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Organic Food Items - How Good Are They?

Dt. Jyoti Deshmukh 90% (10 ratings)
BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, Post graduate diploma in Hospital Management, Diploma in Naturopathy
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Navi Mumbai  •  21 yrs exp
Organic Food Items - How Good Are They?

The population of India by 2050 has been estimated to be 1.7 billion, which is equal to the combined population of China & USA. In order to match the growing population, the requirement is to increase food production, chemicals are used to accelerate the amount of produce obtained from the land. However, the chemicals soon show their harmful effects. Though used in very minor quantities, over a period of time, their cumulative effect has detrimental effects on the consumers. Especially in homes with children, the aged, and the health-conscious people, the concern about the harmful effects of conventional foods has grown quite a bit over time. So that is where the concept of organic foods gained momentum.

Organic food items are produced by using approved techniques, promoting recycling of resources, which are not harmful to the environment and preserve biodiversity. These are food items which are grown without the use of chemicals - be it synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, or prophylactic antibiotics. 

There are permissible levels of chemicals defined by food agencies whose limits when exceeded can cause harmful effects with prolonged use - such as, birth defects, respiratory problems, reproductive issue, etc. So the question you need to ask is - if pesticides are used to kill insects, can the same do any good to the human body? Also, you must consider the quantity and if it is within the permitted limits.

Organic food items have been proven to be more beneficial relatively, since they are more nutritious, reduce allergies, digestive infections, reduce the risk of cancer, etc. However, have a word of caution in mind.  There are no long-term studies to prove this aspect. 

Also, it is advised not to overdo on the 'organic' part. A lot of time, there are organic junk food items also available.  And then there are the organic foods which are produced in one part of the world and are shipped over long distances. Do they really retain their nutrients and benefits over this duration? That needs to be answered.

Another thing to consider is the cost-effectiveness of buying organic products. Because they take their natural cycle time to grow, the growth rate is slower and therefore they are expensive. Affordability becomes a question again, and you may think if such food items can be conveniently purchased by all? 

The trick is to use locally grown, seasonal fruits which are easily available and grown without using many chemicals. You can be assured of their freshness and the reduced use of chemicals in this case.

Use organic for sure, but please be careful not to fall for it all the time with all the products. 

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Taste Disorders - Know Forms Of Them!

Dr. Brajpal Singh Tyagi 87% (26 ratings)
ENT Specialist, Ghaziabad  •  31 yrs exp
Taste Disorders - Know Forms Of Them!

Part of the joy of eating is in tasting the food. However, not everyone can enjoy their sense. Taste disorders affect up to 15% of the world’s population. However, many people do not recognize the signs and consult a doctor for this condition. There are many different types of taste disorders. Some people are born with such disorders while in other cases, it develops as a result of radiation therapy, infections, surgery, bad oral hygiene, etc. The good news is that many of these disorders are curable once the trigger has been identified.

What is a taste disorder?
The tongue is divided into different zones which respond to different tastes such as salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. An inability to recognize one or more of these tastes is known as a taste disability. It is important to note that the reaction of taste-buds is relative. Thus, suddenly finding candy sweeter after eating a bland meal is not a taste disorder. While taste disorders may be common, true taste loss is rare. This is a condition known as ageusia.

Most common taste disorders

  1. Hypogeusia: This is the most common taste disorder. It is marked by the persistence of a taste even when the mouth is empty. In such cases, people also usually complain of reduced ability to taste flavours that are sweet, salty, bitter, sour, etc.
  2. Dysgeusia: This is a condition that is marked by a salty, foul, rancid taste that persists in the mouth. This may be accompanied by a burning sensation in the mouth. This condition is known as burning mouth syndrome. It is most commonly diagnosed with middle-aged and elderly women.
  3. Anosmia: In many cases, a lack of taste is due to an inability to smell the aroma of the food. Without being able to smell food, the taste receptors also have difficulty identifying the different flavours. One of the most common examples of this is how patients suffering from cold complain of being unable to taste their food.

When to seek help?
If the inability to taste food persists for a long time, one should consult a doctor. This becomes necessary especially when a loss of taste causes weight loss of any other changes in the body. The doctor will identify the factor triggering the loss of taste and treat it to revive taste buds. Making a few lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking can also help treat a loss of taste.

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5 Food Types That Are Essential For Your Eyes!

Bharti Eye Hospitals 90% (16 ratings)
Cornea Cataract & Lasik
Ophthalmologist, Delhi  •  39 yrs exp
5 Food Types That Are Essential For Your Eyes!

Good eyesight can be an outcome of a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C. Including certain foods in your diet can be directly beneficial for your eye health and can improve your vision. 

Here is a list of 5 foods which will help you combat age-related vision problems and will supplement your overall eye health.

1. Eggs - Eggs are rich in vitamin A and lutein, which help you combat age-related vision problems and night blindness. Eggs are also beneficial for dry eyes and improving your eye health. Egg yolks are considered to be one of the best foods for your eyes and should be included in your regular diet. It also helps prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is one of the primary causes of blindness in the 60+ age group.

2. Leafy Greens - Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin which reduce the chance of cataracts. It is best to consume them raw as they have more antioxidants when uncooked. Other green vegetables like broccoli, collard greens, and zucchini are rich in lutein and play an important part in preventing age-related vision problems.

3. Carrots - Carrots improve your overall eye health as it contains vitamin A, the lack of which is one of the leading causes of loss of vision. The orange hue in carrots is due to Beta-carotene which helps the retina function better. Other foods rich in beta carotene are apricots, mangoes, pumpkin and cantaloupe which also contribute to healthy eyes. So make sure you include them in your diet.

4. Almonds - Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which prevents macular degeneration. Include a handful in your daily diet as it not only improves your eyesight but also effectively lowers cholesterol and prevents heart diseases. Nuts like pistachios and walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids which contribute to the maintenance of your vision.

5. Citrus Fruits and Berries - Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons are rich vitamin C which reduces the risk macular degeneration and cataracts. Blueberries also aid in the protection of the retina from damage caused due to sunlight and oxygen.

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Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!

Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!
Does Applied Intentional Epigenetics in autism involve medicine? True or False? Take this quiz to know more about Applied Energy Medicine and/or Applied Intentional Epigenetics solution for Autism.
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Sir i'm diabitic patient to 3 last three year. Pehle me regular davai nahi leta tha. Aur itna iske bare me sochta bhi nahi tha. Aur bindass sab khata tha, mitha bhi. Lekin itna koi problem nahi tha aur diabetes bhi itna nahi badhta tha. Fir dhire dhire abhi badhne lagahe. Aur iske bare me bahot sochta hu ki meri kidney fail ho na jaye ya etc. Aur usko control me rakhne ki bahut koshish karta hu subhe glimission m2 aur sham ko obimet sr500 leta hu. Lekin me routine of life bahot igular he. Pan abhi davai do time roz letato hu. Phir bhi mera sugar 250 se 300 tak rehta he. Chaval, mitha sab bandh he. Chaval khau to bhi badh jata he. What's the reason? And what to do? Sir.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Dharwad  •  48 yrs exp
Sir i'm diabitic patient to 3 last three year. Pehle me regular davai nahi leta tha. Aur itna iske bare me sochta bhi...
Mr Vishal, Thanks for the query. I have seen the details mentioned and understand your concern. Aap ke details dekhane ke baad mere kuch observations hai : 1) Aap ka weight & height nahi diya hai. 2)Aap har roz kitani exercise karate hai ya nahi, isake bare me bhi kuch likha nahi hai. 3) Aap ka HbA1c% aur Lipid profile (Cholesterol ke details) nahi diye hai aur BP reading bhi nahi hai. 4) Aap ka abhi ka diet in detail dekhana padega jaise subah uthane ke baad raat ke sone tak kya kya khate ho (in detail) likhake bhejo. 5)Diabetes agar control me nahi raha to kidney pe asar jaroor hota hai. Lekin use samay lagata hai. Abhi se aap ko blood glucose acchi tarah control me lana jaroori hai. Ideally Fasting glucose should be < 100 mg or closer to 100 mg, PP 150 to 170 mg & HbA1c% < 6.8% rehana chahiye. So if you are interested in upgrading the treatment through online help please come back with all the above mentioned details in a private conversation(paid consultation), because is communication me ham sirf general guidelines hi de sakate hai. Drus ka prescription de nahi sakate. So I await your response. Ya aap ke local doctor se milake treatment ka upgrade karava lijiye. Thanks.
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My friend having pcod and her period date is 2-12-19 but period are delayed. She has an unprotected intercourse on 6-12-19 and having light bleeding after intercourse so there are having chances to get pregnant? Or can she take tab meprate 10 mg for periods and unwanted pregnancy?

MBBS, M.S Obstetrics & Gynaecology, F.MAS FELLOWSHIP IN MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY, D. MAS Dipolma in MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY, FICRS, Fellowship in COSMETIC GYNAECOLOGY, Diploma in advanced Laparoscopy for Urogynaecology & Gynaec oncology, Basic training course in minimal invasive surgery in Gynaecology, Basics of Colposcopy, Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology, Certificate course in diagnostic ultrasound imaging, Certificate of hands on training in hysteroscopy, Certificate course in diabetes, Fellowship in assisted reproductive technology, Certificate program in aesthetic Medicine, Certificate of operative Hysteroscopy, Certificate course in clinical embryology
Gynaecologist, Chennai  •  8 yrs exp
My friend having pcod and her period date is 2-12-19 but period are delayed. She has an unprotected intercourse on 6-...
I think she is already getting her period with the intercourse. She if she has the normal flow if pregnancy test is negative.
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So the thing is this goon has extorted huge amount of money from my father and mentally, financially and emotionally has disturbed our family a lot. Has given death threats to our family thrice in the past 2 years. To make peace, my father gave him the property. In this time, I was so depressed and stressed out and impulsive as always, I went to facebook and created a fake id and abused this goon and told his relatives in direct message that this goon paid someone to rape his sister's cousin. I know that sounds way to immature but I just did it in impulsivity and have anger issues a lot. The thing is this goon just went to cyber crime and reported me and launched first information report. Now the thing since I have sent to his relatives about his actions, they have reported to 2-3 cities about me that I have done this. So do you think me being a borderline personality, clinically depressed, impulsive, insomniac, self gaming a lot from last 5 years can help me in anything over such a small criminal activity. Btw indian constitution proves this thing crime. Me attempting suicide thrice and since I self harm a lot, can I just show my prescription from a psychiatrist that am mentally very disturbed and a borderline and that why I just did it in impulsivity. Can you suggest me what to do, please? Does showing prescription of my mental illness of me being clinically depressed, insomniac and a borderline personality, have attempted suicide twice and I self harm a lot will help anything in this case? P.s we have done everything but police can do nothing about him since we do not have any proof but he has my proof of chat because facebook sent the ip address of my location.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd, Transactional Analysis
Psychologist, Bangalore  •  48 yrs exp
So the thing is this goon has extorted huge amount of money from my father and mentally, financially and emotionally ...
You have so many problems yourself and you have now created one more. Anyway the intention was good but you should have been more discrete. You could use your mental ill-health as some justification and get away with it. So keep all documents, reports, prescriptions and papers handy to present as proof.
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Can I use" brevoxyl cream" for my pimple on the face? Expecting reply from respected doctors.

Dermatologist, Chennai  •  20 yrs exp
Can I use" brevoxyl cream" for my pimple on the face? Expecting reply from respected doctors.
no... treatment depends on the grade...Acne or pimples... Due to hormonal changes..Oily skin causes it...Common in adolescent age...May occur in adults also.. Food like Oily foods, ice cream, chocolate and sweets increase it.. Treatment depends on the grade of pimples or acne..So, please send photos by direct online consultation as it's a must to see which grade of pimples or acne for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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Chronic Venous Insufficiency - Everything About It You Must Know!

MBBS, MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Varanasi  •  7 yrs exp
Chronic Venous Insufficiency - Everything About It You Must Know!

Chronic Venous Insufficiency is an abnormal condition of the leg veins. It occurs when either the walls or the one-way valves of the veins cannot work effectively. This
makes it difficult for the veins to send the impure blood from the legs to the heart. This results in impure flowing backward and collecting at places in the veins. It can
cause swelling, pain, and changes in skin and over time may lead to ulcers in legs.

Causes of Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Veins return impure blood from all parts of the body to the heart. In the case of legs, the impure blood has to flow upwards to the heart. The natural coordination between contractions of feet and calf muscles with every step helps to push the blood upward. The veins have one-way valves to ensure that impure blood does not flow back up into the veins.

● If the valves in the veins somehow get damaged or weakened, the impure blood starts backing up. This results in Chronic Venous Insufficiency.
● Blood clots in the deep veins can also precipitate this disease. Blood clotting in the deep veins of the legs is a disease which is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. Nearly 30% of people with Deep Vein Thrombosis develop this disease.
● Vascular malformations and Pelvic tumors may impair the natural coordination of muscles and lead to failure of leg valves in holding the weight of impure blood. This may lead to swelling of legs and Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Damaged or weakened valves may result from aging, extended standing or sitting, reduced mobility or a combination of all. If either the valves or the walls of veins become so weak that the veins cannot ensure normal blood flow, it leads to higher blood pressure in the veins for extended periods of time leading to Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Who Is At Risk?
CVI occurs frequently in people aged over 50 years, and it affects women more than men.

CVI is a gradual development. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better are the chances of recovery. Complexities of treatment increase with the disease progression. This is why early recognition of the symptoms can be a game changer. Waiting for the problem to go away would aggravate the problem. Early intervention would ensure a rapid recovery. This is why one needs to have a fair idea of the symptoms. The symptoms include:
● Swelling in ankles and lower legs, mostly after sitting or standing for extended periods.
● Tiredness or pain in the legs
Varicose veins
● Changes in the appearance of the skin of legs
Itching or flaking skin on the legs
● Ulcers in legs

Chronic Venous Insufficiency demands a combination of treatments to bring the situation under control. With the help of compression stockings, regular movement, and exercise, one can help the leg veins to push the blood up. If there are ulcers, the doctor may also recommend antibiotics to prevent infections. For blood clots, the doctor may also prescribe blood thinners. However, if the situation does not come under control despite these measures, the doctor may go for surgery that includes vein repair, vein transplant, vein bypass, vein ligation, etc. 

Take Away-
There are many treatments available for Chronic Venous Insufficiency. However, it is
always advisable to consult a doctor before opting for any treatment.

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Am living in dubai for the last 8 months. My hair is full of with dandruff. Thickness is increasing day by day. Please suggest a solution.

Homeopathy Doctor, Noida  •  23 yrs exp
Am living in dubai for the last 8 months. My hair is full of with dandruff. Thickness is increasing day by day. Pleas...
Do you have hair fall problem as well. Wash your hair every alternate dayyou can mix arnica q (25 drops) and jaborandi q (15 drops). Apply on scalp. Wash hair next day. Do it twice a week you can contact me for a detailed consultation.
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I was diagnosed with copd for which tab supradyn ad, spiromont f180 and inhaler nistami was prescribed I have been taking these medicines for more than one year I find no change in me prescribe alternate medicines pleas e.

MBBS, MD (Respiratory Medicine), DNB (Respiratory diseases)
Pulmonologist, Mumbai  •  5 yrs exp
I was diagnosed with copd for which tab supradyn ad, spiromont f180 and inhaler nistami was prescribed
I have been ta...
Dear, copd is multifactorial and requires removal of causative substance be it smoking tobacco pollution etc a detailed workup with pft dlco, abg, 6 minute walk test, expiratory hrct thorax and sputum and cbc testing is required. Following the appropriate dose of inhaler is prescribed currently you are using a dry powder inhaler following these tests if its worsened or symptoms do not approve an ics inhaler may be added or you maybe started on mdis. Kindly follow up with your chest physician.
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I am 21 years old male. I am weighing 51 kgs. What can help me to gain body weight as I am very thin. Will ulcer stops one from gaining body weight?

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow  •  14 yrs exp
I am 21 years old male. I am weighing 51 kgs. What can help me to gain body weight as I am very thin. Will ulcer stop...
Hi, Thank you for your query. We will be happy to help you. Include various shakes and smoothies, dry fruits and nuts, ghee and other healthy fats, multigrain or whole wheat bread, cheese to your diet. Eat more potatoes, rice and bananas. You can also try peanut butter or other nut butters. Increase your protein consumption. If you eat non-veg, eat it more often. If not then have paneer, chickpeas, dals and other beans and lentils. Do little exercise everyday. We are here to guide you. For a detailed and customized diet plan, feel free to leave a message. Eat healthy, stay healthy Regards.
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My weight is 100 kg and my face is kind of fat and also my stomach is 43 but main problem is my hips 47 thighs 25 and my calf 18 as hips and thighs are fat but calf are more fat so I want to know how I can be fit again and make my body in perfect slim shape in good way without lifting weights. I need professional and strict advice so give some shape in 4 weeks and I feel no pain in the legs calf are double the my actual legs.

Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity, MPT, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai  •  22 yrs exp
My weight is 100 kg and my face is kind of fat and also my stomach is 43 but main problem is my hips 47 thighs 25 and...
You have to reduce the weight by walking minimum 3-4 kms per day. Slowly reduce the weight and slowly avoid adding salt in the diet which will help you to prevent water retention in the body. Excess salt in general leads to water in the body which might be the reason for you legs to pain as the leg will automatically become oedematous.
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Oily Skin - Know The Homeopathic Remedies For It!

Homeopathy Doctor, Ahmedabad  •  17 yrs exp
Oily Skin - Know The Homeopathic Remedies For It!

Homeopathy is a branch of traditional medicine that aims to cure diseases and disorders by focusing on causal factors. Homeopathic treatment comes to your aid for all your big and small problems alike. If you are part of the league that suffers from oily skin, homeopathy will be your answer. In most cases, oily skin doesn't lead to severe health issues, but it does cause inconvenience. It makes you feel sticky and smudgy, leading to a loss of confidence.

Homeopathic cures to keep oil on the skin at bay

Natrum Mur: A good homeopath will administer this medicine only after having inquired a litany of things about your constitution. A homeopathic preparation varies from person to person depending upon the constitution of their body.   If you have oily skin, you are prone to pore - clogging, acne, pimples and pockmarks. Natrum Mur efficiently deals with these problems. It helps in removing excess oil from the pores, making your skin glow at the same time. Prescription of this medicine is based on symptoms like inability to cope with difficulties, nervousness, intolerance to heat exposure, and an agitated disposition.

Psorinum: Your greasy skin often casts a shadow on your natural complexion. Oily skin makes you look exhausted at all times of the day. You can benefit from Psorinum as it deals with the overactive

sebaceous glands, cleans the pores of your skin, treats pimples and also fights dark patches. People who sweat profusely and suffer from body odor problems or people susceptible to cold are usually advised to take this medicine.

Silicea and Kali Bromatum: Excess oil secretion often leads to the development of pus containing acne or pimples. These pimples, when diminish, may leave permanent or long lasting marks on your face. Scars and marks further result in pigmentation. Such problems can take a huge toll on your psychological health, leading you to be overly concerned about the way you look or losing interest in self appearance. In this regard, Silicea and Kali Bromatum can work wonders for your oily skin and its resultant effects.

Berberis Aquifolium: No amount of make up can mar the appeal of clear skin. If you have oily skin, you are likely to face dullness. Since dirt easily settles on a greasy skin, it can make you look darker than usual. Berberis Aquifolium is an unparalleled medication in homeopathy that treats the above conditions without any side effects.

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