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Dr. Jamshed A. Alvi


Ayurveda, Mumbai

23 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
Dr. Jamshed A. Alvi B.U.M.S Ayurveda, Mumbai
23 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Jamshed A. Alvi is a renowned Ayurveda in Kurla West, Mumbai. He has been a practicing Ayurveda for 23 years. He is a qualified B.U.M.S . He is currently practising at Alvi Clinic in Kurla West, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Jamshed A. Alvi and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 39 years of experience on Find the best Ayurvedas online in Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


B.U.M.S - Mohammad Tibbia College, Malegaon, - 1994
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After an attack of myocarditis, what are the chances of having it again? How sensitive is that case after one attack?

General Physician, Mumbai
Dear lybrateuser, -If treated well there are very less chances of recurrence of myocarditis - proper well balanced diet, regular exercise & taking medication as prescribed will reduce chances of recurrence drastically.
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Hello. I am 27years old but still not getting beard and mustache properly. Is there any problem. Please suggest.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Low level of Testosterone cause very slow growth of beard and moustaches. For fast growth of moustaches and beard apply these very useful methods: • Do SINHASANA & SARVANGASANA yogasana daily. You can ask me for the details & steps of these asanas. • Take 1/2 teaspoon ashwagandha powder and 1/2 teaspoon of amla powder mix it and take it with water once in a day. • Do running and jogging daily as it increase the hormones levels. • Do neck massage with oil daily.
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I have baby on Jan 1, his age is 2 & half months. After delivery I have my periods on Feb 14. In this month till I don't have periods. Am also having thyroid and pcod. Now am also feeding my baby. How I can regulate my periods.

MD, MBBS, Advanced Infertility
Gynaecologist, Jalandhar
For a while forget about regular periods during breast feeding. Take thyroid pills regularly and get thyroid profile checked every6 weeks. You can go for contraception with depo provera injection in lactation but regular periods will still not happen.
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I am getting problem because of pimple on my face which let my confidence down help me what's the reason and solution for it.

Dear lybrate user, pimples/ acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which develops due to blocking of the hair follicles in skin. These blockages occur due to 4 abnormal processes: 1) excess sebum production due to androgens 2) excessive deposition of the protein keratin leading to comedone formation 3) infection of propionibacterium acnes (p. Acnes) bacteria on the hair follicles 4) local release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the skin. In order to stop the formation of pimples the aforesaid four causes should be terminated. Now the bitter truth is neither can you stop the overproduction of androgen or keratin protein nor can you stop the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals because all these processes takes place internally in your skin. However you can stop the accumulation of p. Acnes bacteria on your skin by preventing your skin from getting oily. Always keep a handkerchief with you whenever you go outside. You should wipe off the slightest amount of sweat from your face as soon as you perspire on entering your room from outside wash your face with an oil-free, non-moisturizing face wash. Take a low carbohydrate diet. Do some exercise daily. Drink a lots of water to avoid constipation. Avoid pricking the pimples or popping the sebum as it may lead to black pigmentation & permanent scar formation. You can also take homoeopathic calcarea phos 200, 5 drops, thrice daily, in empty stomach also you can apply homoeopathic mother tincture berberis aquifolium q on the dark spots on your skin which are produced after the resolution of the pimples.
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Chehare par bahut acne hai air thik nahi ho raha hai. Bahut medicine khakar dekh liye hai.

Homeopath, Thane
HI, For pimples take Tabs Hepar sulphuris pentarkan (DR WILMAR SHAWBE) 2tabs to be chewed twice a day for 1mth Tab biochemic Silicea 6X 4tabs to be chewed twice a day for 1mth and apply Drink plenty of water 3-4liters per day. Don't use soaps on face. Use mild facewash. Revert back for further treatmant plan.
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Sir, In summer because of external heat due to Sun or internal heat of my body I suffer a lot with Big pimples on my face which looks very ugly. Is there any medicine to cut down the body heat or any Natural remedies?

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS
Dermatologist, Gurgaon
Apply face clin gel twice daily over pimples. Saslic face wash. Chemical peels to clear face spots will help. Drink water. Exercise regularly.
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My face complexion has become dark after delivery. It's been one and half year of my delivery .Also my stretch marks are also not going. I have used bio oil for stretch marks but no use. What to do for fair complexion and stretch marks removal.

Dermatologist, Delhi
Pigmentation is common after delivery. It will get better with time. Take proper diet and use sunscreen regularly. Apply a cream containing combination of Kojic acid and Glycolic acid at night over the face.
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Leucorrhea/ Vaginal disharge

DGO, MD, MRCOG, CCST, Accredation in Colposcopy
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Leucorrhea/ Vaginal disharge

Leucorrhea or excessive discharge per vagina can be a troublesome problem for many women. At certain times in the menstrual cycle the vaginal discharge is normally increased as in mid-cycle and just before the periods. This is normal . However if the discharge is smelly or excessive warranting use of sanitary towels or panty liners or associated with vulval/ vaginal itching it needs to be investigated.

Abnormal vaginal discharge associated with the above symptoms may be due to local infection. It may also be related to poor health, mal-nutrition, constipation, worm infestation , anaemia, local trauma and allergy to local soaps and deodrants.

If the discharge is persistent it is very important to consult a Gynaecologist who may prescribe antibiotics, creams, pessaries and sometimes get swabs done.

It is important to keep the area clean using plain water and dry One should avoid any form of soap/ dettol/ detergent and powders and perfumes in that area as it is very sensitive. Also general health should be improved and anaemia and mal-nutrion should be corrected. Deworming may be required. A local wash like V-wash can be applied once in a while locally that helps maintaining local pH. Drinking adequate water daily is also very important.

I am suffering 4m pcos and my period is irregular. Hw will b conceive in pcos problem.

Gynaecologist, Pune
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder among women of your age. Don’t worry, a lot of females knowingly or unknowingly suffer from this but it can be controlled to a great extent by following some medications, few lifestyle changes ,good diet and exercise. The main cause of PCOS is hormonal imbalance that may or may not be hereditary. Excessive levels of androgens that are male hormones, but females also produce is small quantity, can lead to problem with ovulation in females. Confirm to me if you are experiencing these symptoms -  missed or irregular periods, excessive facial and body hair growth, cyst on the ovaries, sudden weight gain, pelvic pain, acne or mood swings? If yes, then you are most likely suffering from hormonal imbalance which needs proper attention. A good treatment can be started after proper diagnosis with the help of blood tests, pelvic examination and an ultrasound. In my many years of practice, I have successfully treated many patients for the same.
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I am suffering from high blood pressure kindly prescribe me the best possible medicines and and preventive measures,

DM Cardiology
Cardiologist, Delhi
Dear, I would advise you to consult a cardiologist in person for the correct advice. For bp you can take tab telma 40 mg once a day.
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Sir I wanna ask about the best diet for decrease weight my weight is 93 kg I wanna control on it.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Exercise and nutrition work hand in hand for weight loss. One doesn't work without the other. Just eat mindfully, control portion size, avoid junk food. Eat some nuts like almonds, pistachios, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds as 4pm snacks to avoid the unnecessary junk at around 6 pm. Have early dinner. Like at about 7.30pm. Indulge in some sports or walk at least 3times a week and you will be good to go. This will ensure permanant fat loss over a period of 6 months.
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I have a testis pain in nearby one year. Before pain of my testis I have a tumour in my left hand. Doctor told me that go to the biopsy but due to myth of that, if biopsy done the you have 100% cancer patient. What should I Do.

MD - General Medicine, PG in Diabetology, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC)
General Physician, Asansol
Biopsies are typically associated with cancer, but it dose not mean that you have cancer, Doctors use biopsies to the test whether abnormalities in your body are caused by cancer or by other conditions. For example, if a woman has a lump in her breast, an imaging test confirm the lump, but a biopsy is the only way to determine whether it's breast cancer or another noncancerous condition, such as polycystic fibrosis. So, don't worry, you should done biopsy for proper diagnosis & proper treatment.
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I have pimples on my face. It comes every time. I am using clinming skin but no use when one pimple go Terri will come. What should I do.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Dear, These are the causes of pimples: • excessive sebum production (sebum is oily secretion from the gland). • Due to hormonal imbalance. These are the methods & instructions to avoid pimples: • To control the sebum secretion you should maintain your hormonal level. Because imbalance in hormone level causes excessive sebum production and causes acne. So do not take stress and do exercise daily such as running, jogging and long breathing exercises. • Use oil free face wash and drink 7 -8 glass of water daily. • Do not touch your pimple because your finger transfer bacteria to it and make it worse. If you touch it then clean your face with water. * Take cucumber and papaya pulp. Mix it well and add 1 tablespoon Turmeric. Make a paste and apply it on face and leave it for 15 minutes. • Use a face pack of fuller's earth (multani mitti) with rose water one time in a day for seven days. It removes toxins from skin. * Take 2 teaspoon of RAKTASHODAK SYRUP of BAIDYANATH company once a day. • Steam your face to open the pores, which in turn clear the skin. Steam your face for a couple of minutes.
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I have hair-fall problem. When I rub my head a bunch of hair falls. My age is 21. My father had bald. Please tell solutions for hair fall.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Apply pranacharya bhringraj oil on your scalp at night time and do massage gently. Then put hot water towel on your scalp. Take 1-1 pranacharya allergin capsule twice a day with warm water. Wash your hair with neem shampoo or any good ayurvedic shampoo twice a week. Avoid consumption of alcohol. Smoking. Junk food. Spicy food. Fermented food. Tea. Coffee. Drop 1-1 drop of cow ghee in both nostrils at night time before sleep. Do prayama early morning.
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Can you please let me know which are the fruits and veggies should not be consumed by diabetes patients.

PG Diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Nagpur
Hello, all vegetable are good sources of fibre, vitamin & minerals. *100-150gm of green vegetable contains=20-40 kcals. *50-70gm of root vegetables=50-60kcals (potato, carrot, arbi or colocasia, these veg should not consumed.) fruits are good source of dietary fibre, vitamins & minerals. A diabetic can have any 1 fruit exchange/day. It is better to have whole fruit rather than fruit juices. Fruits not consume or small portion consume (50-80gm) banana1/2, chikoo 1, pinapple1/2 cup, custurd apple 1/2, mango1/2, graps10-12 pc, litchi 5 pc, anar1/2 cup, jamun10-12pc.
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Stay Healthy

MD - Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lucknow
Stay Healthy

This is the peak time of summer, most of the people suffering from Sun burn, dehydration, Loss Motion and Indigestion. Keep in Mind Take plenty of fluids water juice fruits etc avoid heavy meals and outside meal.

Dhanyak Him an Ayurvedic remidies best way to treat all kind of summer problems.

Take 12 gm of Coriender powder overnight soaked and boil in next morning cool it  mix with honey or Misri / sugar and little bit salt drink it 2-3 time in a day or more.

Please tell me about how to use green coffee for weight loss. Is it safe? What are its side effects?

3 months Internship of Dietitics/Nutrition, PG diploma in Dietitics/Nutrition, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Moradabad
Hello lybrate-user. Green coffee contains caffeine, similar to regular coffee. Therefore, green coffee can cause caffeine-related side effects similar to coffee like insomnia, restlessness,vometing, increased breathing rate etc. Depending on the concentration of Chlorogenic acid in your supplement, this can range from a dosage of 240-3000 mg of green coffee bean extract per day. I recommend that you follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. A common recommendation is one serving, 30 minutes before each meal.
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My husband hás fever with splitting headache doc said it will go in3 days can I give him disprin.

MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM
Pain Management Specialist, Pune
Fever with headache can be due to viral infections like dengue which can cause decrease in platelet count. Disprin also has effect on platelet and increases bleeding tendency. Till diagnosis of fever is confirmed, you can safely give paracetamol (crocin) 650 mg 4 times a day for relief of fever.
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I am 49 years old diabetic but my fasting is 90, my cholesterol lipid profile is controlled, my bp is near normal but I feel lazy to do work and always not energetic in work Please help.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
for get energy do not worry pl. take multivitamin cap. or powder. i.e. cap. neurokind plus once a day after meal daily. Avoid bad habits i.e. Avoid fast food/fat/oily,salty foods. Coffee, smoking, alcohol intake. Non-veg., take whole grain,oats,green veg.,plenty of water in day time, 1 glass of water at night before bed.
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