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Dr. Banika Veera

Dentist, Mumbai

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Dr. Banika Veera Dentist, Mumbai
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Banika Veera is an experienced Dentist in Parel, Mumbai. She is currently practising at Maru Hospital in Parel, Mumbai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Banika Veera on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Ma gums are bleeding and got cut on gums very deep it's not panning but what could be the problem

MFDS RCPS (Glasgow), MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, BDS
Dentist, Delhi
I think you might have fairly advanced gum disease. You need to consult a dentist for more definitive recommendations regarding treatment options.
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I have jaw locking problem since 2011. Everytime I open my mouth cracking sound comes from left jaw. It pains sometimes. What shall I do?

Dentist, Hyderabad
You need to show a oral medicine specialist/maxillofacial surgeon for analysis before your problem can be diagnosed and treated.
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I have had scaling on my teeths and had removed all the plaque present on it. But in a month plaque is again coming back on my teeths. I brush 2 times day and flosh once by plax. Still plaque is sticking around. So can anyone help me please to stop this.

Dentist, Pune
Maintenance seems good don't worry, plaque formation on teeth is daily natural process after you consume food, I would recommend you to add dietary fibre foods like cabbage etc. And fruits to keep natural cleaning, besides every 6 month professional scaling.
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Hello sir I am suffering from bleeding from the teeth for 2year but I didn't pay attention on it. Now what should I do. Please suggest.

Dentist, Bangalore
Hello, bleeding from teeth can be due to many reasons. The most common being deposition of plaque and calculus which has caused your gums to get inflammed and hence it is bleeding. You may have to visit a dentist and get a professional cleaning done and after that follow good oral hygiene practices of brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing. Hope this helped.
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If I won't eat anything. The mouth is filling with bad smell. How could I reduce it.

Dentist, Gurgaon
use a mouth wash like chlohex plus rinse two times for one month... the bad smell might reduce or at times the cause of bad breath is gastric roblems as well i hope you dont have them.. if yes then kindly consult a physician for that..
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, I have bad breath problems. Come out to my mouth. I can brush twice a day "but I have problem of bad breath" what is reason I don't know,

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
Get scaling polishing done by a dentist than brush twice daily especially at night use betadine mouth wash drink plenty of water.
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I have severe tooth ache in molars fir last 3 days. There is no cavity. Please advice some home remedy.

Dentist, Chandigarh
Well you have toothache in one or two teeth or whole arch is suffering. Treatment vary according to conditions.
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I had a hit on my lower jaw with a football, while playing. Its about two months it pains in the left joint of jaw while opening mouth and chewing food. I earlier had been hit but it never felt this way. Whats wrong.

MDS - Orthodontics
Dentist, Faridabad
You would have come across the any hair line fracture of jaw or ligament tear at the time of injury. It will on its own now, avoid opening the mouth too much, hot fomentation of jaw joints is advisable 3 times daily using towel soaked in warm water.
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My sister milk teeth which was fallen out last year is not yet coming. What is the reason for this? Can I have any solution for this?

Dentist, Batala
You have not mention the age of your sister so how can i help you. But there are some facts which can help you to understand. The permanent teeth comes in two phases. 1st phase is from 6 years to 10 years and the second from 10 to 13 years. Mostly it goes like that but can vary.
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The Best Vitamins & Minerals For Your Teeth

Dentist, Gurgaon
The Best Vitamins & Minerals For Your Teeth

The tooth may look a tiny structure, but is a very complicated one. Structurally, it has very high concentrations of minerals and vitamins, all essential for optimal dental health. Reduced or increased amounts of these substances can lead to obvious defects in the teeth, which may impair aesthetics and sometimes even the functioning of the tooth.
While calcium is one mineral that would immediately come to mind, there are a lot of other vitamins and minerals too which play a significant role both in tooth formation and in optimal dental health. Listed below are some of these, along with their role in dental health.


  1. Vitamin A: Often associated with vision, vitamin A is essential for production of good amount of saliva which maintains healthy mucous membranes. Reduced saliva increases predisposition to decay and gum disease and also increases bad breath.
  2. Vitamin D: Needless to say, with the strength of the jaw bones, a good amount of calcium is required to boost bone mineral density.
  3. Vitamin C: The gums have connective tissue fibers which help bind the tooth to the jaw bone. For good strength of the connective tissue, vitamin C is important. Therefore, vitamin C deficiency can lead to tooth mobility and even tooth loss in severe cases.
  4. Vitamin B complex: There are too many people who would have popped a multivitamin to ward off mouth sores. Niacin and riboflavin especially are essential for optimal mucosal health and reduce inflammation.
  5. Vitamin K: This has multiple roles to play. It helps in improving the body's healing process, blocks substances that break down bone, promotes bone strength, and reduces bleeding disorders.
  6. Minerals: There is a long list of minerals that are essential for optimal dental health, as below:
  7. Calcium: From strong enamel to jaw bone, calcium is extremely important for the tooth to be fully formed. Calcium deficiency can result in hypoplastic teeth that are more prone for chipping and decay.
  8. Potassium: Needed to improve bone mineral density. It also works in conjunction with magnesium and prevents from the blood turning too acidic. Acidic blood can suck out calcium from teeth and bones.
  9. Fluoride: Proven to be the anti-decay magic medicine, fluoride reduces the incidence of tooth decay. Fluoride gels are applied for children to promote remineralization of enamel which may have initial caries.
  10. Phosphorus: Provides support to calcium and potassium in bone formation.
  11. Iron: Required for keeping red blood cell count at a good level and fighting infections.
  12. Iodine: This trace mineral is required for absorption of calcium and potassium that is essential for tooth formation.
  13. Zinc: Naturally found in saliva, it fights against plaque formation and subsequent infections.

For optimal dental function, ensure your diet has these essential nutrients.

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Hi sir my name is chaitanya I have a problem with my teeth. My teeth was turning into yellow why I don't know please give a solution to solve my problem.

Advanced Aesthetics, BDS
Dentist, Mumbai
Hi, you need to get a professional cleaning done. If that does not help then you may go for teeth whitening.
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I have been suffering from teeth pain when ever I have drink cold water. What is the problem. Which medicine is better to solve.

MDS - Periodontics
Dentist, Navi Mumbai
Maybe due to attrition of teeth or tooth decay. Try using sensodyne toothpaste for instant relief. Tooth decay will need a filling.
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Sir I am suffering from a problem of mouth ulcers frim a regular interval os time specially in summers What should I do four it.

Dentist, Guna
U r suffering frm apthouse ulcers many reasons can cause dis type ulcers dehydration, stress, poor oral hygiene, iron deficiency, bacterial infection, vitamin deficiency and gastric problem and many others take more and more water, live sterss free avoid late night work, take good sleep, keep mouth and teeth clean, go for professtional cleansing of teeth if needfull, if not relieved by dis activity take good multivitamin after consulting a dentist, if req go for hb% examination and take care of gastric problem if.
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Sir I am a 21 year old student. My teeth were some blackens spotting. Please me what do I?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
We need more investigations with clinical examination to decide upon treatment. You may need cleaning and artificial enamel filling or root canal treatment. Advance procedures can be done with laser. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months for cleaning and a thorough dental check-up. Limit sugary food to avoid tooth decay. Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush. Tooth brush to be changed every 2 months.
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I am 22 year old female, I got scaling done and now I am using chlorhexidine mouthwash it's causing blackening of my teeth. Please tell me how can I whiten my teeth now and how should I use it so that it doesn't cause blackening of my teeth.

Mouthwash you have to not use frequently, because it has a adverse effect on your teeth as you said. For whitning off your teeth you have to go for bleaching.

I do smoke about 8-10 cigarettes daily. And having a small white patch in my mouth on left side. Persistent since last one year. Seen it to a dentist. But no effect. Please tell me what I need to do to check it. And how to quit smoking medically. I want to quit.

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, MA In Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Pune
First need to meet psychiatrist regarding the addiction of smoking. If you want to quit your addiction of smoking, you need to be create self confidence first thhat you can stay without taking smoking. After quit the smoking you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Don't worry, it happens with everyone, but also depends upon the quantity of the taken addiction. Psychiatrist will help you to treat your withdrawal. You can also join narcotics anonymous meeting. Where you can meet the people who have the same problem that you have, you can get help from na member abt how to deal with your craving of smoking. Best luck & need to fully stop your addiction.
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I have face a problem pyria in my teeth. please give me information about it how to remove it.& suggest any teeth gel.

oral implantology, BDS
Dentist, Jaipur
Pyorrhoea is a condition of infected gums. To know the extent and severity of disease you must get one opg x ray done. Scaling and polishing is done to start the treatment. If required go for flap therapy and bone graft.
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Dentist, Gurgaon
Sensitivity is a big problem, if you are facing this problem try to use a sensitive paste for a week and if sensitivity persists then you must visit a dentist. Sensitivity can be due to many reasons like:
a) cervical abrasion which happens due to incorrect brushing technique
b) fractured filling
c) chipped tooth
d) dental caries/cavity
e) using a very hard brush
f) gum recession
g) capping a vital tooth
h) improperly done RCT etc
Try to visit a dentist as soon as possible to rule out the etiology behind sensitivity.

I have yellowish fluorosis marks on my teeth. Suggest me any tip for removing those marks.

BDS, MDS - Orthodontics
Dentist, Gurgaon
Can not be removed by brushing. Consult dentist for microabrassion or veneers depending on severity of problem.
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Dentist, Gadchiroli
To lessen the degree of pain or soreness in the mouth during the orthodontic treatment, you can gargle with 8 ounces of lukewarm water with one teaspoonful of salt dissolved in it. Swish it around your mouth and then spit it out. It will dull the pain and provide relief.
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