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Diabetes - How To Control It Using Our Diet?

Diabetes - How To Control It Using Our Diet?

A lifestyle disease such as diabetes is never nice to have, isn’t it? Hence, when a person is suffering from diabetes, he/she must include something to his diet and cut off the consumption of some specific foods to avoid serious health hazards. So, what should be the diet for a person suffering from diabetes? Have a look at the options:

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day as it kicks off the metabolism for the day. Having a large breakfast is quite important so as to take care of the body, but this only makes sense if the food that is being eaten for breakfast is healthy enough. It is quite a good idea to have some porridge. While it is true that porridge is a carbohydrate-rich food item, what it also has a great amount of soluble fibre. In fact, this sort of fibre takes some time to digest, so it reduces the pangs of hunger, which would have normally made a person eat unhealthy junk and fast food.

In a world of food that is processed, packaged and picked up from the supermarket, people are just not eating the correct amount of fruits and vegetables as they should. What is important to keep in mind is that vegetables are to be had in multiple portions on a daily basis, but these vegetables must be low in starch content. This means that for a person who has diabetes, vegetables which should not be eaten include potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas as well as corn

On the other hand, the sort of vegetables which are to be eaten includes broccoli and spinach. Spinach is also very good for increasing the level of haemoglobin in the blood. Also, making use of cinnamon extract is good as it has the potential to cut a person’s sugar levels by up to a tenth.

While it is not true that potatoes and other starchy foods should be completely avoided, a diabetic person should watch the amount of them that is being consumed by him or her. The reason for this is that starch-filled vegetables have high amounts of carbohydrates, which are generally responsible for raising the level of blood sugar. This is surely the last thing a diabetic person would want or need.

If you notice, strawberries have some sugar content, but they are a lot better than biscuits and other snacks. So in case, a diabetic person wants to nibble on something, sweet fruits are always a better option.

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Gums Bleeding - How To Avoid Them?

Gums Bleeding - How To Avoid Them?

Though it may be very common, spitting out blood while brushing; however, is not normal. Bleeding gums can be an early sign of gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease and hence should never be ignored. It can also be a symptom of scurvy. Plaque, when accumulated over time can lead to the inflammation of gums. Vigorous brushing or flossing over these inflamed gums can make them bleed. 

Other causes of bleeding gums can include:

Regular dental checkups are essential to maintain healthy gums. A tooth clean up will rid your mouth of plaque and tartar that cause gum infections. Apart from that, here are a few things you can do at home. 

1. Eat a healthy diet
Avoiding excessive sugar can help keep your gums and teeth healthier. Replace this sugar with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. This gives your gums the necessary nutrients. Chewing raw vegetables can also improve blood circulation in your gums and can help treat bleeding gums. Boosting your intake of vitamin A, C, calcium and magnesium can also keep your gums healthy. 

2. Dental routine
Brushing and flossing regularly are crucial to good dental health. This removes harmful bacteria that trigger dental infections. Make it a habit to brush and floss at least twice a day. The way you brush also makes a difference. Brush both sides of your teeth in an upwards - downwards movement instead of going from side to side. Also, pay attention to the condition of your toothbrush. Change your toothbrush every six months and pick a soft or medium bristled toothbrush instead of firm bristled toothbrushes. Hard brushes can damage the soft tissues inside your mouth. Also, make it a habit to rinse your mouth with mouthwash after every meal. Alternatively, you could use a weak saline solution or hydrogen peroxide.  

3. Manage stress
Even your gums are affected by stress. Stress increases inflammation that causes bleeding and reduces the immune system's capability to fight infections. Studies have also shown a direct relationship between stress and the build-up of plaque. Stress can also make it harder for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good dental habits. 

4. Stop sharing
Bleeding gums is a communicable infection. To protect yourself from bleeding gums, do not share things like glasses, cutlery etc. sharing toothbrushes should always be considered taboo.

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Wrinkles - Ways Of Getting Rid Of Them!

 Wrinkles - Ways Of Getting Rid Of Them!

Wrinkles are a normal yet unsightly sign of aging which can come about due to various reasons including too much exposure to the sun, poor diet, excessive smoking and drinking, lack of proper sleep, advent of age, loss of moisture and elasticity as well as collagen which creates a smooth and supple look, and other such reasons. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons are now turning to a variety of methods to lessen the pronounced look of wrinkles and remove them for younger-looking skin.

Here are a few methods currently in use.

-  Fillers: Fillers like collagen and others including poly lactic acid, Calcium Hydroxlyapatite, and Hyaluronic acid can be used to restore the elasticity of the skin even as they provide precious hydration. These injectibles can be used on the face as well as the hands for a smooth and supple look.

-  Botox: To get rid of the lines on the forehead and to prevent the onset of more pronounced wrinkles, Botox or Botulinum Toxin Type A is a favoured element used by many cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. This is usually administered via injection.

-  Retinoids: This is administered with a surgical procedure in order to remove uneven pigmentation as well as the roughness of skin which sets in with age and excessive smoking and sun exposure. It may cause skin peeling and redness.

-  Laser: The use of laser resurfacing can also help in stimulating collagen production of the skin, which restores some of its elasticity so that wrinkles may be removed and further wrinkles prevented. 

- Surgery: The use of surgical methods like face lifts, brow lifts and other cosmetic processes can help in giving the skin a tighter look which does away with the appearance of wrinkles. These are usually minor procedures from which one will heal fast.

-  Dermabrasion: This method is a surgical one that basically sands the surface of the skin in order to remove the wrinkles. It can cause side effects like permanent discolouration of the skin as well as scarring for particularly sensitive skin.

-  Peels: Glycolic acid peels and deeper peels that use elements like Salicylic acid can be used to go deep into the skin and making it smooth again. It basically makes a difference to the fine lines. There is a chance of side effects like scarring, bruising and general discolouration in this method as well. 

Adequate sleep, good nutrition, avoiding excessive sun exposure and a good skin care regimen can help in keeping wrinkles at bay for a long time. Moisturising with products that contain plenty of vitamin A and E can also help in reducing fine lines. 

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Can A BOTOX Injection Help You Attain Good Skin?

Can A BOTOX Injection Help You Attain Good Skin?
You should not take Blood Thinners after Botox. True or false? Take this quiz to know more.
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I am 55 years male and suffering from diabetes type ii and taking medicines tribet 2 two tablet zetaplus one tablets and inj of mixtard 70/30 25 units. But itching arises on my body and for this doctor suggest me histafree 120. When I take histafree tablets then ok otherwise itching starts again kindly suggest me some lotion or other tablets if you recommend.

I am 55 years male and suffering from diabetes type ii and taking medicines tribet 2 two tablet zetaplus one tablets ...
Mr. lybrate-user kumar, thanks for the query. I have seen the details mentioned. It is necessary to find out why itching occurs, because taking just antihistamine is treating the symptom. Unless the actual cause is addressed (could be fungal infection or something else), the itching will not go away. Also there is a possibility if any of the drugs being taken causing some kind of allergy. So please do consult a skin specialist also. Thanks.
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Merai bhai ki age 16 years h .wsko dengu fever hua h platlates 89 thousand h .legs pain and bechaini lgi hui h .kya treatment kiya jay.

Merai bhai ki age 16 years h .wsko dengu fever hua h platlates 89 thousand h .legs pain and bechaini lgi hui h .kya t...
Hello keep a watch on platelet by checking every 3rd day. Give diclogesic 1 morning and 1 evening and dolo 500 if fever above 101. Keep him hydrated with warm water and electrolytes.
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Respiratory Problems - Know Forms Of Them!

Respiratory Problems - Know Forms Of Them!

The respiratory system, through which air enters the body, is prone to disorders, and most of them are infections. Micro-organisms thrive in the air around us, and can gain easy access to the system through the air that we inhale. Therefore, respiratory issues are very common, but also not always a cause for concern. Most respiratory disorders would have common symptoms including coughing, chest pain, sputum production with varying features, shortness of breath, wheezing, etc.

Read on to know the symptoms of common respiratory disorders, so you are equipped to handle them.

  1. Asthma: Asthma is one of the most common respiratory issues. The trigger could be extreme cold, excessive pollen in the air, stress, etc.
  2. Common cold: This is a common disorder of the upper respiratory tract. This could be due to allergy or infection. There is difficulty breathing, labored breathing, runny nose, and extreme lethargy. The throat is also sore and there is a scratchy, itchy feeling at the back of the throat.
  3. Bronchitis: The bronchi are the further branches through which air flows, and these when inflamed cause bronchitis. Often caused as an infection, this produces a cough that can throw up a lot of sputum.
  4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: This often occurs with ageing and also due to smoking. This produces chronic coughing, difficulty to throw out air easily without effort. There could also be phlegm, which can be colorless (unlike an infection)
  5. Tuberculosis: This is a bacterial infection of the lung tissue, and there is shortness of breath, a cough which persists for more than 5 weeks, and greenish-yellowish sputum. The person also would have very low energy levels, and sometimes blood in the sputum too.
  6. Pneumonia: Pneumonia again is an infection of the lung and can be caused by bacteria or virus. This again causes chest pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and greenish sputum.
  7. Lung cancer: With smoking and environmental pollution on the rise, the instances of lung cancer have also been on the rise. This is usually diagnosed in the later stages as the symptoms are confused with any common respiratory disorders and ignored. Chest pain, chronic cough, difficulty breathing, and voice changes are some common symptoms of cancer.
  8. Emphysema: Caused predominantly by smoking, this causes breathing difficulties and reduces the amount of air available for exchange in the lungs. There is no cure, but quitting smoking can reduce the severity of the condition.

Know that prolonged problems with respiratory tract require further investigation and should not be ignored as just another attack of cold and cough.

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Sir I am 18 years old boy I am finding that my hairs are turned little bit white now so sir what can I do to retain black colour hairs now.

Sir I am 18 years old boy I am finding that my hairs are turned little bit white now so sir what can I do to retain b...
hi I understand your concern. homeopathic treatment offers best results in such cases. better consult me online now
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How many calories does 10-15 almonds contain, I wanted to reduce my weight and watching over it so is it ok to have 10 almonds everyday. Am 66 kgs age 29, female ,no health issues, height 5.2"as m a vegetarian, I wanted to include these in my diet, can you suggest me.

How many calories does 10-15 almonds contain, I wanted to reduce my weight and watching over it so is it ok to have 1...
5-7 soaked almonds are sufficient. Follow this 1. Don't take tea empty stomach. Eat something like a banana (if you are not diabetic) or any seasonal fruit or soaked almonds and a glass of water first thing in the morning (within 10 mins of waking up). No only biscuits or rusk will not do. 2. Don't overeat 3. Take your breakfast every day. Don't skip it. U should eat whatever your mother or grandparent eat in bfast. I mean to say whatever is your traditional food. If punjabi eat paratha, if belongs to south then take idli/ dosa etc. 4. Have light meals every 2 hours (in addition to your breakfast, lunch n dinner) e.g. Nariyal paani, chaach, a handful of dry fruits, a handful of peanuts, any fresh n seasonal fruit, a cup of curd/milk etc 5. Finish your dinner at least 2 hours before going to sleep. 6. Maintain active life style7. Avoid fast foods, spicy n fried foods, carbonated beverages 8. Take a lot of green vegetables n fruit. 9. Drink lot of water.10. Everyday preferably sleep on same time exercise in the form of yoga, cycling, swimming, gym etc.For more details, you can consult me.
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I have an upper lip scar from using apple cider vinegar oil to heal cold sores. My lip has been red since july, what should I do?

I have an upper lip scar from using apple cider vinegar oil to heal cold sores. My lip has been red since july, what ...
Don't diagnose and start your disease by yourself. Leave it to doctors like us. Consult online with a photograph of the place.
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I have white patches on my tongue. Which is white always. I don't know that to do I do smoke. During evening times it get dark white and morning it gets light pink. What remedy to take.

I have white patches on my tongue. Which is white always. I don't know that to do I do smoke. During evening times it...
White and pink patches on tongue results in english वाइट एंड पिंक पैचेज ों टंग हिन्दी में नतीजे search results featured snippet from the web a bright pink color on the tongue is most often due to a deficiency in iron, folic acid, or vitamin b-12. An allergic reaction to gluten can also cause this. A white tongue is usually a result of smoking, drinking alcohol or poor oral hygiene. white lines or bumps may be an inflammation called oral lichen planus.
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Hair Loss - Can Homeopathy Reduce It?

Hair Loss - Can Homeopathy Reduce It?

Hair fall also known as alopecia is a problem encountered by millions of men and women worldwide. Hair fall can be a very distressing problem and can make you feel depressed. Hair fall may happen due to several reasons. Finding out the root cause of your hair fall will help you to deal with your problem more efficiently. Following are some causes that could be the reason for your hair fall:

1. For some people hair fall may be a hereditary problem.

2. Hormonal imbalance may at times lead to hair fall.

3. Stress can be a leading cause of hair loss.

4. Frequent use of hair styling tools may cause your hair to fall rapidly.

5. Consuming steroids like birth control pills very often may result in uncontrolled hair fall.

6. A diet with insufficient amount of protein can trigger hair fall.

But there is no reason for you to be disheartened, because there are many treatments available for controlling hair fall. Homeopathy offers promising remedies for reducing hair fall.

Some of the treatment methods are mentioned below:

1. If your hair fall is due to scalp diseases like dandruff or eczema then your homeopathic physician may recommend you medicines like Psorinum.

2. Your doctor may recommend you medicines like Pulsatilla or Sepia Officinalis, if hair loss happens due to childbirth or after menopause.

3. If hair fall is due to alopecia then your doctor may recommend you medicines like Calcrea Carbonica.

4. Homeopathic medicines like Fluoric acid are used for growing back your hair if bald spots appear on your scalp due to hair fall.

5. Medicines like Lycopodium are used for growing back your hair in case of complete baldness.

6. Silicea is a common homeopathic medicine prescribed for hair fall in case of young people.

Hair fall must not be ignored. You may consider visiting a homeopathic doctor if your hair is falling at an alarming rate.