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7 E, Behind Junior South Point School, Cornfield Road, Ballygunge Kolkata
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Dr. Arnab Bandopadhyay's Clinic Psychiatrist Clinic 7 E, Behind Junior South Point School, Cornfield Road, Ballygunge Kolkata
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We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply....more
We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply.
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Dr. Arnab Bandopadhyay's Clinic is known for housing experienced Psychiatrists. Dr. Arnab Banerjee, a well-reputed Psychiatrist, practices in Kolkata. Visit this medical health centre for Psychiatrists recommended by 47 patients.


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7 E, Behind Junior South Point School, Cornfield Road, Ballygunge
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Food & Depression - How The Two Are Related?

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Food & Depression - How The Two Are Related?

Depression is a clinical, mental, and emotional condition that may give rise to feelings of hopelessness and chronic sadness. It slows down the way people process everyday activities and leads the patient to a sense of constant gloom and doom. It is a disabling mental condition as per WHO, and may be caused due to reasons like genetics, changes in the balance of hormones, stress, grief, trauma and prolonged, chronic physical ailments. Depression is also connected with food and nutrition. Do you want to know how? 

Read on to see the three ways in which food and depression are connected. 

  1. Severity and Duration: Depression is a mental illness that signifies an imbalance in the hormones and the emotional faculties in the brain. Nutrition is the fuel that keeps the brain and body in prime working condition. When a depressive state sets in or becomes emotionally rooted, then nutritious eating and a proper diet take a back seat as the patient succumbs to a state where he or she is not concerned about the food intake. As a result, the brain and hormonal balance get further affected. This can have an adverse effect on the severity and the duration of the depressive mode, which makes it all a vicious cycle of sorts. Poor appetite, not having proper meals, skipping meals, eating junk, avoiding social settings where food will be served, and even emotional eating are all outcomes of depression too.
  2. Eating Disorders: Many patients who have eating disorders often experience deep rooted and chronic depression. Since despondency and hopelessness are the main characteristics of depressive behaviour, the outcome is that the patient tries to behave in a way that seeks approval. And in all this, the patient usually thinks that he or she is not 'good enough'. In such a scenario, the patient may start trying out fad diets and eventually fall prey to eating disorders like Bulimia that make the patient overeat and then vomit. These eating disorders usually come with phases of binge eating, throwing up, starving and then repeating the cycle again. Eating in secrecy is also a symptom of this condition.
  3. Nutrition to Fight Depression: Nutrition and proper food intake can build a sense of resilience by first of all improving the overall physical condition of the patient. This can take care of a lot of angst even as the minerals and vitamins travel to the brain for better functioning in the long run.

Ensure that you eat right as a part of your therapy for depression. This is as good as taking your medication on time!

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I opted for b.pharm course and now I am in my 4th year. But now I am feeling fed up of my life. I am not able to concentrate on my studies. I was a good student. But now I am feeling very low. What should I do to stay positive all the time? What exercise should I do so that I can get rid of all the negativity of my life? What should I do? I am very confused all the time. Recently I fell ill from dengue. My whole life has got messed.

B.Sc (Bio), DMS (Cal), CMS , FWT, PET, DMLT (Cal), SBHM, Vacc,
Homeopath, Kolkata
During your suffering you take that medicine. This treatment is the palietive, in Homoeopathy philosophy any kind of skin disease suppressed by the applications in secondary action may be created mental syndromes so you follow my prescription. 1) Sulphur - 200. In no 30 globules. To be taken four globules once in a week before food for one month and wait for one month and report me the result for next medicine or advise.
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I was a drugs (painkillers spasm-proxyvon caps + 1×100 ml codeine phosphate cough syrup) addicted approx 12-years, my addiction period is since 2002 to 2010,(recovery period is 3-years at middle) then 2013 to February 2017. But now I leave all of these drugs in present since 8- months. My major problems are so many:-- 1. Higher pain in all parts of body even headache. 2. Weakness, tiredness and I didn't walk for 2 to 3 minutes in road because of higher pain. 3. My sexual strength are almost damaged, my inter-course (having sex) time is just 20 to 25 seconds, (at past I was doing twice a day of masturbating, I got nightfall 4-times in a week. 4. I didn't get sleep at right time, but whenever I take sleep it will be 12 to 14 hours. 5. Having gas, constipation and the time of digestion is long that's why I didn't eat properly Doctors guide me as your own please. Help me.

B.A.M.S, MD (Ayu.) Kayachikitsa
I was a drugs (painkillers spasm-proxyvon caps + 1×100 ml codeine phosphate cough syrup) addicted approx 12-years, my...
Thanks for contacting with your health concern 1. The symptoms which you have mentioned looks to be due to 'withdrawal symptoms' of the drugs thus i. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation but also Pranayam [anulom vilom] which will strengthen the relaxation response of body as opposed to stress response. Ii. Yoga poses [Dhanurasana, Matsyasana, Janu Shirsasana, Paschimottanasana, Hastapadasana], hot shower and massage are simple techniques to overcome anxiety. Iii. Avoid: alcohol, pepper, garam masala, mustard oil, pickles, rye, spicy food, anger, grief, fear, late night waking, garlic, ginger, onion. Take: mint, coriander, tomato, and cumin, plenty of water, vitamins and mineral supplements, apple, banana, grapes, dates iv.Lemon juice mixed with sugar in a glass of water helps release stress removing hormones from the body and bring mind at peace/rest. And eat 2 spoons coriander [Dhaniya] seeds with 2 spoons of sugar candy [mishri] v.Apple, almond, banana, broccoli, can notaloupe, melon, carrot, cashew nut, corn, cauliflower, grapes, guava, lemon, mango, orange, pineapple, soybean, spinach have antioxidant and detoxifying properties so take them in plenty. PS. For medicine aspect regarding your said symptoms kindly consult me on Lybrate itself.
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I feel very depressed most of time without any big reason. Please solve the problem.

M.A in Clinical psychology, B.A - Psychology
Psychologist, Faridabad
I feel very depressed most of time without any big reason. Please solve the problem.
Hi, lybrate-user It's about how you see the world or situations. Happiness is within you. Check what is disturbing you most. Talk to friends, family and expert to counseled you Set some goals and plan accordingly. We all have our highs and lows in life. Lets get on a call and discuss things further. There are many solutions that I can provide you depending upon your problems. There is goal setting, relaxation improving confidence. Through these techniques all your problems will be solved. Your situation might be due to some event which had happened in the past and you might be feeling that you are being lonely or looked by all when in social setting.
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Depression - How It Varies from Person to Person!

Ph.D - Ph.D in Psychology, Ph. D - Education
Psychologist, Kakinada
Depression - How It Varies from Person to Person!

Recently most of us were shaken by the death of the well-known television actress, Pratyusha Banerjee. Her sudden death has brought to light the very common yet under-addressed problem - Depression -  that a number of youths are living with.

Most mental and emotional health issues are inconspicuous in nature and, therefore, cause more harm than they otherwise should, most people still live with a number of symptoms of depression without even realizing it or do little to address it. When the depressive symptoms last for more than 2 weeks and affect the individual's personal, social or occupational life, it is known as clinical depression or major depression. There is often a delay in opting for the treatment because of the social taboo associated with depression.

Although cases of depression can vary from an individual to the other, there are signs that one can look out for, to identify a depressed person:

  1. Low mood most of the time of day along with frequent crying spells
  2. Feeling of unworthiness and low self-respect are very common in a depressed person. Due to these feelings, the affected person may become very critical and disapproving about himself or herself.
  3. Lack of enjoyment and loss of interest in a depressed person makes them no longer derive pleasure from things that once gave him or her happiness.
  4. Exhaustion and insomnia are signs that one should look out for in a depressed individual. These are usually due to changes in sleep patterns, from sleeping a lot because of feelings of constant fatigue or due to instances of wakefulness.
  5. From indulging in comfort eating to losing the will to eat, predominantly loss of appetite characterizes a depressed person.
  6. Difficulty in recalling details and tendency to over generalize as also problem-solving issues can point to the presence of depression
  7. Unexplained bodily pains and aches are another characteristics of the condition.  

What are the different types of depression?

Regarding the different forms of this mental health issue, it comes in several forms along with their distinct symptoms, effects, and causes. These are:

  1. Major depression
  2. Dysthymia
  3. Recurrent depressive disorder
  4. Seasonal affective disorder
  5. Bipolar disorder

How can it affect your life?

More than 90% people who commit suicide suffer from some form of psychiatric illness and depression is the most common reason. The despair that usually accompanies depression makes the thought of taking one's life as the only means available to escape the pain. In addition to suicidal thoughts, it can also affect one's functioning in day to day life if help is not sought in time.

Depression is as curable as any other illness. Both medical management and psychotherapy are helpful in treatment. Type of treatment depends on patient's condition, the severity of illness as well as availability.

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How can I clean up the nicotine or the symbol of smoking over my lungs? I need some home based solutions.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, Please quit smoking and continue with your high motivational level NOT to restart. Within 3 -6 months, your lungs will be clear. You can do breathing exercises at home. You should not be with friends who smoke. Passive smoking also affects lungs. Try hard and persistently. All the best.
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As being a teenager I need to study but sometimes I get depressed due to some situations so what l should do in such time.

Psychologist, Lucknow
As being a teenager I need to study but sometimes I get depressed due to some situations so what l should do in such ...
lybrate-user, this is correct. He advised you correct. Being a and indulge in various physical activities will keep you social and busy and you will not face any depressive situation. Study with fresh mood may help you to achieve your goal.
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He is used to alcohol drinking from his college days. Not an addict but he drinks weekly once or twice. Is it good for health or ll it spoil? Please give me a proper answer. Am very much worried about his health. How to make him overcome his drinking habit rapidly?

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Even drinking once every week can produce fatty liver. So get his liver function test done to know if alcohol is affecting his health. All the best.
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Dear Doctor I am suffering from anxiety and depression both, I always think extreme negative, I have got gastritis, constipation but when I listened that my friend sister got liver cancer at the age of 38 some disease illness I also getting worried and started thinking negative for me, kindly help.

Psychologist, Lucknow
Dear Doctor
I am suffering from anxiety and depression both, I always think extreme negative, I have got gastritis, c...
lybrate-user, Don't be panic. If your friend is suffering from cancer then it doesn't mean that you will face the same problem. For your gastric and constipation, you will have to change your life style. Like drink 2-3 litres of water ,go for walk early in the morning. Eat balanced diet. Don't overeat. It will help you gradually.
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Tobacco - How Yoga Can Help You Quit it?

MD - Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Hyderabad
Tobacco - How Yoga Can Help You Quit it?

A lot of smokers now are well aware of the dangers of smoking, but yet they find it hard to quit this habit. In fact, even repeated attempts to quit smoking fail after a few days as they tend to give in to a variety of withdrawal symptoms. In case you are searching for a permanent solution to de-focus and avoid tobacco intake, yoga is the way to venture out of the smoke and free yourself of the addiction.

Compelling well-being programs that plan to improve people and bring back their focus on things that help them lead a solid and happy life can be sought. In this manner, their friends and families get a chance to inhale fresh air as well. Yoga is one such measure which can be used.

Here are a couple of yoga poses that are helpful in getting rid of tobacco addiction:

  1. Kapal bhati pranayama (skull shining breathing procedure): This asana tends to enhance the blood flow, improve the sensory system, restore brain cells and quiet the mind. This pranayama likewise clears the nadis (the energy channels) and fights the temptation of smoking.
  2. Nadi shodhan pranayama (alternate nostril breathing procedure): Discharge accumulated stress, quiet your brain, sanitise and adjust your naadis (unobtrusive energy channels) with this pranayama. The nadi shodhan pranayama works effectively for some respiratory problems and helps you cope with your addiction of tobacco.
  3. Bhujanagasana (cobra posture): The cobra posture improves blood circulation and expands your abdomen. It lessens exhaustion and is additionally useful for people with respiratory illnesses. This yoga acts as a stress reliever and minimises the desire of smoking.
  4. Setu bandhasana (bridge posture): The bridge posture opens up the lungs and enhances the supply of oxygen to the body. It additionally extends different parts of the body, quiets the mind, diminishes tension, depression and stress, which keeps you far from smoking.
  5. Shishuasana (child posture): The child posture unwinds the body, quiets down the nervous system and eases the body from stress.
  6. Trikonasana (triangle posture): The triangle posture extends and strengthens different parts of the body. This yoga pose is an extremely powerful physical and mental balance for the body. It also diminishes nervousness and stress, and helps you fight the desire of tobacco.
  7. Sarvangasana (bear stand): The shoulder stand supplies the mind with more blood and also calms it down. It additionally mitigates stress and misery, thereby killing the desire of smoking.
  8. Shavasana (corpse posture): The corpse stance should be performed last as it releases the body into a profound, reflective condition of rest and alleviates tension. This yoga posture restores the body and diminishes stress and tension.

Yoga is a very beneficial form of releasing stress and tension as well as your addictions. It takes a long time to show results but the results are long-lasting and highly effective.

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I am a 25 years old male and I was smoked now I quit smoking but I have pain in my lungs what should I do?

MA Psychology
Psychologist, Noida
You must have abruptly given up your smoking and pain in your lungs is symptom of Body Craving for the same. I suggest that you have to go for smoking cessation therapy where you let go of the craving of nicotine gradually and building your immunity rather than abruptly giving up. Probability of you going back to smoking increases and you may start smoking again in near future. Also I would suggest that you meet a pulmonologist if pain increases in your lungs.
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I am feeling depressed, mood swings and extreme​ anger since from two days .recently I came for diwali vacation from mumbai to my hometown .last years I had some big fight with my brother and he bitten me. That I can't forget till now. So when I saw him home I loosed my temper and started acting differently which I never did since I had fight with him. I am facing mood swings with my closed once .what should I do?

Psychologist, Lucknow
I am feeling depressed, mood swings and extreme​ anger since from two days .recently I came for diwali vacation from ...
lybrate-user, Whatever happened, can't forget but you will have to forget to overcome your depression and mood swings. So many incidents happen between brother and sister, but for this special relationship you just directly talk to your brother. After this you will feel relax and forget every problem.
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I had a breakup before 2-3 months at starting everything is going well but after some weeks I started feeling depressed, I can't move on from that memories.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Mumbai
I had a breakup before 2-3 months at starting everything is going well but after some weeks I started feeling depress...
The end of a relationship often feels like the end of the world. After all the time and energy you have invested in it, it is very painful when it gets over. Keep in mind that life is full of ups and downs; nothing is permanent. The pain you feel today will go away with time. Give yourself time to heal. Give time, time. In the meanwhile don't isolate yourself from your friends and family. Confide in someone you are comfortable with. Make a list of life goals, and plan how to achieve them. Relationships are an important part of your life, but they are not everything. Spend time with those close to you, indulge in some enjoyable activities. Keep yourself busy. Slowly you will see that there is a lot to life. However if you are feeling suicidal, consult a psychiatrist immediately. Don't wait to feel worse.
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Dear Doctors, I always feel insecure and I be impatient about the things and my relatives or bf. Few have suggested me not to express my love in words, they also told me to hide my needs and anger from the people shok I love, they advice to speak less. But the problem is that I can't do it any more as suppressing myself and hiding my feelings and anger is hurting me like hell. And I can't take it as a justified statement that I should not reveal my needs to my own people, I feel my own people including my bf should be the first one to know about all my needs. Why do I have to hide my nature from my own people to keep them there in my life. I really want them to be with me till I die but I just can't suppress myself like this any more. What do I do please suggest.

Master of Clinical Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling
Psychologist, Pune
You need to vent out your feelings and Thoughts by practicing different strategies. First of all identify your thoughts which make you angry. You must be holding some demands n expectations from urself and others. Ask urself can you change or hold other's thinking n behavior? Then what can you change? Can you change ur thoughts n perception? Think practically n rationally. It always helps to remain calm. Anger is a bunch of lots of emotions. Therefore to work on anger, first you need to learn to manage all negative thoughts n emotions. Practice different relaxation techniques, yoga, deep breathing, stretching exercises to relax urself. Learn to express ur needs n feelings in a constructive and assertive way. so that it won't affect ur relations still ur closed ones will understand what u need n feel.
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Hello sir I am facing the liver problems I mean I am a fully addicted to alcohol 4 months back I am getting jaundice and now I am taking alcohol again from past 3 weeks now I am getting digesting problem and feeling like vomit and I am getting very tired and getting fever some times I can not sleep without alcohol now I am afraid of cirrhosis of liver I did not test anything yet pls what I do now I need some medicine suggest and I am a psychiatric problem psychiatric doctor said I have panic disorder problem and he suggest lonazep and walbeta la 25 and nexito 10 but after I am taking that medicine I am feeling very fast heart beet and sweating and body shivering but I am feeling very afraid of cirrhosis of liver but I can not sleep without alcohol pls suggest me sir.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Hello sir I am facing the liver problems I mean I am a fully addicted to alcohol 4 months back I am getting jaundice ...
Only strong will power, determination, attending AA meetings and diverting mind when tempted will help you stop alcohol or may need professional help from a psychiatrist or de addiction centre. Try to do meditation and yoga. Read good books and listen to music and if you are believer attend Bhajans Alcohol causes 7 types of cancer, including breast, mouth and bowel cancers. When you drink alcohol, cancer-causing chemicals are formed. Alcohol also affects hormone levels and makes cells even more likely to be damaged by smoking. The less alcohol you drink, the lower the risk of cancer. No type of alcohol is better or worse than another, it is the alcohol itself that leads to the damage, regardless of whether it is in wine, beer or spirits. And drinking and smoking together are even worse for you. Not everyone who drinks alcohol will develop cancer. But on the whole, scientists have found that some cancers are more common in people who drink more alcohol than others. Every year, alcohol causes 4% of cancers .Tips to cut down on alcohol. There are lots of simple ways to cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink. It can help to work out if there are particular times or situations when you tend to have a drink, whether that’s a bad day at work or a weekly pub quiz tradition, and plan what you’ll say and do differently next time. Have more alcohol-free days a week. For liver health it’s best to have at least 2 days off alcohol in a row each week. Try agreeing on certain days with your partner or a friend and help each some wi other and stick to it. If you are planning to drink alcohol, decide on a limit in advance and make sure you don’t go over it. Swap every other alcoholic drink for a soft one – starting with your first drink. Try shandy instead of a pint of beer, or swap ne for soda and have a spritzer. Don’t stock up on beer, wine or spirits at home. Finish one drink before pouring another, because topping up drinks makes it harder to keep track of how much you’ve had and when you planned to stop. Avoid buying drinks in rounds, that way you don’t have to keep pace with anyone. Tell a friend or partner that you’re cutting down on alcohol, they can support you – or even join you. You have to do counselling and do tests to determine that you have cirrhosis and fully stop alcohol.
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Can you please make a diet chart for me? I am 17 years and 3 months of age. Weight-65 kgs. Height-183 cm I am of class 12th standard and I need a proper diet chart so that I can remain active all the day long.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Masters in FPNS
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Dehradun
In the morning have heavy breakfast which will include rotis/cornflakes/parathas/bread+vegetables+ 2 egg / 1 glass of milk midmorning have 2 bananas or any other fruits or dry fruits lunch - rice+dal+veggies+fish/chicken/soyabean/paneer + curd + salad have evening snacks except fast foods dinner - rotis / rice + dal + veggies + soyabean/ paneer.
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Take A Moment - Why It Is Important For Your Mental Health?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Delhi
Take A Moment - Why It Is Important For Your Mental Health?

The pressing urge to do loads in a short span of time, to plan life in a day, to see dreams unfurl into reality at the slightest of efforts inundates millions across the world. It is neither about the goals one sets before oneself nor about rational expectations arising from the awareness of one's capabilities. The problem runs deeper. Happiness and health are two elemental factors discerning the quality of your life. Happiness is directly proportional to your personal health. Neglecting one will affect the other. The best way to cope in the given situation is to take a detour from the overriding rat race. While others are in a hurry, you must slow down and care to nurture your mind and body.

Take a look at the benefits of slowing down:

  1. It will give you ample time to interact: Moving out of your comfort zone in order to exchange ideas with colleagues or friends plays an eminent role in shaping your personality. Interaction provides a person with food for thought. Therefore slowing down a little will encourage a free flow of countless ideas.
  2. It will encourage you to pursue a hobby: Hobbies keep you alive. You should take out time to pursue an interest. This is a tried and tested way of rekindling happiness in one's life.
  3. It will make you attentive towards others: A fast life shelters you within its clutches. You fail to take note of the changes in and around you. Going slow will let you take care of your loved ones.
  4. It will enable you to see your inimitability: Once you slow down, you'll find time to introspect and retrospect as well. A person can come to realize how unique he or she is in this vast scope of things.
  5. It will improve your sex life: Dopamine is the chief chemical that regulates a person's sexual desires. Increased levels of stress can hamper the production of dopamine making you lax about sex. Taking an easy pace can add zing to your sex life.
  6. It will keep your heart healthy: Being overly hyper about delay subjects you to the risk of heart diseases. You should never be frantic about plans; this can lead to high blood pressure or can even cause severe harm to your heart health.
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