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Sejal Building, First Floor, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West. Landmark: Opposite Chitragupt Mumbai
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Belle Vue Nursing Home Gynaecologist Clinic Sejal Building, First Floor, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West. Landmark: Opposite Chitragupt Mumbai
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Belle Vue Nursing Home is known for housing experienced Gynaecologists. Dr. Sanket, a well-reputed Gynaecologist, practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for Gynaecologists recommended by 107 patients.


Sejal Building, First Floor, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West. Landmark: Opposite Chitragupt
Andheri West Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400058
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Sexual Dysfunction In Males

Sexologist, Noida
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The most common problems related to sexual dysfunction in men are erectile dysfunction , ejaculation disorders and inhibited sexual desire. These can be corrected by treating the underlying physical or psychological causes.

Penis Rash: Likely Causes And Effective Remedies

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Rash: Likely Causes And Effective Remedies

Penis Rash: Likely Causes and Effective Remedies

The human skin can be susceptible to problems like rashes. These can often be easily treated using topical medications. But if a rash appears on sensitive body parts such as the penis, there could be cause for concern. Failure to treat rashes and other problems in this delicate area can lead to more serious issues. To better care for this sensitive body part, it's important to be aware of some common causes for penis rash, as well as the recommended treatments.

- Razor Bumps ­- As suggested by the name, these red, itchy spots usually appear after shaving the hair around the penis. However, this is not as serious as it can be perceived, as razor bumps are simply the result of irritated skin and can be remedied easily. Experts suggest shaving after taking a shower, when the skin is soft, and applying shaving gel for moisturizing. Shaving towards the direction of hair growth is also recommended.

- Jock Itch - This is another common problem that most men have to deal with on a regular basis. Prevalent most especially among athletes, jock itch is caused by a fungus that thrives in warm, moist areas. It can cause a red, spreading, itchy rash that may affect the entire groin area, as well as the thighs. Topical medications such as those used to treat athlete's foot are generally effective for clearing up this condition.

- Contact Dermatitis - This condition is a type of allergic reaction to something in the environment. Most mild cases appear like the run-of-the-mill skin rash, but worse scenarios include fluid-filled bumps that may dry and peel. The most common triggers for contact dermatitis include soaps, laundry detergents, some types of condoms, and even plants and grasses. This condition can be treated by use of topical hydrocortisone ointments. A high-end moisturizer is also recommended to help sooth the itch and minimize drying and flaking.

- Balanitis - Balanitis refers to inflammation of the foreskin and/or glans and is most common among uncircumcised men. It is normally caused mainly by poor hygiene, which allows for the proliferation of bacteria, leading to swelling, soreness, and an itchy, red rash. The best remedy for balanitis is simply cleaning the infected area with a mild cleanser and avoiding the use of scented soaps that may contain irritant chemicals.

- Psoriasis - Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that essentially speeds up the life cycle of skin cells, causing a rapid build-up of dead skin cells on the skin's surface. Genital psoriasis, in particular, comes off as a deep red rash appearing shiny patches at the tip of the penis or on its shaft. Similar to jock itch, it is aggravated by the moisture that is being locked in. Unfortunately, there is no real cure for this condition, but there are methods to keep it under control, such as treatment with oral medications, UV light, and use of crèmes containing vitamins A and E.

Prevention is better than a cure

The penis is one of the most delicates part of a man's body, and it should be given utmost attention when it comes to treatment. Hygiene, of course, will always play a big role, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Daily penis care may be extended beyond simply bathing the area to use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A high-end product containing nutrients such as Vitamins A, B5, C, D3, and E, as well as rich moisturizers such as Shea butter, can be a key solution for maintaining hydration and soothing itchy, dry, reddened skin.

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Nipah Virus

M.Phil - Psychology, BHMS
Nipah Virus

Homeopathic preventive medicine bell-200

Pair Me Sujan Ka Ilaj In Hindi - पैर में सूजन का इलाज

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
Pair Me Sujan Ka Ilaj In Hindi - पैर में सूजन का इलाज

कई बार ऐसा होता है कि पैर की मोटाई सामान्य से ज्यादा हो जाती है इसे ही सामान्य भाषा में 'सूजन' कहा जाता है. ऐसा हमारे शरीर में कुछ उतकों में असामान्य रूप से द्रव इकट्ठा होने के कारण हो जाता है. ये द्रव त्वचा के निचले भाग में भी इकट्ठा हो सकता है. आमतौर पर यह टांगों में ही होता है. पैरों के सूजन, जिसको पीडल इडिमा कहा जाता है, एक सामान्य समस्या है. हालांकि इसमें अक्सर दर्द नहीं होता, लेकिन यह कई बार कष्टदायी हो सकता है और रोजाना की गतिविधियों में रुकावटें डाल सकता है. यह रक्त संचार प्रणाली, लिम्फ नोड्स, या गुर्दों से संबधित समस्याओं का संकेत हो सकता है. वृद्ध् या गर्भवती महिलाओं में यह समस्या काफी आम होती है. सूजन पैरों को हिलाने में कठिनाई पैदा कर सकती है, क्योंकि आपके पैर सुन पड़ जाते हैं. आइए इस लेख के माध्यम से पैरों में होने वाले सूजन को दूर करने के लिए कुछ उपाय जानें.
1. पैरों को हिलायें-डुलायें
शरीर का जो भाग सूजा हुआ है, उसे हिलाएं, जैसे कि टांगें. ऐसा करने से उनमें जमा हुआ रक्त वापस हृदय की तरफ जाने लगता है और इससे सूजन में आराम मिलता है.
2. प्रभावित हिस्से को ऊंचाई पर रखना
दिन में कुछ समय सूजन प्रभावित हिस्सें को ह्रदय (हार्ट) के स्तर से थोड़ी ऊंचाई वाले स्थान पर रखें. इसके साथ ही कुछ मामलों में सोते समय प्रभावित हिस्से को दिल से ऊंचाई पर रखना काफी मददगार होता है.
3. मसाज या मालिश
इसमें प्रभावित स्थान को दिल की तरफ जाने वाली रक्त की गति में सहलाना होता है, लेकिन इसे ज्यादा दबाव के साथ नहीं बल्कि आराम करना चाहिए. इसकी मदद से जमा हुए द्रव को उस जगह से हटाने में मदद मिलती है.
4. दबाव देना
जिस अंग में सूजन हो उसको दबाए रखने के लिए जुराब, मोजे, दस्ताने या स्लीव आदि पहनें. क्योंकि आम तौर पर इनको पहनने से सूजन कम होने में मदद मिलती है एवं ये सूजन को और आगे बढ़ने से रोकते हैं. इसके साथ ही साथ ये प्रभावित त्वचा के उतकों में द्रव को एकत्रित होने से रोकते हैं.
5. सावधानी
सूजन प्रभावित क्षेत्र को साफ, मॉइस्चराइज और किसी भी प्रकार की चोट से मुक्त रखें. क्योकिं सूखी और फटी त्वचा में पपड़ी और संक्रमण की ज्यादा संभावना रहती है. इसलिए अपने पैर में हमेशा सुरक्षात्मक चीजें पहनें रखें, खासकर जिस जगह पर सूजन है.
6. नमक का सेवन कम करें
जब भी आपके पैरों में सूजन की समस्या उत्पन्न हो तो आपको नामक का सेवन कम से कम करना चाहिए. इसका कारण ये है कि नमक द्रव के एकत्रित होने की गति को बढ़ाता है, और सूजन को बढ़ाता है.
7. नियमित रूप से व्यायाम करें
चलना और शारीरिक व्यायाम मांसपेशियों की पंप क्रिया में सुधार करती है और पैर की मांसपेशियों को मजबूत बनाती है. एडिमा के मरीजों को सलाह दी जाती है कि खड़े होने की अवस्था के दौरान अपने शरीर के वजन को पैर के पंजों, एड़ियों तथा उंगलियों पर बराबर बदलते रहना चाहिए.
8. वजन कम करें
यदि आपका शरीर भारी है तो पैरों पर ज्यादा दबाव पड़ता है. इसलिए आपको शरीर का वजन कम करना चाहिए. जिससे कि पैरों शरीर का दबाव कम करता है, जिससे सूजन जैसी समस्याएं भी कम हो जाती हैं.
पैरों में सूजन होने पर ये न करें
अत्याधिक देर तक बैठे या खड़े ना रहें. यात्रा के दौरान खड़े होते रहें और थोड़ा बहुत चलते रहें. अत्याधिक तापमान से टांगों को बचाएं, जैसे बहुत गर्म पानी में नहाना आदि. ठंडे मौसम में गर्म कपड़े पहन कर रखें. मरीज को दिन में कई बार लेटना चाहिए. जब लेटे हों तब अपनी टांगों को हृदय से उपर रखें तथा घुटनों को हल्का मोड़ कर रखें.

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Hello Sir, I am 29 years old .I have hypothyroid since I am 16 years old. Now I am married one year ago. We are planning for kids it has not happened. So I took Appointment for the gynecologist she suggested for all the tests like USG, thyroid and prolactin tests all are normal except my thyroid it is 8.25 TSH. Then she changed my 100 mcg to 125 mcg after that I got my period for 35 days i.e April 12th 2018 previously it is 40 days cycle. Now this month may I didn't get my period till now almost 40 days completed. Am I pregnant or my period is due please let me know sir.

DNB - Obs & GYnae, MBBS, D.G.O - Obs & Gynae, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
Hello Sir, I am 29 years old .I have hypothyroid since I am 16 years old. Now I am married one year ago. We are plann...
You may be pregnant confirm it with home pregnancy test but also because of hypothyroid periods can be irregular if not controled, so get a repeat tsh to see it's normal or you need to increase the dose further .and with pregnancy further the needs to controlled and tsh has to be near 2.5 -3.
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We have 1 year baby. From last 8 month I am unable to get satisfied during sex. Because my wife get satisfaction within second. But after getting satisfaction she opposing me to do the sex still my discharge. So I am unable to get satisfaction .so what we can do.

Sexologist, Delhi
We have 1 year baby. From last 8 month I am unable to get satisfied during sex. Because my wife get satisfaction with...
Start Eating more veggies and fruits avoid smoking, Reduce alcohol intake. Try ‘edging’: When you are almost there (during intercourse or masturbation, stop all sexual activity. Distract yourself for a bit. This way you can gain better control and extend sex time. Eating a banana just before sex could help improve your performance as it contains potassium. It also has a large amount of glucose that can help you last longer. If problem is very serious then concern with well experienced doctor.
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How much chance to getting pregnant through IVF and what are the cost for them. And what are possible cause foe not getting pregnant My wife always complained for pain in right lower abdomen only. No pain in left side between month and also during menstrual cycle. And we trying to conceive from last one year.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Hi lybrate-user. Depending on the cause for infertility IVF success rates are up to 40-50% with our can noter. There are multiple causes for infertility but we cannot say unless we do some investigation. Also depending on what line of treatment you need, the cost would vary.
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I'm 23 years old. I had sex and suddenly take unwanted 72 then my period delayed 12 days .i do pregnancy test but it negative but my partner says to take mogegest kit because we not take any risks. After mifegest not bleed what to do? What is the reason.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
I'm 23 years old. I had sex and suddenly take unwanted 72 then my period delayed 12 days .i do pregnancy test but it ...
Chances of getting pregnant are almost nil and pregnancy test is negative Why take MTP pills kit Already you have taken a lot of hormones through emergency medicine.
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Pain During Intercourse or Penetration - Know The Reasons!

M.A. (Scholar), BHMS
Sexologist, Mumbai
Pain During Intercourse or Penetration - Know The Reasons!

Severe pain during intercourse causes difficulty in a relationship in both partners. Sometimes a sustained occurrence of pain might be an indication of some serious medical dysfunction. As such, consult a doctor as soon as the pain arises. Contrary to popular beliefs, sexual pain can occur in both male and female.

In female, the reasons behind the painful sexual intercourse might be:

  1. Vaginismus, a condition when the vaginal muscles tighten up mainly due to anxiety or fear and cause significant pain with a tearing sensation.
  2. The pain can arise due to vaginal infection due to yeast or any form of sexually transmitted disease or pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  3. A severe injury in the vagina during childbirth or any other accident and psychological stress can also cause severe pain during sex.
  4. Sometimes, uterine or menopause problems (formation of fibroids in the uterus) can also cause pain.
  5. Cyst formation in the ovary or endometriosis (when the inner tissue lining of the uterus tends to grow outside) can also cause severe pain during intercourse.

Among men:

  1. Some men can experience pain during intercourse because of allergy to the fluids of the vagina or the chemical content of certain contraceptives.
  2. You can experience pain because of undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases like herpes or gonorrhea
  3. The pain might also occur due to urinary tract infections or side effects from certain medications.
  4. Severe pain just a few moments before ejaculation can be a result of inflammation of the prostate glands and should be immediately diagnosed as it might be a signal of prostate cancer.

For treating pain during sex in female, you should opt for the following procedures

  1. If the pain is caused due to vaginal dryness after menopause, you should consider the application of prescribed lubricants or jellies to reduce the pain.
  2. If the pain occurs due to severe anxiety or stress, sex therapy can help you improve physical intimacy.
  3. If there are other symptoms like severe bleeding or irregular periods in addition to the pain, a visit to the physician is recommended.

Quite similarly in men

  1. If the pain occurs due to severe anxiety or stress, sex therapy can help you improve physical intimacy.
  2. If the pain results from side effects of certain medications, you should try changing your prescribed medication after doctor’s suggestion.
  3. In extreme cases, the doctors might suggest hormone replacement surgery.
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Pleural Effusion - Most Effective Treatment Methods!

MD - Pulmonary, DTCD
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Pleural Effusion - Most Effective Treatment Methods!

Pleural effusion, in medical terms, is a condition characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fluids in the pleural space. The pleural space is essentially the region between the tissues that form the lining of the lungs and the chest cavity. The fluid that builds up in the pleural space may either be protein-rich (Exudative Pleural Effusions) or watery (Transudative Pleural Effusions) in nature, thus helping doctors ascertain the cause of the pleural effusion.

  1. Exudative Pleural Effusions are often found to be triggered by medical conditions such as Cancer, Inflammatory diseases, Kidney disorder, Pneumonia, or Pulmonary embolism.
  2. Transudative Pleural Effusions, on the other hand, may be triggered by Cirrhosis, Heart Attack and Pulmonary embolism. People undergoing an open heart surgery are also susceptible to Transudative Pleural Effusions.

Further, people with Meigs’ syndrome, autoimmune diseases, congestive heart problems, Chylothorax, Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, or Tuberculosis also stand a higher risk of suffering from pleural effusions.

In most of the affected individuals, pleural effusions trigger

  • Shortness of breath or difficulties in breathing, a condition called Dyspnea.
  • Some individuals also experience chest pain, dry cough, and Orthopnea (difficulty in breathing especially while in lying flat or in a sleeping position).

The first step towards effective treatment includes identifying the underlying health problem that triggered pleural effusions. Doctors work towards

  1. Treating the pleural effusions.
  2. Ensuring that the condition (Pleural effusions) does not recur.
  3. Measures are also taken to treat the health problem that resulted in pleural effusions.

In case of severe breathing troubles, doctors may perform Thoracentesis, an invasive procedure whereby the doctor carefully inserts a needle through the chest wall to drain out the excess fluids that have accumulated in the pleural space. While Thoracentesis is known to produce fruitful results, people with chronic lung disorders or a lung surgery should refrain from this procedure.

In the case of pleural effusions resulting from congestive heart failure, the use of diuretics come as a great relief. To prevent the recurrence of the condition or to deal with malignant pleural effusions, doctors may also opt for Pleural sclerosis or Pleurodesis, which involves the removal of excess pleural fluid from the pleural space.

The doctor slightly irritates the tissues of the pleural lining to create a scar. It is this scarring that results in the fusion of the two pleural layers thus filling the space between the layers and preventing the recurrence of pleural effusion. In malignant pleural effusions, patients may also require chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In extreme cases, doctors may perform Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS). In VATS, ½ -inch long incisions (1-2) are made to drain out the pleural fluid. To avoid recurrence of the effusion, an antibiotic or a sterile talc is placed inside during the surgery.

In case of pleural effusion resulting in infection at the pleural space, an Open Thoracic Surgery (Thoracotomy) is carried out to treat the condition.

While there are several treatment methods for pleural effusion, proper identification of the underlying cause is imperative to recommend the line of treatment best suited for the patient.

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