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Dr. Jinendra Jain

General Physician, Mumbai

Dr. Jinendra Jain General Physician, Mumbai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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I am suffering from dyspeptic. It happen when we eat oily food, but some time it happen when we eat any thing.

General Physician, Delhi
I am suffering from dyspeptic. It happen when we eat oily food, but some time it happen when we eat any thing.
Dyspepsia or indigestion can be controlled with changes in diet and lifestyle . Exercise daily. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat 3-4 servings of fruits everyday. Eat fibre rich diet and fresh food. Eat smaller meals frequently than heavy food . Avoid late night eating. Avoid carbonated drinks and spicy food and fermented foods. Drink plenty of liquids. Antacid might be helpful to you. Hope this helps u.
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Hello sir I am naveen I am 24 yrs old man n I have suffering from fever so what should I di.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello sir I am naveen I am 24 yrs old man n I have suffering from fever so what should I di.
Hello,First of all you should take rest for 1-2 days so that your body can fight with underlying infection with its full immunity and start the below medication:- Take gelesemium 200, twice daily . Take Eupatrium perf 200, 5 drops thrice daily. Take Antifebrinum 3x, 2 tabs , thrice daily. Take Alfavena malt, 1 tsf, thrice daily. Drink lots of water and take light homemade food like dalia and khichdi, avoid oily, spicy, fried, junk and cold drinks. In case of high uncontrollable fever, don't panic you should do cold sponging to lower down the temperature.If fever does not goes then go for a set of blood tests. Revert me with feedback. Take care of your health.GOOD DAY.
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I want to increase my concentration level I am unable to concentrate for more hours What shall I do Also want to increase immune power Suggest some remedies.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
CONCENTRATION TIPS Here’s some tips to get into a state of deep concentration where work / or studies flow easily so that you can do well in examinations/ and or do your work well. 1) Cut Off the Noise Getting into a state of concentration can take at least fifteen minutes. If you are getting distracted every five, you can’t possibly focus entirely on your work. Request that people don’t interrupt you when working on a big project. If you are required to answer phones and drop-in’s immediately, schedule work when the office is less busy. 2) Structure Your Environment The place you work can have an impact on your ability to focus. Try to locate yourself so you are facing potential distractions such as doors, phones or windows. This way you can take a glance to assess sounds that would otherwise break your focus. 3) Clarify Objectives Know what your goal is clearly before you start. If you aren’t sure what the end result is, the confusion will make it impossible to focus. 4) Divide Blobs. If you have a large project that needs work, clearly identify a path that you will use to get started working on it. If the sequence of actions isn’t obvious, it will be difficult to concentrate. Taking a few minutes to plan not only your end result, but the order you will complete any steps, can save hours in wasted thinking. 5) Know the Rules Get clear on what the guidelines are for the task ahead. What level of quality do you need? What standards do you need to follow? What constraints are there? If the rules aren’t clear from the outset, you will slip out of concentration as you ponder them later. 6) Set a Deadline Deadlines have both advantages and disadvantages when trying to force concentration. A deadline can make it easier to forget the non-essential and speed up your working time. If you give yourself only an hour to design a logo, you will keep it simple and avoid fiddling with extravagant designs. Time limits have disadvantages when they cause you to worry about the time you have left instead of the task itself. 7) Break Down Roadblocks Roadblocks occur whenever you hit a tricky problem in your work. This can happen when you run out of ideas or your focus wavers. Break down roadblocks by brainstorming or planning on a piece of paper. Writing out your thought processes can keep you focused even if you might become frustrated. 8) Isolate Yourself Become a hermit and stay away from other people if you want to get work done. Unless your work is based on other people they will only break your focus. Create a private space and refuse to talk to anyone until your work is finished. Put a sign on your door to steer away drop-ins and don’t answer your phone. 9) Healthy Body, Sharper Mind What you put into your body affects the way you concentrate. Nobody would expect peak performance if they showed up drunk to work. But if you allow yourself to get chronic sleep deprivation, overuse stimulants like caffeine or eat dense, fatty foods your concentration will suffer. Try to cut out one of your unhealthy habits for just thirty days to see if there is a difference in your energy levels. I’ve found even small steps can create dramatic changes in my ability to focus. 10) Be Patient Before I write an article, I often sit at my desk for a fifteen or twenty minutes before I put finger on the keyboard. During this time I feel a strong urge to leave or do something else. But I know that if I am patient, I’ll stumble upon an idea to write about and enter a state of flow. Without a little patience, you can’t take advantage of flow when it rushed through you.
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My husband had fever three days back and he was given antibiotics with the paracematols. He does not have fever now but he is unable to get up because of body ache .Can I suggest me what can be done?

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MBA (Healthcare)
Psychiatrist, Davanagere
My husband had fever three days back and he was given antibiotics with the paracematols. He does not have fever now b...
Hi there ~ post infection lethargy and weakness is common. Please wait for a few days before you consult a local doctor (i believe he will recover and the doctor will not be necessary). In the meantime, please be very careful about diabetes. I hope this helps.
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Understanding Jaundice (Kamala)

M.D. (Ayurved), D.H.M, CHSE
Ayurveda, Jamnagar
Understanding Jaundice (Kamala)

Jaundice (also known as icterus) is a yellowish pigmentation of the skin, the conjunctival membranes over the sclera (whites of the eyes), and other mucous membranes caused by hyperbilirubinemia (increased levels of bilirubin in the blood). This hyperbilirubinemia subsequently causes increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluid. Concentration of bilirubin in blood plasma does not normally exceed 1 mg/dl (gt 17 x00b5 mol/l). A concentration higher than 1.8 mg/dl (gt 30 x00b5 mol/l) leads to jaundice. This is a brief presentation on jaundice and its ayurvedic management.

Jaundice, also known as icterus is a disease caused due to the dysfunction of the liver. It is the most common of all liver disorders that results from an obstruction in the bile duct or the loss of the bile producing liver cells. Jaundice refers to the yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes caused by the high level of pigment bilirubin in the body. Bile is a vital digestive fluid that is essential for proper nutrition. It is unable to function properly and filtering and elimination of toxins from your system is affected.

Jaundice is caused mainly by the dysfunctional liver or other liver diseases. In tropical countries jaundice is more likely to happen because of the extreme nature of summer heat and digestive difficulties that it causes. Chronic digestive disorders like bowels inflammatory syndromes, gastric problems also play bigger roles in causing the disease. In relation to these internal causes jaundice can be of various types. Apart from this hepatitis virus can cause some major types of jaundice which can be potential life threats. Obstructive jaundice is another type of jaundice which is caused by obstruction caused in the liver function to relieve the bilirubin from the body. Pregnancy related jaundice and jaundice at child birth are other types of jaundice which is more common in pregnant women. Before introducing some of the major types of jaundice, for a better clinical understanding of the disease let us take a look at the basic process which causes jaundice.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors:
Every day, a small number of red blood cells in your body die, and are replaced by new ones. The liver removes the old blood cells, forming bilirubin. The liver helps break down bilirubin so that it can be removed by the body in the stool. This waste product is called bilirubin and when liver cannot perform its assigned function of relieving this waste product from our organic process the higher amount of presence of this chemical substance in the blood is felt and this is how the jaundice occurs. All major types of jaundice can have different areas of reasoning for the malfunction of the production process and relieving process of bilirubin, but the basic facts related with the bilirubin and its effects are all same in all minor or major types of jaundice

When too much bilirubin builds up in the body, jaundice may result.

Jaundice is caused due to following causes:
Obstruction of the bile ducts (by infection, tumor or gallstones)
Viral hepatitis (hepatitis a, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, hepatitis d, and hepatitis e)
Drug-induced cholestasis (bile pools in the gallbladder because of the effects of drugs)
Drug-induced hepatitis (hepatitis triggered by medications, including erythromycin sulfa drugs, antidepressants, anti-cancer drugs, aldomet, rifampin, steroids, chlorpropamide, tolbutamide, oral contraceptives, testosterone, propylthiouracil)
Biliary stricture
Alcoholic liver disease (alcoholic cirrhosis)
Pancreatic carcinoma (cancer of the pancreas)
Primary biliary cirrhosis
Ischemic hepatocellular jaundice (jaundice caused by inadequate oxygen or inadequate blood flow to the liver)
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (bile pools in the gallbladder because of the pressure in the abdomen with pregnancy)
Haemolytic anemia
Congenital disorders of bilirubin metabolism (gilbert’s syndrome, dubin-johnson syndrome, rotor’s syndrome)
Chronic active hepatitis
Autoimmune hepatitis

Jaundice is often a sign of a problem with the liver, gallbladder, or pancreas. Infections, use of certain drugs, cancer, blood disorders, gallstones, birth defects and a number of other medical conditions can lead to jaundice.

Clinical symptoms:
Jaundice may appear suddenly or develop slowly over time. Common symptoms of jaundice commonly include:

Yellow skin and the white part of the eyes (sclera) -- when jaundice is more severe, these areas may look brown 
Yellow color inside the mouth
Dark or brown-colored urine
Pale or clay-colored stools

Other symptoms depend on the disorder causing the jaundice:
Cancers may produce no symptoms, or there may be fatigue, weight loss, or other symptoms

Hepatitis may produce nausea, vomiting, fatigue, or other symptoms.

Differential diagnosis:
When a pathological process interferes with the normal functioning of the metabolism and excretion of bilirubin just described, jaundice may be the result. Jaundice is classified into three categories, depending on which part of the physiological mechanism the pathology affects.

Pre-hepatic jaundice: it is caused by anything which causes an increased rate of hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells).

Laboratory findings include:
Urine: no bilirubin present, urobilinogen gt; 2 units (i.e. hemolytic anemia causes increased heme metabolism; exception: infants where gut flora has not developed).
Serum: increased unconjugated bilirubin.
Kernicterus is associated with increased unconjugated bilirubin.

Hepatocellular jaundice: it can be caused by acute or chronic hepatitis, hepatotoxicity, cirrhosis, drug induced hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease.

Laboratory findings depend on the cause of jaundice, include:
Urine: conjugated bilirubin present, urobilirubin gt; 2 units but variable (except in children). Kernicterus is a condition not associated with increased conjugated bilirubin.
Plasma protein show characteristic changes.
Plasma albumin level is low but plasma globulins are raised due to an increased formation of antibodies.

Post-hepatic jaundice: it is also called obstructive jaundice, is caused by an interruption to the drainage of bile in the biliary system. The most common causes are gallstones in the common bile duct, and pancreatic cancer in the head of the pancreas. Also, a group of parasites known as" liver flukes" can live in the common bile duct, causing obstructive jaundice.

The presence of pale stools and dark urine suggests an obstructive or post-hepatic cause as normal feces get their color from bile pigments. However, although pale stools and dark urine is a feature of biliary obstruction, they can occur in many intra-hepatic illnesses and are therefore not a reliable clinical feature to distinguish obstruction from hepatic causes of jaundice. Patients also can present with elevated serum cholesterol, and often complain of severe itching or" pruritus" because of the deposition of bile salts.

Signs and tests:
No single test can differentiate between various classifications of jaundice. A combination of liver function tests is essential to arrive at a diagnosis.

Other tests vary, but may include:
Hepatitis virus panel to look for infection of the liver
Liver function tests to determine how well the liver is working
Complete blood count to check for low blood count or anemia
Abdominal ultrasound
Abdominal ct scan
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ercp)
Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram (ptca)
Liver biopsy
Cholesterol level
Prothrombin time

Ayurvedic approach:
In the ayurvedic perspectrive jaundice (kamala) is a complaint of the pitta region of the body, which denotes a build up of toxins in an intestinal area that is causing an in-balance in the overall dosha. You need to expel such toxins to rebalance the immune system and yourself. All the great indian laureates viz. Acharaya charaka, sushruta and vagbhatta have described the yakrita roga (liver diseases). Acharaya charaka has mentioned a detailed description of kamala roga in connection with liver disease. He has given details of nidan, samprapti, rupa, bheda, sadhyasadhayata and chikitsa karma. The concept of kamala in ayurveda kayam malyati iti kamala. i.e. The whole body becomes dirty because of accumulation of pitta in the body which refers to accumulation of bilirubin in this context. Kamala produces various signs and symptoms as haridra netra (yellow discoloration of conjunctiva), haridra twaka (yellow colour of skin), haridra nakha (yellow nails), bheka varna (frog like body color), daha (burning sensation), ajirna (indigestion), daurbalaya (weakness), kshudhanasha (anorexia) etc.

Since liver is the largest organ and main site of metabolism and detoxification, the diet should be easily digestible during this condition. So ayurvedic treatment contains such medicines which will facilitate removal of waste substances from the gut and kidney.

The treatment of kamala (jaundice) must start with purgation. The basic theory is that no burden be placed on the liver and for that, a daily purgative is recommended. A diuretic may also be administered to encourage the flow of urine, which will expel most of the bile from the system this helps to remove the toxins accumulated in the liver and the rest of the body. Strong purgatives are avoided. Oral medicines and rasayana treatments are also given to the patient. Strong purgatives are avoided.

Ayurvedic treatments for jaundice will aim to rectify the pitta imbalance and eliminate the toxins accumulated in the human system. Elimination of toxins is done through the panchakarma treatments that begin with an oil massage followed by mild emesis and purgation with bitter herbs.

Medicines used:
Regular intake of avipattikar churna about one- teaspoonful twice a day with hot water.
Arogyavardhani vati 2-2 tablets regularly with hot water twice a day.
Punarnava mandoor, 1 tab thice daily for 2 to 3 weeks.
Navrayas loh can also be given in the dose of 125mg thrice daily.
Daily consumption of triphala powder (10gm) soaked in water overnight. (equivalent to lactulose)
Regular intake of guduchi juice 10gm twice or thrice a day.
Daily intake of neem juice is also useful for jaundice
Rohitakyadi, punarnava, phalatrikyadi kwath, dhatri lauha etc. May also be used.

Some routine home remedies:
Mix 1 teaspoon of roasted barley powder to 1 cup of water. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and have this twice a day.
Add 1 teaspoon paste of basil leaves to a cup of radish juice. Have this juice twice a day for 15-20 days.
Have a cup of sugarcane juice with teaspoon of basil leaves paste twice a day. Juice should be prepared in hygienic conditions so as to avoid contamination from dust or other substances

Pathya-apathya (do's don'ts):
Avoid non-vegetarian foods at least till the effects of the jaundice last on the skin. Do not take even heavy vegetarian foods. The reason is that the liver needs to produce more bile to digest these heavy foodstuffs and this could alleviate the pigmentation of the skin.

Completely restrict your intake of junk food such as chocolate, cakes, pastries, potato chips, ice-creams, colas and other aerated drinks, etc.
Always drink water that is filtered or boiled. Do not drink raw milk.
Do not eat sea foods especially oysters, unless you are sure they have come from a reliable source.
Take simple food for the first three days of the jaundice affliction. Have a meal of porridge, especially rice gruel (kanji). You can flavor it with jaggery syrup or honey.
There must be a complete abstinence of salt as it is a mineral and requires a difficult digestion process.
Do not give cereals and pulses to the patient as they cause inflammation in the liver. Grapes, black soya beans, nuts, sweet potatoes are the fruits that are beneficial in jaundice.
Vegetable salad of tomato, carrot, radish and its leaves, and two-three slices of lemon are very good for health and very effective in curing jaundice in a natural way.
It is advised for the patient suffering with jaundice to take proper rest and drink fruit juices.
Bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and the bitter variety of drumsticks are beneficial to the jaundice patient.
Alcohol is very harmful to the jaundice patient. It can complicate the disease with fatal consequences. Hence say a strict no to alcohol.

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I am suffering from cold and fever since 2 days. I took some medicines but no use. please suggest some medicine that cures fast.

General Physician, Gurgaon
I am suffering from cold and fever since 2 days. I took some medicines but no use. please suggest some medicine that ...
Follow health advises given below: measure your temperature and tell me reading 1. Avoid exertion 2. Take tablet paracetamol 500 mg after food(If No drug allergy) as and when required for fever more than 99 f (maximum 3 tablets with gap of 8 hr can be taken in a day) for 3 days 3. Lot of fluids to be taken 4. Take proper diet homemade food like moong dal dalia, chapati etc. 5. steam inhalation carefully by steam inhaler twice a day for 2-3 days and let me know what medicines you were taking and also tell me if you are having other symptoms like cough/ throat pain/ burning urine/ stomach pain so that we can confirm cause of fever Consult privately for further management
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I am 60 yrs male with under weight. Since childhood, poor eater. Past few months extreme investigations done for abdomen fullness, loss of appetite etc, Diagnoised as Dyspepsia. Not able to eat properly, sufferring from abdomen fullness. I would be grateful if some remedies suggested for stimulating appetite and also to get rid of abdomen fullness. Thanks n kind regards.

General Physician, Hyderabad
DYSPEPSIA CAN BE MANAGED BY CHANGING LIFE STYLE & MODIFICATION OF DIET 1.Take soft diet 2.Plenty of oral fluids 3.Morning walk 4.Avoid sweets,spicy & junk food & citrous food 5.If you have Avoid Alcohol & smoking

I have stomach problem for last five days so give me a solution for this one thank yoy.

General Physician, Cuttack
I have stomach problem for last five days so give me a solution for this one thank yoy.
Take bland diet,avoid spicy food,drink plenty of water.Take one tablet of pan40 in the morning before breakfast far few days.If you have pain abdomen,take one tablet of meftal spas sos after food.If no relief ,consult
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Sir mujhe bukhar hai cough bhi bhot ho gye h davai lo theek rehta hai,chodne ke baad fir aah jata hai,please help

Ayurveda, Ambala
Sir mujhe bukhar hai cough bhi bhot ho gye h davai lo theek rehta hai,chodne ke baad fir aah jata hai,please help
You can apply this home remedies • Take 1/2 piece of ginger, crush it and squze its juice and mix it with one teaspoon of honey and take 1/2 spoon of this mixture 2 times in a day. • Take 4 - 5 tulsi leaves and 1/2 piece of ginger and 1 glass of water mix both of them in water and boil it till half glass of water remain in the container then drink it by add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. • Avoid cold water, ice creams, and pickle. • Take strepsils or sualiin (hamdard pharma) 1 tablet 3 times per day or slowly suck a piece of mulethi. • Doing gargles with lukewarm water it will reduce your pain. • Drink lukewarm water.
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I get frequent tonsillitis. What should I do to get rid of it completely. Please help.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi
Hi Homoeopathy has shown good positive results in cases of chronic tonsillitis. Kindly consult a good homoeopathic doctor near you or consult us through audio or video call for further analysis of your case. Kindly avoid cold and sour to prevent further trigger and worsening of your case.
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If I don't masturbate for 1 week my testicles will pain and I don't experience nightfall. What's wrong? 28: years male.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
If I don't masturbate for 1 week my testicles will pain and I don't experience nightfall. What's wrong? 28: years male.
Your problem is termed as Blue Balls.It is the slang term for a congested prostate or vasocongestion, the condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate region caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male. It is often accompanied by a cramp-like ache of prostatic congestion and pain/tenderness or edema of the testes. The cause is the prolonged sexual stimulation of the erect penis (intentional or unintentional), that does not result in orgasm and ejaculation. In your case it is a erotic sexual denial.It will always happen when you are habitual to masturbation.So if you are trying to control this habit,start slowly and during that period dont watch porn or any other material related to sexual arousal as condition of Blue Balls will arise.It is normal and nothing to worry about ,what you have to do is slowly massage the testicles with some oil for 3-5 minutes whenever you feel pain or using a vibrator on the testicles during the prolonged sexual activity may prevent the blood from pooling and actually prevent or decrease the severity of blue balls.So from now onwards whenever you feel like prohibiting from masturbation you can take the help of below prescribed homoeopathic medicine which will prevent tenderness or odema of your Testes. Homoeopathic medicine CONIUM 30 ( Dr Reckeweg) Drink 2 drops direct on tongue 3 times daily.
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I am 46 years old female since two days my right side ear is painful and continuous feelings whistling what type of such problem and solution, your valuable advice please.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Mangalore
I am 46 years old female since two days my right side ear is painful and continuous feelings whistling what type of s...
If it's only two days could be ear infection also ur nose needs medication then ear will b ok as thers a connection between ear nd nose

I am 19 years old and I want to do sex then what can I do. I am thinking of having sex with a call girl. So please suggest me what should I do to satisfy my sexual desired also I want to touch boobs and do sex with a girl.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
I am 19 years old and I want to do sex then what can I do.
I am thinking of having sex with a call girl. So please su...
You are just 19 and I do not think that such thoughts should stuck in your mind-------Sex is interesting and wonderful, when done with the right person and at right age; but until then, it is necessary to keep our desires in check. In order to control your urge for sex, these are some of the things you can do:-- To curb your sexual desires, you have to do more to think less. Channel all those feelings into something that will keep your mind off sex and then, get busy. You can read books, go out with friends, watch movies, learn new things etc. Transfer your urges into something you have always wanted to do. At the end of the day, you would have successfully managed not to think about sex and you will also be satisfied at the things you did. If one of those hobbies trigger a sexual response in you and you are feeling aroused, do not masturbate. Think of non-sexual images or take a long walk.------------- Engage your body in exercise that will keep you busy and keep you from feeling frustrated from not having sex. You can jog in the morning, swim or hit the gym. You can also try yoga and other exercise that will help stimulate both mind and body.------------------- In order to control your sexual urge, you should enter into a relationship with no sex. If you wonder what you both will do without the sex, there are countless things couples can do to bond like going on a field trip together, taking up a joint hobby, learning new things together. Far from what most people think, you can have a very satisfying relationship without sex.---------- If you feel like you can’t control it all by yourself, you can talk to your doctor, pastor, parents, close relative or friends. Sometimes, having someone to talk to about how you feel helps better than trying to curb it all by yourself. Who knows, the person you want to meet may have had difficulty curbing his own desires too. What then is better than learning from someone’s experience. Don’t be shy or scared of being judged.-------- Get spiritual help that engages your mind in spiritual activities that are far from sex. Being around people pursuing the same goal as you, especially in chastity can also be a strong supportive measure. That way you have someone holding your hands all the way. Trying doing BRAMARI PRANAYAM for 10-15 minutes in morning for Mind control.
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The most important preventive measures

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
The most important preventive measures

Here are some #preventive measures that help keep to a minimum the risk of #hiv infection and #aids thus:

  •  if operations scheduled time if you can get your own blood as preserved blood. This eliminates a possible infection by blood transfusion.

  •  avoid resorting to medical care in developing countries involving blood or the use of syringes unless it is an absolute priority.

  •  drug abusers who inject illicit drugs should use syringes for single use. They can get them in any big city for free.

  •  avoid sharing with others razors, toothbrushes and other items that may come into contact with bodily fluids.

  •  mother-child: the risk of transmission of infection by vhi in a positive mother can avoid practice one cesarean and giving up breastfeeding the baby.

  •  sexuality:

  •  #safe-sex avoid sexual practices that blood, semen or vaginal mucus secretion and / injured or diseased skin may come into contact with the couple. Always use condoms during sex. For oral sex, try not to get semen or vaginal fluid in the mouth.

  •  also avoid having sex with many different people. A monogamous relationship only provides reliable protection against hiv and aids if both have mutual trust and can talk openly about possible infidelities.

New studies have shown that infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) can promote HIV transmission through sexual intercourse. Therefore, preventing the corresponding HPV infection prevent the spread of HIV.


Daily maturation is it good or bad and if it is good why? And if it is bad why. What r the symptoms caused by maturation.

Sexologist, Panchkula
Daily maturation is it good or bad and if it is good why? And if it is bad why. What r the symptoms caused by maturat...
Daily masturbation is definitely harmful for future sex life. It can cause Erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, sperms count, size problem and body weakness and memory problem etc in the long run.
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I have arm pain from last 3 months I will take lot of medicine but no relief in my arm pain please give suggestion and medicine for pain?

General Physician, Mumbai
I have arm pain from last 3 months I will take lot of medicine but no relief in my arm pain please give suggestion an...
You need to be checked by a qualified doctor..physical examination is a must. Normally simple muscle strain or joint sprains will respond to pain killers ...its not so in your case. The GP will decide if you need any test and specialist consultation. Three month is s long time to wait any more...don't wonder in the dark just taking pain killers.
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Please prescribe the best medicines fo piles I am suffering with piles seriously from many days.

Certificate in Basic Course on Diabetes Management, CCEBDM Certificate in Diabetes, MBBS
General Physician, Pune
Please prescribe the best medicines fo piles I am suffering with piles seriously from many days.
If your problem is confirmed as piles by a surgeon on direct examination you have to ensure soft stools by plenty of oral liquids, fibre in food by green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, some times laxatives like Cremaffin Plus liquid whenever necessary and local application of Shield or Osil ointment . If no relief you should see a General Surgeon or Proctologist for surgery if advised as a permanent remedy
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Actually, doctor my sleep time is 6 hour in 24 hours. It's harmful for body and brain mentally.

Homeopath, pathankot
Actually, doctor my sleep time is 6 hour in 24 hours. It's harmful for body and brain mentally.
if its since childhood then no problem. if it started after having some big stress in life then its a disease. i can help u by curing it permanently with homoeopathy.
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Is it necessary to sleep on our left hand side. I can't sleep like this. M having habit of sleeping straight. I mean on my back. Whole night i sleep like this from childhood. Nd now on left hand side. I can't manage. please suggest me the right position that make my body comfortable.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Is it necessary to sleep on our left hand side. I can't sleep like this. M having habit of sleeping straight. I mean ...
Hello, You have to sleep on the left hand side else the uterus may compress the aorta causing decrease blood supply to your child and hence decreased growth. You may place a pillow under your back on the right side so that you don't turn at night.
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I am 50 years old I am a teacher I have varicose vein vascular surgeon told that no problem but you have to go for surgery is there any alternative without surgery it may cure.

General Physician, Delhi
Surgery is last option. You can use leg stockings. There are anothet methods such as sclerotherapy which is aminor surgical procedure but ultimately surgry is the only choice.
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