (The mind and body are deeply connected. If the mind is occupied by thoughts and worries then the shavasana will be unsuccessful. Therefore one has to acquire the stability of the mind along with the stability of the body.) Anuloma involves inhaling through both nostrils together and exhaling each breath alternately between the left and right nostrils. The thumb of the right hand is used to manipulate the right nostril, while the pinky and ring finger are used to control the left nostril. There are many other poses of yoga like Balasan, Setu Bandha Sarvangasan, Uttanasan, Garudasan, Savasana, Triconasana, Viprita Karani, Marjaryasana, Dhyana, Bhujangasana, Anulom-Vilum, Pranayam, etc. Another stress-buster can be getting involved in any of your hobbies (may be a childhood hobby which you used to enjoy a lot!) - dancing, singing, painting, listening to soothing music, playing musical instruments, etc. (Believe me, you would really enjoy doing this alone as well or may be with your friends, kids). Medication: Take homoeopathic medication - Schwabe's Bacopa Monierri 1x/ thrice daily and Kali Phos. 6x/ once at night - take them for 4 weeks. Revert.
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I am a student. I tried many times to make my studies good but my mind starts wandering here and there. please consult me that how can I make my studies long termed and concentrated?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
10 Study Tips to Improve Your Learning Study Tip 1: Underlining Underlining is one of the simplest and best known study tips. It’s easy to highlight the most significant parts of what you’re reading. One key sentence per paragraph and a few important phrases here and there. You can only retain a certain amount so it’s best to retain the most important information. Study Tip 2: Make your own note and taking notes is one of the most widespread study skills out there. Essentially the aim of note-taking is to summarise lectures or articles in your own words so you can easily remember the ideas. Study Tip 3: Mind mapping A good Mind map can save you many hours of study and further consolidate your knowledge for your exams. Mind Maps are an extremely versatile tools. They can be used for brainstorming, outlining essays or study topics and for general exam preparation, ExamTime offers the ability to create Mind Maps quickly and easily which makes them the ideal tool when it comes to exams. Study Tip 4: Flash cards:- Using these are a particularly effective method of learning when trying to assimilate different facts, dates, formulas or vocabulary. Subjects such as History, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Geography or any language are made much easier if you incorporate Flashcards in to your study. Study Tip 5: Case Studies Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp the implications of some theories. This is where studying case studies can be a big help. Case studies can help you visualise a theory and place it in a more familiar and realistic context. This is especially useful in business or law subjects. Study Tip 6: Quizzes are an excellent way to review study notes in the weeks and days before an exam. Quizzes can show where your strengths and weaknesses are, so it allows you to focus your efforts more precisely. Moreover, if you share your Study Quiz with your classmates and test each other as much as possible you can discover even more details and areas you may have overlooked. So before any exam, make sure you create and share a bunch of different Quizzes with your Friends. Study Tip 7: Brainstorming This is another study technique that is ideal for studying with friends and/or classmates. Brainstorming is a great way to expand every possible idea out of any topic. Just get a bunch of friends together and shoot the breeze, there are no wrong answers when brainstorming – just talk and capture the ideas, you can review afterward. Study Tip 8: Mnemonic Rules Mnemonics are especially useful when memorising lists and sets. Mnemonics rules basically work by associating certain concepts with other concepts that are more familiar to us. There are many different ways to make mnemonics and these can be individual to the person. Study Tip 9: ORGANISE your study One of the most effective study skills is also one of the most often overlooked; this is organising your study. Creating a TIME TABLE gives you goals and a time in which to achieve them. Having a study timetable as you study is greatly motivational Study Tip 10: Drawing Many people find it easier to recall images rather than text that is why they are better able to memorise concepts if they associate them with pictures or drawings. If you find answer helpful please click on “helpful” tab for knowing my efforts are useful CONCENTRATION TIPS Here’s some tips to get into a state of deep concentration where work / or studies flow easily so that you can do well in examinations/ and or do your work well. 1) Cut Off the Noise Getting into a state of concentration can take at least fifteen minutes. If you are getting distracted every five, you can’t possibly focus entirely on your work. Request that people don’t interrupt you when working on a big project. If you are required to answer phones and drop-in’s immediately, schedule work when the office is less busy. 2) Structure Your Environment The place you work can have an impact on your ability to focus. Try to locate yourself so you are facing potential distractions such as doors, phones or windows. This way you can take a glance to assess sounds that would otherwise break your focus. 3) Clarify Objectives Know what your goal is clearly before you start. If you aren’t sure what the end result is, the confusion will make it impossible to focus. 4) Divide Blobs. If you have a large project that needs work, clearly identify a path that you will use to get started working on it. If the sequence of actions isn’t obvious, it will be difficult to concentrate. Taking a few minutes to plan not only your end result, but the order you will complete any steps, can save hours in wasted thinking. 5) Know the Rules Get clear on what the guidelines are for the task ahead. What level of quality do you need? What standards do you need to follow? What constraints are there? If the rules aren’t clear from the outset, you will slip out of concentration as you ponder them later. 6) Set a Deadline Deadlines have both advantages and disadvantages when trying to force concentration. A deadline can make it easier to forget the non-essential and speed up your working time. If you give yourself only an hour to design a logo, you will keep it simple and avoid fiddling with extravagant designs. Time limits have disadvantages when they cause you to worry about the time you have left instead of the task itself. 7) Break down Roadblocks Roadblocks occur whenever you hit a tricky problem in your work. This can happen when you run out of ideas or your focus wavers. Break down roadblocks by brainstorming or planning on a piece of paper. Writing out your thought processes can keep you focused even if you might become frustrated. 8) Isolate Yourself Become a hermit and stay away from other people if you want to get work done. Unless your work is based on other people they will only break your focus. Create a private space and refuse to talk to anyone until your work is finished. Put a sign on your door to steer away drop-ins and don’t answer your phone. 9) Healthy Body, Sharper Mind What you put into your body affects the way you concentrate. Nobody would expect peak performance if they showed up drunk to work. But if you allow yourself to get chronic sleep deprivation, overuse stimulants like caffeine or eat dense, fatty foods your concentration will suffer. Try to cut out one of your unhealthy habits for just thirty days to see if there is a difference in your energy levels. I’ve found even small steps can create dramatic changes in my ability to focus. 10) Be Patient Before I write an article, I often sit at my desk for a fifteen or twenty minutes before I put finger on the keyboard. During this time I feel a strong urge to leave or do something else. But I know that if I am patient, I’ll stumble upon an idea to write about and enter a state of flow. Without a little patience, you can’t take advantage of flow when it rushed through you. If you need strong concentration I recommend periods of 90-120 minutes. Any less than that and you will waste too much time getting started before the flow can continue. More than this is possible to sustain focus, but you will probably benefit from a quick break. These are the general guidelines for concentration, studying well or doing your job. Regards.
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Why Counselling before Marriage is Important

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Why Counselling before Marriage is Important

We as individuals are unique and blessed with independent thoughts and intellect, which help us in making decisions in life. One of the biggest decisions in life that we have to make is choosing a life partner. We may have to go through several proposals and meet lots of people before we are able to make this crucial choice and select an ideal partner to spend the rest of your life with. Many times, such decisions are made sooner and at sometimes we may have to seek the opinion of our friends, relatives and well-wishers to be able to find the perfect match.

In all cases, what really matters is that the relationship that we have build has to be strong enough to last a lifetime and that if there is any problem between the couple, they should be able to resolve it amicably, with understanding and maturity. In order to forge relationships that can last, the beginning of the association has to be crucial. There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that the beginning is smooth and that the rest of your lives are also spent in happiness.

The importance of counselling
In the modern times, when couples expect a lot more than couples of the olden times, it becomes extremely important to make sure that the couplevisits a marriage counsellor in time and is given an opportunity to get to know each other in a better manner. Here are a few ways in which counselling may be a boon for newly acquainted couples who are to get married.

  1. The counselling may help them realise their similarities and also understand what their strong points as a couple
  2. The session of understanding each other may also aid in knowing what they expect from each other in the long term rather than finding out the difficult way.
  3. It may also help in understanding the importance of amicable family relationships and how close and extended families help in the making of long and strong relationships.
  4. The pre-marriage counselling provided to couples also ensures that they are able to get a healthy and transparent forum to be able to know each other and understand what they can expect from life if they are together.

Getting the right kind of help
Although parents and elders usually advise the couple before they get married, it is important to make sure that formal counselling is also received from an expert in the field of psychology. When you choose to go to a worthy and trusted expert, you are able to ensure that the best methods of opening up to each other are used and that the session remains fruitful for the couple as well as their families in the long term.

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I think, i am psychologically disturbed. Suddenly I feel bad but I don't know the reason. What can I do?

Homeopath, Faridabad
I think, i am psychologically disturbed. Suddenly I feel bad but I don't know the reason. What can I do?
Hi, Practice yoga and meditation under a qualified instructor. Also, take homoeopathic preparation by Schwabe - Bacopa Monierri 1x/ thrice daily and Kali Phos. 6x/ once at night daily. Take them for 4weeks, then report me for further guidance.
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My son does not work hard in his studies . He is not able to show sincerity and hard work in spite of repeated poor performance. I am not able to successful to motivate him . Any help shall be highly appreciated .

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
You do not mention your son?s age. You must meet with his teachers to find out, if there is something else happening to him. Often they open up to their teachers very frankly. If he is finding his studies difficult, find a tutor for him and that person will be able to help him. If he is in his teens, there will be quite a few distractions, apart from the hormonal imbalances. Is the home life normal and stable? It may also be because he may have learnt some wrong habits of learning or wrong foundation while he was younger. In both these cases he will need either a tutor or his teachers to help. He needs to be taught a smart way of learning rather than just working hard. You could also sit with him and help him, but with a lot of patience. You will come to know whether he is using any incorrect method to study. Take him to an academic counselor to check out for any emotional reasons for his performance.
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Why do we get heart problem due to tension or something else because my father is a heart patient. He gains very tension sometimes.

General Physician, Cuttack
Why do we get heart problem due to tension or something else because my father is a heart patient. He gains very tens...
Stress releases hormones like adrenalin and nor adrenalin which increases heart rate, pulse, blood pressure which has adverse effect on the functioning of heart and can lead to heart disease.
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I am 38 yrs old not yet married as I dont like girls. Wht should I do get myself used to girls and get married?

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
I am 38 yrs old not yet married as I dont like girls. Wht should I do get myself used to girls and get married?
Dear ns, liking girs or not liking is linked with your experience. When we are born, our mind was like a clean slate. Circumstances and our experience started writing on that slate and those writings became our rules. In this case too, you dislike girls because of your past experience and perception. We need to change that. Better option is to get marrieage. Rational emotive therapy and cognitive restructuring should help you. Post a private question to me with every details and I will help you with this problem. Take care.
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Homeopathy Medicine After a Concussion

MD - Homeopathy, Masters Degree of Homoeopathy
Homeopath, Mumbai
Homeopathy Medicine After a Concussion

Head injuries occur due to a variety of injuries - road accidents, falls, sports, assaults, etc.  While some injuries might be obvious, others may not have an external injury. However, given the structure and vascularity of the brain, there could be definite damage to the blood flow and brain function. There would be alteration in the person's behavior which may seem weird to others. A detailed history and examination will help unearth these symptoms and the underlying causes and thereby manage them. Any of the above injuries can result in jarring of the brain, and especially in cases of children, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor.  If it was a very minor injury, then any of the following symptoms should warrant a visit to the doctor.

  1. Worsening headache 
  2. Nausea 
  3. Vomiting
  4. Dizziness 
  5. Difficulty waking up from sleep 
  6. Irritability and confusion 
  7. Unequal pupil size or dilated pupils
  8. Confused about name or place of belonging
  9. Unclear speech
  10. Numbness in the legs or arms 

As with all other conditions, homeopathy believes in getting to the root of the issue and not just treating the symptoms. There have been cases reported where the patient had severe symptoms, was given homeopathic remedies with complete cure of symptoms.  There are specific remedies in the acute phase and the chronic phase. In acute phase, commonly given remedies in the acute phase include Aconite, Arnica, and opium. They are aimed at stimulating recovery and should be given immediately after the injury has happened.

  1. Aconite:  Used when the patient is restless and panicky with the fear of death.
  2. Opium: These may have injuries elsewhere but not on the head, may feel dazed or be in coma, could also have a bloated face.
  3. Arnica: If the patient is severely bruised, however is denying help and claims to feel well, then Arnica should be given

In chronic phase these remedies help in managing the long term implications of a concussion that sets in sometimes even after months.

  1. Natrum sulphuricum: The person here is usually depressed and irritable, suicidal in some cases, have a feeling of ringing in the ears, experience vertigo.  The symptoms are worsened in wet or damp conditions.
  2. Natrum muriaticum: The person becomes sad or withdrawn, have a chronic headache that is worsened when out in the sun and develop a dislike for salt.  Being at the seaside can make these symptoms to improve or worsen dramatically. 
  3. Hypericum: The person will have convulsions immediately after the injury and can complain of pins and needles sensation later on.
  4. Helleborus:  The person seems shut down since the injury has happened with indifference to pain or pleasure.
  5. Hyoscymus:  The person becomes talkative, excited, laughs inappropriately, and in rare cases, muscle spasms or even epilepsy.
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My friend age 26 she married . Husband age 33 he is not satisfied with her what to do. If she ask about sex no time no caring her. Giving everything like shopping restaurants ok . Working as private employee he left the home wen he comes back don't know . I need some suggestions from you.

L L. B..,, M.Sc psychy,, N L P, P.G.D.G.C, M.S psychotherapy,, M.A child care, M A, clinical psy, M.A,social psychiatry,, M.Phil., psychology., Ph.D .,psychology
Psychologist, Vijayawada
Seven years it is not big difference. It is her feeling he is not giving proper sex husband feels he satisfy her personal needs. He feels it is his responsibility. But wife thinking about sex. Some stage men cannot share everything he has so much of responsibilities. He thinks about primary things but wife thinks secondary things. Caring like a lover it is not possible for anyone. She can understand his side. Better to make friendliness with him. Ask directly what she needs. He will do what is the requirement. Do not think unnecessary things like sex it plays small role in family life. Sex interest comes with the help of her. He will love and care to his wife. When she shares each and everything with him. Better to understand my view. Ok.
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Increasing Hair Loss [Alopecia] Could Be Because Of Stress And Lifestyle!!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Surat
Increasing Hair Loss [Alopecia] Could Be Because Of Stress And Lifestyle!!

You may lose 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. Yet the thinning of your scalp hair is almost unnoticeable owing to the simultaneous new hair growth filling up the bald spots. But hair loss occurs if this cycle of shedding and growth gets distorted. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle take a toll on your hair as well.

  1. The following is a list of the types of hair loss that are caused due to high levels of stress:
    • The body secretes hormones such as non-adrenaline or Norepinephrine and cortisol in response to stress. These hormones force a large number of hair follicles into a static phase, hindering new hair growth. As a consequence, simple activities such as combing or rinsing the hair might cause hair fall in large strands which do not get replaced by new hair again. This abnormality is known as ‘Telogen effluvium’.
    • Trichotillomania is a condition characterized by one pulling out his/her own strands of hair forcefully; most often triggered by negative thoughts or other psychological disorders such as depression or excessive frustration, boredom, stress or tension. 
    • Alopecia areata is a condition caused by severe stress wherein the immune system of the body attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.
    • Other lifestyle-related factors can also have an adverse impact on the hair growth. Let us see how:
  2. Excessive hair styling or hair treatments with hot oil actually swell up the hair follicles. Chemical therapies, dyes, flat irons, blow dryers or bad brushes as well as a range of hair dressing techniques such as hair extension, application of coloring agents, gels and hair sprays further affect the individual strands of hair.
  3. A junk food diet rich in salt, sugar and saturated fats but less in essential nutrient content can tremendously affect your hair.
  4. Smoking inhibits blood flow to the hair follicles and interrupts the process of hair growth and hair fall.
  5. Environmental factors such as pollution from:
    • Car exhaust fumes disrupt the keratin (protein formation) in the hair structure, making it fragile.
    • Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens that weaken one’s hair follicles.
    • Dust particles trigger allergies giving way to inflammation or scalp infections.
    • Over exposure to the sun causes brittle, dry and lifeless hair, mainly characterized by split ends. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda.
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My son is 24 yrs old, He is still childish in talks and behaviour. He is stubborn and refuses to take our parents advise. Pls suggest some tablets.

M.Phil clinical Psychology, MS Psychotherapy and Counseling, PGDGC, MSc Psychology
Psychologist, Chennai
Tablets are not the solutions for behavior problems. Cognitive behavior therapy is the best option. However there are possibilities that your approaches may be the cause for sustaining the behavior and you may also have to change. Better consult a professionally trained psychologist for appropriate solutions
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Know Everything About Hypochondriasis

General Physician, Chandigarh
Know Everything About Hypochondriasis

People who are constantly troubled by the fear of physical illness or who excessively feel worried about their health are commonly referred to as hypochondriacs. This phenomenon is called somatic symptom disorder, also known as hypochondria or hypochondriasis. Despite the evidence of medical tests proving that they do not suffer from any disease or illness, hypochondriacs are perpetually worried about their health. This is mainly because of their misinterpretation of minor health problems or normal body functions as something serious. Somatic symptom disorder affects both males and females equally, and it usually happens during early adulthood.

Causes and symptoms: Their complaints may range from minor issues like pain or stress to more serious problems concerning breathing or headaches. Hypochondriacs rarely try to deceive themselves, and they genuinely believe that they have health problems, however unrealistic their beliefs might be. The exact causes are indefinite and unknown, but they generally arise from considerable physical or sexual abuse in their early childhood. Moreover, parents or close relatives suffering from the disorder may also induce such fears into the child, who would eventually behave in a similar pattern later in adulthood.

Diagnosis: Diagnosis of the disorder can be very troublesome, mainly because of their inherent conviction that they are suffering from physical illness. However, the disorder can be treated through proper supportive care or psychotherapy. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are also used sometimes.

Dealing with the disorder: Hypochondria can often lead to a chronic condition, which can be long lasting. Although there are no definite ways of preventing it, there is one method to reduce the intensity of the symptoms and help patients cope up with the disorder. It is by providing them a supportive and understanding environment, one in which they can fight the distress and trouble that comes along with the somatic symptom disorder. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychiatrist and ask a free question.

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I'm feeling stressed due to business and family. I am using alprazolam. Please suggest Me.

Master in Psychology, MD - Ayurveda, Dems, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
I'm feeling stressed due to business and family. I am using alprazolam. Please suggest Me.
Best way to overcome stress is yoga n meditation. You may go for outing with your family atleast once a week. Alprazolam is safe drug but you want to take ayurvedic treatment
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I am 41 years old. I had severe heart attack on 10.07.2016. After that I got anjoplasty on 11.7.2016. For which 3 stent has been inserted. As per doctor . He told all is alright. But I am feeling depressed as again it want happen. And at time of attack my heart was stop working for few seconds. So I am worried for my future.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
I am 41 years old. I had severe heart attack on 10.07.2016. After that I got anjoplasty on 11.7.2016. For which 3 ste...
It is only 10 days after stents ae fitted on you & it is natural to be anxious about what next? do eat the right diet, exercise moderately, reduce stress & no smoking or exposure to pollution. As a rule if 3 blockages or more are detected, bypass surgery is a better choice but with 3 stents too you can lead a normal life if you follow prevention of heart attacks carefully. Do write back after you feel settled with 3 stents.
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Doctor I have depression and tensed about my future. I have no aim in my life. When I am go for my job tensed and getting angry. Another one I couldn't interact with people in the society. What can I do?

MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Arts - Psychology and English Literature
Psychologist, Coimbatore
Doctor I have depression and tensed about my future. I have no aim in my life. When I am go for my job tensed and get...
Hi lybrate-user! Depression itself is because of some kind of low feeling towards any situation or state. There must be some underlying failure or disappointment that led to depression, in spite of future negative thoughts. Depression will never allow you to lead a normal life style unless otherwise you overcome depression. It would be better if you could seek a Professional Psychologist at your locality or online counselling and treatment for the same if you are unable to overcome. If you are interested you can contact me either through text chat or through online consultation yes you are most welcome. Take care. Be relaxed.
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Urine urgency and severe constipation. Taking medication for depression paroxetine.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Urine urgency and severe constipation. Taking medication for depression paroxetine.
Dear Naseem, Mild constipation may occur with paroxetine because, usually it decreases appetite and you tend to eat less. My patients have not reported severe constipation so far due to paroxetine. Mld one can be treated with more liquid intake, more fiber in diet or isabgol. Urine urgency may not be due to paroxetine. i feel it is due to anxiety associated with depression. Severe constipation also may be due to depression itself. Please consult your doctor again and she/he may increase the dose of paroxetine or add another antidepressant or anxiolytic. All the best.
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