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Azam Khan

Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic

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Azam Khan Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic Lucknow Lucknow
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Azam Khan
Azam Khan is known for housing experienced Dietitian/Nutritionists. Dt. Azam Khan, a well-reputed Dietitian/Nutritionist, practices in Lucknow. Visit this medical health centre for Dietitian/Nutritionists recommended by 74 patients.


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Dt. Azam Khan

post graduate diploma in dietetics & hospital food services
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Bladder Prolapse - Know Signs Of It!

Urologist, Hyderabad
Bladder Prolapse - Know Signs Of It!

Bladder prolapse is a condition wherein a woman’s vaginal wall ceases to adequately support the urinary bladder. The front wall of the vagina gives support to the bladder under normal circumstances but when this wall weakens, it allows the bladder to droop and become prolapsed. This can lead to a wide range of medical problems such as urinary difficulties, stress incontinence (leakage of urine while coughing or sneezing), pain and discomfort, etc.

Prolapsed bladders are generally associated with menopause. Also known as cystoceles or fallen bladders, they are categorized into four different types depending on the extent to which the bladder has prolapsed.
Grade 1: This is the mild stage wherein a small portion of the bladder droops into the vagina.
Grade 2: This is the moderate stage in which the bladder droops far enough to reach the opening of the vagina.
Grade 3: This is when the condition becomes severe and the bladder protrudes from the body through the opening of the vagina.
Grade 4: This occurs when the bladder has completely prolapsed. The entire bladder protrudes outside the vagina and is normally associated with other forms of pelvic organ prolapse such as uterine prolapse (the sagging of the uterus from its normal spot) and rectocele (prolapse of the wall between the vagina and the rectum).

What are the causes of prolapsed bladders?

Following are the factors that lead to the condition of prolapsed bladders:

  1. Menopause: The vaginal walls are known to become weak upon the onset of menopause. This occurs because the body inhibits the production of oestrogen, the hormone that renders strength to the muscles of the vagina. As a result, the bladder is no longer supported by the vagina.
  2. Childbirth: The process of childbirth puts a tremendous amount of stress on the vagina and often leads to deterioration of the muscles of the vaginal wall. This in turn leads to the condition of prolapsed bladder.
  3. Straining: Anything that puts strain on the walls of the vagina can lead to this condition. This includes lifting heavy objects, chronic constipation, obesity, excessive coughing and sneezing or any other factor that damages the pelvic floor.

What are the symptoms of a prolapsed bladder?

Symptoms of a prolapsed bladder vary from case to case, depending on the category and extent of the condition. Some of the most commonly experienced symptoms of the condition are as follows:

Tissue sticking out of the vagina (that may be tender and/or bleeding)

  1. Frequent urge to urinate
  2. Urinary incontinence (unwanted leakage of urine)
  3. Pain during urination
  4. Pain during sex
  5. Frequent urinary tract and bladder infections
  6. Pain in the vagina, pelvis, lower abdomen or lower back
  7. Incomplete urination

Detoxifying - Know Effective Treatment Of Homeopathy In It!

Homeopath, Hyderabad
Detoxifying - Know Effective Treatment Of Homeopathy In It!

Detoxification is a physiological and medical process of blood cleansing by removing impurities from the blood. It is a means of cleaning and nourishing the body from inside and it is done at least once in a year. It includes one or more of the following: dieting, fasting, colon cleansing, removal of dental fillings or cutting out specific foods from your diet.

Benefits of detoxifying your body

1.        Gets rid of excess waste
2.        Boosts up your energy
3.        Strengthens your immune system
4.        Improves your respiration process
5.        Reduces weight
6.        Provides anti-aging benefits

Majority of the detoxification of your body is carried out by these 4 systems; Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary and Dermal. Any disturbance in these 4 systems results in accumulation of toxins in your body and may cause serious medical illnesses.
Homeopathy approach helps in maintaining the proper functioning and balance of the 4 systems. It is a gentle, natural and one of the safest ways of removing toxins.

Homeopathic remedies for treating detoxification are as follows:

1.        Berberis Vulgaris
It acts as a stimulator of liver, gall bladder and kidneys. It is best suited for people who face rapid change of symptoms, pain all over the body, repeated diarrhea and stone in the kidney.

2.        Chelidonium tincture
 It is a reliable liver and gall bladder drainer. It supports liver in removing toxin from your body due to heavy usage of drugs and antibiotics. 

3.        Senega
It is an effective detoxification remedy for people exposed to respiratory issues with allergies.

4.        Nux Vomica
It acts as an intestine and liver stimulator. It is mostly used for symptoms linked with a sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and tobacco.

5.        Taraxacum Officinale
It is used by people having stomach and digestion issues.

6.        Fumaria Officinalis
 It detoxifies your body by purifying the blood and leading to enhanced functioning of the liver.

7.        Uva Ursi
It is an effective urinary antiseptic that supports the functioning of kidneys and reproductive system.

8.        Saponaria
It is used for skin draining purpose.

9.        Aloe
It is used for detoxification of the rectum.

Apart from the homeopathy remedies, other self care measures such as drinking lots of water, healthy eating, exercising regularly, minimizing stress and avoiding alcohol and drugs can help in detoxifying. 

Malocclusion And Oral Health - Know More About It!

MDS - Orthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Meerut
Malocclusion And Oral Health - Know More About It!

Malocclusion refers to the general arrangement of teeth and the manner in which the lower and upper sets of teeth fit. In optimal conditions, the upper set of teeth should fit slightly over the lower set of teeth. Malocclusion is a condition wherein the teeth are improperly aligned. Often, malocclusion tends to be a hereditary condition. The symptoms that indicate the occurrence of malocclusion include:

  1. Abnormal teeth alignment.

  2. Irregular facial appearance.

  3. Discomfort or difficulty during chewing or biting.

  4. Mouth breathing (breathing using the mouth instead of the nose).

Malocclusion and Oral Health-

  1. Malocclusion, also known as bad bite, is capable of affecting your overall oral health. This is because crowded and crooked teeth tend to hinder the proper cleaning of the mouth. This leads to tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss.

  2. Malocclusion has a negative impact on the maintenance of oral health. Studies showed individuals without malocclusion were able to maintain a better oral hygiene in comparison to those with the condition.

  3. The improper alignment of teeth makes it rather difficult for the brush to reach in certain parts of the teeth thereby failing to remove bacteria and germs from particular areas for an extended period of time. This results in bad breath.

  4. It also makes flossing difficult and it creates hindrance in the way of maintaining proper oral hygiene.

  5. The improper adjustment of teeth leads to gum decay owing to the faulty cleaning. It promotes the growth of harmful bacteria that leads to weakening of tooth and gums.

  6. Owing to the misalignment of teeth, chewing becomes difficult. This often goes to hamper and mar the way one speaks as well. Malocclusion also results in wearing off of the tooth enamel. This the teeth to appear yellow due to the inability of the brush to reach every place.

चना खाने के फायदे - Chana Khane Ke Fayde!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
चना खाने के फायदे - Chana Khane Ke Fayde!

चना को गरीबों का बादाम भी कहा जाता है. ऐसा इसमें पाए जाने वाले पौष्टिक पदार्थों के आधार पर कहा जाता है. यदि हम चना को अंकुरित करके इस्तेमाल करें तो इसमें अद्भुत पोषक तत्व आ जाते हैं. इसका प्रयोग हम अपने दैनिक जीवन में कई तरह से करते हैं. चना से सब्जी, छोले, दाल आदि बनाने के अलावा हम इसका इस्तेमाल बेसन, सत्तू, आदि आदि निर्मित करने के लिए भी करते हैं. आयुर्वेद के अनुसार चना खाने से आपका शरीर सिर्फ स्वस्थ ही नही बल्कि बलवान और शक्तिशाली भी बनेगा. यह जवानो और श्रम करने वालों के लिए बेहतर और ज्यादा फायदेमंद खाद्य विकल्प माना जाता है क्योंकि इसे पचाने के लिए पाचन शक्ति का अच्छा होना भी जरूरी है. तो आइए इस विषय में अपनी जानकारी बढ़ाने के लिए इस लेख के माध्यम से हम चना खाने के बाद इसके होने वाले फायदों के बारे में जानें.

1. शरीर की मजबूती के लिए
यदि आप चाहते हैं कि आपका शरीर बेहद सख्त और मजबूत बने तो आपको चना की सहायता लेनी चाहिए. इसके लिए आपको चना को अंकुरित करके रोज सुबह खाना चाहिए. इससे आपको कई अन्य स्वास्थ्य लाभ होने के साथ ही शरीर की मजबूती का लाभ भी मिलेगा.

2. वीर्य की पुष्टि के लिए
चना का इस्तेमाल शारीरिक मजबूती के साथ ही वीर्य की पुष्टि के लिए भी किया जाता है. इसके लिए आपको काले की 25 ग्राम मात्रा जिसे धीरे-धीरे बढ़ाकर 50 ग्राम तक कर लें, खाने के बाद एक ग्लास दूध पीना होगा. इससे आपको फायदा मिलेगा.

3. टॉनिक के रूप में
चना तमाम पौष्टिक पदार्थों स युक्त होता है. यदि आप इसे अंकुरित कर दें तो इसकी पौष्टिकता में काफी वृद्धि हो जाती है. तो टॉनिक के रूप में इसका इस्तेमाल करने के लिए आपको इसे अंकुरित करके खाना होगा.

4. बेहतर स्वास्थ्य के लिए
बेहतर स्वास्थ्य के लिए आपको चना से अच्छा और सस्ता विकल्प नहीं मिल सकता है. इसके नियमित इस्तेमाल से आपकी मांसपेशियों को मजबूती प्रदान करता है. इसमें मौजूद पोषक तत्व आपको कई बिमारियों से दूर रखने का काम करते हैं.

5. चर्म रोग दूर करने में
चना से होने वाले कई लाभों में से एक ये भी है कि इसका इस्तेमाल चर्म रोग दूर करने के लिए भी किया जाता है. इसका सेवन आपके चमड़ों की कई बिमारियों को दूर करने का काम करता है.

6. दिल की बिमारियों को दूर करने में
चना का इस्तेमाल आप दिल की मजबूती और इसे कई तरह की परेशानियों से बचाने के लिए भी कर सकते हैं. इसलिए यदि आप अपने दिल को मजबूत और स्वस्थ बनाना चाहते हैं तो आज से ही चना का सेवन शुरू कर दीजिए.

7. फेफड़े की मजबूती के लिए
चना को अंकुरित करके खाने के चमत्कारिक फायदे हैं. फेफड़ों की मजबूती इन्हीं में से एक है. यदि आप अपने फेफड़े की मजबूती चाहते हैं तो तो आपको चना अंकुरित करके नियमित रूप से खाने चाहिए.

8. खून में वृद्धि के लिए
कई लोगों के शरीर में खून की कमी हो जाती है. यदि आप इसे दूर करना चाहें तो इसके लिए आपको चना का सेवन करना होगा. इसके नियमित सेवन से आपके शरीर में खून की वृद्धि होने लगती है.

9. कोलेस्ट्राल को कम करने में
खून में कोलेस्ट्राल की अनावश्यक वृद्धि कई तरह की परेशानियों का कारण बन सकता है. इसलिए ये बेहद जरुरी है कि खून में से कोलेस्ट्राल की अनावश्यक वृद्धि को रोका जाए. इसके लिए आपको चना का नियमित सेवन करना चाहिए.

10. वजन बढ़ाने के लिए
जो लोग अपने कम वजन या दुबले-पतले शरीर को लेकर परेशान रहते हैं, चना उनकी परेशानी दूर आर सकता है. इसके लिए आपको चना को अंकुरित करके इसका नियमित इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए. इससे आपके वजन में निश्चित रूप से वृद्धि होती है.

Ovulation Induction - Do You Think It Is Effective?

Speciality Birthing Care
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Ovulation Induction - Do You Think It Is Effective?

There are a number of ways in modern day medical science for helping couples conceive, in case they are not able to do so in a natural way. Apart from IUI, IVF and other forms of artificial insemination, one such way is ovulation induction. In this procedure, the ovaries are stimulated to release an egg which can maximize the chances of natural conception, or even through IUI. This is an effective process that works well, provided there are no other infections and diseases at play. It basically works by stoking the relevant hormones with the help of tablets and injections.

Let us find out more about the process.

Varied Tests: Before embarking on the process, the doctor will conduct a number of tests to ensure that you are capable of conceiving by natural means or even with artificial insemination. These tests help in making sure that there are no other ailments in the picture, which may hamper the process of ovulation induction or affect the ovaries in general.

Ovulation Cycle: Thereafter, the doctor will take blood samples in order to study the exact ovulation cycle that the body follows. These blood samples will be studied to measure the level of hormones at different stages so as to find out the most opportune time when the situation may be congenial for the ovulation induction to begin. A transvaginal ultrasound will also be carried out so that the doctor may study the development of follicles within the ovaries. These follicles usually line the ovaries. This ultrasound will also study the thickness and appearance of the womb’s lining.

The Ovulation Induction Cycle: The ovulation induction cycle will begin with tests that will happen starting from day one to day four. Once the tests have ascertained that the body is ready to go through the process with maximum chances of conception, the process will begin on fourth day. On this day, the patient will be given medication like Clomiphene Citrate. This medicine is also usually given to patients who are undergoing IUI or artificial insemination as it is said to increase the likelihood of conception. The Follicle Stimulating Hormone injection will also be given to the patient on the same day.

After the Medication: Once the medication and injections have been administered, the patient will have to go through a test to study the hormone levels in the body. This usually takes place around day 10 or 11. Thereafter, two weeks later, the patient will go through an ultrasound to find out if the ovulation is about to begin.

Time: While this is an effective method, one must remember that the ovulation results may take time for women who do not have normal menstrual cycles.

Sit how to reduce our weight easily please give me any suggestions to maintain our weight.

MSC (Dietetics & Food Services Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietatics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Moradabad
Sit how to reduce our weight easily please give me any suggestions to maintain our weight.
Hi, cereal are major source of carbohydrate and should be comsumed in limited amount .include whole pulses and legumes like rajma, channa, soya and rongi are rich in fibre use them regularly. .some amount of exercise in your daily routine .walking the safest foam of excerise. .liberal intake of water 2.5 litrer per day.
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Hii, I am Mitali, I am 28 years old. My weight is 73 kg, height 163 cm. Am I overweight?

MSC (Dietetics & Food Services Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietatics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Moradabad
Hii, I am Mitali, I am 28 years old. My weight is 73 kg, height 163 cm. Am I overweight?
Take 2/ 3 glass of warm water in the morning 2.Eat more fruits and green vegetables 3.No fried/ spicy/ junk/ processed/ fast food, no maida products .4No tea/ coffee/ cold drinks 5.Daily morning walk for 30 mts 6.Fiber Foods that are high inSoluble fiber- and insoluble fiber include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Tension, Pollution, Competition - The Cause Of The Disease!

MD (Hom) Medicine, BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)), CCAH, MCAH
Homeopath, Indore
Tension, Pollution, Competition - The Cause Of The Disease!

Friends, we are going through difficult times and everybody is feeling unhappy because life and time have become so difficult and fast that a person is forced to think.

A person is thinking but his body is suffering, because of tension based lifestyle, the total story is changed. All the time person is engrossed in something or other and at times he doesn’t know even, whether he is coming or going. All this is putting pressure on the person, with the result he starts going to the specialists for his ailments and what he gets is palliative treatment. For his ailments, as long as he takes it, it’s ok, the moment it is stopped the ailments come back again and if he continues with the drugs, the ailments take a different turn meaning thereby one ailment give rise to another ailment with the result the chain continues without any respite. That means there is no cure at all because the origin i.e. thinking is not changed at all or has not been cured and so ailment continues in some form or other and ultimately gets out of hands.

          In times now a person is surrounded by basically three factors

  1. Tension
  2. Pollution
  3. Competition

Friends, tension is a very small word but has a deep meaning. If a child is not doing well, the parents have tension, if a husband is not doing well wife has a tension, if a husband and wife are quarreling then the child has a tension.

    These days what is happening in society is also a cause of worry. It is not only atmospheric pollution which definitely is a cause for physical ailments but it also results in mental confusion and tension because when the body is not well, the mind is distracted. Apart from this, under the guise of modernization and modern thinking the society is getting perverted which is mental pollution.

    With modern gadgets in life, which are meant for simplifying it, the life has become more complex and in the rat race of the competition the person again gets stuck with the result the part of the body which is the weakest gets affected first and that is the beginning of the illness. It can be either heart, liver, pancreas, joints or anything.

         It is just the thought process which is causing all this and to cure all this with mental symptoms is by Homoeopathy only, where the treatment is that of a person, not of specific part of the body which is the basic principle of homeopathy, which is safest amongst all pathies of the treatment.

Myths - What Homoeopathy Is Not?

MD (Hom) Medicine, BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)), CCAH, MCAH
Homeopath, Indore
Myths - What Homoeopathy Is Not?

Myth 1: Homeopathy is unproven science.
Fact: Homoeopathy (sometimes also spelled homeopathy) is based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data. Over the years, homeopathic medicines have been extensively studied for their efficacy in a variety of indications. Clinical studies have been conducted in India as well as other countries. In fact, the term 'Allopathy' was coined by the founder of homeopathy whom the allopaths regard as the founder of experimental pharmacology.

Myth 2: Homoeopathic medicines are only sugar pills which act more as placebos and have no medicinal value as such.
Fact: Yes, the white sugar pills, as such do not have any medicinal value. But these act as vehicles or carriers for the medicines, which are alcohol based. Otherwise, the medicine can be taken directly or dissolved in water. Homeopathic medicines have been scientifically studied the world over and found to be effective in a wide range of diseases. Thus they are not placebos. 

Myth 3: Homoeopathy is slow acting and cannot be used in acute cases of diarrhea, fever, cough, cold, etc. 
Fact: Homoeopathy is fast acting in acute cases and can be effectively used in treating infections, fever, cold etc. Unfortunately, people tend to go to a homeopath only when the acute problem becomes chronic. Naturally, these cases take longer to treat. Also, most people take recourse in homeopathy in cases of arthritis, allergic asthma or skin conditions etc., which take a longer time to treat with any other system of medicines. 

Myth 4: Homoeopathy is a 'magic remedy' that can treat any disorder.
Fact: Homoeopathy, like any other field of medicine, has its limitations. For example, it cannot treat cases where surgery is unavoidable, dental cases, etc. 

Myth 5: Homoeopathic doctors are quacks who do not have formal training in the field of medicine.
Fact: Qualified doctors practice Homoeopathy, in most parts of the world. In India, there are over 180 medical colleges, which offer degree and post-graduate studies in Homoeopathy. At present, there are over 2, 00,000 trained homeopaths in the country.

Myth 6: One has to follow strict dietary restrictions while on homeopathic treatment.
Fact: Some patients are asked to abstain from onions, garlic, coffee, tea, alcohol etc. as these substances interfere with the action of certain homeopathic medicines. But then, restricting alcohol and tobacco is also safe and healthy.

Myth 7: Homoeopathy is only useful in chronic cases.
Fact: Very often it is - where everything else has failed! But the true reason for this perception is because people turn to homeopathy so late when everything else has failed! After years of allopathic treatment often an illness becomes chronic. The treatment will now naturally take longer than in case of using homeopathy right from the beginning. 

Myth 8: Homoeopathy cannot be used in diabetic patients.
Fact: It can! The minute amount of sugar globuli (the little round pills) taken daily does not matter. Sugar intake in the daily diet is significantly higher than that taken by a few globuli. In very severe cases, the dilution may be taken as drops in water or over lactose. 

Myth 9: The homeopath gives the same white pills for all types of illness. How can they be really effective?
Fact: Depending on the illness, homeopaths medicate with different medicines. The sugar pills serve only as a vehicle for transfer of the medicine. The selected medicine, out of a range of more than 1200 different dilutions, is targeted to the individual problems. 

Myth 10: Are there really no side effects of homeopathic medicine?
Fact: Generally there are no side effects of homeopathic medicine if prescribed in potencies of 3CH and above. However, some tinctures and triturates in very low potencies like 1x, 2x have some side effects of minor nature. 

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Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds!

MSC (Dietetics & Food Services Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietatics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Moradabad
Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds!

Sunflower seeds are actually considered good for health because of its nutritional value. 

Benefits Sunflower seeds are rich in the B complex vitamins, which are essential for a healthy nervous system, and are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, protein and vitamin E. They also contain trace minerals, zinc, manganese, copper, chromium and carotene as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids - types of 'good' fat that may help to protect the arteries. Try them High in protein and low in carbohydrates, sunflower seeds make the ideal pick-me-up tasty snack.

Sunflower Seeds: Health Benefits

 Lowers Cholesterol

Sunflowers seeds have been ranked at the top of the nuts and seeds list for their high content of phytosterols or cholesterol-lowering compounds. These seeds are loaded with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are good fats that lower bad cholesterol. Besides, they are rich in fiber that contributes to lowering cholesterol in some people.

Supports Digestion

Due to their high content of dietary fiber, raw seeds of sunflower can aid in digesting food and even cure constipation.

Prevents Cancer

Sunflower seeds have a high content of vitamin E, selenium, and copper that have antioxidant properties. As per research, these antioxidants prevent cellular damage that often leads to cancer. These nutrients prevent cancer by reducing and suppressing cellular damage from oxidants and protecting tissue from oxidant-free radical damage. Sunflower seeds can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer due to their high phytosterol content. They also contain a compound called lignans, which also protects against certain types of cancer. These naturally occurring compounds can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, thus preventing colon, prostate and breast cancer.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Vitamin E in sunflower seeds is the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant. This vitamin travels throughout the body neutralizing free radicals that would otherwise damage fat-containing structures and molecules like cell membranes, brain cells, and cholesterol. Thus, vitamin E exhibits significant anti-inflammatory effects, resulting in the reduction of diseases caused by free radicals and inflammation such as asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Controls High Blood Pressure

Sunflower seeds also have high amounts of potassium which helps to counterbalance the effect of sodium in your blood and lowers blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of developing hypertension.

Glowing Skin

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of vitamin E. This vitamin helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays and give a glowing skin.

Prevents Hair Loss

Sunflower seeds also contain vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) which is not only crucial for the absorption of zinc but also has some hair loss preventing properties. These properties can be attributed to the ability of vitamin B6 to boost oxygen supply to the scalp. They are also the best dietary sources of copper which are involved in melanin formation. This pigment is responsible for imparting color to your hair.

Ways to Use Sunflower Seeds

  • Add them to Bread
  • Sprinkle them on Baked Goods, soup, salad, burger, noodles
  • Add them to Vegetables
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