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Chloroform Health Feed

I am in doubt that my child has taken chloroform and want to be tested the same. What will be the test to be made and within which duration after taking the chloroform these test can be performed. Is there any prescription required by the test lab for the test to be performed.

Dr. Sajeev Kumar 95% (39198 ratings)
C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
I am in doubt that my child has taken chloroform and want to be tested the same. What will be the test to be made and...
There is no test to see if your child has taken the chloroform or its content and you need not worry as it will go off normally.
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Massaging your gums

Dr. Rahul Dua 89% (790 ratings)
BDS, Certified Endodontist, Certified Implantologist
Dentist, Siliguri
Massaging your gums daily with eucalyptus or peppermint oil in a circular motion throughout the mouth will increase the blood activation and will keep your gums healthy and safe.
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gum care during pregnancy

Dr. Veena Chavan-gawand 91% (183 ratings)
Dentist, Jalgaon
gum care during pregnancy
Many women can notice swollen gums during first trimester of pregnancy. This is common and is related to hormonal changes that occurs during first three months. Many women may even notice nodule like growth in gum. This is called as pregnancy tumour. Please dont go on name it donot mean any cancerous lesion. You need not to worry. The reason is poor oral hygiene. One need to undergo a routine scaling that is cleaning of teeth. And yes maintain good oral hygiene thereafter. So brush twice daily. Gargle with warm water after every meal. And take a healthy nutritional diet. Do visit your dentist every six months. Wish you a happy motherhood.
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Dr. Yasmin Asma Zohara 94% (28851 ratings)
MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Periodontal disease can affect your hear & body.

Gum Disease

Dr. Premendra Goyal 91% (957 ratings)
Dentist, Mumbai
Gum Disease
Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. It is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Because gum disease is usually painless, you may not know you have it. Also referred to as periodontal disease, gum disease is caused by plaque, the sticky film of bacteria that is constantly forming on our teeth.

If you notice any of the following, visit your dentist immediately

Gums that bleed easily
Red, swollen, tender gums
Gums that have pulled away from the teeth
Persistent bad breath or bad taste
Permanent teeth that are loose or separating
Any change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite
Any change in the fit of partial dentures

It is possible to have gum disease and have no warning signs. That is one reason why regular dental checkups and periodontal examinations are very important

Remember: You don’t have to lose teeth to gum disease. Brush your teeth twice a day, clean between your teeth daily, eat a balanced diet, and schedule regular dental visits for a lifetime of healthy smiles.
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Taking Care Of Your Gum!

Dr. Aman Bhatia 91% (438 ratings)
MDS - Periodontics, Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Panchkula
Taking Care Of Your Gum!

Gum diseases can be treated and reversed in their initial stages very easily. By getting the accumulated tartar and plaque removed by a dentist, there is a chance that they can get better without much ado.

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For healthy teeth and gums

Dr. B Suresh Kumar 92% (891 ratings)
B H M S, MD, PG Hom (Lon), SCPH (Diploma in Predictive Homoeopathy), PG Diploma in Classical Homoeopathy,Greece, D.NY.S (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science
Homeopath, Thrissur
For healthy teeth and gums
Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic. You can make oil pulling with pure coconut oil for 15 minutes in the morning or the night and spit of the oil after 15minutes. It will loose its oily nature after 15 min.

You can exercise for healthier gums as well

Dr. Soyela Soha 87% (17 ratings)
Dentist, Hyderabad
You can exercise for healthier gums as well
You can exercise for healthier gums as well. Gently bite down so as to make sure that your teeth make a clinking sound when they meet. Repeat this 30 to 40 times continously. This exercise will stimulate the flow of blood and will keep your gums healthy.
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Gum Pain Home Remedies

Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar 90% (2184 ratings)
M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Gum Pain Home Remedies
Avoid touching your gums excessively with your tongue, fingers, toothbrush etc as this can lead to further irritation and possibly infection.

Gum Pain Home Remedies

Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar 90% (2184 ratings)
M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Stop Smoking

If the threat of lung cancer and heart disease has not persuaded you to can the cigs, then sore gums probably won’t do the trick either. Just know that smoking not on;y aggravates gum disease, it can cause it in the first place. There is such a thing as nicotine stomatitis. It is an inflammation of the soft tissue of the mouth that comes from nicotine irritation.
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