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After 20 days of laparoscopy surgery of gall bladder stone I am suffering from leg pain. Please help me with your valuable advice.

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
After 20 days of laparoscopy surgery of gall bladder stone I am suffering from leg pain. Please help me with your val...
Respected Nelay , hi Warm welcome to I have evaluated your query thoroughly . * This is different issue which may be electrolyte imbalance , zinc or magnesium deficiency or else . * Suggestions for fast recovery - Drink plenty of liquids . - Balanced nutritious diet . - Tab. Dolo ( 650 ) mg morning and evening after meals with antacids . - Remain ambulatory with regular walking . Hope this will help you for sure . Wishing you fine recovery & happy Diwali in advance . Regards dear take care .

I am loosing my hair quickly. I tried various shampoos but there is no effect on my hair. What should I do please suggest me.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
I am loosing my hair quickly.
I tried various shampoos but there is no effect on my hair. What should I do please sug...
In general, you lose about 50-100 strands of hair each day, but the loss is not visible as new hair grow in their place. However, if you lose more than a 100 strands in a day and more than 200 strands on the day you shampoo, you may be suffering from what is known as excessive hair fall. Apply coconut oil and do not use shampoo. Only dry the excess Certain factors or reasons may cause you to lose hair at an alarming rate, which are, 1. Thyroid problems your thyroid is responsible for your body?s overall functioning. The hormones (primarily T4 and T3), which it produces help in regulating metabolic activities. Problems with your thyroid gland can cause your hormone levels to rise or fall to unhealthy levels, which can result in hair fall. You have to check yout thyroid function by a TFT test and inform me. You can improve the functioning of your thyroid gland through a diet rich in calcium, iodine, magnesium, protein and Vitamins A, B and C. 2. Scalp infections-Infections of the scalp can also be one of the factors that may cause your hair to fall at an alarming rate. Of the different scalp infections, the ringworm scalp infection is the most common. Although this fungal infection can occur in any part of your body, when it develops on your scalp, you end up losing clumps of hair. Alongside the use of anti-fungal medications, even anti-fungal shampoos and creams can provide you with respite from the problem. 3. Poor diet, Gorging on unhealthy foods or going on a crash diet can result in the lack of essential nutrients in your body, which are required to maintain healthy hair. Furthermore, since hair is made of protein, having a balanced diet consisting of proteins and vitamin- rich foods is a must. You have to do a blood test CBC and see if you have anaemia and any sign of infection. 4. Stress gives rise to certain conditions such as alopecia areata, telogen effluvium (hair loss caused post-pregnancy or surgery) and trichotillomania (an impulsive need to pull your hair out), which can cause you to lose significant amount of hair. To avert a hair loss crisis caused by stress, make it a point to do some simple stress-reducing exercises, such as meditation or breathing exercises. 5. Using hair styling products like hair colours and straighteners can cause you to experience hair fall problems. Your hair not only becomes dull and dry due to their use, but also becomes weak and brittle, leading to a gradual loss of hair. Regular oiling and use of homemade hair masks are some of the ways you can try to counter the negative effects of these hair styling products.

Is it possible to gain height after 24 years by taking medicines and doing yoga (stretching exercise)

General Physician, Delhi
Is it possible to gain height after 24 years by taking medicines and doing yoga (stretching exercise)
It is really difficult to increase height after certain age, primarily due to the fact that the bones stop growing at this age. Surgeries and growth hormones which promise height growth in adults are potentially dangerous and detrimental to the body. However, with a few tricks and tips, it is possible to add a few inches or at least appear taller which includes: 1)Proper Diet and Nutrition- diet should be rich in calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus,iodine and magnesium like egg, green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits like apple and banana, milk and milk products etc. You should also drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to detoxify your body. 2) Exposure to sunlight allows your body to get the required dose of Vitamin D as it contributes significantly in increase of height. 3)Stretching And Exercise stimulate growth. 4)Yoga- maintain posture, and simulate growth. 5) get proper sleep as it stimulate growth hormone to work and helps to increase height.
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My vitamin d3 level in 6.14 and phosphorus 6.66 what would be my medication. My leg is paining every night vigorously.

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Fellowship in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (FOR)
Physiotherapist, Kolkata
My vitamin d3 level in 6.14 and phosphorus 6.66 what would be my medication. My leg is paining every night vigorously.
Your Vitamin D3 level is too low. You need to take Cholecalciferol preferably Sublingual along with Magnesium and Vitamin K2 (if you don't have any Heart disease) to solve your Vitamin D3 deficiency which is the main cause behind your Leg pain at night. Consult your Nutritionally informed Doctor for proper dosage. Generally for such low Vitamin D3 in a person with 83 kg i.e above 150 pounds should take 20000 IU of Cholecalciferol daily along with Magnesium and Vitamin K2 for proper utilisation and absorption. Best of luck.
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Im getting married in three moths my age is 32 years, I have the fear that I could satisfy my life partner as when I had sex with my GF, I used to get loose with in one minute as I touched her centre point. Please advise me best diet and also remedies.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, DGO, Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Jalgaon
Im getting married in three moths my age is 32 years, I have the fear that I could satisfy my life partner as when I ...
You have to be on normal nourishing diet. No need to think what your wife will think. It is an automatic process.

Popular Health Tips

Rock (Black) Salt - Why You Should Start Eating It Today?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
Rock (Black) Salt - Why You Should Start Eating It Today?

Rock salt, also known as black salt, is packed with health benefits. From general health to skin and hair problems, this unprocessed and also the purest salt form is an ingredient used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Many people prefer rock salt over common salt for its nutritional significance. It is a rich source of minerals and trace elements such as copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, to name a few. The following health advantages of rock salt makes it a must have ingredient in your diet.

  1. The black salt comes as a much needed relief for people with digestive problems, heart burns, or gas. It helps in better digestion of food in addition to making the food more palatable. People suffering from constipation can also benefit immensely from black salt.
  2. If you are into fitness, and importantly into losing weight, the black salt is what the doctor has just advised. The black salt is known to be helpful in dealing with the hunger pangs (reduces food cravings) better.
  3. Fluctuations in the blood pressure can be quite risky for the health. Black salt goes a long way in stabilizing the blood pressure. In fact, people with high blood pressure are often advised to use black salt.
  4. If you are a night owl by compulsion (insomniac), then black salt is sure to make your life a lot easier. Sleep disorder often results from an imbalance in the melatonin level. Black salt normalizes the healthy sleeping cycle by regulating the melatonin level in the affected person.
  5. Black salt comes as a real savior for people with a skin problem. Black salt helps to not only cleanse but also exfoliate (rock salt makes for an excellent natural body scrub) the skin. It removes the dead skin cells, opens the closed skin pores, thus giving the skin a natural glow. To improve the overall circulation, many people soak their body in water containing black salt.
  6. Rock salt is known to be an excellent immune booster.
  7. Yellow nails or cracked heels can be embarrassing. Worry no more! Just soak your hands and feet in rock salt water and watch the magic.
  8. Taking a bath in rock salt water after a long and tiring day will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated like never before.
  9. Rock salt is a rich source of almost all the essential trace elements. Thus, it acts as a catalyst enhancing the metabolic activities of the body.
  10. People with a cold, tonsil or other respiratory problems (sinus, dry cough, to name a few) can benefit by gargling with lukewarm water with a pinch of rock salt in it.
  11. Drinking rock salt water (brine, preferably spring water) is helpful in the case of kidney stones, arthritis, gall bladder stones.
  12. Rock salt is equally beneficial for the hair. When mixed with shampoo, it helps to cleanse the hair (also removes the dead skin) naturally.

potassium magnesium

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss!

MS Ayurved, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Junagadh
Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss!

Hair fall has a direct impact on the way you feel about yourself, your self esteem and confidence. It is also true that it is a very common problem and can be controlled and stopped completely through proper treatment. Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall has long term effects and it brings out the best results since the issues get rectified from the inside, preventing them from coming back.
Ayurveda and Hair Loss

According to Ayurveda, hair fall is associated with body type that varies from person to person and also the stability of mind-body structure. Hair is considered a byproduct of bone formation, as stated by Ayurveda. The tissues which are responsible for the development of bones are also responsible for hair growth. Diet, yoga, meditation and medicated herbal oil massage are the Ayurvedic treatments generally recommended for hair loss.

Here are some ways through which Ayurveda addresses the problem of hair fall:

1. Dietary modifications 

It is important to identify the lifestyle habits that cause hair fall problems. Consumption of alcohol, meat, coffee, tea and smoking are some of these habits. Hair fall can also be aggravated due to intake of too much greasy, spicy, oily, sour, fried and acidic foods.
Here are some ways suggested by Ayurveda to beat hair fall: 

  1. Hair growth can be stimulated by drinking fresh juices of Pomegranate, carrot, spinach and Kokam.
  2. Sesame seeds promote hair growth as they are rich in magnesium and calcium.
  3. Cow's Ghee is a trusted remedy to resolve all scalp-related problems.
  4. Green vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and hence help in preventing hair fall.
  5. To make the roots of hair strong, foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, sulphur and zinc must be consumed, which are found in whole grains, soybeans, buttermilk, nuts and milk.
  6. Yoga and meditation: Inverted asanas help in stimulating the blood flow to the head. Additionally, practicing deep breathing exercises to control anxiety, stress and keep the mind balanced is also advisable.
  7. Ayurvedic herbs and medicated oil: Bhringaraaja, Brahmi, Amla, Neem, Ritha and Ashwagandha are some ayurvedic herbs rich in essential nutrients that help in reducing stress and promoting hair growth. Different types of oils including coconut oil, brahmi oil, amla oil or mustard oil are useful to control hair fall.
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Papaya - 11 Amazing Reasons To Eat It!

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, B.Sc Home Science (hons)
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Ludhiana
Papaya - 11 Amazing Reasons To Eat It!

Believed to be used by even Christopher Columbus on his discovery voyage, papaya is known as the angel of fruits. While it is not a taste that most usually enjoy the very first time, it can grow on you slowly and then stick on forever. The raw ones are used in salad and curries, the ripe can be eaten either in solid or liquid form, alone or in combination with other fruits.

Some of the wonderful benefits of papaya are listed below.

  1. Anti-inflammatory: The various minerals and vitamins (A, B, C, K) in papaya help improve immunity and prevents infections. It also promotes healing of burns and wounds.
  2. Cholesterol control: The antioxidants, flavonoids and fibre help in cholesterol/plaque accumulation in the arteries. The lipid and triglyceride content can also be reduced with regular consumption of papayas.
  3. Digestive benefits: The enzyme papain contained in papaya is quite effective in reducing the damage caused by eating junk and oily foods. It helps in breaking down proteins and is, therefore, useful as a home remedy for indigestion. It is also rich in fiber and helps relieve constipation.
  4. Diabetes: The high fiber content in papaya combined with the low calories (a medium sized fruit contains about 110 calories) is a boon to diabetes patients. They can eat to their full content without feeling guilty of the sugar levels. Some people also consume the flowers (sautéed in oil) to control diabetes.
  5. Arthritis: The various minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium) in papaya can help keep a check on arthritis and bone and joint pains in the long run.
  6. Weight loss/ cleansing/ detox: The various minerals and vitamins along with the rich fiber content ensure you get a good detox of the system. Papaya is one of the widely used fruits in people who want to lose weight.
  7. Antiaging effects: The antioxidants which reduce the rate of inflammation and the multiple vitamins help in looking younger by improving skin, hair, and overall immunity levels.
  8. Stress buster: Again, the antioxidants and vitamins (C in particular) is a good way to refresh your energy after a long tiring day.
  9. Anti-cancer effects: The flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants help to prevent free radical damage which is the main cause of cancer. They also contain beta carotene which helps control prostate and colon cancer.
  10. Eye health: The beta carotene, vitamin A, and lutein help in improving moisture in the eyes and controlling macular degeneration.
  11. Hair health: The scalp produces sebum which is rich in vitamin A. Papaya when applied to the scalp gives the same effect as sebum, which keeps the hair shiny, silky, and lustrous. Consult an Expert & get answers to your questions!
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10 Foods For Gaining Weight In A Healthy Manner

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
10 Foods For Gaining Weight In A Healthy Manner

There are many ways to gain weight but the best way is to eat healthy foods. To help you out, listing out the healthy foods to gain weight.

1. Lean red meat: it is loaded with proteins and iron and aids in quick weight gain. Choose rib-eye, t-bone, new-york strip and beef tenderloin. These varieties should be taken with a healthy diet for a healthy body.

2. Peanut butter: it is loaded with proteins and fats; hence they are great for weight gain. A tablespoon of peanut butter contains 100 calories and it contains various essential nutrients like magnesium, vitamin e, b3 and folate. While purchasing a bottle of peanut butter, opt for one that doesn’t have added sugar.

3. Whole fat milk: opt for whole fat milk instead of skim milk. It is loaded with vitamin d and a, it has only 60 calories more than skim milk. This will help you gain weight faster.

4. Avocados: they are the best way to gain weight since they are high in heart-healthy fats and calories. They also have potassium, vitamin b, e and folic acid.

5. Potatoes: potatoes contain carbohydrates that help in gaining weight. They are rich in protein, fiber and vitamin c. Consume potatoes with skin since half of the proteins lies in the peel.

6. Whole wheat bread: whole wheat breads are packed with fiber and minerals. They will help you stay full for longer periods of time and will provide you sufficient energy.

7. Butter: it is loaded with fats and it is best for long term weight gain. But it should be consumed in moderation since regular consumption increases the risk of heart disease.

8. Cheese: it contains high amounts of protein and fats. It also has calories, calcium and cholesterol. Hence, consume cheese to gain weight quickly.

9. Banana: it contains 105 calories and is packed with carbohydrates. They provide you instant energy and are best to gain weight.

10. Chicken: a 100 g of chicken has 25 g of protein. People who consume chicken for a month will gain weight.

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9 Health Benefits Of Lychee Fruit

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
9 Health Benefits Of Lychee Fruit

Lychee prevents various health conditions:

1. Cancer: flavones, quercitin and kaempferol present in lychee prevents the formation of cancer cells.

2. Heart disease: lychee has antioxidant vitamin c which lowers the blood pressure. Since it is rich in fiber content, it prevents the formation of fat; this in turn will promote cardiovascular health. Consumption of this fruit will result in the increase of good cholesterol and decrease of bad cholesterol. This will reduce the chances of heart attack, stroke and hypertension. Potassium present in this fruit is also great for the heart.

3. Digestion and bowel movements:
 Lychee contains pectin and dietary fiber which are important for healthy bowel movement. Water content in this fruit also helps in preventing constipation. Healthy bowel movements are necessary to rule out diseases like pile and colon cancer.

4. Bones: lychee contains a wide range of nutrients including phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper and magnesium, which strengthen bones. It boosts the effectiveness of vitamin d, which in turn increases the absorption of calcium. This is necessary to maintain strong bones.

5. Stress: lychee is rich in potassium which helps in maintaining the blood pressure normal. It is recommended to people having high blood pressure since it has less sodium.

6. Immunity: vitamin c is lost in the form of body sweat, stool and urine. A 100 g of this fruit contains 71.5 mg of vitamin c. Hence, this fruit is a good source of antioxidant which supports the immune system. Lychee is great to rule out cough, cold and flu.

7. Blood circulation: lychee is rich in oligonol which improves blood circulation by relaxing blood vessels. Oligonol reduces platelet aggregation which regulates blood circulation.

8. Anemia: this fruit is packed with minerals like iron, folate, copper, manganese and magnesium, which play an important role in the production of red blood cells. Also this fruit contains vitamin c which helps the body in absorption of iron.

9. Free radicals: this fruit contains vitamin c which is used to fight free radicals that cause acne, pimple and blemishes. Antioxidants present in lychee keeps the skin glowing.

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