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Dr. Bipin

General Physician, Mumbai

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Dr. Bipin General Physician, Mumbai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Bipin is a popular General Physician in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai. You can visit him at Kedia Nursing Home in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Bipin and consult privately on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

We have the oil or ointment for growing the best size bigger. Don't we have the some other kind of oil or ointment for growing penis size. I mean to make penis longer n thicker? please reply me doc the name of that kind of medicine/oil/ointment.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Apply Himcolin gel during intercourse Do massage of penis by Patanjali tejas oil avoiding masturbation
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My hands, sweat very much sometimes and even my feet. What should I do to stop it? It is less in winter or rainy season and frequently in summer.

General Physician, Nashik
Here are some tips for stopping your heavy sweating: switch to higher-strength deodorants and antiperspirants. Apply deodorants at the best time" most of these will work best at night. The active ingredient has to go down into the sweat duct and clog it. If you apply it in the morning, when sweat volume is typically higher, it washes off. Save your skin. Applying deodorant at night also reduces the chance of skin irritations and will keep you using it more faithfully.
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Can't sleep well in night time, morning I waked, I feel tiredness, nightmares so much coming, how get sleep well?

DNB(Respiratory Diseases), MBBS
Pulmonologist, Jabalpur
try using methods which can relief the stress. some people benefit with meditation, some with yoga, some with bhakti,some by playing games, some by going to the gymn. You have to search the method that best helps you remain happy and calm, if you are cool and calm there should be no reason for a good night sleep at your age atleast.
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I really need some advice or more better if help. Symptoms - fat deposition on my chest, waist, hips. Nipples look swollen up when body temp. Is hot and shrinks to normal when come in touch to cold things or in cold environment. It is happening from the time I ran into puberty but fat deposition started 2 years ago. But now its embarrassing. I use to have medical history of seizure disorder and its medication course was completed a year ago. Some thing I did't added previously. Doctors gave me sodium valporate 600 mg everyday. But due to overdose I got acute pancreatitis then they switch me to sodium dilantin 300 mg/day at night. This case is 6 year old. At that time it started. I consulted the doctor he said it will go away with time but it did not instead it increased but slowly. G - male Age - 20.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Fat deposition in breasts in men is a reported side effect, though rare, with some medications, which include phenytoin sodium. Weight gain in general is seen as a side effect with sodium valproate too. Anticonvulsants like phenytoin may at times cause alterations in male hormone levels too, that is the most probable explaination for your symptoms. Consult your treating physician and a endocrinologist if possible to get a thorough evaluation. The commonest explaination could be also as simple as being overweight.
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M 36 have a baby girl 3 years. My married life is 4 years. From last 2 month my penis is not erecting. . My weight is 78. please help.

B.Sc., B.A.M.S., C.C.Y.P., M.D. (Ayurveda)
Ayurveda, Aligarh
Hello Erectile dysfunction is mainly due to loss of interest in sex or other bad habits like smoking and drinking or excessive masturbation. You should avoid above habits if any. You may consult me for ayurvedic medications
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I have red eyes and I am unable to sleep during nights. I was urinating most frequently. What to do?

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
1-1 drop of cow ghee in both nostrils at night time before sleep.....massage your hair with good ayurvedic oil like bhring ranj oil.....sprinkle water in eyes.....take sarpgandha vati twice a day 1-1 tab...pranacharya no tens capsule twice a day with warm water.....avoid food...oily food....fermented green vegetables....drink fruits juices...and 7-8 glass of pranayama early in the morning....walk for minimum 30 minutes in a day....
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Cochlear Implants - How It Can Help

ENT Specialist, Delhi
Cochlear Implants - How It Can Help

Cochlear implant is a medical device that provides direct electrical stimulation to the hearing nerve in the inner ear. Children and adults with a severe hearing loss may be helped with cochlear implants. A cochlear implant is a prosthetic substitute directly stimulating the cochlea and it does not cure deafness or hearing impairment.

A cochlear implant completely by-passes the normal hearing mechanism and stimulates the auditory nerve directly by means of an internally implanted electrode assembly. The implant consists of an external portion that located behind the ear and an interior portion which is surgically implanted under the skin. An implant has a microphone, a speech processor, a transmitter and an electrode array. The sound from the environment is picked by microphone and transmitter and receiver/stimulator sends them to speech processor to convert them into electric impulses. The speech processor placed with the microphone behind the ear, or it is a small box-like unit worn in a chest pocket. The speech processor digitizes the sound signals and sends them to a transmitter just behind the ear. The electrode array collects the impulses from the stimulator and sends those to different regions of the auditory nerve. The electrodes stimulate the fibers of the auditory nerve, and sound sensations are perceived.

A cochlear implant is very different from a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sounds so that they can be detected by damaged ears. Cochlear implants bypass damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. Hearing via a cochlear implant is different from normal hearing and takes time to adjust. However, it enables many people to understand other sounds in the environment, recognize warning signals, , and understand speech in person or over the telephone.
The benefits from a cochlear implant depend on many factors, such as the age of the patient when he or she receives the implant, the hearing loss present pre or post patient developed language skills and finally the motivation of the patient and family support

Once a person is referred for cochlear implant, more testing is done which includes audio logic testing, psychological testing, medical examination, and tests performed by the surgeon. It is done to ensure that the candidate will benefit from a cochlear implant and will have the motivation to participate in the process. Once the decision is made to go ahead, the surgery is done. Sometimes it involves an overnight stay in the clinic, and sometimes it is done on an outpatient basis. Six weeks post-surgery, patient is fitted with the external microphone and speech processor and implant is activated and programmed.

The best candidates are those having severe hearing loss in both ears, limited benefit from hearing aids, medical condition that makes surgery risky. Children can be considered for cochlear implants if they have the similar conditions as adults and in addition have support from their educational institutions to development of auditory skills.

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I always have my body fully sweated and I need a solution. Suggest me some steps to reduce sweat.

General Physician, Cuttack
Excessive sweating could be due to 1.Anxiety, nervousness 2 Obesity, Diabetes, hyper thyroidism, 3.Alcoholism or due to effect of some anti hypertensive and psychiatric drugs 4. Investigate yourself to rule out these diseases 5.Avoid anxiety ,nervousness, tea/coffee, alcohol, spicy food, chocolate etc 6.Try some anti antiperspirant lotion or roll on. 7.Consult skin specialist for advice.
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Iam a heart hole person doctor refuse to operate due to some vessels are not available.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Kindly tell me diagnosis told by doctor and tell me what symptoms you have like breathing difficulty, chest pain etc
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I am 25years age. My exam is near and having high tension and feeling restlessness, high heart beating please give me a solution.

B.Sc(hons), Physics, B.H.M.S., PGDIT (software Engg)
Homeopath, Delhi
Exam fobia. Under preparation. Take subjects as hobby. Or change to one stream, having application I left physics hons and changed to homoeopathy because it was my hobby. Take anacardium orient 200 just single dose german make, 4-5 drops orally. To retain more in memory. Mixed fruit juice daily evening.
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What are the symptoms of malaria please let me know and how we can avoid it and take the precautions. I will wait the expert reply from your side.

General Physician, Mumbai
Fever with chills and headache are few symptoms of malaria and for preventing it- see to it that there is no stagnation of water in your house and nearby locality for more than seven days because these are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
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Helo sir I am 27 years old I am having a bad habit of hand practice can you please guide me which medicine is good for recovery of weakness comes from hand practice.

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Mch urology
Urologist, Bangalore
Mastrubation never causes weakness. It's alll in the mind. By telling that even doing it more also not advisable.
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I have a allergy on my both the thighs its spread to my thighs so can you prescribe me a ointment.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, tk homoeo medicines: @ sulphur 30-6 pills, twice a wk in d morng. Report fortnightly. Avoid, junk food, fried, spicy intake, caffiene, nicotine, alcohol. Tk care.
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Hello, I have scalp psoriasis. What are the precautions I should take? And what are the food products I should avoid?

General Physician, Mumbai
Few tips for psoriasis- Avoid any triggering factor, take folic acid regularly, eat a healthy diet , always be stress free , exercise regularly
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It is true that diabetic patients can eat black grapes as it contains chemical that regulates blood sugar? Some dietician hold contrary view? Pl suggest.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Mr. lybrate-user, Thanks for the query. There are some benefits claimed regarding blood glucose control with black grapes. It is supposed to stimulate insulin secretion and reduces insulin resistance This is said to be due to presence of resveritrol in them. However, there are no authentic clinical studies to support these claims. Most fruits contain antioxidants and flavonoids, which offer multiple benefits. But grapes are generally very sweet, so it is always good if one consumes a very limited quantity. Thanks.
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How flu is caused and how we can prevent it from spreading to others give some tips about it.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, flu is a viral infection caused by the droplet infection like cough or sneeze of an infected person. Follow these preventive measures: - avoid touching nose, eyes or mouth frequently. - cover your face while coughing or sneezing with a tissue or handkerchief and make sure people around you also follow the same. - avoid public places, crowded areas and unhygienic conditions as ther is a possibility of catching an infection. - if you are feeling sick, stay back at home and take rest so that you can avoid spreading of the disease and even you can recover fast if you take adequate rest. - maintain personnel hygiene by washing your hands before and after eating and after visiting public places.
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Is Vaginal Odour a Sign of STD?

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Is Vaginal Odour a Sign of STD?

Most women have their own distinct smell below the belt. It might be a little embarrassing to know that there is a feminine odor, sometimes foul, in the private parts of a lady. But, it is true that this smell can be a cause of concern as well. Vaginal odour is a symptom for sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea. Besides, a combination of factors including infection of the vaginal tract, unhygiene, gland secretions, sweating and improper clothing are responsible for vaginal odour.

Common reasons for vaginal odour:

  1. Bacterial vaginosis: It is a very common phenomenon. Vagina contains bacteria, which are produced there naturally. Bacterial vaginosis refers to bacterial overgrowth. It leads to vaginal odour. Most women experience this condition at least once during their lifetime, especially in the reproductive years. Though the exact cause behind its occurrence is unknown, it can occur due to having unprotected sex or frequent douching.
  2. Yeast Infection: The odour caused due to yeast infection is not very strong. But it has other symptoms like white vaginal discharge and itching. The discharge looks like cottage cheese and is caused due to the excess growth of yeast named Candida. There might be a burning sensation at the time of having sex or urination.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases: Vaginal odour is a symptom for STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  4. Vaginal odour can intensify after having sex: It can also be caused due to inflammation of the pelvic region.

When is vaginal odour a signal for STDs?

Vaginal odour is normal, but you need to watch out for other symptoms to be sure that whether or not you are infected with STDs. If you have vaginal discharge, painful urination and difficulty in having sexual intercourse, there is a possibility of developing STDs. In case of STDs, the discharge is bloody or brown in colour.

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Hi, I have loose stools, stomach infection, I am taking yogurt tablet, is it going medication. Or any better one please prescribe.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), PG Dip Panchakarma, PG Dip Ksharsutra for piles,pilonidal sinus and fistula management , Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Administration (PGDHA), Certificate in Diabetes update
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Hay loose stools can happen with so many conditions so please share since when, is it foul smell, is feverish, sticky/red seen in stools. If those due to indigestion/food allergy/. Yogurt tab will work well. Or else you need to consult in person as to maintain hydration with ors.
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Hello, I am 22, male had some burning sensation while urinating, I thought it was because of body heat, so I had tender coconut today morning. Now when I went to urinate I found traces of blood in urine. Burning sensation is also there, second time I found some semi solid blood in urine. What may be the problem? How to deal with it?

General Physician, Delhi
Blood in urine could be due to- urinary tract infection urinary stone or some injury. Foods or medicines also lead to red colored urine eg beetroot. I would suggest you to - drink plenty of liquids orally. Take alkaliser 2tsf in water twice daily. Get your urine routine and urine culture test done. If required, consult with the reports.
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