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Please tell me details about candid dusting powder I am suffering from fungal infection is it right to use or not.

Please tell me details about candid dusting powder I am suffering from fungal infection is it right to use or not.
Mostly fungle infection are treated under application of certain dusting powder and ointment with antifungle tb but you must take course of it. Fungle are mostly due to infectious and due low imunity .the liver function derranged in chronic cases. So you can use d k gel and dusting powder. If you are suffering from more then month then you must take homeopathic medicin. For totle cure. You may consult any homeopath or me for online consultation.
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I am male 48 years old diabetic from past 13 years. I have control on it and it never goes beyond 200. From past one year I am suffering from skin infection (in the foot) in both legs - between toes (small toe). I have been advised by my doctor to use canesten dermatological powder in the morning + candid clotrimazole drops in the night. But the infection is reoccurring i. e, I am not getting rid of it. Kindly suggest how to come out of this problem. I am afraid that I may lose the toe because of this problem if it is not getting cured. Please help.

I am male 48 years old diabetic from past 13 years. I have control on it and it never goes beyond 200. From past one ...
You have tinea pedis a fungal infection, the treatment suggested is correct, in addition you need to take certain precautions like keeping web space between your toes dry after every time you wash the feet, if shoes are being used, then wear only cotton socks and change the same every day. Use the powder between the web spaces before putting the socks. Also take fluconazole 150 mg tablets once a week for 8 - 10 weeks (tab gocan 150). At home keep the feet and web spaces as dry as possible. Follow this meticulously.
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Are You The Right Candidate For IVF?

Are You The Right Candidate For IVF?

One of the major milestones in a woman’s life is the entry into motherhood. For most women, when this does not happen in the natural logical sequence of things, there is anxiety and lot of pressure from family and friends.

However, with advancements now, there are options like intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilisation (IUI and IVF) available, which can help increase the chances of conception and pregnancy. IVF is where the egg is retrieved from the woman’s womb, fertilised externally and then transplanted back into the uterus where it grows to full term. However, there are always unanswered questions like how long to wait before going for IVF, is it the right procedure for me, etc.

Read on to know to find answers to some of these.

  1. Maternal age: As a woman reaches 35 and a man reaches 40, the fertility rates drop significantly. The chances that a woman at 35 will conceive is about 20%, which goes down to 5% if the woman is 40. However, this rate can be significantly increased by using IVF. The quality of the egg would gradually deteriorate, and so if a woman is nearing 40, it is better to consider IVF as the ovarian reserve would be optimal with IVF.
  2. Failed intrauterine insemination: In couples who have problems with the sperm reaching the uterus, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is first attempted. However, if 3 or more attempts of fail, it is time to consider IVF.
  3. Duration of inability to conceive: While some couples conceive quite promptly in a month or two, most take about 6 to 8 months of unprotected sex to conceive. Therefore, IVF can be an option if you are failing to conceive even after a year. Less than a year, don’t fret. Take it easy and it might just do the trick.
  4. Medical health: Both the partner’s medical health should be taken into account. Lifestyle changes like smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse should be considered, which can account for poor sexual performance and therefore lead to an inability to conceive. Health conditions like diabetes and heart disease can also lead to infertility. Hypothyroidism in women is another thing that must be ruled out, as it often leads to an inability to conceive.
  5. Sexual problems with the partner: One of the first things to do before going for IVF is to check that the male does not have any issues. Be it erection issues or ejaculation issues or sperm issues, they need to be ruled out. Sperm quality, quantity, and motility have to be analysed, and if they are optimal, IVF can be considered.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Who Is A Good Candidate For IVF?

Who Is A Good Candidate For IVF?

What is IVF?
IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the process in which the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body and then implanted in a woman’s embryo. The treatment does not take place in a single procedure but in several steps over a period of time or cycle. An IVF procedure involves several careful steps:

  1. Any IVF treatment begins with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), where the women are administered hormonal medication or injections to produce more eggs. Then the eggs are monitored.
  2. The egg is retrieved from the women’s embryo.
  3. Sperm is collected and thawed.
  4. After careful monitoring and proper screening, both the collected egg and sperm are fused together and allowed to mature.
  5. The last and final step is placing the embryo in the womb of the women for pregnancy to take place.

Who is Good Candidate for IVF?
IVF has become very common with many couples opting for it in recent times, and also there has been a proliferation of fertility clinics and centres. However, it is better for couples thinking about going the IVF route to know whether they fit the criteria of an IVF candidate:

  1. Couples trying to conceive for a long time - If you can’t get pregnant naturally, then you can go for the IVF treatment.
  2. Women who have been unsuccessful with other fertility treatments - Couples who have opted for IUI (intrauterine insemination) and fertility medications and have been unsuccessful should consider going for the IVF treatment.

Couples suffering from other types of infertility or problems can also opt for IVF. They include:

  1. Fallopian Tube - If your tubes are scarred, blocked or damaged, then IVF is the way to go. The fallopian damage or blockage may be caused by an inflammation of the fallopian tube due to chlamydia (sexually transmitted disease). Going for IVF is ideal as the treatment bypasses the fallopian tube completely.
  2. EndometriosisIt is a condition where the endometrium tissues lining the uterus are displaced all over the pelvic region. This results in preventing the fertilized egg from travelling to the uterus. Women suffering from this condition can opt for IVF treatment.
  3. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) - Women suffering from PCOS have difficulty in getting pregnant sometimes. For these women, IVF is an excellent option.
  4. Male Infertility - Men suffering from low sperm count or low motility can take the help of IVF treatment.

As there are good candidates, there are also couples or women who might not benefit from an IVF procedure. They include:

  1. Women who are not producing healthy eggs and also not willing to use a donor.
  2. Conditions in women that can affect the IVF treatment like fibroid tumours, uterine abnormalities or ovarian dysfunctions.
  3. Obese women have very high BMI (body mass index) and are told to lose weight to increase the chances of getting pregnant.
  4. Women who are past 40 years of age have a greater chance of having a miscarriage.

If you are considering going for IVF treatment, go to your doctor and talk to him about all the pros and cons involved in the process before finally taking the plunge.

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Are You a Good Candidate for IVF?

Are You a Good Candidate for IVF?
IVF or in vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technique that helps couples conceive. It is a successful and safe procedure that can help with a male as well as female infertility issues. However, the road to pregnancy is long and consists of several steps that a couple has to undergo in order to conceive. There are many couples who have conceived through IVF and are happy parents to healthy children. Nevertheless, the couples who are looking to undergo IVF have many questions in mind and for them, it is important to know if they can have a baby through IVF. Attempt this quiz to find out more about IVF and who are the best candidates for IVF.
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I am 20 year old male. Last year in July, I got ring shaped rashes on my inner thighs. I used an antibiotic and an antihistamine for a week and I was alright. Then after sometime, the ringworm reappeared. I used Candid Total clotrimazole cream.

I am 20 year old male. Last year in July, I got ring shaped rashes on my inner thighs. I used an antibiotic and an an...
Ringworm of groin is also known as tinea cruris or jock itch . It causes raised red sores with marked edges. This type of ringworm can spread to the buttocks, Inner thigh and external genitilia. Fungal infections of skin are the most common of all and are effectively treated with homoeopathy. This disease is more common in hot and moist weather and is more frequently seen in people who keep their feet enclosed in shoes or socks most of the time, (Athlete’s foot). It has been a widely acknowledged fact that homoeopathy can treat this condition effectively and without any side effects. Tips- Dry your genital area and inner thighs thoroughly with a clean towel after showering or exercising. Use powder around your groin area to prevent excess moisture. Wear clean clothes. Change your underwear at least once a day or more often if you sweat a lot. you can Consult me for homoepathic treatment without side effects
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I am suffering from jock itch since last month it is now at my both thighs and slight at back. I have used candid b but not much happen instead it spread, now am using clotrimazole two times a day but I don't think its much affective. Please suggest me a better antifungal cream and oral antifungal tablet to. It will help a lot to me.

Hi this fungal infection is called as Jock itch .it is caused by a type of fungus that can be spread from person to person or from shared use of contaminated towels or clothing. Well selected Homoeopathic remedies are effective to cure jock itch completely..some of the homoeopathic medicines are graph, chrysarbinum, thuja, sulphur , croton , rhus tox ,sepia, psorinum etc.. when does itch gets worse ? i need detailed case history to find out cause and treat accordingly.. you can consult me online for homoeopathic treatment without side effects.
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Sir, I have white rashes on my skin (face, neck.). I consult 2 doctors. One of them gave me an ointment named "clotrimazole cream I. P. - candid" and other one gave me an ointment named "clotrimazole, beclometasone, dipropionate and neomycin sulphate cream -candiderma "which is better for my problem? please help me. Is there any side effects?

Sir, I have white rashes on my skin (face, neck.). I consult 2 doctors. One of them gave me an ointment named "clotri...
Hello Lybrate user, most of the time a white patch on your skin could be just dryness related, sun damage or a fungal infection. Make sure to moisturise well, sun protection with a cap or helmet and if a fungal infection was suspected I would go in for a plain clotrimazole cream rather than the combination. Hope I answered your question. T.c.
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Hi, I am 41 year old and having itchiness to my private part from long back. I get relief if I apply candid b ointment. But pl. Suggest me permanent remedy.

Hello, Avoid using chemical soaps locally in the dental area and use clotrimazole dusting powder locally twice a day for next 10 days along with oral antifungals. Please follow up for prescription.
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