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Dr. Makwana

Orthopedist, Mumbai

Dr. Makwana Orthopedist, Mumbai
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Makwana is an experienced Orthopedist in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can consult Dr. Makwana at Rhushbh Nursing Homemu in Mumbai, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Makwana and consult privately on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I got pain on both of of my knee due to running practice. After pain increases. Now for eight days. Checked uricacid level is 7. Eat tablet for pain and uricacid. But no decrease of pain. Please give answer. And also diet chart to decrease uric acid level ?

BPTh/BPT, MSc Yoga, MD - Acupuncture
Physiotherapist, Chennai
Hi , running cannot be started all of sudden u may need some leg muscle strength. Before running, sports gear check is very important. Your shoes should have good shock absorption. Then u need quadriceps, hamstring, calf muscle and gluteal strength is very important. Drink lot of water to reduce uric acid initially. Consult physician for further management.
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5 Winning Ways to Stop those Nasty Muscle Cramps

FRHS, Ph.D Neuro , MPT - Neurology Physiotherapy, D.Sp.Med, DPHM (Health Management ), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
5 Winning Ways to Stop those Nasty Muscle Cramps
5 Ways to Stop Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are feared and loathed by all of us alike – they hurt, they slow us down and they just give us a helpless feeling! The most common cause of these cramps is premature fatigue which affects the reflex control of muscles. Here are 5 ways guaranteed to beat these troublesome muscle cramps:

1. Take rest
The most easy and sure-shot way to kill a muscle cramp is to take rest. Just rest your body, be at one place and the cramp will not last more than 3-4 minutes. Moving around will only cause the pain to be aggravated and eventually affect other areas as well.

2. Consume solutions rich in salt
Whenever you encounter a troublesome cramp, the first instinct is to reach for water. However, studies have shown that salt solutions are far more effective in countering cramps as compared to plain water. You can have pickle juice and similar drinks which have a high salt concentration.

3. Be physically active
The most common reason for muscle cramps is over-straining of the body. If you are planning to indulge in an extremely intensive physical activity, make sure to train well in advance. Also, keep the duration and intensity of the training at a similar level to that of the actual activity.

4. Keep your body hydrated
Dehydration is the root of a number of troublesome conditions, muscle cramps being one of them. Make sure to always carry a water bottle with you and drink a minimum of 7-8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

5. Indulge in light passive muscle stretching
When faced with a muscle cramp, in addition to resting, try and gently stretch the affected muscle. This continuous and light passive stretching lets the brain know that it can relax the muscle and help it return to normal.

From Lybrate: If you found this tip useful, please thank the doctor by clicking on the heart icon below. Also, spread good health by sharing this tip with your loved ones over WhatsApp, Facebook and other media.
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I am suffering from muscle pain. What is the main reason for this? What are the remedies for removing the muscle pain. If I am running long distance this affect is much more. Please give an advice doctor.

FRHS, Ph.D Neuro , MPT - Neurology Physiotherapy, D.Sp.Med, DPHM (Health Management ), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
It has many reasons few are in balanced diet and hyderation lack of warm up and stretching exercises or physical activity pathological reasons injury or trauma etc do take balanced diet and hyderated avoid stress anxiety and anticipating the things do regular physical activity and breathing exercises and strengthening and stretching exercises from neuro physiotherapist for about 15 minutes duration each time regularly best wishes.
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I sit for 10 hours a day in the office. I go to gym daily. When I go to bed suddenly my waist starts having pain. What should I do?

Ph.D - Ayurveda, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma Yoga
Ayurveda, Jaipur
. You have to go for complete bed rest for at least 5 days now. Also go for ayurveda's panchkarma therapy - we have many option for you - kati basti, localised massgae with herbal oils, localised medicated steam, pottali massage. Continue these procedures for atleast 15 days. Regular oiling of the joint will improve the lubrication also. These procedures will relax your back muscles and give strength to your nerves and muscles of back. Also start some yogic exercises - tadasana, dhanurasan, halasana along with these therapies. This will greatly help. Please avoid pushing / pulling heavy objects, long sittings, long two-wheeler drives. Although some herbal medicines might also help you but after proper history taking.
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My mother is suffering from pain in legs and feet. Recently her reports showed high uric acid (8.7). Though she is medicated, I would be highly obliged if you can suggest some home remedies, what should be eaten and what not ?

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi thanks for your query and welcome to lybrate. I am Dr. Akshay from fortis hospital, new delhi. There are ways to keep your uric acid value in body to low levels. General recommendations are: - decreasing intake of red meat, alcohol, rice in your diet and other purine rich sources - also increase your water intake so that uric acid is excreted from body well. - keeping your weight to normal levels will also help you. - intake of fresh fruits, citrus fruits and cherries has been implicated in reducing uric acid values in the body as well. Nowadays there is a medication by the name of febuxostat which helps in lowering uric acid levels in body but kindly check out that it suits your body. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance. You can also discuss your case and treatment plans with me in a greater detail in a private consultation.
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I have pain in my left leg from last 2 months so I have done MRI and disc level between L4 and L5 is 8.7 so what precautions I do? It will become normal?

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
physiotherapy treatment must. posture correction must. stretching and strength exercises must. avoid heavy weight and long standing
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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Chennai
Dear lybrate-user, Knee joint is the most weight bearing joint of our body. Variety of causes can lead to knee pain of which degeneration and bone loss are rare for a person of your age. Pain may be caused due to Injury or diseases like arthritis. Most common cause is injury. Providing rest and support to knee joint is the first step for all cases. Further management requires information like duration of pain, which side is affected, X-ray to find any injury to structures and any previous history of fall. Roma Das, you are at good age that your body will be able to repair almost all injuries and joint issue. Your duty is to provide support and rest.
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He has been suffering in a high fever 101 c or 103 c. Joint pains alot. He has taken medicine for fever after that fever doesn't occur for sometime. Please suggest me what to do.

CCP, MBA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Karnal
Start taking mahasudarshan kwath 15 ml twice a day after food with water. take light food only when hungry. Drink water boiled with adrak & dhaniya. This will digest the toxins and fever will be gone in no time.
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Hello Dr. I am 37 years old male aand I have backache for 3 month. Can a help to me?

Physiotherapist, Noida
Extension exercises x 15 times x twice daily - lying on tummy, take left arm up for 3 seconds, then bring it down, right arm up for 3 seconds, bring down. Bring right leg up, hold for 3 seconds, bring it down. Then right leg up and hold for 3 seconds and bring it down. Repeat twice a day- 10 times.
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Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis with the Help of Ayurveda

MD- Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Ujjain
Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis with the Help of Ayurveda

With age, we often experience gradual wear and tear of our body parts, which leads to slow down of body functions. Wear and tear of bones and joints often make movement difficult in various parts, such as hands, hips, legs, knees, ankles, etc. Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are a two serious and common conditions where wear and tear of the bone is significant. The pain and stiffness in the affected joints vary, but for most people, restricted movement is the main issue. The relieving news is that there are effective, natural methods in Ayurveda which are tested over centuries and used even to date.

These methods aim at improving stiffness, pain control, controlling progression of inflammation, reversal of damage (if not severe), improving range of motion, improving strength and improving overall energy levels.

Ayurveda believes that body’s health is managed with the balance between three vital elements that is vata, pitta, and kapha. Arthritis (both osteo and rheumatoid variety) is believed to be related to vata and arthritis is also known as sandhivata (sandhi meaning joint).

Treatment includes overall body treatment and focused treatment of the affected joint. Oral medicines, oils and external applicants, detoxification and rejuvenation through panchakarma, diet changes, healthy lifestyle are all part of the treatment regimen. Oil and external application on the overall body and affected joints will help lubricate the joints and will allow easy movement. This will help reduce stiffness and improve range of motion.

Dietary changes: Reduce fats, sugar, salt and alcohol. Include a lot more of fish, soy, olive oil, low-fat dairy products, broccoli, green tea, citrus fruits, whole grains, beans, garlic and nuts and seeds. In addition to protein, these have various ingredients, which are useful for bone health and act as anti-inflammatory agents.

Some common panchakarma treatments include:

  1. Choorna Kizhi, where the person is made to assume different positions and mixtures of various herbs are applied to make the person sweat profusely.
  2. Abhyangam is a special oil massage lasting 45 minutes that the patient undergoes for 14 days. In addition to arthritis, it also helps control body ache, fight obesity, revitalises the whole system, induces sleep, and helps fight stress.
  3. Njavarakizhi is similar to the earlier Choorna Kizhi, various oils are used to massage the whole body while the patient is made to sit in different positions. There is also a Njavara rice that is cooked in milk to make a porridge and fed to the patient. This again is continued for 14 days.

The key to managing this condition is to seek help in as early stages of the disease as possible. When there are risk factors that put you at risk, reach out to seek medical help as soon as you realise onset of symptoms.

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I got my little finger injured while playing basketball, it is swollen, what should I do?

MBBS, Diploma In Dermatology And Venerology And Leprosy (DDVL)
Dermatologist, Raigarh
keep rest those finger for 3 days tale rest take paracetamool 650 mg bd for 3 day s review if not respond
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I have problem in my neck in few days. Please tell me precaution related to this problem.

Ayurveda, Ambala
* neck pain occurs due to wrong posture or due to strain on your neck muscle. Check your posture, do not bend your neck excessively and when you work on your laptop or computer after half hour of working move your neck slowly in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. * do neck massage with lukewarm mustard oil. * do not take pillow of high hight during sleeping or avoid to take pillow. * in diet vegetable protein of cereal, b complex supplements and half teaspoon of haldi in a cup of milk for seven days will give you enough relief.
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Pulled Elbow

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Pulled Elbow
(syn. Subluxation of superior/inferior radio ulnar joint)
This is a painful condition of the elbow affecting children below the age of 5 years. It is caused by a pull on the arm with the forearm in a state of internal rotation. It is not the fall but the prevention of fall that causes the problem. Usually it occurs when the mother pulls the child by arm to put him on the other side while turning in bed. Sometimes when the child has a tendency to fall from the bed he, holds the bed sheet to prevent the fall, the whole body weight gives the momentum to internal rotation at the elbow joint and the upper/lower radio ulnar joint is partly dislocated.
It is a very painful condition the affected limb appears to be paralyzed
It is an orthopaedic emergency and the child should be taken to an orthopaedic surgeon or to the casualty department of a hospital immediately.
The x-ray usually does not show any abnormality.
Reduction of the joint displacement is easy. A cuff and collar sling is usually adequate.
If the condition becomes recurrent, a plaster may have to be applied for 2-3 weeks.
No medicine is required.
A chocolate is usually sufficient to bring a smile on the face of the child and parents.

I am 72 years old male and I have pain on my heels (people say plasterfastic pain) and now added knee pain. Tried hot water and cold water therapy, not much success. Now applying ayurvedic oils like karpoorathy thailam etc. Doing few floor exercises like folding and releasing, knee lifting and lowering. Can you please suggest any better way of handling this pain.

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
OK avoid all things do physiotherapy treatment must for u then do calf stretching exercise and put a towel roll under knee and press for 10 second then release repeat 20 time twice a day
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Hi I have de quervian's tenosynovitis on my right hand. It's fine the whole day but it hurts in the night if I don't put on the wrist splint. Is this how it will have to be for the whole life? I have gone to a foctor who gave me some pain killers for a week and suggested complete rest of the hand for a week or so. That is not an option for me. Is there a way out of this other than a surgery?

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi thanks for your query and welcome to lybrate. I am Dr. Akshay from fortis hospital, new delhi. De quervain's tenosynovitis is inflammation of sheath of 1st extensor tendons due to which there is pain at the level of styloid process. The treatment depends upon the symptoms you are having, normally ice packs for local application, thumb spica splint for 3-4 weeks not only at night but all throughout, anti-inflammatory medication as per your suitability, local analgesic spray for application but no massage, ultrasonics and laser as physical therapy modalities are useful in many cases. But if it does not get better, then release is better, it is actually a daycare procedure which take about 8-10 minutes to do in ot under local anesthesia, so it is very safe procedure. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance.
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My mom has issue in her leg she is not able to move on her on her age is 46 and she has pain in joint to her leg is swelling she has a problem from last year.

M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
RA symptoms can interfere with daily activities. Gout. Gouty arthritis usually strikes suddenly, with severe joint pain, swelling, warmth, and redness, often in the big toe (about 50% of cases). Gout causes a painful, swollen joint that's so severe that the weight of bed sheets can cause distress. Conditions other than arthritis that can cause joint pain include: bursitis (inflammation of the cushioning pads around joints) lupus. Gout. Certain infectious diseases (such as mumps, influenza, and hepatitis) chondromalacia of the patella (breakdown of the kneecap's cartilage) injury. In this patient, the following blood tests might be ordered to help confirm a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid factor "RF" Anti-cyclic citrullined peptide "CCP" Erythrocyte sedimentation rate "ESR" C-reactive protein "CRP" ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) Test.
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मैं 19 वर्ष का हु मेरे पैर में 2 माह से स्वता ही सूजन हो गया दवा का कोई असर नहीं हो रहा है

MBBS, MD - Community Medicine
General Physician, Jaipur
May be indication of elephantiasis. Get tested for elephantiasis. Meet nearby physician for check up to rule out elephantiasis.
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I am having hairfall at a large scale and acnes all over my face and on my shoulders also. The acnes pains a lot when you press or hold them. As I was recently been transfered here so I think its because of the water here! Please help.

D.A.M.S( A. M.), D.AC/B.E.M.S
Acupressurist, Mumbai
you take acupressure therapy take biochemic calc, phos 3x+ kali phos 3x +kali sulph 3x+nat mur 3x+sillicia 12x 4tab each thrice a day with warm water, take it 5 days then consult private online .
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I M pain in both legs sole (below knee to sole) my sugar level is normal uric acid 5.2&HB. 11.2.since last one year. Pl.advise accordingly.

General Physician, Mumbai
take calcium and vit D supplements. also take vitamin supplements massage with volini gel . do passive and active leg exercises. take rest.
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Hi sir, i'm badmintion player. While playing my forearm muscles painig more. Wat can i do ?

BPTh/BPT, MSPT (Master of Physical Therapy)
Physiotherapist, Vellore
Hi, based on thorough examination you need to be given. - strengthening & streching exercises to be given to the appropriate muscles. - sports specific training to be given (plyometrics) - need to use forearm band or else go tapping.
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