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Apple - Know Splendid Benefits Of It!

Apple - Know Splendid Benefits Of It!

It is one of the most common expressions around, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'. As apples have properties that no other natural product or fruit has and its advantages have been demonstrated over time.

It is possible to get these benefits from different other fruits, however; an apple combines everything and makes it easier. It has been proved again and again that if it is not straightforward, simple and quick, individuals will not deal with their well-being. Hence, here is a very simple way to be healthy. This is how an apple tends to keep the doctor away:

  1. Apple contains Vitamin C - Vitamin C helps protect your immune system. Many individuals who need Vitamin C in their diet have poor healing power and tend to get injured effortlessly. Apple contains vitamin C in abundance and hence, is of great help.
  2. Prevents heart diseases - The reason it can prevent both coronary illness and cardiovascular diseases is that apples are rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are additionally known for their cancer prevention qualities.
  3. Low in calories - A normal-sized apple has between seventy to hundred calories. Eating an apple when craving for sweets or chocolates can make the craving vanish since apple itself contains sugar, yet gives you just one-quarter of the calories.
  4. Brings down the glucose levels -  Apples are a fantastic source of pectin. Pectin is a type of dissolvable fibre that brings down both pulse and glucose levels. It can likewise bring down the levels of LDL, which is the bad cholesterol in the body. Pectin, like different types of fibres, keeps up the strength of the digestive system.
  5. Strengthens bones - Boron supplement found in abundance in apples helps to strengthen bones and maintain sound brain health.
  6. Affects cholesterol - Apples contain phenols, which affect cholesterol. It decreases the bad cholesterol and builds up the good cholesterol. They keep LDL cholesterol from transforming into oxidized LDL, an extremely risky type of cholesterol, which can be destructive.
  7. Avoids tooth decay - Tooth decay is contamination that truly harms the structure of your teeth, which is formed because of bacteria. The juice of the apples has properties that can kill up to eighty percent of those bacteria.
  8. Shields your brain from infection - This is something many individuals do not have a hazy idea about. When you consider that your brain makes you the person you are, it gives you a rational point of view. Apple has substances called phytonutrients and these phytonutrients prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  9. Healthier lungs - People who eat five apples or more every week have brought down their respiratory problems like asthma.
  10. Forestall cancer - Cancer tends to form in different areas and organs of the body and spreads later on. Apples focus on different tumours, for example, colon growth, prostate disease and breast cancer in ladies. Hence, its positive effects are not just limited to one type of cancer.

So grab an apple right away!

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Maintaining A Sound Mental Health As You Age!

Maintaining A Sound Mental Health As You Age!

Older people are at higher risk of developing mental disorders, with age the neurology of the brain tends to deteriorate. Various physical illnesses such as chronic pain and bone disorders which are common in older people can restrict their ability to live an independent life. Most of the diseases that affect older people tend to require long term care.

Other causes of mental disorders are events like the death of near ones, disabilities or a reduction in socioeconomic status. These factors can make them isolated and lonely leading to psychological problems in the elderly. Physical diseases such as heart problems may also lead to mental problems. 

With respect to the above points, you may follow these pointers to stay away from mental disorders -

1. Physical exercise
It is very important to stay active as it has multiple health benefits. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the body. In case of movement restrictions, focus on doing simple activities like walking and moving about as the replacement for regular exercise.

2. Food 
Food is important to mental health as they provide the necessary nutrients to the body. Add almonds to your diet as they contain vitamin B6 which is very good for the brain. Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids in almonds also contribute to brain health. Eat a diet that is low in fat, focus on simple and natural foods. 

3. Communicate
Take up a hobby or participate in social gatherings to get more involved with people. These activities will keep your mind occupied and stimulate your brain. It will reduce the risks of depression and related disorders.

4. Remove negative emotions 
Try to avoid negative emotions as they are the major source of depression. Take up meditation as its effect on improving mental health is well known. Focus on the positives in every experience to be content and happy. Negative emotions can lead to serious mental problems such as depression and anxiety disorders.

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Skin Infections - Know Forms Of Them!

Skin Infections - Know Forms Of Them!

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is hence susceptible to a great number of infections. Here are a few skin infections arranged according to the causative organism:
Bacterial Infections 

  1. LeprosyMycobacterium leprae is the bacterium which spreads slowly and causes leprosy. It is also called Hansen’s disease.
  2. CarbunclesIt is a swollen, painful and red boil aggregation which is joined underneath the skin.
  3. CellulitisIt is a common skin infliction that spreads underneath the skin to the adjoining soft tissues. It happens due to the bacteria entering the skin through a cut or a wound.
  4. Boils: An infected oil gland or hair follicle may lead to a boil. The area affected turns red and soon, a lump forms at the same site.
  5. ImpetigoIt is extremely contagious and can occur on any body part. Exposed areas of the skin are more prone to this bacterial infection.

Fungal Infections 

  1. Ringworm: Ringworm is a misnomer as it is caused by dermatophytes which are fungi. It’s also called tinea.
  2. CandidiasisCertain types of yeast cause candidiasis. The causative yeast is present on everybody’s body surface.
  3. SporotrichosisThis fungal infection is common among gardeners and farmers as the mould which causes sporotrichosis can be found in soil, hay and plants.
  4. Nail fungal infections: When fungus spreads to the nails it might lead to fungal nail infections.
  5. Athlete’s Foot: It’s a very common infection that can develop in non-athletes as well. This fungal infection can happen to men, women, girls and boys of every age group.

Viral Infections

  1. ShinglesHerpes zoster or shingles is caused by reactivation of the chicken pox virus.
  2. ChickenpoxRed, itchy rash caused by the varicella virus is an infectious disease that affects a great majority of children. Chickenpox usually happens once in a lifetime as the body has antibodies to protect itself from a repeat infection.
  3. Molluscum Contagiosum: It is a viral infection that leads to multiple or singular raised bumps on the skin. These bumps are called papules and resemble pearls.
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Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!

Applied Intentional Epigenetics In Autism - Know More!
Does Applied Intentional Epigenetics in autism involve medicine? True or False? Take this quiz to know more about Applied Energy Medicine and/or Applied Intentional Epigenetics solution for Autism.
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Can be use ebernet cream for eczema problem, because I am suffering from dryness, patchy skin, which reduce dead skin layer and make red my face. What can I do please doctor suggest me to best cream which is available online app.

Can be use ebernet cream for eczema problem, because I am suffering from dryness, patchy skin, which reduce dead skin...
no...Don't are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis causing this.. Medicine available for good control... Treatment depends on the severity..Do direct online consultation for detailed prescription by sending photos.
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When I am going to bed in the night I feel numbness in foot also I am suffering from sugar last 7 years now I am taking gp2 and pevesca plus.

When I am going to bed in the night I feel numbness in foot also I am suffering from sugar last 7 years now I am taki...
Mr Prem, Thanks for the query. When diabetes is present for a few years one of the earlier complication seen is peripheral neuropathy, where a person develops numbness or/and tingling, burning sensation in feet even hands too. Therefore, one of the primary needs is to achieve a strict glucose control with fasting glucose < 100 mg or closer to 100 mg, PP 150 to 170 mg and HbA1c% < 6.8%. In the information given there is no mention about the glucose levels and HbA1c%. So difficult to know what kind of control is there. Plus there is no information on weight, height, diet pattern and extent of exercise being Please come back with all the necessary details then I will be able to give specific guidance. Thanks.g done daily as well as lipid profile and BP readings. So it is difficult to comment. Hence please come back with all the necessary details, then I will be able to give specific suggestions. In this communication we are supposed to give only general guidelines, no drugs can be prescribed. We can do that only in private conversations. Thanks.
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If platelets count goes down for 31000 of a dengue patient what will happen to the patient.

If platelets count goes down for 31000 of a dengue patient what will happen to the patient.
If platelet count is decreasing then visit nearby hospital. Maintain hydration. Patient with less platelet count may have gum bleeding. So observe pt. & do the platelet count everyday till it starts increasing.
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Seborrheic Dermatitis - Know The Causes & Symptoms Of It!

Seborrheic Dermatitis - Know The Causes & Symptoms Of It!

Seborrheic dermatitis refers to a kind of chronic skin rash affecting the scalp or face of a person. It has symptoms similar to that of eczema. Excess oil and greasiness could lead to this condition. This is a commonly noticed condition among children and adults. Seborrheic dermatitis is characterized by red patches, persistent dandruff, and flaking skin. This kind of skin disorder needs immediate treatment as neglecting the upsetting signs can turn out to be fatal; you may face a neurological breakdown after suffering for days together.

Take a look at the causes of Seborrheic Dermatitis

  1. This skin disease could develop in response to psoriasis. Inflammatory responses often result in reddish patches on the skin.
  2. Malassezia could cause Seborrheic Dermatitis. Malassezia is a type of yeast present in the oil secretions of a human body. 
  3. Such a condition could be worsened by the predominant weather conditions. Extreme winters or early spring can make your skin peel off.

Symptoms a person may face:

  1. The first and foremost symptom is red colored skin. The skin will appear as itchy and tender.
  2. A stinging sensation is experienced in affected areas. The pain could be serious enough to prevent you from working or resting. 
  3. The eyelids of a person are at times under threat. This condition is more popularly known as blepharitis. The skin of your eyelids becomes red and crusted. 
  4. Dandruff can be found on your beard and moustache and even on your eyebrows. 
  5. Oily, flaky skin can be found on the scalp, ears, face, chest, armpits and also on the scrotum.

Skin disorders are taken lightly by most people. Many fail to realize how important skin is to the rest of our biological system. Skin is the primary barrier to all kinds of infections and diseases. A person should be aware of possibilities that can happen to trigger a skin condition like Seborrheic Dermatitis. Poking acne or scratching the skin of one's face, diabetes or obesity, psychological trauma, and weak immunity as noticed among patients of pancreatitis can actually increase your risk of contracting this disorder.

Hallo pls suggest me remedy how to stop hair dying itching as I am facing problems after using hair dying. My head is soiling with burning and licking of small liquid. I was using it before long time but now since one month I am facing this problems.

Hallo pls suggest me remedy how to stop hair dying itching as I am facing problems after using hair dying. My head is...
Use shampoos containing topical corticosteroids, such as clobex, on your scalp. Apply hydrogen peroxide. It's a mild antiseptic and may help calm the skin and reduce irritation and blistering. Take an oral antihistamine, such as benadryl, to help reduce skin inflammation and itching.
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I am 25 years old im suffering from acne since a very long time although it has reduced certainly but I still get pimples so please suggest me which is the best cream for getting rid of acne and scars.

I am 25 years old im suffering from acne since a very long time although it has reduced certainly but I still get pim...
To prevent pimples, eat fresh fruits, green vegetables, drinking plenty of water should be an essential part of your routine and intake of oily fried foods, an excess of sugar-salt should be avoided. Don't peal pimples, as they tend to leave scars. Stop using soap on face. Instead take a spoon of milk, add a pinch of turmeric (haldi). Mix n apply on face with the help of cotton. Leave for a few minutes then wash off. Apply moisturizer like coconut oil. For swollen pimples, gently apply ice for a minute or so. Just don't keep the ice on so long that it irritates your skin. Tea tree oil can kill bacteria. Some people use it to treat minor skin irritations, including acne. There isn't much research on how effective it is, but tea tree oil is safe to put directly on your skin in a diluted form. Try it on a small area first to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction. Simple honey maskbefore applying this mask, rinse your face with warm water to open up pores. Then apply honey and leave it on the skin for 30 minutes. Rinse the honey off with warm water; then rinse again with cold water to close the pores. Yeast and yogurt mask for oily skin oily skin is prone to acne, and this home remedy can reduce excess oil and help clear acne. To make the mask, combine 1 teaspoon of brewer's yeast with a little plain yogurt to create a thin mixture. Apply it thoroughly to all the oily areas and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water; then use cold water to close the pores. For permanent cure you need constitutional medicines, for that I need detailed case history.
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Does using menthol shampoos makes hair frizzy and dry ?i used clear men menthol shampoo and after some months my hair became frizzy.

Does using menthol shampoos makes hair frizzy and dry ?i used clear men menthol shampoo and after some months my hair...
Don't wash your hair more than twice a week if you have thick, curly, or coarse hair. Too much washing strips the hair of its natural oils, which can make it dry and frizzy. Let's discuss your problem in detail for better advice and healthy lifestyle.
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The lump on my neck is here for 3 weeks and it hurts sometimes it radiates to my ear and back of my head. And I have no recent infection case. Is this already alarming?

The lump on my neck is here for 3 weeks and it hurts sometimes it radiates to my ear and back of my head. And I have ...
Don't need to be panicked right away. Please go for esr, tlc test and wait for the results. In case if it shows any derangement then you can contact us for further details.
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Ayurvedic Treatment For Baldness

Ayurvedic Treatment For Baldness

Ayurveda, translated into science of life and longevity, has been practiced in India for more than 5000 years old and has gained worldwide popularity. It uses noninvasive and natural methods and produces minimal side effects and therefore is being widely accepted.

Ayurveda believes that the body is made of pitta, vata, and kapha doshas. Any disease is the result of imbalance between these or predominance of one over the others. Hair loss or alopecia is believed to be imbalance in the pitta dosha. This leads to slower hair growth, weak hair, and greater hair fall rate. Something that affects image and self-esteem, many would like to cure or at least halt baldness.

There are various treatment options that have a dual effect on baldness - reduce hair fall and promote hair growth, thereby providing a holistic treatment for baldness.

  • Bhringraj Oil (Eclipta Elba): Used since centuries ago, it promotes the normal hair growth cycle in an accelerated way.  It activates a large number of hair follicles and therefore regular application is believed to help prevent alopecia (baldness).
  • Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica): While baldness has many reasons, dandruff is one of the most important and common causes. Amla is added to many hair oil formulations because of its proven effect to reduce dandruff. It acts on the fungi that thrive on the scalp and reduces inflammation of the scalp.
  • Shikakai (Acacia Concinna): Another very popular herb is the Shikakai. Used as a hair cleansing agent by many people, it is devoid of the chemical effect that shampoos carry. The pods are proven to prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. 
  • Tectona Grandis: Another active ingredient of Ayurvedic formulations, the seeds of Tectona promote growth and development of hair follicles. Large number of follicles are activated, thereby producing thicker, fuller hair. 
  • Cuscuta Reflexa: Another reason for baldness is hormonal imbalance, especially in males. Abnormalities with androgen, the male hormone, can trigger abnormal hair loss. Adding cuscuta has been proven to reverse baldness by promoting a better anagen/telogen ratio where hair follicle maturation happens.  In baldness cases, maturation happens only in about 20% of the follicles. Cuscuta activates the follicles and increases follicular density.  It also manages the hormonal imbalance by preventing conversion of testosterone into a variant called dihydrotestestone that is believed to cause the damage.

While these and various other substances are believed to reduce baldness and promote hair growth, it is always important to remember that each body will respond differently to these substances. Thorough physical examination and a detailed history should be done before starting any of these products. 

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