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Hi sir, My mother is suffering from a disease, last week when she visit doctor for cold & fever problem their is a spot spotted in the X-ray of the lungs, then doctor suggested to do CT scan, after CT Scan the doctor said their is a nodule in the lung of size 20 mm * 13 mm, then doctor recommend for FNAC test and refer to oncologist, we have done two FNAC test, the result of 1st FNAC test said "Suggestive of Adenocarcinoma- Possibly bronchogenic adenocarcinoma- right lung" then doctor asked for repeated FNAC test and Result of 2nd FNAC test shows" Inconclusive" the doctor Recommend to take "Geftinat" tablet and pulmo care powder and he that their is nothing serious, and he recommend to do PET CT of whole body, please help me, please tell what is the problem and what should we do now.

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Homeopath, Patna
Hi sir, My mother is suffering from a disease, last week when she visit doctor for cold & fever problem their is a sp...
Hello, The present report reveals nothing abnormal, need to monitor the function of respiratory system following the underlying natural norms. She should go for meditation to reduce her stress of being unwell nourishing lungs to remove nodule ,apart from medication improving tidal volume of lungs. She should tk, plenty of water to hydrate her body to eliminate toxins. Her diet be easily digestible on time to avoid gastric disorder. Give her the homoeopathic medicine:@ Carbo anamalis 1000-6 pills, weekly. @.Lapis alb 30-6 pills, thrice. Avoid, junk food, cold intake, alcoholic intake. Report fortnightly. Tk, care.
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My mother age 68 years has been diagnosed for Metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma as per report dtd 12-Mar-2018. The Mri dorsal spine dtd 13-feb-2018 shows collapse of d3, d7 vertebral body. Lesions on D3, D7, D12 spinal area. PET CT report 23-feb-2018 is also available. She is under the treatment of Doc. from Dharamshila hospital. According to them all treatment is going to be palliative, no cure is available. Accordingly, she was advised 10 RT and 6 chemotherapy. RT has been completed. EGFR, ALK, ROS1 by fish, PDL1 by ihc reports have come and EGFR mutation is positive. The doctor has advised Xovoltib 40 mg (afatinib dimaleate)/ Geftib 250 mg (gefitinib). No CT is to be done. After RT she has difficulty in swallowing food. Earlier she was taking Dexona 4 mg/Forcan as advised by once radiologist Dr. , after RT was done. She Has intermittent fever around 100. Has started reported pain and stiffness in back for the past few days. Right now, she has pain in her upper back and shoulder, though not very acute. She has difficulty in holding up things, but is currently active and mobile. Food habits are moderate to light, there is no change in that. No significant weight loss is observed as of now. She is a patient of High BP, has glaucoma and cataract also. She has developed slight incontinence now, and bowel movements have become very irregular. If any more information is required please let me know. I shall be extremely grateful for your support and advise in this matter.

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I presume she is lung cancer patient, although you have not mentioned the same (as you wrote she is EGFR positive, ALK4 and ROS1 and PDL1 are done in lung) Geftinib is an EGFR inhibitor given in lung cancer EGFR +ve, with good response rates. It does cause diarrhoea and rash in a few patients though. If she has other symptoms, treat her symptomatically. We try to prolong their life by giving palliative treatment, which may be months to few years in exceptional cases. But cure is not a target.
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