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Dr. Hingorani

Psychologist, Mumbai

Dr. Hingorani Psychologist, Mumbai
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Hingorani is a trusted Psychologist in Bandra West, Mumbai. You can visit her at Excel Clinic in Bandra West, Mumbai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Hingorani on

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I want to improve my intellect and memory for studying and also to improve my concentration so please help?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
CONCENTRATION TIPS Here’s some tips to get into a state of deep concentration where work / or studies flow easily so that you can do well in examinations/ and or do your work well. 1) Cut Off the Noise It may be obvious that distractions aren’t helping your focus, but do you actually cut them out? I’ll admit, it can be tempting to put the e-mail alerts on, turn on the IM and answer every request sent your way. But in the end it is only preventing you from concentrating. Getting into a state of concentration can take at least fifteen minutes. If you are getting distracted every five, you can’t possibly focus entirely on your work. Answer your e-mails at scheduled times. Request that people don’t interrupt you when working on a big project. If you are required to answer phones and drop-in’s immediately, schedule work when the office is less busy. 2) Structure Your Environment The place you work can have an impact on your ability to focus. Try to locate yourself so you are facing potential distractions such as doors, phones or windows. This way you can take a glance to assess sounds that would otherwise break your focus. 3) Clarify Objectives Know what your goal is clearly before you start. If you aren’t sure what the end result is, the confusion will make it impossible to focus. Before I write any articles, I define the main focus of the article and get a brief mental picture of the structure. Unclear objectives often result in having to redo sections of work. 4) Divide Blobs Big blobs of tasks that have no clear start or end point destroy focus. If you have a large project that needs work, clearly identify a path that you will use to get started working on it. If the sequence of actions isn’t obvious, it will be difficult to concentrate. Taking a few minutes to plan not only your end result, but the order you will complete any steps, can save hours in wasted thinking. 5) Know the Rules Get clear on what the guidelines are for the task ahead. What level of quality do you need? What standards do you need to follow? What constraints are there? If you are writing a program, get clear on how much commenting you need, what functions you want to use and the flexibility required. If you are writing an article, decide on the length and style. If the rules aren’t clear from the outset, you will slip out of concentration as you ponder them later. 6) Set a Deadline Deadlines have both advantages and disadvantages when trying to force concentration. A deadline can make it easier to forget the non-essential and speed up your working time. If you give yourself only an hour to design a logo, you will keep it simple and avoid fiddling with extravagant designs. Time limits have disadvantages when they cause you to worry about the time you have left instead of the task itself. I recommend using a deadline when: 1. Time is limited. If you only have a day to complete work that could easily take weeks, chunking it into specific deadlines will strip away everything that isn’t crucial. 2. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. If your task could easily expand to have new features or ideas, use a deadline to keep it under control. 3. To avoid procrastination. A tight deadline can save you if you are worried about procrastinating. 7) Break Down Roadblocks Roadblocks occur whenever you hit a tricky problem in your work. This can happen when you run out of ideas or your focus wavers. Break down roadblocks by brainstorming or planning on a piece of paper. Writing out your thought processes can keep you focused even if you might become frustrated. 8 ) Isolate Yourself Become a hermit and stay away from other people if you want to get work done. Unless your work is based on other people they will only break your focus. Create a private space and refuse to talk to anyone until your work is finished. Put a sign on your door to steer away drop-ins and don’t answer your phone. 9) Healthy Body, Sharper Mind What you put into your body affects the way you concentrate. Nobody would expect peak performance if they showed up drunk to work. But if you allow yourself to get chronic sleep deprivation, overuse stimulants like caffeine or eat dense, fatty foods your concentration will suffer. Try to cut out one of your unhealthy habits for just thirty days to see if there is a difference in your energy levels. I’ve found even small steps can create dramatic changes in my ability to focus. 10) Be Patient Before I write an article, I often sit at my desk for a fifteen or twenty minutes before I put finger on the keyboard. During this time I feel a strong urge to leave or do something else. But I know that if I am patient, I’ll stumble upon an idea to write about and enter a state of flow. Without a little patience, you can’t take advantage of flow when it rushed through you. If you need strong concentration I recommend periods of 90-120 minutes. Any less than that and you will waste too much time getting started before the flow can continue. More than this is possible to sustain focus, but you will probably benefit from a quick break. These are the general guidelines for concentration, studying well or doing your job. 7 Lifestyle-Based Ways to Improve Your Memory 1. Eat Right. The foods you eat – and don't eat – play a crucial role in your memory. . 2. Exercise. ... 3. Stop Multitasking. ... 4. Get a Good Night's Sleep. ... 5. Play Brain Games. ... 6. Master a New Skill. ... 7. Try Mnemonic Devices. Eight Ways to Remember Anything Research-based strategies to boost your memory and keep it strong 8 Strategies for Remembering 1. Become interested in what you're learning. We're all better remembering what interests us. Few people, for example, have a difficult time remembering the names of people they find attractive. If you're not intrinsically interested in what you're learning or trying to remember, you must find a way to become so. 2. Find a way to leverage your visual(link is external) memory. You'll be astounded by how much more this will enable you to remember. For example, imagine you're at a party and are introduced to five people in quick succession. How can you quickly memorize their names? Pick out a single defining visual characteristic of each person and connect it to a visual representation of their name, preferably through an action of some kind. For example, you can remember Mike who has large ears by creating a mental picture of a microphone (a "mike") clearing those big ears of wax (gross, I know—but all the more effective because of it). It requires mental effort to do this, but if you practice you'll be surprised how quickly you can come up with creative ways to generate these images. Here's another example: How often do you forget where you left your keys, your sunglasses, or your wallet? The next time you put something down somewhere, pause a moment to notice where you've placed it, and then in your mind blow it up. If you visualize the explosion in enough detail, you won't forget where you put it. Remember: Memory is predominantly visual. 3. Create a mental memory tree. If you're trying to memorize a large number of facts, find a way to relate them in your mind visually with a memory tree. Construct big branches first, then leaves. Branches and leaves should carry labels that are personally meaningful to you in some way, and the organization of the facts ("leaves") should be logical. It's been well recognized since the 1950's we remember "bits" of information better if we chunk them. For example, it's easier to remember 467890 as "467" and "890" than as six individual digits. 4. Associate what you're trying to learn with what you already know. It seems the more mental connections we have to a piece of information, the more successful we'll be in remembering it. This is why using mnemonics. Write out the items to be memorized over and over and over. Among other things, this is how I learned the names of bacteria, what infections they cause, and what antibiotics treat them. Writing out facts(link is external) in lists improves recall if you make yourself learn the lists actively instead of passively. In other words, don't just copy the list of facts you're trying to learn but actively recall each item you wish to learn and then write it down again and again and again. In doing this, you are, in effect, teaching yourself what you're trying to learn—and as all teachers know, the best way to ensure you know something is to have to teach it. This method has the added benefit of immediately showing you exactly which facts haven't made it into your long-term memory so you can focus more attention on learning them rather than wasting time reinforcing facts you already know. 5. When reading for retention, summarize each paragraph in the margin. This requires you to think about what you're reading, recycle it, and teach it to yourself again. Even take the concepts you're learning and reason forward with them; apply them to imagined novel situations, which creates more neural connections to reinforce the memory. 6. Do most of your studying in the afternoon. Though you may identify yourself as a "morning person" or "evening person" at least one Study. suggests your ability to memorize isn't influenced as much by what time of day you perceive yourself to be most alert but by the time of day you actually study—afternoon appearing to be the best. 7. Get adequate sleep to consolidate and retain memories. Not just at night after you've studied but the day, you study as well. Far better to do this than to stay up cramming all night for an exam.
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How to take nux voice 200 tincture, with water or direct on tongue? What is this medicine for?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Direct. When the remedy matches the symptoms, Nux moschata has the ability to treat symptoms of allergy, Alzheimer’ disease, colic, confusion and forgetfulness, dryness of mouth and constipation, narcolepsy, Petit mal, fainting, and vertigo.
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Sir I was in love with a girl, I was sleeping with him continuously. Now I know she has many boy friend. I want to forget him. Please suggest some medicine or other things.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
You need mind control and not medicines for this. Do meditation and yoga, divert mind by music or reading.
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My thoughts never stop it continues coming from brain so that life is getting out of track and my.

M.Sc - Applied Psychology, Guidance &Counselling, B.A., Psychology, Pharmacy
Psychologist, Madurai
My thoughts never stop it continues coming from brain so that life is getting out of track and my.
It is the nature of the brain or mind to continuously produce thoughts, otherwise you will become a yogi. It is also the nature of thought to wander or shift here and there. The problem is, you are not in a position to channellize them for a good purpose. I mean, have achievable aims or targets in life which could be helpful for the betterment of youself, your family and for the world. You will realize that your thoughts are really your boons.
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Why we use to forget things usely without any reason is this is our fall asleep in the morning.

MSC Human Development , Hypnotherapy , Special Educator , ms- counselling and physiotherapy, Applied psychology Hons
Psychologist, Faridabad
A bad routine, busy schedule, disturb mind, lack of concentration are some reasons which cause forget things. Set your daily routine, go for a walk daily special in morning, do some brain exercise. It will help you. If you want our help you can contact us.
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Too much depressed by constant failures in personal and professional life. cant sleep nor eaten anything from past one week. Not at feeling good n feel like committing suicide. What should I do.

L L. B..,, M.Sc psychy,, N L P, P.G.D.G.C, M.S psychotherapy,, M.A child care, M A, clinical psy, M.A,social psychiatry,, M.Phil., psychology., Ph.D .,psychology
Psychologist, Vijayawada
Too much depressed by constant failures in personal and professional life. cant sleep nor eaten anything from past on...
You analyse your behaviour in professional and personal life situations. Knowingly or unknowingly you are doing some mistakes. Analyse the mistakes and take further steps to repeat again. Mistakes every one do. But punishment is not the solution. We should not repeat again in life situations. This is called maturity. Even successful people are also have this type of thoughts. Some stage we lost everything. But we should take further steps it should be repeated. Better to analyse yourself or take the help of your closed once. Love and share your feelings to closed once. Do not be alone. Be friendly and be sociable. Man is a social animal. Not a single person. We cannot do anything alone. Life means system of togetherness. Do not think about suicide. Be think always in a positive manner. Be happy and be friendly. Enjoy every movement of life. Ok best of luck.
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I am 30 years old male and I am suffering from Panic attack problem, anxiety and fear increases so much that I have to breathe from mouth sometimes, I often loose patience and destroy all things, In one outstation visit I found miraculously homeopathy drug but unfortunately I lost that drop and that Doctor name. I need permanent solution to increase my patience and just want to get rid of this Panic attack problem which involves anxiety and fear for sudden strange thing .Is it improvable I am open to any treatment, becoz it has affected my performance and my personal life. I just need peace .I m highly emotional person. Other than this I am suffering from Premature ejaculation also to the extent of my understanding I relate both the conditions interlinked.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
I am 30 years old male and I am suffering from Panic attack problem, anxiety and fear increases so much that I have t...
A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause. Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, you might think you're losing control, having a heart attack or even dying. Many people have just one or two panic attacks in their lifetimes, and the problem goes away, perhaps when a stressful situation ends. But if you've had recurrent, unexpected panic attacks and spent long periods in constant fear of another attack, you may have a condition called panic disorder. Panic attack can come in agoraphobia, when there is fear of places where there is no exit, in crowds, locked places, travelling far from home….etc. Although panic attacks themselves aren't life-threatening, they can be frightening and significantly affect your quality of life. But treatment can be very effective. Consult a Psychiatrist and get remedy. All the best for you.
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I am patient of general anxiety disorder. It is treatable or not. Which pathy can treat it safely.

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Ghaziabad
I am patient of general anxiety disorder. It is treatable or not. Which pathy can treat it safely.
generalized anxiety disorder is due to chemical imbalance in the is a treatable will show hood improvement with medications and psychological treatment.
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I smoke marijuana. My doctor is suspecting me to have spinal arthritis. I wanted to know if I continue to smoke marijuana will it have any kind of affect on my health.

MBBS, MD (AIIMS, Gold Medalist), Diploma in CBT (Glasgow)
Psychiatrist, Delhi
I smoke marijuana. My doctor is suspecting me to have spinal arthritis. I wanted to know if I continue to smoke marij...
Marijuana can cause a number of health damages including psychosis, mania, depression and precipitating schizophrenia. Besides this it can cause other harms related to smoking such as lung cancer. Stay away!
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To ensure that expectation is realistic on the treatment of bipolar disorder, can you help with below queries: -Can Bipolar disorder be completely treated? -Any common mistakes to avoid in the treatment.

General Physician, Jalgaon
To ensure that expectation is realistic on the treatment of bipolar disorder, can you help with below queries:
-Can B...
Please It can be treated completely Don't miss the medicine doses Wake up early go for morning walk in greenery daily Do yogasanas and pranayam daily Do meditation regularly Add Saraswatarishta 20 ml twice daily with water To your current medicine.
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I have a problem of sleeping. I have tried to sleep early but I can't slept quickly. Mentally I feel so much pressure and my mind was not stop thinking. Taking prescriptions from doctors but no use it remains same. What can I do to got sleep.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Masters in psychology counselling
Psychologist, Hyderabad
I have a problem of sleeping. I have tried to sleep early but I can't slept quickly. Mentally I feel so much pressure...
Dear lybrate - user, talk to us by phone or video chat for any counselling help please try curd rice curd" dhahi" yogurt" has good qualities it acts as digestive and get good sleep, many people have tried this and given feed back.
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My friend wants to leave smoking but he can't because every 3 hours he gets sweat n headache if he doesn't smoke. He also can't run more due to this n his breathing becomes fast. He haa tried all nicotine chewing gums but all in vain. What to do?

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
He will have these reactions as a sign of the withdrawal symptoms but that should not deter him from going ahead. Give him these suggestions: You have to quit cold turkey because the body and mind will torture you endlessly while attempting a reduction in smoking. The tobacco tar in cigarette smoke lines your lung with huge patches that make that portion dysfunctional. Your oxygen carrying capacity is jeopardized, and breathing is impinged on. But don’t be discouraged because it is not too late even now to reverse all the ill-effects of smoking. I don’t know what other organs could be damaged but do go for a thorough medical check-up to assess the effects of your abuse. Regarding improving your lungs, do a lot of aerobic exercise breathing through your nostrils only. Then there are a lot of deep breathing exercises in Yoga which you can learn too. Deep breathing cleanses your system and lungs and restores it to good health. Deep breathing uses the 80% of the lungs which are not normally used in normal breathing and even when exerting yourself. The greatest effect is in the lungs because this substance is processed through the respiratory system directly through the lung surface. When quitting, you must take one day at a time; though you must give up all smoking at once, and promptly. If you look too far ahead you will get discouraged and will give up. If you sit and count the number of days you have given up, that will also focus too much on achievement. You must focus on the here and now, on that day to be precise. After all quitting is not that easy due to many factors. So even if you fail one day, you must try and try again. Very few people succeed in their first attempt. Your persistence will eventually pay off. The urge to discontinue is hampered by many factors but the worst of them is the conditioning. In fact, these conditions can exist all through the day, unlike other addictions. But your desire to want to stop is the most important factor. It is important to find out about the ill-effects of smoking to have a reason that alarms you about continuing the habit. The information is really scary but true and you must remind yourself about this every day. The nicotine in tobacco smoke stimulates the heartbeat to raise the blood pressure in no time at all. So you must avoid it like the plague: it is just very bad medicine for you. In fact, it is highly toxic too. You will need to stop smoking or consuming any tobacco related items with immediate effect. You should start vigorous exercises, gradually increasing it over a period of time. Do deep breathing exercises every time you feel like smoking (try Yoga), and replace the oral urge with some healthy food substitute to satiate the need. You may also take hard candy or chew gum. If the urge is too strong, then use nicotine gums and nicotine patches, for a little while until the smoking drive reduces, substantially. You may also join Smokers Anonymous in your city where the support is really extraordinary for like-minded people who are also in the same situation. Keep yourself occupied or engaged with interesting activities during the times when it is most tempting. Keep the company of non-smokers for some time i.e. At least for the first 21 days. Above all announce it to everyone that you have quit smoking. Here’s a piece of very good advice: even if you accidentally/willfully take a cigarette, it is not the end of the world – you can start the cessation all over again. You must persevere with the best support until you defeat this addiction. Counseling is very useful in the initial stages and when temptations are at their highest. You could also join twitter2quit program and enjoy its success to give up smoking.
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Am able to feel my blood flow in my body sometimes, like pulses. Especially my wife telling that my body is shivering when I goes close to her. My blood pressure is normal 122 / 80. But I become nervous very quickly. Am trying to avoid nervous ness.

M.D. (Ayurveda )
Ayurveda, Patiala
Am able to feel my blood flow in my body sometimes, like pulses.
Especially my wife telling that my body is shivering...
please take yogrendra rasa, tab, twice a day after meals with a cup of hot milk. Take dhanadhanayadi kshayam, 3 tsf in half a glass of luke warm water before meals, twice a day. Do gentle massage over the whole body with dhavantaram oil, daily before bath, restrict the intake of tea, carbonated drinks in your diet. Continue the regime for 21 days. good luck

Hello sir, I have a deep pain in the right side of chest while eating ,breathing also it is soo paining I can't eat and drink also I want to know the problem.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hello sir,
I have a deep pain in the right side of chest while eating ,breathing also it is soo paining I can't eat a...
Hi, it maybe due to hyperacidity. Take cap. Stomotone 1-1-1 after food for 2-3 weeks and himcocid syrup 2tsf 3 times daily before food to control burning sensation and pain in the stomach and chest. Avoid hot and spicy food. Eat small quantities frequently. Drink plenty of water. Never miss your breakfast. Avoid excess intake of coffee and tea.
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I lost somebody close last year and since then feel very depressed and after keeping to myself all the time. Please help me.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
I lost somebody close last year and since then feel very depressed and after keeping to myself all the time. Please h...
You are going through grief, which is normal after loss of a loved one. Time is the healer for the emotional and behavioral changes, however if your depression is severe enough to affect you in a significant manner, kindly consult a psychiatrist for short term antidepressant medication, depending on the complaints.
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From the last one year I am facing a situation, I can control my dreams. In my dreams I pinch myself and get to know its a dream. When I feel no pain I start enjoying dream. I do whatever I want to do, I fly in dreams, kill people, hav sex, use magical powers, buy things, visit places so, every night is a excitement for me and as a result I like dreams more than reality. But during day I am all right. I do my daily tasks job, study and family responsibilities. Why this? I am afraid some day I might become a psycho? please explain.

M.Phil clinical Psychology, MS Psychotherapy and Counseling, PGDGC, MSc Psychology
Psychologist, Chennai
From the last one year I am facing a situation, I can control my dreams. In my dreams I pinch myself and get to know ...
Dreams is one of the automatic defense mechanism that helps in ventilating our unfulfilled desires in our unconscious mind thereby acting as a stress buster. Do not worry about its effects till you feel that you have confusion between dreams and real life.
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I lost somebody last year. Since then I feel very depressed. Please give me some suggestion ; how to get over with it. Please.

Homeopath, Thrissur
I lost somebody last year. Since then I feel very depressed. Please give me some suggestion ; how to get over with it...
Dear lybrate-user loosing somebody dear is realy tragic. But the reality is that human life is oscillating between joys and sorrows. Like a wave in ocean it has hype and low. So realize this reality. And let life flows in its own way and you will also go one day and some of your friend or lover write this kind of question. I feel the best way to handle is to understand the reality and meditate up on it, which will relax you.
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How should be concentrate our. Mind. While. Studying at. Night. And hw we should learn correctly?

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Lybrate-user. First of all, study times and study methods have to be individualized. However there are certain prerequisites for a good study and learning process. Your mind needs to be focused, should have good concentration levels and no distractibility. If you are easily distracted and less attentive that could be a presentation of attention deficit disorder. So also you need to have only the right amount of stress for study. Learning is a combination of attentive reading, grasping and rehearsing what you learnt. Here are few steps to improve your concentration and learning. - set approachable targets for study everyday - do not stretch yourself beyond your physical or mental limits - study in short periods of 40-50 minutes, take relaxing breaks of 5-10 minutes in between. - do not be overdemanding. Know your limitations, study regularly and steadily. Practice makes a man perfect. If you still have issues with concentration and find it difficult to be attentive while studying, see a psychiatrist soon.
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I have been consuming stalopam plus 10 mg and mirtaz 7.5mg for three years. I also chew gutkha. I want to get rid off both. Please suggest some medicines.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear, Substance abuse and addiction needs to be treated. If you’re ready to stop the substance and willing to get the support you need, you can recover from addiction and abuse —no matter how bad the addiction or how powerless you feel. The first step in treating addiction is accepting that you have a problem. Confronting an addiction and accepting responsibility for your actions isn’t easy. But it’s a necessary step on the road to treatment and recovery. You should then consult a psychiatrist / psychologist who fill follow this treatment. 1. Detoxification using medicines. 2. Behavior modification with the help of therapies. 3. Counseling. 4. Medication to sustain and 5. Long term support. These given steps are essential for any addict to get effectively rid of addiction. Therefore, you need to stick to the treatment plan and cooperate with your psychiatrist / psychologist. Take care.
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