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Dr. Anindya Gupta

MD - Psychiatry

Psychiatrist, Kolkata

16 Years Experience
Dr. Anindya Gupta MD - Psychiatry Psychiatrist, Kolkata
16 Years Experience
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
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Dr. Anindya Gupta is a popular Psychiatrist in Dum Dum Park, Kolkata. She has been a practicing Psychiatrist for 16 years. She has done MD - Psychiatry . She is currently practising at Dr. Anindya Gupta Clinic in Dum Dum Park, Kolkata. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Anindya Gupta on has a nexus of the most experienced Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 36 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Kolkata and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MD - Psychiatry - Armed Forces Medical College, Pune - 2001
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am 31 years old female n use to have angry very soon. N I m a house wife whats the reason behind it? All my medical reports are normal too. How to get rid from tiredness?

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
You need to go back into your childhood and find out what during that time may have contributed to your high level of anger. The tiredness may be related to the anger if it is turned inwards. When you internalize anger, it will stifle your natural energy and make you feel low and tired. It can also lead to depression. None of the feelings are to be controlled. The way you express them has to be appropriate. Now anger is pure energy and people mistakenly think that they must express anger violently, or aggressively, or they can damage something, or throw a fit, or kill, or hurt, or withdraw, etc. These expressions can be followed, if they are appropriate to the situation. You can instead simply talk about the feeling, write about it and share it with someone who understands; scream and shout in a situation which warrants it and so on. When the expression is most suitable, the repercussions are minimized and the other person tends to understand and is willing to apologize and sort out the matter. Many of us are inclined to worry about the consequences of expressing anger and use fear to suppress the legitimate expression. You can exorcise your anger out of your system by exercising, but it is the energy that is expended not the feeling. Unexpressed feelings will hurt you back by clinging on to a favorite organ and troubling it enough to cause it to malfunction or lead to its total dysfunction. You can also hand over the feeling to God, if you are a spiritual person, and very effectively too. All feelings must be expressed without exception.
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A month back while getting down from my sons bunker bed I landed my left leg on the chair's leg frame. Since then I have heel pain. I only get the pain while getting up and if I do exercise without shoes. Im sure there is no fracture else I would have severe pain. May be I hit my heel bone. I have heard when you hit the bone, the pain takes many days to go away.

Orthopedist, Kurnool
Hi sir You may be suffering from plantar fascitis If you have put on weight or changed your chappals or shoe or have increased walking or walking on rough surfaces these days this can cause plantar fascitis Other than biomechanical causes. Some systemic disorders also can cause this Try soft chappals and foot exercises as advised by physiotherapy specialist. Good luck.
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Hi During sex time. bath is increase high. How to Eliminate STRESS From Your SEX Life. And penis became erect very soon. How I control it. Kindly help me.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Avoid listening erotica, avoid sexual thoughts and fantasies, avoid porns totally Do meditation regularly before going to sleep Do yogasanas and pranayam daily Go for morning and evening walk daily with relaxed mind Take Damiaplant by shwabe Homeopathic medicine 15 drops in 50 ml water twice a day for 3 months Ashwagandha Q Homeopathic medicine 15 drops in 50 ml water twice a day for 3 months
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He failed in last exams. From then he is so depressed that he never talks to us. Wht to do.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
Be supportive keep reassuring him that you all are there with him no matter what, normalize the situation by telling him that its ok to fail once twice thrice even the most successful people have failed in exams or were dropouts, tell him inspirational things, take him out for outing to his favorite place, make him join some classes music etc whatever he likes and keep a very positive enviroment at home. Ask him what he wants to do and be encouraging. If it persists take him to a psychologist.
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I think I have bpd ,the symptoms are similar to what I have noticed in myself ,I want to b sure about it .So should visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I would b grateful if you can suggest for help

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
It is good that you are reading about BPD and want to improve your personality. You can consult a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist who is nearby and you can visit her/him often. Please keep the fees and availability time also in mind. Both of them can treat BPD with psychotherapy.
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How much days married couples leave saparetogaither. With out sex ofter a baby. Should women's controls their sex more then men? How is men's control with out their wife's mentally. Is it possible?

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
Hi lybrate-user, everyone is different. There's no norm, or set time, when you should aim to have sex by. The most important thing is to wait until you are physically and emotionally ready. A small number of couples start having sex within the first month after the birth, but about half wait until at least six weeks, as do most women who have had a tear or episiotomy. By three months, most couples have tried sex again, though some couples prefer to wait until after six months. If you both feel ready to have sex before your postnatal check at about six weeks after the birth, you can go ahead if you want to. Some health professionals suggest trying sex with your partner before your postnatal check, if you both feel ready, so they can address any problems at your appointment. You do not need to mentally prepare yourself, just keep yourself busy, do some exercise or meditation and masturbation is always possible option. Consult for any query.
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I am suffering from left hemiplegia after a stroke on 10th september 2014. Acute infarct right basal ganglia and right radiata. Mild diffuse atorphy. Please suggest if it can be treated. Unable to move properly.

MBBS, MD - General Medicine
General Physician, Delhi
It will take time. Take the medications as prescribed by doctor. Also take dvt prophylaxis. Continue physiotherapy. For details you can have a word with me on private chat.
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I have a major problem in internal parts. I may ask about any problems and you give me good suggestions from you because I'm fully depressed to this major problem.

L L. B..,, M.Sc psychy,, N L P, P.G.D.G.C, M.S psychotherapy,, M.A child care, M A, clinical psy, M.A,social psychiatry,, M.Phil., psychology., Ph.D .,psychology
Psychologist, Vijayawada
internal parts are small or big. it does not matter. it is working or not that is matter. you feel yourself inferiority complex. in this world every one is not strong and every one is not beautiful. everyone has their own problems. but every one not feeling like you. you unnecessarily imagine yourself. dont think too much about this matters again and again. take good food in time and perform your regular duties very well. dont be alone. aloneness is a dangerous thing. be spend most of the time with your close friends and family members. be share your personal feelings and problems with your close friends and family sociable and be happy all the time. develop good career plan for your bright future. be happy ok all the best.
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I take medician for last 6 months, no improvement, for stress, angry (m, d) trichy, I like to stop, and also think change doctor, what I do, please reply,

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear, anger is an emotion. Emotions comes when we are frustrated due to something which we do not expect. You are talking about stress. In that case, your anger could be due to stress. Why do you get stressed? what are the reasons for your anger and grustrations? if you are able to explain them, you will be able to manage them. Remember, when an emotion comes, you need to vent it out, do not suppress. But if you learn to adjust with that situation, you never get emotional. God bless you. Take care.
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I am getting stress as result of work are not satisfying me as compared to my previous environment. Feel unsecured as a result my image day to day decreases.

L L. B..,, M.Sc psychy,, N L P, P.G.D.G.C, M.S psychotherapy,, M.A child care, M A, clinical psy, M.A,social psychiatry,, M.Phil., psychology., Ph.D .,psychology
Psychologist, Vijayawada
You are under stress because of that everything seems to be negative. You are also suffering from depressive thoughts. Because of stress depressive thoughts come to you. Better to come from stress. To know stress mangement it is very important to you. Take work as a positive note. Every work is seems to be difficult but we have no chance to come out. If is burden then leave it. Choose another job. Get refresh from time to time. Feel always relaxed. Better to maintain a very good friendly relations in office environment. Feel always comfortable. Share your work problems to your companions. Do not feel burden. Feel always it is my duty do it in a proper manner. Do not be alone. After office work spend most of the time as your own recreation time. Spend with friends. Go movies and parks and hotels. In this time you need to spend much money for yourself. Do not think about money. Spend it in a proper manner for you. Ok best of luck. My good wishes always with you. God bless you.
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I am a occasional alcoholic person• what food & drink I need to take and what r the things need to take care for healthy life.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear. Please understand, alcohol is poison. Your liver takes care of the alcohol by disintegrating it. After the process your body gets the good portion of alcohol and liver consumes the bad portion. That means, to save you, your liver damages itself. No food or drink is enough to reduce the damage done by alcohol. Quit alcohol. Take care.
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Alcohol Athletes: Can it affect fitness Performance?

B.Sc. Food & Nutrition, M.Sc. Food & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
Alcohol Athletes: Can it affect fitness Performance?

A lot of people believe in hitting the gym during the day and then a bar at night. One feels there's no harm in drinking a little amount of alcohol now and then. Don't drink and drive isn't only for behind the wheels, it's also on the field (and the gym).

First, let's give you a list of how alcohol can affect your body, and then we can get down to details! keep in mind these effects are within 48 hours of alcohol consumption, that too just after 2-3 standard drinks.

Decrease strength
Impair hand-eye coordination
Increase fatigue (by impacting liver function)
Mineral and vitamin depletion
Disturbed sleep
Impact cellular repair (since protein is affected negatively)
Dehydration thus affecting the kidneys
Loss of endurance
Unwanted weight gain

Do you really need me to go on alcohol isn't something that recommended for most people; for athlete's it just makes matters worse. While you're training or competing, it's best to stay away from alcohol! though, the best solution is to give it up completely to live a healthy lifestyle. Now let's get down to some technical details of how it impacts your organs (just so you don't think I'm talking in air.)

So first things first. Alcohol cannot be stored as energy. This means all the alcohol in your body is converted into fat hence the term beer belly.
Alcohol's effect on the liver can cause a problem in the production of oxygen which then interferes with the production of atp ie a direct source of energy for the muscles.
Sadly drinking alcohol before your workout hinders the circulation of glucose which is essential for energy. It has also been scientifically proven that alcohol diminishes protein synthesis which in turn stops muscle growth by preventing the repair of damaged muscles.
Another thing alcohol does is increase the urge to urinate which leads to loss of electrolytes. No no, I'm not done yet. I've got so much more fun facts related to alcohol.

Since alcohol is a toxin it disrupts the normal cell function.
Alcohol also inhibits the absorption of essential minerals like zinc, folic acid, vitamin b12 etc which are needed for metabolism and new cell growth (muscle cell included). 
The consumption of alcohol provides only empty calories which in turn displace valuable nutrients. That's just a loss of essentials and an increase of fat!
Do note, heavy drinking for a night can negatively affect the brain and bodily activities for 3 whole days whereas 2 nights of consecutive heavy drinking leave an impact for 5 days! evidently dehydration, fatigue, and headaches  commonly known as hangovers really don't mix well with the physical demands of our body.
Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle which in turn leads a reduction in the ability to learn and retain new information. This could range from new skills to studying games or even applying strategies in a game.
Excessive alcohol can prevent the secretion of human growth hormone which is essential for muscle growth as well as recovery. For an athlete, that's bad. Bad

It's always better to prioritize a good day's workout over a night of heavy drinking. At least the workout leaves you worn out and exhausted craving for more! alcohol just leaves you with a bad hangover which leads to false swears of never drinking again.

Eat clean, drink healthy and stay fit!

In case of any query or to book an appointment with dt. Silky mahajan please send us a mail at info@foodsandnutrition. In or call on 08067417780 (dial extension:778)

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Cluster headache Problem Morning Headache on One Side of Eye Problem , Please Guide me How To Stop This Problem, Even I Have habit of smoking , It is assured for smoking ? If Yes then I will Quit. Please Tell Truth answer.

MD - Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Mumbai
Hello, A headache is nature’s warning that something is wrong somewhere in the body or health .taking any pain killer provide a temporary relief but it does not remove the causes , moreover the excess use of pain killer causes nervous debility , weakness a heart and bring other side effects. The common cause of headache are allergy, emotional reasons, eyestrain, HBP, LBP, infection, nutrition n vitamin deficiency, anemia, chronic constipation , ENT n Sexual problem , Sleeplessness , Menses problem in female etc… First step to prevent headache to build up physical resistance through proper nutrition, exercise, yogic asana, Pranayama, prayer, meditation and constructive thinking. Juice Therapy Carrot, coconut water, orange n pineapple juice n mix vegetable soup are best for headache illness Home Remedy TULSI LEAVES BOILED WITH WATER N DRINK 4 TIMES A DAY OR MIX WITH COW MILK CHEW TULSI LEAVES 15-20 WITH JAGGERY /LEAF JUICE WITH GINGER AND HONEY stop smoking Stay Healthy-Naturally.
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I'm having some problem but I'm not able to figure out what. I'm having lots of mood swings, angry all the time even I know that's its not valid reason to be angry but I can't help it, I hate when someone cancels the plan and I hate them for lifetime then. I don't know sometimes I feel like I have some kind of mental disorder.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi
Hi lybrate-user Having a mood swing for once or twice in a month is normal. It may be related to premenstrual syndrome (mood swings before menses. But, if anger has become a mood fixed in you there might be some past disturbance in your life. You should consult a good homoeopathic doctor near you in both the cases if extreme and disturbing daily routine. Homoeopathic medicines are really effective in controlling anger and attaining back the peace of mind. You can also consult me through audio or video calls.
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Discussing ed problems with your partner

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Sexologist, Chennai
Discussing ed problems with your partner

Discussing ed problems with your partner

Communication plays one of the most important roles in any sexual relationship.

For most men who begin to detect the signs of erectile dysfunction, it can be a big challenge to admit it to their partner about the problem.

Emotions may run high and you may feel nervous or awkward and get stressed about your partner's reaction to it.

But always remember that your problem is also affecting your partner. And a clear discussion may be the first step to the diagnosis and treatment of your problem.

Try and get past the initial hesitation and talk it out to your partner. Feeling embarrassed about discussing your problem of erectile dysfunction can make your relationship even worse.

While it is not easy to communicate with your partner about your erection problems, it is imperative that you do so.

Here are a few tips for getting the conversation started.

1. Don't hesitate

Sometimes the most difficult part is just starting the conversation on this subject. Yet you need to explain the issue in plain simple words.

Admitting it your partner can be the first step to getting started on the road to recovery.

Make sure that you and your partner are comfortable and not stressed out at the time you choose to discuss the matter.

It might feel awkward at the beginning but once the conversation flows, it will be much easier for you to explain. Talking frankly about your problem will also increase the chances of winning the emotional support of your partner.

2. Discuss the treatment options

Because of the advancement in medicine, erection problems are much easily treated than ever before.

Once you have opened the discussion on this subject let your partner know that there are treatments available for this problem. This will give her hope and a positive attitude towards the situation.

Having your partner's support in taking the treatment will make it much easier for both of you to deal with it.

3. Be positive

Stay supportive and positive. Be more expressive about your feelings of love and attraction towards her. Let her know you care.

Focus more on emotional intimacy. Sometimes going bravely through such difficulties together makes the relationship even stronger.

Avoiding the issue of impotence will not make it disappear but will just raise the level of tension and frustration in the relationship.

Therefore, it's very important to discuss the issue with your partner and subsequently, seek medical help and counseling as soon as possible.

Keeping these things in mind, you can deal better with the problem of erectile dysfunction and reduce its impact on your relationship.

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Why Counselling before Marriage is Important

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Why Counselling before Marriage is Important

We as individuals are unique and blessed with independent thoughts and intellect, which help us in making decisions in life. One of the biggest decisions in life that we have to make is choosing a life partner. We may have to go through several proposals and meet lots of people before we are able to make this crucial choice and select an ideal partner to spend the rest of your life with. Many times, such decisions are made sooner and at sometimes we may have to seek the opinion of our friends, relatives and well-wishers to be able to find the perfect match.

In all cases, what really matters is that the relationship that we have build has to be strong enough to last a lifetime and that if there is any problem between the couple, they should be able to resolve it amicably, with understanding and maturity. In order to forge relationships that can last, the beginning of the association has to be crucial. There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that the beginning is smooth and that the rest of your lives are also spent in happiness.

The importance of counselling
In the modern times, when couples expect a lot more than couples of the olden times, it becomes extremely important to make sure that the couplevisits a marriage counsellor in time and is given an opportunity to get to know each other in a better manner. Here are a few ways in which counselling may be a boon for newly acquainted couples who are to get married.

  1. The counselling may help them realise their similarities and also understand what their strong points as a couple
  2. The session of understanding each other may also aid in knowing what they expect from each other in the long term rather than finding out the difficult way.
  3. It may also help in understanding the importance of amicable family relationships and how close and extended families help in the making of long and strong relationships.
  4. The pre-marriage counselling provided to couples also ensures that they are able to get a healthy and transparent forum to be able to know each other and understand what they can expect from life if they are together.

Getting the right kind of help
Although parents and elders usually advise the couple before they get married, it is important to make sure that formal counselling is also received from an expert in the field of psychology. When you choose to go to a worthy and trusted expert, you are able to ensure that the best methods of opening up to each other are used and that the session remains fruitful for the couple as well as their families in the long term.

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I am not able to remember anything for a long time. what should I do? Please help me.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
As a student poor memory can really jeopardize your academic performance. Partially, this may be true because of your age. I suspect that you are going through a spurt in the production of the male sex hormone, which affects you in three ways quite unknown to you. First, there will be a sexual agenda that it will kick off, secondly, there will be aggressiveness and rebelliousness, and thirdly, you will suffer from acne and pimple problems. This is the effect of the hormone that has a duration of almost two years and you will have no control over it. But if you have a good value system you will tide over this phase without significant damage. The hormonal imbalances may not only impact your memory because of the chemical but also bring along some distractions that come with it. But you may work on the following even if the hormones kick in: Daily exercise of at least half an hour is a must. Even if you go to a gym, ask for aerobic and/or callisthenic exercises with whatever else you are doing. A healthy body harbors a healthy mind. With regard to memory, it is very important that your brain and body is ideally rested to be able to recall whatever is required, rather comfortably. Puzzles pose problems to the brain that help it to use new pathways and neurons, which give the brain considerable exercise. It taxes the left brain to use logic to solve the myriad possibilities which other activities do not stimulate. Crosswords are excellent for vocabulary learning and use. Jigsaws and Rubik cube stimulate different permutations to finally settle on the most likely one. Picture completion and anagrams help approach problem solving from several angles. Do Sudoku, and memory co-relation activities and skills. Have a good night?s sleep, have a good breakfast of more proteins, meditate often, remain free of stress, eat a lot of fiber (whole grains, fruits and vegetables), nuts, avocado, eat dark chocolate, consume less of fat and use olive oil instead, do Yoga meditation exercises, etc. You need to check out if you are stronger visual or auditory. The visual is a better mode than the auditory. However, if you combine the two modes, you will get the best concentration. Have a special place of learning, which should be well lit, with soft painted walls, well-ventilated, with no distractions. When you get bored, study by writing. If you repeat learning at least five to seven times, you will apparently remember for a longer time. Sit comfortably but do not slouch. The reading material should be of a fairly large print. Study at small intervals of about 40 minutes and then take a break or change the subject. Short-term memory is a faculty of the left brain, and long-term memory is a feature of the right brain. When people are stressed, they tend to favor the right brain and abandon the left brain, where short-term memory resides. So, it is really very simple: deal with the stress and activate left brain functions. Here are a few suggestions to activate left brain function: shut your left nostril and breathe, move your eyes from right to left and vice versa for at least half a minute at a time, and do callisthenic exercises with some form of counting, regularly. There are some memory enhancing techniques and study methods that your teacher will be able to guide you with. If your home life is full of distractions and stress, it is likely to affect your memory, adversely. In that case, I suggest that you and the family go for counseling too.
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