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Dr. Bharti Chaugule


Gynaecologist, Mumbai

32 Years Experience
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Dr. Bharti Chaugule MD Gynaecologist, Mumbai
32 Years Experience
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
More about Dr. Bharti Chaugule
Dr. Bharti Chaugule is a popular Gynaecologist in Mira Road, Mumbai. She has helped numerous patients in her 32 years of experience as a Gynaecologist. She is a qualified MD . You can visit her at Anand Maternity And Nursing Home in Mira Road, Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Bharti Chaugule on has a nexus of the most experienced Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MD - Pune University - 1986
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Is it normal to have a brown discharge or bleeding between two periods after stopping oral contraceptives from last period cycle? For how many days it may lasts? If not normal then what may be the reasons ?

fellow in Obstetric Medicine , MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
Is it normal to have a brown discharge or bleeding between two periods after stopping oral contraceptives from last p...
Hello, this can happen in few women after stopping the pill however it shud settle in a month or so. However if therez persistent bleeding or heavy bleeding kindly consult a gynaecologist.
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Sex During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? My wife early stages of first months pregnancy.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, You may go for sex even upto 9th month of pregnancy ,maintaining all safety measures in this regards. Tk, care.
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Hello doctor. I am having nipples become hard very often. What should i do to hide them?

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Ludhiana
Hard nipple is very common & really it's a big problem to conceal it. But there is no medical/ permanent solution for this. You have to use padded bra / silicon pads meant for this purpose and these are not harmful but never ever use plastic tape or bend aid etc (i learnt from my patients) these things will damage the skin.
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Make Your Summer Cool with These Cool Fruits

B.Sc. - Dietitics/Nutrition,
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Make Your Summer Cool with These Cool Fruits

As we know summer is going to start means it is  end of winter. It generally starts from March till June. This is hottest season.

Our god has beautiful creation that food given to us according to season. Here I want to discuss about fruit which we should must consume during summer season. They protect from dehydration and keep nourished more than ever:-

1: Mango: This is the kung of all fruits. Specially it is summer fruit. IT contains 81 gm of water,0.6 gm of protein,0.4 gm of protein,17 gm of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and some antioxidants.It prevent constipation, manage heart problem, Treat anaemia, contribute in  hair growth.

2: Watermelons: Containing 95.8 gm of water and very little carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins. This is rich source of iron about 8 gm .It contains lycopene which makes our skin young and prevent cancer.

3: Muskmelon: Musk melons are a powerhouse of health. It containing so many nutrients like Carbohydrate, Protein, Dietary Fibre, Sodium, Vitamin, Folic Acid, Niacin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Carotenoids. It has a super high percentage of water, available in summer give cooling and hydrating effect. Their seeds contain many health benefits as well.

4: Grapes: One of the best fruit for summer containing 79 % water, vitamins, minerals. A poly-phenolic phytochemical compound (a antioxidants) found which protect from heart disease, nerve disease, Alzheimer, Anaemia, viral and fungal disease. It contains those nutrients which are equivalent to mother milk.

5: Lychee: A juicy fruit lychee have been said treasure of nutrients like carbohydrate, vit-c, vit-A, vit—B complex, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. These are best for skin health i.e pimples and wrinkles. They also contain betacarotein, oligonol which keep our heart healthy. They are best remedy for cancers, cough, cold, sore-throat and also helpful in weight reduction.

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Are using senaitizer harmful or not? And Which one is good for kids or adult. please reply me.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Are using senaitizer harmful or not?
And Which one is good for kids or  adult. please reply me.
Good or not , no comments with dust and pollution around. Wipe your hands with sanitizer of any variety but there are germs in environment affecting the health workers more than patients and attendants in clinics and hospitals. Wash hands with any soap with foam & make it a habit. Keep environment clean through other means also.
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Honey - How To Spot If It Is Fake Or Not?

Unani Specialist, Delhi
Honey - How To Spot If It Is Fake Or Not?

Honey is packed with nutrients and is really delicious to eat. It can be easily added to any diet as a topping, say for fruit salads, ice-creams or as a spread. But are you aware that the jars of this tasty golden liquid could sometimes not be honey at all but syrup that tastes exactly like honey?

In order to boost profits, some producers of honey might dilute their product with adulterants such as flour, sand, and chalk or even syrup or molasses. Listed below are a few simple tips that can help you determine whether the product you are buying is genuine.

  1. Read the label: In addition to buying well-known and reputed brands of honey, ensure that you check the label for the logo and brand name. This will guarantee that the jar you pickup is not only good quality but also genuine. The label on the jar should list only one ingredient, honey, no additives, or flavourings.
  2. The warm water test: Add a spoon of honey to a glass of warm water. If the honey is pure when you stir this mixture the honey will sink to the bottom of the glass as a lump or stick to the spoon. If the honey is adulterated with any kind of syrup it will dissolve in the water.
  3. The thumb test: Put a drop of honey on your thumb. If it spreads or dips then it is not pure. Pure honey is thick and would remain on your thumb.
  4. The flame test: Dip a dry matchstick in honey, then strike the matchbox. If the matchstick lights with ease and continues to burn then the honey is pure. Due to the moisture present in adulterants, a matchstick dipped in fake honey will not light easily.
  5. The foam test: Add 2-3 drops of vinegar essence to the honey and mix well. If it becomes foamy after 2-3 minutes then the product you have purchased is not pure.
  6. The tissue paper test: Put a drop of honey on a piece of tissue paper, if it gets absorbed and leaves a wet or water mark on the paper then it is adulterated.

You might sometimes be able to spot fake honey by its taste and smell, though not always. Honey being a natural product and got from the nectar of different flowers it might not always taste the same. It would also be difficult to taste the product before you buy it if it comes in a sealed bottle or jar. Therefore, it might be beneficial to buy branded or organic products to ensure that the honey you buy is pure. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Unani practitioner.

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Bleaching: Extra-White Teeth

Dentist, Delhi
Bleaching: Extra-White Teeth

Everybody wants that perfect smile showing off pearly white teeth, but not many have it. There is a constant try to improve the smile by making the teeth whiter and brighter. Teeth can be discolored intrinsically or extrinsically. They acquire different shades and sometimes even different colors like brown and black, making them stand out as extremely odd. Teeth change color either due to intrinsic or extrinsic reasons. Intrinsic is when minerals like fluoride get incorporated into the tooth, giving it white irregular spots. Aging also causes intrinsic staining, turning them to a pale yellow shade. This is more difficult to remove than the extrinsic coloring. Also, teeth change color due to extrinsic causes like food substances, smoking, medications, tobacco usage, poor oral hygiene, etc.

The introduction of tooth bleaching came as boon to those who were unhappy with their teeth color. Whitening can also be done in the dentist's office or at home by the patients themselves. Though over-the-counter bleaching agents are available, it is always advised to consult a dentist and then choose the appropriate material. The time of each application and the duration of the entire treatment are best decided by the dentist. The product provided by the dentist would be stronger and will produce quicker results than the ones available in the market.

At Home Bleaching: The dentist will take impressions of upper the lower jaws and fabricate customized trays. The right material is then chosen, which is applied on these trays and left in place for the desired amount of time. This needs to be repeated for a time decided by the dentist depending on how much whitening is desired. The desired color is usually achieved in about 4 weeks' time.

In-House Bleaching: This will require multiple visits to the dentist, usually about 1 to 3, of about 30 to 90 minutes each. The gums are first protected and then the bleaching agent is applied. It could require laser for activation in some cases. If the desired color is not achieved, it could be followed by a couple of applications at home. In some cases, there could be minor complications including gum irritation and increased tooth sensitivity. This is caused by the hydrogen peroxide, which is the standard component in all bleaching agents. The whitening process can be repeated at desired intervals to add that extra sparkle. Once the trays are fabricated, the bleaching agent can be used multiple times.

Teeth Whitening: Why You Should Talk to Your Dentist:

  1. Tooth bleaching can make teeth temporarily sensitive or be uncomfortable for people who already have sensitive teeth. When used incorrectly, home kits can also lead to burned and even temporarily bleached gums.
  2. Tooth whitening works best for people with yellow teeth and is less effective for people with brown teeth. If your teeth are gray or purple, tooth bleaching probably won't work at all.
  3. To be sure of tooth whitening is worth your time and money, talk to your dentist before you use an over-the-counter tooth whitening kit.

If you are not happy with the color of your teeth, talk to your dentist about what is the best method to change their color. The results could leave you surprised with a white, bright smile.

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सिर्फ आधा नींबू और चेहरा करेगा हरदम ग्लो!

Ayurveda, Delhi
सिर्फ आधा नींबू और चेहरा करेगा हरदम ग्लो!

नींबू का इस्तेमाल लगभग हर घर में किया जाता है और यह आसानी से मिल भी जाते है। वैसे तो नींबू किसी में मौसम में मिल जाता है लेकिन गर्मियों में इसका इस्तेमाल ज्यादा किया जाता है। कुछ लोग नींबू पानी पीकर अपनी गर्मी को दूर भगाने की कोशिश करते है तो कुछ नींबू के रस से घर की सफाई आदि करते है। वहीं नींबू के कुछ ब्यूटी फायदे भी होते है। दरअसल, नींबू में ऐसे न्यूट्रिएंट्स होते हैं जो चेहरे की रंगत निखारने का काम करते है। चलिए आज हम सिर्फ आधे नींबू से होने वाले कुछ ब्यूटी फायदों के बारे में बताते है, जिनके बारे में शायद ही आप जानते होगे।

1.बेसन में नींबू का रस मिलाकर लगाने से दाग-धब्बे दूर होगे। साथ ही चेहरे की चमक बढ़ेगी।
2. दही में नींबू का रस मिलाकर लगाने से रूखे बाल भी शाइन करने लगते है।
3. नींबू के छिलके को दांतों पर रगड़ने से उनका पीलापन दूर होता है।
4. आलू के रस में नींबू का रस मिलकार कोहनी और गर्दन पर लगाएं इससे उनके रंग में निखार आएगा।
5. ऑयली स्किन के कारण चेहरे पर पिंपल और ब्लैकहेड्स की समस्या देखने को मिलती है। ऐसे में नींबू में पाया जाने वाला साइट्रिक एसिड स्किन पर मौजूद जमे तेल के अणुओं दूर करता है। नींबू को पानी में मिलकार कॉटन की मदद से चेहरे पर लगाएं।


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