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Dr. Rajendra Soni  - Homeopath, Jhansi

Dr. Rajendra Soni

89 (250 ratings)

Homeopath, Jhansi

17 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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Dr. Rajendra Soni 89% (250 ratings) CCH, BHMS, DMLT Homeopath, Jhansi
17 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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Personal Statement

I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
More about Dr. Rajendra Soni
A homeopath by profession, Dr. Rajendra Soni is a reputed name in KK puri, Jhansi. With over 14 years of experience by his side, he extensively dedicates his life in providing optimal care to his patients by implementing homeopathic treatment in a comforting environment. He is presently affiliated with Dr. Soni?s Homeopathy clinics and diagnostic center in KK Puri, Jhansi. Dr. Soni specializes in resolving problems in the areas of Dermatology, Adult psychiatry, orthopedics and sexology through homeopathic medications. Dr. Rajendra Soni finished his DMLT from IMA Delhi in 2002 and his BHMS from D.H.S. Gaur University Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in 2011. A much-revered name in his profession, Dr. Soni is a professional member of Central Council of Homeopathy and Indian Homeopathic Medical Association. Before starting his own clinic, Dr. Soni served as a medical officer at SPH Medical College and Hospital. In his clinic, you can avail a wide variety of services implementing homeopathic medications which includes treatment of acne, treatment of antiageing problems, allergy treatment, dengue treatment, head and neck pain treatment etc. So, if you are looking for an alternate form of medication to cure or provide relief to your chronic disorders, it is recommended to contact Dr. Rajendra Soni in order to get wholesome remedy.


CCH - Bombay - 2013
BHMS - D.H.S.Gaur University Sagar MP - 2011
DMLT - IMA Delhi - 2002
Languages spoken
Professional Memberships
Central Council of Homeopathy
Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association


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I am 18 years old Boy. I am taking Maxovita Multivitamin Capsules from 1 week. Is it good for my body? I want to gain weight! why should I do? My weight is 44 kg and height is 5 ft 8 inch and Age is 18+.How can I weight gain?

Homeopath, Jhansi
I am 18 years old Boy. I am taking Maxovita Multivitamin Capsules from 1 week. Is it good for my body? I want to gain...
Ok user as u describe that takes these maltivitamin it's good but overintake of it may HARMFUL for ur body. but balance ur diet for increase ur weight. include vegetables fruit and protein products in Ur diet

I am 21 years old female and I had sex 18 times in 7 month. Can my vagina get tighten again till the age of 25 without doing sex .plz tell me mam.

Homeopath, Jhansi
Yes it's may possible if you stop sex or decrease your sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times only in month.

Doctor I am masturbating from 5 years now I am 17 years old. I used to masturbate frequently 2 to 3 times in an hour. So my intension is I can satisfy my wife in sex and I can born her a baby or not.

Homeopath, Jhansi
Doctor I am masturbating from 5 years now I am 17 years old. I used to masturbate frequently 2 to 3 times in an hour....
hello dear if you masturbate once and or twice a day it's may be harmful for your body or your future sex life it's may cause you erectile dysfunction. or and harmful weakness on your body so stop it as soon as possible and take medicine to leave your habit

I am 25 years old male. In the back side of my penis, the foreskin is attached with a muscle looks like a nerve. And the problem is, when my penis is fully erected and I pull the foreskin back, it stuck and I won't be able to move it back. And it hurts a bit. I have to wait until my penis losses it's erection then pull the foreskin up. How to get it normal?

Homeopath, Jhansi
I am 25 years old male. In the back side of my penis, the foreskin is attached with a muscle looks like a nerve. And ...
Hello dear, as you describe on your symptoms it is a disease known as phimosis sometime it is cure by exercising in home two to three times a day. By stretching your skin back for 3 to 6th month regular exercise. If it not given by exercising its maybe treat by surgical procedure so do exercising for treated neither if not treated then go to any surgeon for its treatment.
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I am 29 years old. I had used betnovate C cream for acne for 2 weeks twice a day. I had stopped it now and as a resultant having acne and redness on my face. What to do plzz suggest?

Homeopath, Jhansi
I am 29 years old. I had used betnovate C cream for acne for 2 weeks twice a day. I had stopped it now and as a resul...
Betnovate C cream is allopathic treatment for acne and redness on face it's may be harmful sometime so take Homeopathy treatment for it without any side effect

Migraine - Role Of Homeopathy in Treating it!

Homeopath, Jhansi
Migraine - Role Of Homeopathy in Treating it!

On a normal, run-of-the-mill day, most people go about their daily chores in a mundane manner and then one day they get a splitting headache, and everything comes to a standstill, because even thinking about it seems like a chore. That’s because headaches that refuse to go away could be migraines.

It is good to know that the field of homeopathy has some solutions which go a long way in improving the abilities of the body to resist migraines. However, there is a lot of ambiguity in the minds of many people with respect to what a migraine is, and how it differs from a normal headache.

What is a migraine?
A migraine usually forms on one side of the head. Also, the cause which is most directly attributable is that the blood vessels begin to dilate. It may be surprising for many people to know that allopathy looks to only reduce the ill effects of the migraine instead of curing the root cause. As a result, a lot of people are steering towards homeopathy as the solution when they have run out of options with other ways to treat migraines. In fact, they turn to homeopathy when they have spent way too much time and money suffering without addressing the main problem.

How homeopathy helps?
There are about seven different medicines or medicinal compounds in homeopathy which can be made use of to treat migraines. Considering the fact that homeopathy is a much customised field of medicine, the course of treatment may also include a combination of various medicines if the situation demands this.

Homeopathy is also great when it comes to migraines as it can seek to treat the main or core issue while also reducing the havoc which is wrecked by the symptoms of a migraine. The fact of the matter is that a migraine can be caused by a large variety of things or triggers. Only homeopathy has a way to address these in the most comprehensive manner possible.

One of the many great things when it comes to using homeopathy to cure migraines is the fact that there are no side effects. On the other hand, certain medicines from the field of allopathy can be the causes of migraines themselves. These medicines are usually made use of, ironically, to suppress pain.

There is a troubling cocktail of stress, eye strain and loud noise to which a lot of people are exposed today. As a result, there is a much greater incidence of migraines. However, if a person is willing to stay dedicated to homeopathic treatment, there is a lot of respite in sight!

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Cellulitis - How Homeopathy Can Help Treat It?

Homeopath, Jhansi
Cellulitis - How Homeopathy Can Help Treat It?

Cellulitis is an intense and chronic aggravation of the connective tissue of the skin, brought on by infection with a kind of bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus or other microbes). Cellulitis often occurs on uncovered areas of the body, for example, the arms, legs, and the face. It is basically characterised by excessive redness, swelling, warmth and pain or pain at even the most delicate touch.

Homeopathic medications are extremely productive in treating cellulitis, although these will have to be prescribed by a doctor only. The medicines work very efficiently by increasing the immunity of the patient along with a decrease in the swelling, pain and burning in cellulitis. Indeed, even in instances of cellulitis with blister formation, homeopathic medications are very effective and are usually administered in small doses of natural elements. Following are some of the homeopathic medications so as to cure cellulitis:

  1. Belladonna for redness of skin during cellulitis: The Homeopathic cure Belladonna is a normal medicine for cellulitis where the skin is extremely red and swollen giving it a sparkling appearance. Patients that feel excruciating pain even at the slightest touch will also require Belladonna.
  2. Apis Mellifica for cellulitis during swelling: Apis mellifica is suited for those instances of cellulitis where there is much swelling of the affected zone along with a burning and stinging pain. Apis mellifica helps those cases of cellulitis in which the smouldering pain is relieved by applying something cool over the skin and the pain that quickly spreads over various parts of the body.
  3. Ledum Palsture for cellulitis due to insect bites: The Homeopathic solution Ledum palustre holds a very effective reputation in treating those instances of cellulitis that occur because of bug bites. This common homeopathic solution is used as a part of cellulitis when there is a cold sensation in the affected area with tearing pain.
  4. Pyrogenium for septicaemia in cellulitis: Pyrogenium is a well-known solution for treating this condition. It is used for a number of symptoms. This could include a fever with the body temperature being 103 to 106 degrees. It rises rapidly with an unusually fast heartbeat and restlessness.
  5. Calendula Officinalis in Post-surgical cellulitis: Without a doubt, the best homeopathic solution for cellulitis that has come after surgical cuts is Calendula officinalis. This prescription acts productively as a corrective as well as a preventive measure for pus formation on the skin after the surgery.
  6. Silicea for treating cellulitis when blisters show up on the skin: The homeopathic cure Silicea gives great results when blisters or sores are shaped on the skin in extreme cellulitis cases. These blisters are usually filled with pus, which is quite harmful if the blister bursts. Silicea is also used when there is fever with chills and perspiration. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.
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Dr. If I am going to under ivf treatment please advice me what kind of diet I should take what the food items I should avoid.

Homeopath, Jhansi
Dear Lybrate user Of treatment of IVF ther was not any dietary control. take everything in ur diet but ony avoid some type of addiction like smoking tabbaco Chevening or alcoholism. its all about fir it

Homeopathy - How It Can Treat STDs?

Homeopath, Jhansi
Homeopathy - How It Can Treat STDs?

STDs can have adverse effects on the human body, if left untreated. The challenge with these diseases is they can be silent and present with absolutely no symptoms for a long time. The disease, however, does its damage on the body with even infertility and death being extreme results.

Homeopathy as with all other diseases treats not just the symptoms of the disease but treats the root cause of the problem as a whole. After a long chat, the homeopath will identify the whole set of symptoms and then provide treatment. The following are some common STDs and their homeopathic treatment options.

  1. Genital warts: There are more than 40 types of viruses that can cause genital warts which can be vary in size, shape, and appear within weeks to months of exposure to the virus. A tincture or paste made of bloodroot or comfrey can be used to treat most genital warts. They can be quiet for weeks to months sometimes and therefore it is very important to get treated if there is a suspicion.
  2. Genital herpes: Caused by both type 1 and 2 herpes viruses, they also affect other parts of the body including oral cavity and throat. The type 2 is almost always limited to the genital area. This can be transmitted through oral or genital route and in most cases the first lesions appear about a couple of weeks after exposure. It is very important to clean the bathroom and shower area if it has been shared with someone who could be infected. These can be very painful, and though there is no cure, some topical treatment in the form of paste of licorice root and rice can be helpful. Peppermint tea also helps soothe the pain in the genital area. Bicarbonate of soda can be used on a cotton ball to clean the area and prevent itching. Cotton balls soaked in milk are also useful for topical relief. Using ice packs or cold used tea bags also provide topical pain relief. In herpes, it is essential not just to treat the person but also the partner(s) who could be involved.
  3. Chlamydia: Another silent disease which can affect the internal organs leading to serious issues like pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility without showing any symptoms. About 50% of the females and 40% of the males do not show any symptoms and diagnosis is usually delayed, prompted by other symptoms. Coptis and Scute are two homeopathy components which are shown to provide relief in chlamydial infections.

Sexually transmitted disease, if suspected, needs to be discussed so that the disease can be managed at an early stage and serious complications can be prevented. It is also important to get your partner tested for the disease as well.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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