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Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya  - Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata

Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya

89 (10 ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh ...

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata

16 Years Experience  ·  1000 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya 89% (10 ratings) MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - G... Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
16 Years Experience  ·  1000 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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Personal Statement

I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
More about Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya
Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya is a trusted Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon in Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata. He has helped numerous patients in his 16 years of experience as a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. He studied and completed MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery . You can consult Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya at Cosmoarts Clinic in Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya on has top trusted Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons from across India. You will find Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons with more than 27 years of experience on You can find Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons online in Kolkata and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - University of Calcutta - 2003
MS - General Surgery - West Bengal University of Health Sciences - 2008
MCh - Plastic Surgery - PGIME & R Chandigarh - 2012
Languages spoken


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Blepharoplasty - All You Should Be Knowing!

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
Blepharoplasty - All You Should Be Knowing!

The surgical procedure to correct the appearance of eyelids is called blepharoplasty. The correction is done by removing extra skin, fat and muscle that make the eyelids droop.


Eyelids start drooping when the muscles supporting your eyelids weaken as you grow older. Excess fat accumulates below and above your eyelids as a result, which leads to eye bags and droopy eyelids.

Besides making you look older than your age, droopy eyelids can also affect your vision. Blepharoplasty can improve your vision and give your eyes a polished look at the same time. Some other benefits include:

  • Excess deposits of fat that make eyelids look puffy are removed with the help of blepharoplasty.

  • Eye bags are reduced.

  • Drooping eyelids which end up revealing the sclera (the white part in your eyeballs) are fixed.

  • Fine wrinkles and excess skin around lower eyelids are corrected.

Blepharoplasty is usually combined with procedures such as skin resurfacing, face-lift or brow-lift.


Blepharoplasty, like every other surgical procedure, has certain risks, which include—

  1. Bleeding and infection

  2. Irritated, dry eyes

  3. Trouble closing eyes and other associated problems

  4. Prominent scarring

  5. Eye muscle injury

  6. Skin discoloration

  7. Follow-up surgery is needed

  8. Short-term blurry vision, or in unusual cases, loss of vision

  9. General risks associated with surgery such as blood clots, anaesthetic reactions, cardiac and other coronary problems.


Before the surgery can be scheduled, a surgeon and ophthalmologist will be consulted to record your medical history and discuss your expectations about the surgery. Then, before the procedure can begin, the following steps will be followed:

  1. First, you will be examined physically; your doctor will test your tear ducts and take measurements of your eyelids.

  2. Second, your eyes will be examined and your vision will be tested.

  3. Lastly, your doctor will take photographs of your eyes which will facilitate and guide him/her through the course of the surgery.


The effects of blepharoplasty are long-lasting and the corrections are permanent. Durable sun protection of the eyes helps in maintaining the corrections made.

Although, you can get excellent results from one surgery, sometimes you may need multiple procedures to achieve the desired look.

Breast Lift Surgery - 5 Benefits Of It!

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
Breast Lift Surgery - 5 Benefits Of It!

Breast lift surgery or Mastopexy is a form of plastic surgery used for lifting or raising sagging breasts in women. The size, contour and elevation of the breasts are modified or corrected using this procedure.
The position and shape of the breasts in women change after pregnancy, breastfeeding, suffering weight loss or with age. A breast lift surgery is effective in treating sagging breasts.

During a breast lift surgery, extra skin is removed from the breasts, and the surrounding tissues are tightened for reshaping of the breasts. The nipples and areola are also reshaped to a better location. A breast lift surgery may involve the procedures of liposuction and abdominoplasty for an even better rejuvenation.

Breast lift surgery is undertaken by many women for different reasons. Some women do not like their breast shape or volume after pregnancy and have this surgery done.

A breast lift surgery offers various benefits. They are:

  1. A breast lift surgery improves the body image of a woman and also boosts her self-esteem. Women feel their breasts have been affected negatively after pregnancy and undergoing this surgery enables them to have satisfactory breasts again. A breast lift surgery does not cause the breasts to increase in size. They appear bigger because they are higher in position and firmer than before.
  2. Having a breast lift surgery can push you to make better and healthier choices about your lifestyle. For undergoing any form of surgery, it is recommended that you stay as healthy as possible. This includes proper diet and eating habits along with regular exercise.
  3. A breast lift surgery improves the quality of life in women. Body image is improved, and the woman feels good about her breasts and body as a whole. According to studies, 92% of women having a breast lift surgery had improved self-esteem and a better, healthier life than before. Women become less conscious about their breasts after the surgery, as the breasts become satisfactory.
  4. As a result of this surgery, some clothes may fit better, and a woman can experiment with trendier outfits, and may also not wear a bra at times.
  5. A breast lift surgery gives women a better proportion between their breasts and buttocks. The contrast is better and makes a woman more attractive. More cleavage is created, and the breasts get more projected.

A breast lift surgery is an efficient procedure to improve the breasts of women. Sagging breasts are corrected by a surgery which gives certain benefits to women.

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Can Eye Bags Be Corrected Through Blepharoplasty?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
Can Eye Bags Be Corrected Through Blepharoplasty?

As we age, we begin to go through a variety of changes when it comes to our face and body. The face is one of the first and foremost areas where these changes begin to show up. From fine lines and wrinkles to sagging skin and even bags under the eyes, there are a number of things that show up as signs of ageing. There are many ways of combating such signs, especially tired eyes that have bags under them.

Fat Grafting and Blepharoplasty are some of the ways that are usually long term, immediate and effective as compared to many cosmetics and creams. Let us find out more about botox for under eye bags.


Bags under the eyes may be caused due to a variety of reasons including age, genetics, allergies and lack of sleep coupled with stress. Age is one of the most common causes of under eye bags. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity due to the loss or reduction of collagen production. This is a substance that our skin produces in order to give a supple and tight appearance. When the production of this element diminishes, it leads to the appearance of fine lines and bags under the eyes. Similarly, lack of sleep, stress and a work routine that demands constantly staring at a computer screen, can all lead to dark circles and bags under the eyes. This makes us look tired and less than appealing.

Fat Grafting For Under Eye Hollows-

Fat transfer has quickly become one of the most sought after non-invasive treatments available for facial rejuvenation and the treatment of dark circles and hollows under the eyes. Fat is plentiful, easy to harvest, and because it’s your own tissue, there is no need to worry about having a reaction or excessive swelling.

Fat grafting (‘fat transfer’) offers an innovative solution for treating eyelid hollowness that may have always been present or that was caused by fat loss from prior cosmetic eye surgery, aging, or significant weight loss.
The presence of under-eye shadows is a frequent complaint that is commonly seen with aging. This happens from a combination of fat loss around the eye and a sagging of the upper cheek. Sometimes, it is an inherited trait that we see in relatively young patients. By filling in the shadow within the tear trough (under the eyes), fat grafting can make an extraordinary difference in rejuvenating the look around the eye.

Blepharoplasty For Under Eye Hollows-

Droopy eyelids are a major reason why some people consider eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to remove and tighten excess eyelid skin for a more alert, youthful appearance. Sometimes blepharoplasty also can improve your vision by providing a less obstructed field of view, once droopy eyelids are improved. Blepharoplasty can remove excess skin, muscle and sometimes fat from the upper or lower eyelids. In some cases, you might need only skin removed but not muscle — or you might need the procedure done on both upper and lower eyelids. Many people express satisfaction with the results of blepharoplasty, such as a more rested and youthful appearance and more self-confidence. For some people, results of surgery may last a lifetime. For others, droopy eyelids may recur.

Side Effects: When you take a consultation from the doctor before the treatment, do not forget to talk about possible side effects and management of any pain that you may experience in the aftermath. Scars from the surgical cuts may take six months or longer to fade. 

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Gynecomastia - When Is Surgery The Best Option?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
Gynecomastia - When Is Surgery The Best Option?

Gynecomastia is a condition where the tissues of the breasts swell in a boy or men. This is caused by the imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen. It might affect one or both the breasts depending on the level of hormonal imbalance. Although not considered as a serious condition, Gynecomastia can be a difficult condition to cope up with. There are multiple treatment options and surgery is one of them. In many cases, this condition goes as abruptly as it appeared. For cases that are complicated and difficult to get rid of, doctors suggest a medical procedure get rid of the condition.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia:

Some common symptoms of Gynecomastia include tenderness of breasts, swollen breast gland, pain in the breasts, discharge from the nipple etc.

Causes of Gynecomastia:

  1. There could be many causes of this disease. If the condition is witnessed in babies, it could well come from the mother due to an overdose of oestrogen. Gynecomastia also appears during puberty resulting in the breast to swell up. The condition can again crop up after the age of 50 due to hormonal changes.
  2. Certain medications can be a reason of Gynecomastia. Some of the common medications include certain antibiotics, anti-anxiety related medications, chemotherapy shots, HIV patients receiving HAART, cardiovascular medications such as Lanoxin, anabolic steroids etc.
  3. Certain drugs such as heroin, alcohol, methadone, marijuana, Amphetamines etc.
  4. Certain health conditions such as hypogonadism, hyperthyroidism, liver cirrhosis, ageing, certain tumours, failure of the kidney malnutrition etc.

Risk Factors Of Gynecomastia-

Certain risk factors of gynecomastia include older age, use of certain steroids, adolescence and other medical conditions such as Klinefelter's syndrome, tumour related to hormonal fluctuation and disease related to thyroid.


A doctor typically checks the history of drugs along with the health condition of the patient. He might also take a look at the health of the extended family. A careful tissue evaluation of the genitals, breast and abdomen are done. This is followed by a physical exam followed by prescribing certain tests such as mammograms, complete blood work, CT scan, biopsy of the tissue, MRI scan etc.


Most people suffering from Gynecomastia see a significant regression with periodic treatment. If however the condition arises from an underlying cause such as cirrhosis and malnutrition, a doctor suggests 2 option- medications and surgery:

  1. Medications: Certain medications that are known to be helpful for breast related cancers are known to be effective in this condition. Some common examples of these drugs include evista, arimidex and soltamox.
  2. Surgery: Only after exploring all medical options a doctor suggests surgery. There are 2 procedures namely mastectomy and liposuction. The latter removes the fat cells of the breast and the former removes the breast gland tissue.     

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Double Chin - How To Get Rid Of It?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
Double Chin - How To Get Rid Of It?

One of the effects of ageing is the double chin that is caused due to extra fluid or fat under the chin. It could also be due to increased weight, sagging skin, or merely genetic. Given that it produces an aged appearance, people with double chin are constantly trying to find ways to hide it. There are two main muscles in the neck area, and toning them helps to remove the double chin appearance. There are grooming tips like specific kinds of clothes, hairstyle, and makeup to conceal it. There are also some exercises which are believed to reduce the prominence of the double chin. However, these are temporary measures, and for a permanent solution, surgical correction is the only method of choice.

Some of the new methods to get rid of the double chin are listed below with some important additional details. Talk to your surgeon and understand what to expect before going ahead with the surgical correction.

  1. Kybella: Approved by FDA, this is the new wonder drug to correct double chin. With no surgery involved, all it takes is about half an hour. The area is injected with a local anaesthetic and then Kybella. This contains deoxycholic acid, which is an enzyme that the body also produces naturally. This helps break down fat cells and so after a couple of weeks, the double chin gradually begins to literally melt away. Depending on the desired results, repeat injections might be required at monthly intervals. There could be mild swelling in the initial couple of days, which will subside shortly. The result would be a more defined chin line, producing a slimmer appearance.
  2. CoolMini: This involves freezing the fat and massaging it to remove the double chin. This is a form of chin sculpting and is preferred in people with good skin tightness. Results will be evident in about 1 to 3 months.
  3. Skin tightening using infrared light: A beam of infrared light is aimed at the double chin which causes tightening of the skin by stimulating the underlying collagen and elastin layers.
  4. Chin liposuction: In people with excess fat deposition, chin liposuction where the excess fat is suctioned off is a good treatment option. This is a time-tested method and produces results more immediately than the above-mentioned procedures.

Subsequent to any of the above procedures, it is better to make some lifestyle changes so that the double chin does not return. Weight management and regular exercise can go a long way in preventing recurrence of the double chin. Speak to your doctor to draw up a weight management plan and an exercise regimen that can help in the same.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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What Conditions Do Chemical Peels Treat Most Effectively?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Kolkata
What Conditions Do Chemical Peels Treat Most Effectively?

Are you bored with how your skin appears? Well, there are techniques to give it a new life. Your skin’s natural baby look can be back with techniques like chemical peels. It is a technique that can improve the appearance of your skin. A chemical solution is put on the skin. It causes the skin to exfoliate and later beef off. The new skin looks smooth and it is free from wrinkles. The new skin is more sensitive to the sun on a temporary basis. There are three types of chemical peel:

  1. Superficial or Lunchtime Peel: In this technique, alpha-hydroxy acid or some mild acid is made to penetrate into the outer layer of skin. This exfoliates the skin. It helps to deal with mild skin discoloration and rough skin.
  2. Medium Peel: Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid is put on the skin so as to penetrate the middle layers of skin. It removes damaged skin cells. The treatment is used for improving age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Deep Peel: Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is used for penetrating the middle layer of the skin. It will help in removing moderate lines, and shallow scars.

What must be done before considering a chemical peel?

It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist first before taking up the decision to try a chemical peel.

What are the skin flaws that can be treated by chemical peels?

Chemical peels are used for treating a number of skin problems, including the following ones:

  1. Acne scars
  2. Ageing skin
  3. Crow's feet
  4. Scars
  5. Sun damaged skin
  6. Sagging skin
  7. Wrinkles

Who should not take up a chemical peel?

It is generally believed that light-haired and fair-skinned people can go for chemical peels. It doesn’t go well with dark-skinned patients. It is also not recommended for people living with some infection.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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