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Ever Shine Skin Clinic, Mumbai

Ever Shine Skin Clinic

Dermatologist Clinic

No.2-B, Evershine Nagar Rd, Evershine Nagar, Malad West, Mumbai Mumbai
1 Doctor · ₹500
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Ever Shine Skin Clinic Dermatologist Clinic No.2-B, Evershine Nagar Rd, Evershine Nagar, Malad West, Mumbai Mumbai
1 Doctor · ₹500
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Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you....more
Customer service is provided by a highly trained, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.
More about Ever Shine Skin Clinic
Ever Shine Skin Clinic is known for housing experienced Dermatologists. Dr. Neha Anand Gadodia, a well-reputed Dermatologist, practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for Dermatologists recommended by 63 patients.


03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


No.2-B, Evershine Nagar Rd, Evershine Nagar, Malad West, Mumbai
Malad West Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400064
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Doctor in Ever Shine Skin Clinic

Dr. Neha Anand Gadodia

DNB - Dermatology & Venereology, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
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Hairloss - What Causes It?

BHMS, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) & PGDMT
Homeopath, Calicut
Hairloss - What Causes It?

Hair loss or baldness is one of the most common problems that people suffer from. It refers to the condition where you lose excess hair from either a part of your head or the entirety of it. Doctors state that, on an average, losing about 100 hairs each day is normal and the volume of hair you lose is replaced by new strands of hair. However, this is not always the case. The problem starts when you don’t regrow hair on the scalp. The medical term for this condition is Alopecia. Hair loss can gradually develop over the years or can happen abruptly.

Although hair loss can affect anyone, older men are more likely to be affected by this condition. About 65% of men experience baldness or hair loss problem by the age 60.

What are the causes for losing hair?
People typically shed about 100 hairs per day which is part of normal hair growth cycle. This usually goes unnoticed since new hair grows in at the same time. Hair loss occurs when this cycle is disrupted- when the hair follicle is damaged or scarred and fails to generate new hair.

Hair loss can be either temporary or permanent. Several factors are responsible for hair loss problems, the most common one being heredity or family history of alopecia. Hormonal changes due to thyroid problems, menopause or pregnancy can cause you to lose large volumes of hair. If you’ve been on medications or supplements for a long time, then you may experience hair loss or thinning of hair as a result of the side effects of certain drugs.

Aggressive radiation therapy used in cancer treatment often leads to excess hair loss and new hair may not grow the same way as before. Apart from these, an emotional or physical shock, stress, poor diet can also trigger hair loss and thinning of hair in people.

What are the symptoms?
Symptoms and signs of hair loss include- patchy or circular bald spots on the scalp, gradual thinning of hair on top of the head, scaly patches all over the scalp, loosening of hair etc. For instance, you may notice clumps of hair on the towel or in the drain after washing your hair.

Role of homeopathy in treating hair loss problems-
Depending on the causes, homeopathy offers a wide range of treatment options for hair loss. Unlike other conventional treatment methods, homeopathy studies the patient’s detailed case history in order to identify the root cause. Once the actual cause is evaluated, the patient is prescribed suitable medications for the condition. Certain medications prepared from extracts of all-natural components- herbs, minerals and others- are used in the treatment. Essential oils extracted from Burdock roots have been used for centuries to reduce hair loss problems. Homeopathy remedies that are derived from ink of cuttlefish, are very effective in dealing with hair loss problems faced by women post pregnancy or due to hormonal changes.

Alopecia or hair loss at a young age can be embarrassing for most people- you lose confidence in yourself, avoid socializing with people and may even slip into depression. So it’s strongly advisable that you consult a doctor if you encounter the symptoms mentioned above. Since homeopathy remedies are prepared from natural substances- living organisms, herbs, medicinal plants, minerals etc. - they are completely safe and do not adversely affect your health. Homeopathic medicines are easily available over-the-counter as well.

Baldness - How Effective Is Ayurveda In It?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Gwalior
Baldness - How Effective Is Ayurveda In It?

Ayurveda, translated into science of life and longevity, has been practised in India for more than 5000 years old and has gained worldwide popularity. It uses noninvasive and natural methods and produces minimal side effects and therefore is being widely accepted.

Ayurveda believes that the body is made of pitta, vata, and kapha doshas. Any disease is the result of imbalance between these or predominance of one over the others. Hair loss or alopecia is believed to be imbalance in the pitta dosha. This leads to slower hair growth, weak hair, and greater hair fall rate.

Something that affects image and self-esteem, many would like to cure or at least halt baldness. There are various treatment options that have a dual effect on baldness - reduce hair fall and promote hair growth, thereby providing a holistic treatment for baldness.

Bhringraj Oil (Eclipta Elba): Used since centuries ago, it promotes the normal hair growth cycle in an accelerated way.  It activates a large number of hair follicles and therefore the regular application is believed to help prevent alopecia (baldness).

Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica): While baldness has many reasons, dandruff is one of the most important and common causes. Amla is added to many hair oil formulations because of its proven effectiveness to reduce dandruff. It acts on the fungi that thrive on the scalp and reduces inflammation of the scalp.

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna): Another very popular herb is the Shikakai. Used as a hair cleansing agent by many people, it is devoid of the chemical effect that shampoos carry. The pods are proven to prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. 

Tectona Grandis: Another active ingredient of Ayurvedic formulations, the seeds of Tectona promote growth and development of hair follicles. A large number of follicles are activated, thereby producing thicker, fuller hair. 

Cuscuta Reflexa Another reason for baldness is hormonal imbalance, especially in males. Abnormalities with androgen, the male hormone, can trigger abnormal hair loss. Adding cuscuta has been proven to reverse baldness by promoting a better anagen/telogen ratio where hair follicle maturation happens.  In baldness cases, maturation happens only in about 20% of the follicles. Cuscuta activates the follicles and increases follicular density.  It also manages the hormonal imbalance by preventing the conversion of testosterone into a variant called dihydrotestestone that is believed to cause the damage.

While these and various other substances are believed to reducTectona Grandise baldness and promote hair growth, it is always important to remember that each body will respond differently to these substances. Thorough physical examination and a detailed history should be done before starting any of these products. 

Hair Fall - What Are The Causes Behind It?

Homeopath, Vadodara
Hair Fall - What Are The Causes Behind It?

Witnessing broken strands of hair on the towel or on the comb after having a bath is certainly not a pleasant sight. Every other person these days is exposed to hair fall problems, irrespective of age and gender. Studies reveal that 40% of women and 40% of men experience hair fall by the ages of 50 years and 35 years respectively.


Some of the common causes of hair fall include-

  • Genetic/family history
  • Hormonal changes during PCOSmenopause or pregnancy
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Stress/depression
  • Critical illness treatment like chemotherapy
  • Underlying conditions such as thyroid or lupus
  • Certain medications like antidepressants
  • Poor lifestyle choice

Apart from these, other factors may also cause hair fall.

Many people fall for hair styling techniques including blow drying, straightening and smoothening. They certainly make you look good, but frequent use of such hair care techniques and chemical products damage your hair follicles. This eventually leads to hair fall.

How is the condition diagnosed?

Persistent loss of hair usually indicates a repressed health issue. In that case, it is important to determine the actual cause of the condition. For that, your doctor may use any of the following techniques-

  1. Physical examination of your overall health
  2. Biopsy of the scalp (if he suspects an autoimmune skin disease)

Treating hair fall with Homeopathy-

Millions of people including doctors claim that Homeopathy is an effective treatment method of curing both chronic and acute health conditions.

  1. Unlike conventional methods that only focus on treating the symptoms of a condition, Homeopathy works to identify the root cause of the condition and eliminates it from within, thereby preventing its recurrence.
  2. Homeopathy attempts to improve your metabolism and correct your digestive system, thereby promoting healthy hormones. Healthy hormones play a vital role in reducing hair fall problem.
  3. Homeopathic remedies are extracted from different plants, herbs and natural substances. Medications or supplements prepared from the extracts of shellfish and oyster are rich in zinc, which helps in hair keratin synthesis. Fish oil and Flaxseed oil rich in omega-3 nourish your hair follicles and prevent hair fall and breakage.

The benefits of homeopathic treatment are manifold - it is effective, long lasting and safe, which is why one should consider placing their faith in Homeopathy.

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Chemical Peels - When Are They Required?

DNB (Plastic Surgery), DNB General Surgery, FCPS General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Pune
Chemical Peels - When Are They Required?

Are you bored with how your skin appears? Well, there are techniques to give it a new life. Your skin’s natural baby look can be back with techniques like chemical peels. It is a technique that can improve the appearance of your skin. A chemical solution is put on the skin. It causes the skin to exfoliate and later beef off. The new skin looks smooth and it is free from wrinkles. The new skin is more sensitive to the sun on a temporary basis.

There are three types of chemical peel:

  1. Superficial or Lunchtime Peel: In this technique, alpha-hydroxy acid or some mild acid is made to penetrate into the outer layer of skin. This exfoliates the skin. It helps to deal with mild skin discoloration and rough skin.

  2. Medium Peel: Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid is put on the skin so as to penetrate the middle layers of skin. It removes damaged skin cells. The treatment is used for improving age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. Deep Peel: Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is used for penetrating the middle layer of the skin. It will help in removing moderate lines, and shallow scars.

What must be done before considering a chemical peel?

It is always advisable to consult a cosmetic/plastic surgeon first before taking up the decision to try a chemical peel.

What are the skin flaws that can be treated by chemical peels?

Chemical peels are used for treating a number of skin problems, including the following ones:

  1. Acne scars

  2. Ageing skin

  3. Crow's feet

  4. Scars

  5. Sun damaged skin

  6. Sagging skin

  7. Wrinkles

Who should not take up a chemical peel?

It is generally believed that light-haired and fair-skinned people can go for chemical peels. It doesn’t go well with dark-skinned patients. It is also not recommended for people living with some infection.

My wife gets itchy armpits whenever she takes perfume even away from her armpit. Want to know proper homeopathic medicine for treatment and prevention.

Homeopath, Una
My wife gets itchy armpits whenever she takes perfume even away from her armpit. Want to know proper homeopathic medi...
Namaste, lybrate-user please provide some other symptoms too like is she having any eruption or any bad smell over there it's better if you're proving other symptoms too. Other wise by this your given info give her selenium 30c once in night after meal. Don't forget to feedback. Thank you.

I have rashes and itching problem in my skin. When the whether gets harsh and hot it appears on skin.

Homeopath, Una
I have rashes and itching problem in my skin. When the whether gets harsh and hot it appears on skin.
Hello Lybrate-User, I have the best medicine for you it's sulphur 200 4 pills in the morning after brush. If you want better result can give your daily routine and food habits. Also, use calendula gel into eruption. Thank you. Give feedback.

Lower Face Augmentation!

MD - Skin,VD & Lepxsy
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Lower Face Augmentation!

What Fillers Can Do On Your Face?

  • Restores plumpness to lips
  • Enhances shape of the face
  • Reduces wrinkles and lines
  • Helps contour the face
  • Helps in brow lift, facelift and eye lift
  • Smoothens frown lines
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I am using valbet cream for pigmentation. Is it right or not please tell me about this cream.

Dermatologist, Chennai
I am using valbet cream for pigmentation. Is it right or not please tell me about this cream.
No, it contains steroid. Which is Very dangerous. Alternate safe cream available. Do direct online consultation for prescription by sending photo.
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My father is suffering lipoma in neck small size. What we do treatment surgery or medicine.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Pune
My father is suffering lipoma in neck small size. What we do treatment surgery or medicine.
If it is confirmed that it is a lipoma nothing need be done on an urgent basis. It is non progressive and the only effects are cosmetic. So surgery is not mandatory.
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