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Sonia Sharma

Dr. Sonia Sharma

Physiotherapist11 Years Exp.
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and more

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  • Physiotherapist

Other treatment areas

  • Pediatric Physiotherapist


  • BPTh/BPT , janardhan rai nager rajasthaaan veeedhyapeeet udaipur , 2013

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi

Professional Memberships

  • All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Question and Answers



male • 27 Year Old • Mar 11, 2017 • Ahmedabad

I am a vegetarian, I have been feeling body pain in morning especially back and the parts that are in contact with bed during sleep, and the pain disappears after a whil more

Sonia Sharma

7 years ago

You should use. Cabbage, carrot, capsicum, beet, 3 Ltr. Water everyday. In your diet. Follow these for 15 days regular.


Mustafa Wahab

male • 22 Year Old • Jun 08, 2016 • Hyderabad

I am 20 year old male, Like a month back I was talking a walk down the street and I slipped, got would or on my left leg knee and went to the doctor the other day.

Sonia Sharma

8 years ago

Sit to Stand •Excellent hip exercises to maintain your leg and hip strength. •One of the most important exercises used daily to keep your independence and confidence. 8. full answer


Aasif Wagay

Male • 22 Year Old • Jun 08, 2016 • Srinagar

Dear doc After sleep or while sleeping, I am having kind of pain in my shoulder. I am unable yo move my arm quickly, it hurts the knuckle joint. First you thought it may more

Sonia Sharma

8 years ago

No 1: Rotator Cuff Isometrics it's really three exercises, but the simple, basic isometric exercise is too often over looked and under used. This is a shame as I find it full answer



male • 40 Year Old • Jun 08, 2016 • Faridabad

I have pain in my back. I took many medicine but it didn't work plzz suggest me proper medicine.

Sonia Sharma

8 years ago

Dear, low back pain are often referred for physical therapy for four weeks as an initial conservative (nonsurgical) treatment option before considering other more aggres full answer



male • 28 Year Old • Jun 08, 2016 • Mumbai

I have been facing lower back pain, it came by lifting the weight. But then after some time I had stopped doing that kind of work, I had shown to one Dr. he gave me some more

Sonia Sharma

8 years ago

Dear low back pain k liyyy you can do it perfectly….1, Lying on your stomach, prop yourself up on your forearms. Align your elbows directly under your shoulders. Press f full answer