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Dr. D S Desai

Dentist, Mumbai

Dr. D S Desai Dentist, Mumbai
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
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Dr. D S Desai is one of the best Dentists in Mumbai, Mumbai. He is currently practising at Ezee Dent India Pvt. lTD. in Mumbai, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. D S Desai and consult privately on

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I am suffering from swollen gums. Its been months and I have tried different toothpastes bur its still the same. I need some good remedy for getting it cured!

Dentist, Mohali
I presume they bleed too. Swollen gums usually have a gum or periodontal (ligaments that support tooth) disease. I advice you to take a vitamin c course one tab a day for 15 days, visit a dentist and get your teeth scaled and root planing done. This will, with additional salts solve ir gum disease.
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Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

MDS, Certificate in implantology
Dentist, Delhi
Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

If chewing food and retaining a sparkling smile is not enough for you, avoiding toothaches and a visit to the dentist could be reason enough to maintain healthy teeth. Ignoring your tooth health can lead to many problems. Answer yourself the following question. Would you like your teeth inside your mouth or in a glass tumbler beside your bed at nighttime? 

If you opted for the former, then going through the following tips and advices will go a long way in helping you sustain healthy teeth. They are:

  1. Brush and floss twice a day: Brushing and flossing twice a day, on a regular basis will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums in the long run. The ideal time to brush your teeth is 20 minutes after a meal. Opting for a toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles gives you better access to even the deeper portions of your mouth, thus providing comprehensive cleansing to your teeth. Moreover, softer bristles are generous on your gums as well.
  2. Nutrition: Whatever you eat, either protects you or makes you more susceptible to diseases and disorders. This stands true for your oral health as well. As such, choosing the right foods early in your life is of vital importance. Foods such as cold drinks, cakes, candies and other such sugary substances facilitate the growth of germ and bacteria in your mouth, resulting in plaque and cavities. Choosing foods that are low in starch and sugar will reduce the development of germs and help eradicate cavities or plaque in the long run.
  3. Smoking: Even the pack of smoke that you buy endorses smoking is injurious to your general health. Smoking causes reduced flow of blood to the mouth, which resultantly leads to increased chances of periodontal disease and mouth cancer. Smoking, moreover causes a decline in the ability of the bones and tissues to revascularize (self-heal). All else apart, just stop smoking.
  4. Chewing gums: Chewing gums are highly beneficial especially after a meal. They not only increase the flow of saliva in your mouth, but also improves the flow of blood to your brain, thus enhancing your alertness by close to 10%. In addition, chewing gums help neutralize the acid in your mouth, thus helping you cleanse your mouth.
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I am having gum problem I usually comes blood in my gums so please can you help me.

Dentist, Kolar
Gums bleeding is due to infection in gums. Get scalling done by dentist. Use proper brushing techniques. Brush, floss n use mouthwash twice daily. Massage your gums with your finger tips after brushing. Keep your tongue clean. Rinse your mouth well after each meal. Visit your dentist for dental checkups every 6 months to detect n prevent dental probs.
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Hi, I am 28 yrs old, male and I have a pain in my left gum ( mouth) for last 1 months. What should I do?

Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Mumbai
Hi. Please don't do self medication. Please visit the dentist and get it checked it could be because of tooth or gums. X ray will be done to know the cause. And then the treatment will be accordingly.
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Hello, I've been super stressed lately for the past 2 months about having first been diagnosed with tonsillitis and then after antibiotics, Balanitis and Oral Thrush. Now my only symptoms are a feeling of a lump in my throat which could be related to stress because I have a small history with.

Homeopath, Raebareli
Gargling with warm salt water is an effective way to treat a sore throat. Salt can even help kill the bacteria or virus causing pharyngitis. 1. Mix three teaspoons of salt (preferably sea salt) in two cups of warm water. 2. Gargle with this solution. Do not swallow it. Spit the water out after gargling. 3. Do this several times daily for one to two days.
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Garmi se mouth ke pass se pakgaya or mouth pura open nahi hora hai what should I do to cure it.

Dentist, Gurgaon
apply glycerine over it or else some mouth ulcer tube ....over it two to three times daily for a week..
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Hello, My gums over front 2 teeth of upper layer are swallowing from last night, its not pain there but paining on touch, please suggest something.

Dentist, Visakhapatnam
Hello If you mean SWALLOWING you might be suffering from desqamative gingivitis. There will be peeling of epithelium and reddening of the surface indicated. You sould be using corticosterid cream and 3% H2O2 mouthwash for it. If you mean SWELLING it may be due to other reasons like improper oral hygiene or due to side effect of some medications if you are using any presently. So visit your dentist. Get set soon.
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BDS, Certification In Oral Implantology
Dentist, Ghaziabad
Healthy teeth are a sign of good oral hygeine and maintaining oral hygiene is highly recommended. Our teeth should only be used for chewing puroposes and not for any other activities.

Tooth pains when I touch it with my fingertip (nails) But there is no pain in chewing foods. Only 2-3 upper teeth pains. What to do?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi, apply plantago q/ few drops on cotton swab, place it on the affected tooth/ teeth and press it tightly, do it thrice a day. Orally, take mag. Phos. 6x/ after every 2 hours. Do visit a dentist for proper diagnosis, share the reports with me. In case possible, will help you in treating your problem. Home-remedies: -rub a few drops of clove oil or can even press 2-3 cloves in between the teeth on the affected tooth several times daily until the ache goes away. -rub a few drops on the affected tooth several times daily until the ache goes away. -apply a cool compress to outside of mouth or cheek. -mix 1 tsp of salt in a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth with saltwater. Swirl it around in your mouth and spit it out. Make sure that you don't swallow. -soak a cotton ball in a mixture of a few drops of garlic clove oil and a small amount of olive oil, and apply the cotton ball to the area of pain.
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I have gingivitis problem in my teeth. I get done my teeth scaling nd now I am having a anti bacterial mouthwash. I also take saline water gargelling 3 to 4 tyms a day. Bt still whenever I eat something hard then it starts bleeding. Nd the smell of my saliva stinks. please suggest me what to do. Nd how much tym it will take to cure.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
- use a soft toothbrush -- and brush properly! brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day and after meals. Hard brushing can further damage the soft tissues of your mouth. - floss at least once a day and be sure to floss beyond the gum line to remove more plaque. - control bleeding by applying pressure to the area with a cold compress. - rinse with salt water or hydrogen peroxide to keep the area clean. Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol, which can dry out your mouth. - stay away from smoking and other tobacco products, which can aggravate bleeding gums. - eat a balanced diet and limit snacking between meals. Carbohydrates and sugars feed dental plaque. - try an oral irrigation device, commonly known as a" water pick, to clear debris from around the gum line. - you may need deep cleaning along with surgical curettage or gum strengthening procedure. Use pepsodent tooth paste & gum paint for 2 to 3 weeks. Advance procedures can be done with laser.
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I am 21 year old male and my tongue upper surface gone black? Many medicine and tube use but no effect. What I can for this?

Dentist, Ghaziabad
This could be due to poor oral hygiene smoking, and sometimes due to some medicines. So clean your tongue properly with tongue cleaner or back side of tooth brush, if you are a smoker then stop smoking. If you are taking any medicine from long time then consult the doctor for this.
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My teth is accidentally broken one of the piece picking through out another one pice are ther that teeth very pain full what can I do?

Dentist, Vadodara
You may need root canal treatment. If the tooth cannot be restored then you may need to get it extracted.
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Sir, I am suffering from payoriya in about 1 year. I have used many toothpaste but I have no profit from teeth. I am very harassed please tell me best toothpaste and mouthwash. Thanks.

Doctor of Medicine
General Physician, Surat
Tooth pest is not the treatment of pyorrhea because it is the medical condition and it has to be treated in that manner only better to see the dentist.
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How to overcome with the problem of losing enamel from the teeth? Can calcium and vitamin deficiency can lead to such problem? Or hard water can be the reason?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
consult your physician and buildup your calcium level in the body.for thin enamel capping can be done to give more strength to the tooth.
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Hi sir this is sunny I have some gum pain problem after filling my teeth since 1 year before. I have already consult with dentist .and she suggest to use enzoflam tab for me. Also she said that your teeth is good no need to do route canal treatment also she said that if you feel more pain than she will do route canal treatment. So that I just wants to know can it is safe for teeth problem. please suggest right information. Regardssunny.

BDS, Master of Hospital Administration
Dentist, Patna
Gum problem needs scaling, that is cleaning of gums and teeth with scaler. If the x-ray shows filling to be fine and no periapical pathology, there is no need of RCT. So go for scaling, she, the dentist must have advised you for scaling.
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Doctor saheb during recent navratras I was on fasting during the day time but took one time normal food in the night. After navratras were over I felt some pains in my teeth jaws and feeling cold and hot water sensation together. There is also feeling of dry mouth sometimes but no quite often. Sometimes I feel acidity problem as well. Please suggest how to get rid of this problem. Thanks

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
Why homeopathy is good for u bcoz in homeopathy u get 1) your immune system increases. 2)without any side effects. 3)complaints cured permanently. U can try -- sulph12c alternate with nux. V. 12c u wil fine. Actually in our pathy we need detail case taking. Take care. Thanks
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Benefits of essential oil for healthy teeth and gums.

Dentist, Jaipur
Benefits of essential oil for healthy teeth and gums.

Essential oils for healthy teeth and gums

Essential oils are fantastic for helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. I'm using dreaming earth's germ buster blend for my oral hygiene routine because it contains so many healing essential oils for healthy teeth and gums, all in one go. I am almost three weeks into my natural dental health 'experiment' (see previous post). I can report that my mouth continues to feel much cleaner. My teeth and gums feel stronger. Maybe it's just my imagination, but my skin feels softer, too. These are hardly scientific findings, but they are enough for me to want to continue on. I'll keep you posted on my experience with oil pulling and natural toothpaste in future posts. If you are interested in making your own toothpaste or mouthwash, here are some ideas.

Which essential oils are best for healthy teeth and gums?

Peppermint and spearmint essential oils are both antiseptic oils which help to treat pain. They are great in a mouthwash or toothpaste, which is why they are such prevalent flavors in oral hygiene products. Peppermint and spearmint oils are also very effective in combating bad breath.

Clove oil is one of my favorite essential oils for healthy teeth and gums. It helps fight germs and, like peppermint numbs pain and fights bad breath. Because clove is so intense, make sure to dilute it well before using.

Rosemary essential oil is a good disinfectant and takes care of mouth odor. Plus, it tastes good!

When it comes to a great all-purpose oral health oil, reach for manuka or tea tree essential oil. For oral hygiene, these are both invaluable - helping to fight germs, heal cold sores and kill bad breath.

Myrrh oil is very good for oral hygiene in that it strengthens gums, and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a germicide that has been reported to fight plaque build-up, gingivitis and prevent cavities!


Lemon essential oil is antiseptic, strengthens gums and helps to whiten teeth.

Cinnamon essential oil is good for bad breath and has pain-killing properties.

How to use these? the nice thing is you can mix and match with what you have on hand, experimenting until you get a flavor you like. I like the following healthy mouth blend:

10 drops peppermint, 5 drops spearmint, 5 drops cinnamon, 5 drops clove, 5 drops tea tree or manuka, 5 drops lemon essential oils. Blend these together, and add to 8 oz of water. I'd recommend adding a few drops of carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba) to the water to help disperse the essential oils. If you use just water you'll need to shake well each time before using. After brushing, add a few drops to your toothbrush and gently brush teeth and gums. Rinse and spit - do not swallow! or, use as a mouth rinse after brushing. You can adjust the strength to your taste by making the essential oil concentration stronger or more diluted. Also, see our last blog posting on natural homemade oral hygiene products for some simple recipes.

Lastly, if you want to keep it simple, try our germ buster blend - it already combines many of these essential oils to great effect. It tastes good and leaves my mouth feeling super clean all day long. Here's to a fresh, clean, healthy mouth!

My daughter is of 9 years. She has a swallowing problem. She keeps on chewing her food whatsoever she gets either it's her favorite or not. Her most of the time spends in eating & gets less time for other activities. She speed in her other activities is also slow. I'm very worried about her that how she is going to spend her whole life.

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
It normally is by habbits c that while eating she is not busy in anything else don't force her to eat let her be at dinning table only while eating and no distractions like tv games, if she doesn't eat don't force she will eat on her own when hungary as a mother I think you will have to have patience, if she has lost weight or inactive then of course you should contact a paediatrician.
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