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Aniket Bachhav

Aniket Bachhav

Ayurvedic Doctor2 Years Exp.
Md panchkarma scholer
 at clinic
20 online

Personal Statement

I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment more

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  • Ayurvedic Doctor

Other treatment areas

  • Panchakarma


  • Md panchkarma scholer , saptashrungi college, of ayurveda Nashik , 2022

Clinic Location

samrat Ayurveda, mhada colony lig 34-35 mhada colony, ambernath east

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Question and Answers


Kaushal Kumari

female • 26 Year Old • May 18, 2022 • Aligarh

मेरे चहरे पर झाइयां गयी है मेरी उम्र 26 है अभी unmarried हूँ मुझे कोई देसी इलाज बताये जिससे ये पूरी तरह से खत्म हो जाये

Aniket B Bachhav

2 years ago

Your digestive system must be good. Make sure you empty ypur bowl every day. Of. Take gandharv haritaki churna २ spoon with water at night for ५ days. २ spoon of cow ghe full answer



male • 21 Year Old • May 04, 2022 • Haldwani

I ejaculate 4 times a week, will it cause any negative impact on my brain such as memory loss or lack of concentration etc?

Aniket Bachhav

2 years ago

Not at all, but it will impact on your health if you do it more than that, it will coz you drowsiness, weakness as you will feel sleepy all the day, thing which you do m full answer


Prasanna Malla

male • 20 Year Old • May 03, 2022 • Visakhapatnam

I am 20 years old l am married but my problem is i'm not able understand and adjust so I am decided is there any possibility of memory loss.

Aniket B Bachhav

2 years ago

This is completely depends on your psycology, talk with your close ones, will definitely get you answer. You can use ayurvedic med, with yoga and pranayam, but you shoul full answer