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Forest Gold brings you nature’s gifts for all your healthcare needs. At Forest Gold we believe in harnessing nature’s power to heal your body naturally. Our Natural products & solutions a......more
Forest Gold brings you nature’s gifts for all your healthcare needs. At Forest Gold we believe in harnessing nature’s power to heal your body naturally. Our Natural products & solutions adhere to the principles of Ayurveda. At Forest Gold we believe, it is not the product but the knowledge which is important. We believe that knowledge alone can decide which medicine can be effective on which disease, at what stage and in what quantity. We not only provide you with medicinal products but also empower you with authentic knowledge which will help you make a right choice for your health.



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Knee Pain - How Ayurveda Can Help Manage It?

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Knee Pain - How Ayurveda Can Help Manage It?

Knee pain can be caused due to a variety of reasons as the knees are large joints that are often subjected to heavy loads. The occurrence of knee pain is on the rise, which may be caused due to sports injuries and unilateral load. Osteoarthritis, arthritis, wearing of the patella, inflammation of bone and cartilage are some of the common forms of knee pain. If you had been suffering from knee pain for quite some time, then there is nothing to worry about; Ayurveda has a great solution to alleviate this condition.

The herbal remedies offered by Ayurveda help in improving immunity, providing strength and endurance.

  1. Massage: Massage therapy can relieve the joint pain by soothing inflammation and improving the circulation. Several health studies indicate that the regular massage has the power to alleviate pain along the affected joint. You can pick up any oil such as coconut, mustard, olive, castor or garlic oil and heat it and apply it with a gentle pressure while massaging.
  2. Hot and cold compress: Heat therapy can help in increasing blood flow, decreasing pain and relaxing sore muscles and joints whereas cold therapy aids in reducing inflammation and benumbing the area around the affected knee. But before you apply them, you will have to wrap them separately in towels and not apply directly to the skin. The hot compress can be placed for 3 minutes and then immediately replaced with cold compress for about a minute. The entire process can be repeated for about 20 to 30 minutes. But you shouldn’t be using hot compress if the affected area is hot and irritated. Also, do not opt for cold therapy in case you have circulatory issues.
  3. Fenugreek: Owing to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, fenugreek or Methi is a highly favourable home remedy for knee pain. It is particularly helpful for people suffering from arthritis. So you can swallow a teaspoonful of fine fenugreek seeds’ powder and drink a glass of lukewarm water after that. Follow the process regularly unless you get positive results. You may also soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight and eat them in the morning.

Ayurveda has a solution to all your mental and physical problems, but it is important to note here that the treatment must be administered after evaluating your present health condition and medical history. So speak with an expert today and opt for the home remedy that’s best suited to alleviate your knee pain.

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Erectile Dysfunction - How Ayurvedic Remedies Can Help You Treat?

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Erectile Dysfunction - How Ayurvedic Remedies Can Help You Treat?

Having a happy and satisfied love life is very important for any person. However, physical limitations such as erectile dysfunction can severely hamper that and cause you to lose out on physical pleasure. It may also cause strife in your marital life and be a cause for low self-esteem as well as social embarrassment. Erectile dysfunction, which is commonly referred to as impotence, is either the inability to continue with an erection into climax for a continued period, or being able to maintain the erection for a very short time or not being able to get an erection at all. 

Causes of erectile dysfunction according to Ayurveda 
Erectile dysfunction may be caused due to a variety of factors which include physical issues, lifestyle habits as well as psychological issues. Anything from injuries to defects within the spinal cord or problems with blood flow may cause erectile dysfunction. An abusive childhood or guilt associated with sex may also be responsible. In Ayurveda the study of sexual medicine is linked to ‘shukra dhatu’. Any problem with this may thus result in multiple sexual problems including erectile dysfunction. 

How Ayurveda can help cure erectile dysfunction?

Ayurveda take a holistic approach rather than trying to cure the problems from one focused area. It tries to get the issues with ‘Shukra Dhatu’ resolved in your body so that erectile dysfunction can be cured. Some of the techniques applied in Ayurveda are mentioned below. The exact implementation as well as the combination of the methods chosen may change according to the causes in a specific case.

  1. Vajikarna therapy: This is a holistic cleansing process which aims to remove the faults within the body that are causing erectile dysfunction. It includes many processes such as controlled regurgitation to take out toxins from the body, special ayurvedic massages, a specially recommended diet, and various herbal concoctions that can rejuvenate your vitality and help you get rid of erectile dysfunction. 
  2. Using specific drugs to correct erectile dysfunction: Certain Ayurvedic herbs can be quite effective in dealing with erectile dysfunctions, both in the form of specialized ayurvedic medication or if administered as home remedies. Some of these herbs include:
  3. Changes in lifestyle habits: Excessive drinking, smoking and consumption of junk food may all lead to weight gain as well as imbalances within the body. These may affect the heart, blood pressure or sugar levels in your body and lead to erectile dysfunction. Ayurveda would require you to cut down or quit certain lifestyle related habits which are causing ED. Herbs and other methods along with lifestyle changes will then help you to get your vitality back.
  4. Yoga and meditation: Exercise and movement would definitely help you in setting your body on the proper path. Yoga and meditation would thus, be an integral part of the treatment for erectile dysfunction. This would be required in order to correct the systems that have been upset within the body and allow you to have a fulfilling sexual life.
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Premature Ejaculation - 7 Ayurvedic Remedies For It!

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Premature Ejaculation - 7 Ayurvedic Remedies For It!

Are you experiencing an orgasm unusually sooner while having intercourse? This may be an indication of premature ejaculation, which is also featured by minimal penile stimulation. Premature ejaculation is a condition where you reach sexual climax quickly, causing premature or early ejaculation. Ejaculation within one minute of having sex is referred to as premature ejaculation. Ayurvedic cure for premature ejaculation is considered to be effective and there are remedies for all symptoms and causes.

Here is a list of the most important Ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of premature ejaculation:

  1. Herbs: Mix the herbs Ashwaganda, Bala and Vidari together in equal parts, add a spoonful of it in hot milk and drink it. Some other essential Ayurvedic herbs, which help in treating premature ejaculation include Speman tablets, Asparagus, Jatiphala, Garlic and Drumsticks.
  2. Dietary changes: Several dietary changes are required for treating premature ejaculation, following Ayurvedic principles. Consume food items such as cereals, fish, bananas, nuts, lettuce, shellfish, and vegetables like fennel, onions and celery. Honey is essential and should be taken regularly. There are several food items you should avoid taking which include coffee, tea, alcohol, processed food, food containing excessive white sugar and white flour, and denatured foods.
  3. Lifestyle modifications: Ayurvedic principles firmly state that you need to quit smoking completely for the prevention of premature ejaculation. You also need to keep away from sexual activities and should avoid too much masturbation.
  4. Saffron and milk: Milk is considered to be very essential in Ayurveda and having milk with saffron and almond is effective for treating premature ejaculation. Almonds should be soaked overnight and blended with hot milk. You can also add cardamom and ginger to the drink.
  5. Ayurvedic massage: You can undertake a special leaf bundle Ayurvedic massage for treating premature ejaculation. This technique is called Elakizhi.
  6. Yoga: Regular yoga is essential for curing premature ejaculation. There are several yoga positions such as the shoulder stand or sarvang asana, the fish or matsya asana, and the plough or hala asana, which are beneficial for premature ejaculation management.
  7. Green onion seeds: Add water to green onion seeds and drink the mixture.

Premature ejaculation leaves you feeling frustrated and affects you emotionally because of your disrupted sexual life. This condition is also capable of affecting your relationship with your partner because of unsatisfactory sexual activity. Premature ejaculation lowers a man’s self-esteem and drains him of confidence. Do consult an Ayurvedic physician before starting an Ayurvedic treatment for the condition.

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How Ayurveda Can Help Treat Cirrhosis Of The Liver?

Ayurveda, Mumbai
How Ayurveda Can Help Treat Cirrhosis Of The Liver?

Nobody prefers to suffer from ailments such as Cirrhosis of liver. After all, it is difficult for a person, if his or her liver is not functioning properly. However, if in case a person is suffering from such kind of chronic ailment, then one can opt for Ayurvedic remedies, which do not have any side effects. 

Why it occurs?
In order to know how it is treated, it is essential to understand what causes cirrhosis of the liver and what it means to have this dreaded condition. While there is a range of causes for the chronic disease, fatty liver disease along with hepatitis B and hepatitis C are the most common causes of Cirrhosis of the liver. 

Alcohol consumption on an excessive level also bears its fair share of responsibility. As a matter of fact, Cirrhosis of the liver is caused on account of this sort of alcohol consumption and is responsible for more deaths than any other type.

Detoxifying your liver with Ayurveda
When it comes to the Ayurvedic way to treat this serious issue that is liver Cirrhosis, the main focus is on the complete and effective detoxification of the liver. One of the first things that is involved in this sort of treatment is a radical overhaul of the habits of the person whose quality of life is being seriously impinged on due to this disease.

De-addiction is a very important starting point. After all, it can be said to be only logical, that the treatment of a disease, which has been brought upon by the indulgence in a bad habit begins with the cessation of the habit.

Diet restrictions are also part and parcel of getting liver cirrhosis treated by making use of Ayurveda’s deep and ancient body of knowledge. In many cases, doing so does mean giving up consumption of meat. In addition to this, other things, which are to be done from the point of view of dietary changes include, but are not limited to, avoiding hot and oily food which tends to be heavy on the digestive system of the person who is undergoing treatment. With the body under so much pressure in any case, it makes no sense at all to add more load.

While all this may seem to be very cumbersome, it is to be kept in mind what wonders Ayurveda can accomplish and how does it work in repairing the damaged liver of the patient who is undergoing this course of treatment. The end result makes all the sacrifices worth the effort.

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Know More About Ayurveda

Ayurveda, Mumbai
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Know More About Ayurveda

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Diabetes Management - Ayurvedic Approach For It!

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Diabetes Management - Ayurvedic Approach For It!

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is a common metabolic health disorder that inhibits the body system to make proper use of the glucose produced. This phenomenon leads to hyperglycemia or high blood sugar in the body and ultimately leads to elevated levels of glucose in the urine as well. It causes a surge in the urine output along with dehydration and polydipsia or increase in thirst. 

In Ayurveda, diabetes is referred to as “Madhumeha”. It is mainly caused by the disruption or aggravation of air or “vata”. This disease causes the utmost destruction of the tissues, and this is the primary reason why diabetes affects most of the vital organs. Another important cause of diabetes is improper digestion as it causes accumulation of specific impurities in the pancreatic cells that hamper the insulin production. 

How can diabetes be treated with Ayurveda? 
In Ayurveda, diabetes is regarded as a disease which can be dealt with by following a strict diet and physical exercises regimen and taking few essential medicines. It is considered as a major disease which can cause several complications in the body including reduced vision in the eyes, kidney failure, impotence, joint pain and even sexual problems. In stark contrast to modern medicine system, Ayurveda aims at rejuvenating the body to ensure proper utilization of insulin and preventing further complications. 

The Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes is based on bringing about a complete change in the lifestyle of the person. Besides taking the right medicines and diet, the patient is required to take a healthy lifestyle and lead an active daily routine. Changes in diet and lifestyle can rejuvenate the cells in the body and tissues. Ayurveda also pays attention to the mental aspects of the ailment and therefore, the medicines which are given ensure proper functioning of the brain

What is the home remedies suggested in Ayurveda for treating diabetes management
There are several home remedies available for treating diabetes. For instance, you can take mango leaves and grind it to form a powder. Mixing it with a glass of water and drinking it twice daily can ensure a fast reduction in the blood sugar levels. 

Taking two teaspoons of bitter gourd juice can help in reducing blood sugar levels. Including bitter gourd in daily meals can have a similar effect. You may mix bitter gourd juice with Indian gooseberry juice to reduce the blood sugar levels. 

What are the lifestyle and dietary changes recommended for diet and lifestyle changes? 
When you have diabetes, you should include whole grains in the diet along with fruits and vegetables. Reduce intake of carbohydrates. Staying away from processed and junk foods are important. Also, indulging in some light exercises daily can help you reduce sugar levels easily.

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Dry Skin Care!

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Dry Skin Care!

Reasons for dry skin

Unhealthy lifestyles, exposures to extreme wealth conditions, bathing for long time in hot water, using harsh soaps, harsh cosmetics, can cause drying of skin. 

Ayurveda's point of view about dry skin

According to texts of ayurveda, dry skin is caused by increased vat dosh in the body. When vaat dosha increases in the body, it reduces kaha dosha and makes skin dry and wrinkled. 

The causes which increases vaat dosha in the body

1) exposure to cold and dry climate
2) controlling natural urges like urination, defecation, hunger, thirst etc
3) keeping awake till night 
4) irregular food habits
5) consumption of spicy, dry and bitter food

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Enhance Your Love Life With Ashwagandha - Ayurveda Aphrodisiac!

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Enhance Your Love Life With Ashwagandha - Ayurveda Aphrodisiac!

Ashwagandha is one of ayurveda's few natural ojas builders, which means it supports vitality, immunity, radiant health and longevity. Ashwagandha is also considered to have herbal intelligence, as it can increase or decrease stress hormone like cortisol depending on the needs of the body. 

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Safe And Potent Aphrodisiac!

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Safe And Potent Aphrodisiac!

Throughout all times and at all social and cultural levels, sexual love has been one of the most leading forces that has driven humanity to triumphant achievements, joyful productivity, and personal satisfaction. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction and other sexual inabilities are very common especially as the person ages. Oral drug administration is the easiest and most acceptable treatment for such sexual debilitated apart from pshyco- behavioral counselling. 

Menstrual disorders

Ayurveda, Mumbai
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A menstrual disorder is an abnormal condition in a woman's menstrual cycle.

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