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Dr. Kishore Manek

M.Sc - Ortho

Orthopedist, Mumbai

33 Years Experience
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Dr. Kishore Manek M.Sc - Ortho Orthopedist, Mumbai
33 Years Experience
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
More about Dr. Kishore Manek
Dr. Kishore Manek is an experienced Orthopedist in Trombay, Mumbai. He has over 33 years of experience as a Orthopedist. He has completed M.Sc - Ortho . You can meet Dr. Kishore Manek personally at L C Manek Hospital in Trombay, Mumbai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Kishore Manek on has an excellent community of Orthopedists in India. You will find Orthopedists with more than 34 years of experience on You can find Orthopedists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


M.Sc - Ortho - Seth G S Medical college - 1985
Languages spoken


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I have neck pain and my finger pain I don't no some of the days its gone when pain started its so hard to handle tell me the reason for that please.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
It may be due to cervical spondylitis, do neck muscle exercises, apply volini gel for 10 days. Do warm fomentation. Inform, if not okay.
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Hi I am suffering from back pain from the past 5 days and I even consulted cupping doctors and done cupping treatment but still the pain persists, also I took pain killers like nice, paracetamol as pain is temporary reduced. Please check and do the needful.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Hi I am suffering from back pain from the past 5 days and I even consulted cupping doctors and done cupping treatment...
Extension Exercises x 15 times x twice daily - lying on tummy, take left arm up for 3 seconds, then bring it down, right arm up for 3 seconds, bring down. Bring right leg up, hold for 3 seconds, bring it down. Then right leg up and hold for 3 seconds and bring it down. Repeat twice a day- 10 times. Bhujang Asana – Lie flat on your stomach, keeping the palms out, bend the neck backward, take a deep breath and while holding it for 6 seconds, raise the chest up. Release breath and relax your body. Repeat the exercise 15 times twice daily.
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I am aged 52 years. I am a civil contractor and very busy I have osteo arthritis. But from last one year I have lot of pain in my right leg below the knee. So I have stopped doing exercise from last 6 months. My weight is 90 kg and my height is 5 feet 4 inches. I want to reduce my weight and also my leg pain. Kindly advise.

MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM, Fellowship in palliative medicine, certificate in interventional pain management, Multidisciplinary pain management course
Pain Management Specialist, Pune
First of all, don't ignore your health just because you are busy. Your knee osteoarthritis is causing leg pain making you are unable to do exercises which further causes weight gain and aggravates your knee osteoarthritis thanks follow the below plan: 1. Get relief from knee pain by anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. If pain is not relieved by drugs, consult a pain specialist and get geniculate nerve block done. 2 other options available for knee pain are prp injection. All this treatment can just decrease your pain so that you can undergo exercises. 3. Focus on weight loss with exercises and diet control. Consult again for further details.
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Metabolic Bone Disease - Causes And Symptoms!

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Chennai
Metabolic Bone Disease - Causes And Symptoms!

Metabolic Bone Disease is a term used for various conditions of the bones that can be caused by a number of different disorders. Most of these disorders are developed due to nutritional deficiencies, defects in the bone metabolism procedure or due to hereditary defects in the skeletal structure. Conditions that fall under the category are osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets, Paget's disease, parathyroid conditions, chemotherapy induced bone loss and menopause induced bone loss.

Causes of Metabolic Bone Diseases:

  1. Imbalance in the level of calcium : Too much calcium or too little calcium can cause bone diseases. While the overabundance of calcium (hypercalcemia) in the body will lead to calculi formation, which can be harmful for the body, the lack of calcium (hypocalcemia) causes weakness, bone pain and restricted growth. 
  2. Deficiency of phosphorus: Low phosphorus in blood (hypophosphatemia) leads to softening of the bone tissue and bone loss. Osteomalacia is commonly caused by phosphorus deficiencies.
  3. Deficiency of Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for the body to absorb calcium. Cells called osteoblasts need vitamin D in order to absorb calcium and secrete the bone tissue proteins. A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to a number of metabolic bone diseases like rickets and osteoporosis.
  4. Over or under secretion of the parathyroid hormone:The parathyroid hormone (PTH) stimulates the secretion of an enzyme, which converts the inactive circulatory form of vitamin D into its active usable form. The hormone can also increase the circulation of free or ionized calcium (Ca2+), which is not attached to proteins. Both underproduction and overproduction of the hormone causes skeletal problems.

Symptoms of Metabolic Bone Diseases:

The symptoms of most of the Metabolic Bone Diseases are similar, such as 

  1. A dull, throbbing pain in the bones is the most common symptom. The pain is frequent and lasts for a long amount of time, but unlike muscular pain, the exact region of bone pain cannot be specified.
  2. Severe joint pains accompanied by stiffness and swelling of the joints. The patient experience pain during regular physical activities, especially during cold weather conditions.
  3. Frequent fractures are caused by most bone diseases because the bone mineral density decreases drastically. Severe bone injury may be caused by mild trauma.
  4. Defects in the bones can cause bowed out legs and a bent backbone.
  5. A general feeling of exhaustion is often caused by bone diseases.
  6. Kidney stones are an associated complication of metabolic bone diseases. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Orthopedist.
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Hi i am 21 years old I am going to gym and after workout there is pain in my bones and am not able to increase my weight so please tel me what I have to do for increasing my weight and for the pain in bones please help me.

Vaidya Visharad
Sexologist, Narnaul
Hi i am 21 years old I am going to  gym and after workout there is pain in my bones and am not able to increase my we...
Figs are mainly made of polyunsaturated fats, which add healthy calories to your diet. Also, figs contain a good amount of carbohydrates that will help you gain weight. Soak five to six dried figs in water overnight. The next day, eat them in two parts during the day. Do this daily for about a month. Alternatively, soak two dried figs overnight in milk and eat it before breakfast. Follow this routine for two months.

I am 25 years old girl my height is 5" 9 & my weight is 65 kgs my problem is that ki mere back me problem rehti he or mere pav me sujan aa jati he or kabhi kabhi mere hand or leg ki finger chipak jati he so pls mujhe is problem ka ilaj bataiye.

Physiotherapist, Gurgaon
For your back problem, may b pain is there bcos of improper posture and muscle weakness. So for that you have to b aware of proper posture of back and learn some back exercises. For this you have to see some good physiotherapist. For the swelling in your feet, may b bcos of improper blood circulation and plus lack of muscle ton. For this also you have to see a physiotherapist. Plus you can tell the physiotherapist about your foot fingers or you can consult a g. P for that. Thank you.
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I have pain in my right leg joint while I sit for more than five minutes, I'm facing this from one month and also I tried some pain killer drug but no use, what should I do?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
I have pain in my right leg joint while I sit for more than five minutes, I'm facing this from one month and also I t...
Homoeopathic medicine---------------- bryonia 30 (dr reckeweg) drink 2 drops direct on tongue 3 times daily---------------------- vitamin-d plus (bakson) chew 1 tab daily--------------- drink 2 glass milk daily and exercise regularily.
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I am male 61. Fasting sugar 109. Pp 187. My weight 85 kg. I am vegetarian. I am getting pain in waist while walking. Please advise.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jamnagar
I am male 61. Fasting sugar 109. Pp 187. My weight 85 kg. I am vegetarian. I am getting pain in waist while walking. ...
Hello it seems due to weight you have problem in waist. N little ppbs is high. Usually reduce some weight and ppbs with the diet. Will automatically reduce pain. Advice 1) do not take milk n it's products for 1 months 2) take warm water daily 5-6glass 3) take drum stick in your food daily. 4) don't take spicy, sour, salty, fermented food, cold food, cold water in routine ask for medication in private chat. Thank you.
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Fracture Pain - How To Deal With It?

Pain Management Specialist, Kolkata
Fracture Pain - How To Deal With It?

A fracture is a complete or incomplete crack, which appears on a bone due to application of intense pressure or force. A fracture results in extreme pain, and the bone becomes immobile. Any kind of movement boosts the pain. Fracture pain occurs in three distinct stages. Acute pain is felt immediately after a fracture while sub acute pain occurs over the weeks that follow after a fracture. The third stage or chronic pain occurs when the fracture and soft tissues around it have healed.

Fracture pain is quite intense in nature and proper precautions should be taken while dealing with them:

  1. Development of fracture pain: When a bone undergoes a fracture, the ligaments and tendons are also damaged. While the bone slowly heals, ligaments and tendons fail to heal equally well or completely. Post fracture pain also develops when the outside of the bone does not heal completely. This usually does not appear in an X-ray.
  2. Treatment of fracture pain: Modern medications can be utilized to treat a fracture pain. Steroid injections and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines help in treating a fracture pain. However, these remedies cause side effects, which are harmful for the body. Cortisone shots are utilized for the same purpose as well.
  3. Prolotherapy: Prolotherapy is an approach where ligament and tendon strengthening is stimulated along with repairing. This technique ensures complete treatment of the fracture, and the risk of long-term complications like arthritis is absent. In cases of fracture pain, which occurs due to the incomplete healing of the outer part of the bone, Prolotherapy helps in strengthening the fibro-osseous junction at the source of the pain. This will stop the nerve endings from firing. Prolotherapy provides speedy recovery and accounts for making the injured bone stronger than before. This process is often undergone by athletes. The procedure is undertaken only after thorough examinations for detection of the root cause of the pain. Prolotherapy is considered to be the best treatment for repairing tendons and ligaments, which commonly cause fracture pain. The body is simply stimulated and the painful areas are repaired. This is done by the introduction of a mild inflammatory reaction to the area of the weak tendons and cartilages. The results obtained after Prolotherapy are permanent and the fracture pain is unlikely to reoccur.

Other measures:

  • Splints are utilized to stop the movement of fractured bone and braces can be used to support the bone. Plaster cast also supports and immobilizes the fractured bone. Traction and surgical implants are other treatment measures.
  • Fracture pain occurs not only because of the broken bone, but also because of the weakened ligaments and tendons around the bone. Fracture pain should be handled very carefully, and proper control measures should be applied. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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Every night she gets pain in her legs and body pain and feel weakness in her body and she has diabetes too. What to do? Please help me.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
Every night she gets pain in her legs and body pain and feel weakness in her body and she has diabetes too. What to d...
Firstly monitor her diabetes fasting and PP 2 days. I think her sugar is not controlled. Visit ur consultant for dosage adjustement. B/w try the remedies: 1. Include whole grains in the diet, such as wheat bread/pasta and brown rice. 2.Cheese and yogurt prepared with skimmed (nonfat) milk may be taken. 3.Use garlic, onion, bitter gourd, spinach, raw banana, and black plum. 4.Make a flour mixture of 1 part barley, 1 part black chickpeas, and 4 parts whole-wheat flour and use this to form pancakes and bread. 5.Avoid sweet, sour, and salty foods, potatoes, sweet potatoes, colocasia (taro), yams, fresh grains and pulses (legumes), whole yogurt (high in fat), and heavy, oily and spicy foods. 6.Avoid sweet fruits like pineapple, grapes, mangoes, etc. 7.Start doing some light exercise, such as brisk walking. Build up to a brisk walk of 30-40 minutes in the morning and again in the evening. 8.Avoid sleeping during daytime
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