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Dr. Rajiv Bali

MDS Endodontist

Dentist, Ludhiana

37 Years Experience
Dr. Rajiv Bali MDS Endodontist Dentist, Ludhiana
37 Years Experience
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
More about Dr. Rajiv Bali
Dr. Rajiv Bali is an experienced Dentist in Civil Lines, Ludhiana. He has had many happy patients in his 37 years of journey as a Dentist. He is a MDS Endodontist . You can meet Dr. Rajiv Bali personally at Bali Dental Clinic in Civil Lines, Ludhiana. Book an appointment online with Dr. Rajiv Bali on has a number of highly qualified Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 28 years of experience on You can find Dentists online in Ludhiana and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MDS Endodontist - Baba Farid University of Health Sciences - 1980
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Eg I am 29 years male. I suffering teeth problem on last 15to 20 days pls answer me night not sleeping full pain. No drinking cool water and cool items wt will we do?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), BDS
Dentist, Patna
Plz take a pain killer and then consult a dentist. Pain killer is only going to give you temporary relief. Dentist will find out the cause of the pain and help you to get rid of it.
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Hi Prosthodontist or implantologist what is difference? dentist if 8 years experience may not be implantologist. Is it?

Dentist, Jaunpur
Prosthodontis :- you can take them as expert in artificial teeth (just in lay man language) Implant :- its a surgical placement of artificial teeth, as its surgery many other branch also doing it like oral surgeon, periodontists sometimes, even BDS after doing some short courses are doing implant.
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Mere throat mai 1 month se pain hai. tongue mai white colour ke spots bhi. Weakness bhi bohot ho rahi hai.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Faridabad
Nutritonal deficiency is there, start taking banana daily or banana shake, thats complete food and your diet with less of spices.
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I have extra teeth in my mouth I don't think how it is possible please give some advice.

Dentist, Kolar
Extra teeth are not v uncommon. In some situations extra teeth doesnot cause prob to your normal permanent teeth but in majority of cases it does cause prob such as food lodgment follwed by tooth decay, traumatic bite followed by tooth loosening etc. Consult a dentist to get your teeth evaluated who'll advice you after that to save it or get it removed to prevent prob from it to other teeth.
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I m having pain in my gum because of wisdom tooth, and my gum is reddish what should I do?

Dentist, Agra
Pain in gums of wisdom teeth is called pericoronitis. Due to lack of space in your jaw, your wisdom tooth may be partially out due to which a flap of your gum must be covering it. This flap causes inflammation. Please consult for a detailed treatment plan.
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My dental colour is yellow now. I am unable to remove it and I brush twice a day by using medicated toothpaste and also used different home remedies but all in vain. Help me sir to get my white teeth back.

Dentist, Vadodara
Avoid hard brushing. For whiter teeth, you can go for teeth whitening procedure at a dental clinic.
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Dentist, Delhi
Change your toothbrush after every 3 to 4 months to get optimum cleaning.

My son is suffering from mouth reddishness pain and burning sensation tongue is also same from two months. What I have to do?

MDS - Oral Medicine and Radiology, BDS
Dentist, Ahmedabad
Hi, for some relief, use tantum mouthwash before meals. As the reddness and burning sensation is from two months, I would suggest you to visit an oral medicine specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Regards.
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I have a mouth problem. My mouth is smells if we have not taken food 5-6 hours. what should I do?

oral implantology, BDS
Dentist, Jaipur
This problem appears to be related with your stomach more. You should consult a gastro physician for this. Dry mouth also can cause fowl smell. Drink plenty of water.
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मै ४८ वर्ष का हूं मेरी कमर मै दर्द करीब एक माह से है ़और मेरी ओठ मे सात माह से एक छाला है जिसकी ऊपर त्वचा नही आ रही है

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Nutritional deficiency, excessive stress & debilitating disease can cause ulcer. Exercise regularly. Have a balanced diet. Eat lot of fruits & green leafy vegetables & drink plenty of water. Increase dietary intake of vitamin B, folic acid, iron and use of vitamin supplements etc under medical supervision if blood tests confirm low concentrations Avoid irritating substances, such as… o Tobacco o Hot, spicy foods o Alcoholic beverages o Mouthwashes that contain alcohol o Products high in acid, such as citrus fruits and juices You may need Coronoplasty (smoothen teeth edges) along with Multivitamin cap, for five days in the morning after meals & antiseptic ointment or gel on the area of ulcer until then. Mouth sores are common and rarely cause complications. Most go away in about a week, but it’s important to monitor any mouth sores you develop. If you are concerned, or if the sore doesn’t seem to be healing, contact your dentist
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General Dentistry

Dentist, Gurgaon
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Information about everyday dental care

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Plz help me. I'm suffering pain with wisdom tooth. Please suggest me any tablet or home remedy.

Dentist, Jabalpur
Hello syed aman, If you are having pain in your wisdom tooth, you may need to get it extracted. As far as wisdom tooth is concerned it is of no use to us , it does not help us in chewing food. If it is creating problem it can be removed.
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I am a 25 years male I have problem of oral foul smell from my mouth I already consult e. N. T, gastro, b. D.S but they can't get success in treating me.

Dentist, Lucknow
Hello lybrate-user, I have read your problem. As far as foul smell from mouth is concerned this can be due to some reasons which include poor oral hygiene (deposition of food in subgingival areas of gums), food intake like intake of milk containing products, garlic, onion, drug induced, medical conditions like sinusitis. Do not be worried so much I will suggest you to maintain proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily. Do chlorhexidine mouthwash regularly.
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Good mrng sir. Meri problems ye h ki jab ham rat me sote samay mers mouth me bahut jyada thook banata h. Aur ek prakar ki kadawahT hoti h. So plse treatment further for me.

Dentist, Ghaziabad
Brush your teeth n rinse with warm water n salt at night. Need to c the doc to eliminate chances of deep underlying caused.
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I have got my teeth yellowish in colour can i remove the colour without scaling ?

Dentist, Durgapur
If ur teeth colour is yellowish, may be that there are calculus & stains to ur teeth which can only be removed by ultrasonic scaling. But if ur natural teeth colour is yellowish then u may get a teeth whitening ie bleaching donedone to whiten ur teeth.
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I am suffering from mouth ulcers from 2 weeks and now constipation also from 2 days what should I do.

MDS Prosthodontics
Dentist, Delhi
Get your stomach issue sorted out, please take lot of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Ulcers will heal once these issues are taken care of, apply some ulcer get for pain relief.
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I have been suffered from toothache it is paining most due to new incoming teeth I thought it will be OK BT not what should I do?

Dentist, Noida
Erupting wisdom teeth usually cause information & pain. Once they fully erupt they seldom cause any issues. It is still advisable to get a thorough check up done as the dentist can prescribe antiinflammatories & gels for immediate relief from your pain. Good luck.
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I am 21 years old and my teeths are yellowish and even there is black too. Kindly advise.

Dentist, Kochi
Hi, your teeth may have stains from food, drinks etc, a cleaning by a dentist will remove it. If you want to whiten your teeth do a professionally suoervised teeth whitening from a dentist.
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Dentist, Mumbai
always rinse your mouth after you eat or drink anything. this goes a long in avoiding plaque build up and caries formation.

Sir/mam I am losing my teeth slowly. Means my teeth is slowly lost. What should I do.

BHMS, Masters in Homeopathic Remedies, Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Administration (PGDHA)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Mr Srikanth! avoid cool drinks. stop masala foods. Eat vegetable foods. gurgle frequently several times with normal cold water after eating, drinking etc., apart from this, take Homoeo treatment for better results. thank you.
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