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Dr. Madhulika Goyle  - General Physician, Mumbai

Dr. Madhulika Goyle


General Physician, Mumbai

21 Years Experience
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Dr. Madhulika Goyle MBBS General Physician, Mumbai
21 Years Experience
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
More about Dr. Madhulika Goyle
Dr. Madhulika Goyle is a trusted General Physician in MHADA Colony, Mumbai. You can consult Dr. Madhulika Goyle at Health Care Clinic in MHADA Colony, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Madhulika Goyle and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 34 years of experience on Find the best General Physicians online in Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MBBS - Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, - 1997
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I want to improve my sexual capacity because I have slip disc problem.what can be done

General Physician, Nashik
I want to improve my sexual capacity because I have slip disc problem.what can be done
Overall sex stamina improves by healthy lifestyle. Regular sleep, exercise and meal are the foremost things. In diet cow milk, cow butter and garlic are proven sexual tonic. Regular healthy diet containing carbohydrate, protein and minerals-vitamins is necessary. Specific diet depends on culture and geographic situation. Exercise to control your weight and make you fit. Sleep to relax your mind. All above measures help you to relive mental stress also which indirectly help to perform better. Another aspect is emotional attachment and love between partners in overall life apart from the sex. If it is good no need of any tonic, natural stamina would suffice. Hope I have answered your query, I will be happy to help further, regards,
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My dad is 65 years of age and he has piles and he was undergone colonoscopy and after some time bleedy was stopped and now there is too much of blood bleeding please help what to vaccinate him.

General Physician, Mumbai
Take cp pause 1-1 for stopping bleeding and Take syp cremaffin two tsp at night and apply lidocaine ointment and if necessary get it operated
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I have done all the test for my cough,not a single positive report has come but I am consistently suffering by cough.

Pulmonologist, Mumbai
Do you have acidity? Is it dry cough? do a spirometer test to see if you have bronchitis or asthma? I feel you may have reflux cough. #lung care clinic
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Hi doctor. I got lot weight and belly stomach after operation for delivery. How can I loss belly stomach and weight?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Hi doctor. I got lot weight and belly stomach after operation for delivery. How can I loss belly stomach and weight?
You need to have diet plan based on your BMI & activities. Whatever we eat is metabolised by the body for the energy needed to do daily work and the excess is stored as fat. Abdomen is the first place to gain weight and last to disappear. In brief, Weight reduction can be achieved only by reducing the intake of food 1/3 of what you take now. And by appropriate exercise plans for each part like belly, thighs, legs / chest etc. To burn off fat. Some tips 1) Drink three or four cups of water whenever you feel hungry and just before eating food 2) Take boiled or raw vegetable like cucumber, carrot etc. As half of your diet. Then take 1/2 of your total diet as sprouted pulses / proteinaceous food like roti, cooked pulses and remaining with rice or other carbohydrates. Oil or ghee etc. Should be just bare minimum. And do aerobic exercises, running, jogging or at least walking briskly 3-5 KMs and swimming if possible, and in a gym if feasible. The most important is to burn off the energy intake by exercises. There is no short cut or medicines without exercise & dieting to take just as mush food as needed for your activities. The food we eat is utilised for our energy needs and the remaining will be stored as fat which leads to obesity. It is better to do some tests. A DIET CHART TimingFoods To EatCalories Early MorningLukewarm Water with Lemon 1 glass0 Tea without Sugar + 2 Biscuits90 Breakfast2 Rotis + 1/2 cup Paneer Curry330 ORBrown Bread Upma 1 plate + Milk 1 cup300 Mid-Morning1 Banana/1/2 cup Melon/20 Grapes50 LunchBrown Rice 1 cup (195 gm) + Mixed Vegetables 1/2 cup + Salad 1 bowl + Raita 1 small bowl345 EveningButter Milk 1 cup35 Dinner2 Rotis + Vegetable Soup 1 bowl + Salad 1 bowl370 Total1220/1190 Cal Exercise for Belly Fat Not only females but also males desire to have flat belly. Read on and find about the best exercises for losing belly fat. Fight your belly fat with the right kind of exercise and the right diet. Belly fat can be effectively reduced with abdominal exercises. They help you to tone the abdominal area apart from enhancing the flexibility of the area. The most important point is that they resist the accumulation of fat around the belly region. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that you must regularly perform these exercises and be patient as nothing happens overnight. Exercises for Losing Belly Fat Some very simple but effective exercises to Lose Belly Fat Stretch 1 – Lie down on a floor mat. Position your legs vertically up and stay in this position for 5 to 15 seconds. This can be repeated thrice. Stretch 2 – Lie down on a floor mat. Stretch your legs straight. Place your hands behind your head and lock your fingers. Now raise your torso and bring it towards your knees. Stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds and slowly return to your lying position. Repeat this for 15 times in sets of 5. Stretch on Chair – Lie down on a floor mat and position yourself with a chair so as to raise your legs on the chair. Your legs should be at 90 degree to the rest of your body. Place your hands behind your head and clasp your fingers. Now lift your torso and rise up as if you want to touch the knees. Continue for 15 minutes and repeat in sets of 3 or 4. Cycling – Lie down on a floor mat. Raise your legs and rotate them as if you are pedalling a cycle vigorously. Repeat the exercise for five minutes in sets of three. Breathing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Let us briefly understand on how these work. Oxygen acts as fuel for the body. The extra oxygen that you inhale while performing the breathing exercises result in certain chemical reactions that in turn burns up more calories than you actually take in. You lose extra fat. Pavanmuktasan – for practising Pavanmuktasan, take a deep breath as you lie on your back. Bend you left knee, hold your toes and pull it towards your stomach. Simultaneously lift your head and touch your bent knee. Your other leg must be straight. Breathe in and count ten. Return to your original position and breathe out. Repeat the set with your right leg. Bhujangasan – for practising Bhujangasan lie on your stomach and place your hands under your shoulders. Lift your torso backwards using only the back muscles and not your hands. Hold your breath for 5-10 seconds and slowly return to your original position as you breathe out. Dhanurasan – Lie on your stomach and bend your knees. Hold your ankles as you breathe in. Push your body outwards in the shape of a bow and pull your head back as much as possible. Hold this position for 10 seconds and release the posture as you slowly breathe out. Apart from these there are aerobics that also help you to lose belly fat. Regular simple workouts, like jogging, walking up and down through the stairs fast also helps to shed those stubborn belly fat. But remember, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a fitness instructor before you decide as exercise regimen for yourself in order to get the maximum results.
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D.Sc (Bio-engg.), P.G. Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Kalyani
What are summer fruits?
Like the name suggests, the term “summer fruits” refers to a variety of fruits that are easily available, during the summer season. During the summer it is common for people to lose their appetites, which makes them stay away from rich and heavy foods. Fruits that are juicy and tart seem to be the most naturally cooling effect on the body, during summers. Hence, when it gets too hot, several people rely exclusively upon recipes made using summer fruits and vegetables. Summer fruits can be used in a variety of foods and beverages.
However, in addition to satisfying the taste buds and refreshing the body, most summer fruits are very healthy. This is because they are very high in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals and fiber. The amount of fat that is present in most of the summer fruits is negligible, but there can be some exceptions.
Moreover, since the water content of most summer fruits is between 80% and 90%, they can help add a healthy and radiant glow on the skin.

List of summer fruits
There are several varieties of fruits that are available during the summer. Given below is a lost of some of the most common summer fruits, as well as the health benefits that are associated with it.
• Apricots: High in Beta carotene, which gets converted to Vitamin A by the body
• Berries: High in antioxidants and help the body fight off several diseases
• Cherries: Contain diuretic properties, as well as Vitamin C
• Honeydew melon: Help treating infections in the urinary tract
• Mangoes: Rich in Vitamin C & E & also contain potassium, iron & nicotinic acid
• Nectarines: Can help with fluid retention, constipation and high cholesterol
• Papayas: Great for weight loss and can also help in improving digestion. It is often used as a natural remedy for constipation too.
• Peaches: Can reduce anemia, fatigue as well as high cholesterol
• Pineapples: Contains antioxidants that protect the body against diseases and are also great
for digestion and weight loss.
• Watermelons: Can help treat kidney, bladder and other digestive problems

Once in season, it is easy to purchase these summer fruits and vegetables from anywhere, like a fruit market, or a grocery store. These fruits can all be mixed together to make a tasty and nutritious fruit salad or a smoothie. Fixing a salad is very easy as compared to other recipes. For those who are not really watching their weight, a summer fruit trifle could make a tempting dessert.

Summer is the season where the sun rays are at their highest peak. To stay well hydrated is very important in these days. Although most of the fruits like apples, bananas, or pears are now available through out the year, some fruits are seasonal. Summer along with the scorching heat also brings these sensational seasonal fruits like pineapples, watermelon, muskmelon, honeydew melon, mangoes, cherries, strawberries, and other beautiful berries. These fruits not only satisfy our taste buds but are also great as a part of a balanced diet. They provide vital vitamins and minerals, fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants with negligible amount of fat. Fruits have approximately 80-90% water, natural sugars and give you a healthy, radiant looking skin.
Summer fruits and health benefits –

Watermelon – this summer fruit not only helps to quench the thirst but is also a good source of beta carotene, vitamin C, pectin, lycopene, potassium and iron.

Apricots – fresh apricots are good source of iron, vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and fiber. Dried apricots help people with fluid retention and constipation. The health benefits of apricots includes anemia, cancer, skin diseases, fevers, earache, indigestion and constipation.

Berries – enjoy most of the berries in summer. Strawberries with stem intact can be stored up to one year with or without added sugar. The phytochemicals in blue berries, blackberries, strawberries helps boost immunity, have a protective effect against cancer, protects against heart diseases and circulatory problems. Cranberries have a healing effect in urinary tract infection.

Peaches and plums – contain good amount of vitamin C, beta carotene, antioxidant phytochemicals and anthocyanins all of which help to eliminate the free radicals from the body.

Papayas and mangoes – both are excellent source of vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin A and fiber. Eating sufficient amount of mangoes alone can make the body a rich store of vitamin A which lasts for months.

Cherries – bright red cherries not only taste great but also contain ellagic acid which inhibits the growth of carcinogenic cells in the body.

Pineapples – besides being packed with most of the vitamins and minerals, pineapple is a very good source of an enzyme bromelain which aids digestion.

For variety you can even try fresh fruit salad with some flavored low-fat yoghurt or just a plain fruit salad for dessert.

A fresh fruit juice will also help to satisfy thirst and avoid dehydration in summer months. But avoid consuming preserved fruit juices which contains preservatives, added sugar and negligible fiber in it.

Summer is a great season to enjoy these delicious seasonal fruits not only to satisfy your sweet taste buds but also to gain maximum nutritional benefits from them.

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I am 36 years old female, not planned family yet. Having pain in my abdomen and calves muscles on a continuous basis. Consulted few gastro's who have said that its because of stress. At times feels very very weak.

MD - Pathology
General Physician, Amritsar
It could be stress. But get your blood sugar, haemoglobin, bp checked. Take tablet evion lc once daily for 30 days. Come back with your reports, consult a psychiatrist for stress.
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When ever I stand for along time there are cramps that develop in the leg and it start to hurt a lot.

MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM, Fellowship in palliative medicine, certificate in interventional pain management, Multidisciplinary pain management course
Pain Management Specialist, Pune
When ever I stand for along time there are cramps that develop in the leg and it start to hurt a lot.
Muscle cramps can occur with prolonged standing. To get relief observe the following. 1. Take adequate liquids, sports drink like Gatorade, fruit juices 2. Stretch your calf muscles daily. 3. You can massage calf muscles and apply cold pack when they pain. 4. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting cross-legged. Change postures in between. 5. Take calcium supplements. 6. Take healthy nutritious diet. 7. If you are asking medicines like diuretics, statins, review with your doctor as they can cause cramps too. If problem persists get your thyroid profile, kidney functions done and consult with your doctor.
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Sometimes I am getting breathing problem due to cold and cough. Is there any problem with this. Can you please help me to resolve this.

Homeopath, Kolkata
lybrate-user it seems you are developing bronchitis due to cold allergy, nothing to worry about you need a constitutional Homeopathic meds and need to continue for sometime to resolve on permanent basis. For now use a biochemic tab Kali mur 3x 4 tabs once daily with Luke warm water for a weeks time and report back.
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Iam not eating breakfast, instead of that having dry fruits, apple, oats and milk. Is it good or I have to eat breakfast too? Please reply ASAP, thanks.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Iam not eating breakfast, instead of that having dry fruits, apple, oats and milk. Is it good or I have to eat breakf...
Dear you can take these things instead of breakfast. Breakfast should be rich with calories including protein & carbohydrates. You dont need to take breakfast after eating these things.
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Premature ejaculation hi I am 26 year old unmarried. In my first shot I cannot sustain more then 3 to 4 times in and out. What can I Do? To go to minimum 10 min.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Ahmedabad
Premature ejaculation
hi I am 26 year old unmarried. In my first shot I cannot sustain more then 3 to 4 times in and ...
When you ejaculate within 1 minute of beginning of the inter course for most of the times since the last 6 months, it is considered to be premature ejaculation. Most of the cases of premature ejaculation in our country are due to faulty practice or over expectations or ignorance and can be relieved just by understanding the physiology and anatomy of human sexual organs. You can try the 'start stop' technique or the 'squeeze technique' You can achieve relief just by increasing the frequency of sexual inter course to 7-8 times a week or increasing the frequency of masturbation to 6-7 times a week. You can improve your performance time just by following the above sincerely. U will not even require any medications. You can contact me again after 15 days.
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