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Dr. Ashutosh Singh - Psychiatrist, Indore

Dr. Ashutosh Singh

87 (27 ratings)
DNB (Psychiatry), MBBS

Psychiatrist, Indore

11 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹500 online
Dr. Ashutosh Singh 87% (27 ratings) DNB (Psychiatry), MBBS Psychiatrist, Indore
11 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹500 online
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Personal Statement

I am Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist at Apollo Hospital Indore with rich experience in General Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, De-Addiction Psychiatry, Child & adolescent Psychiatry, Consultatio......more
I am Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist at Apollo Hospital Indore with rich experience in General Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, De-Addiction Psychiatry, Child & adolescent Psychiatry, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Community Psychiatry. I got trained at India's top institutes in psychiatry including Institute of Mental Health and Hospital, Agra (erstwhile Agra Mental Hospital), National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore and LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health (LGBRIMH), Tezpur (Assam). I practice rational evidence-based medicine and believe in holistic approach in treatment of my patients involving pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, psycho-education and mobilizing peer support customized to each patient differently. A well-informed and closely monitored treatment in terms of side-effects remains the focus of my pharmacotherapy. I emphasize on the psychotherapeutic interventions in my patients and also on the psycho-education of both patient and family members. I acknowledge the need for supportive therapy in the spouse and other family members of patient.
More about Dr. Ashutosh Singh
Dr. Ashutosh Singh is a popular Psychiatrist in Vijay Nagar, Indore. He has been a successful Psychiatrist for the last 11 years. He is a DNB (Psychiatry), MBBS . He is currently practising at Apollo Hospitals Indore in Vijay Nagar, Indore. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Ashutosh Singh on has a number of highly qualified Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 40 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Indore and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


DNB (Psychiatry) - Institute of Mental Health & Hospital (IMHH), Agra (erstwhile Agra Mental Hospital) - 2013
MBBS - MGM Medical College, Indore - 2007
Past Experience
Consultant at Apollo Hospitals
Consultant at Medanta Hospital Indore
Psychiatry Resident at National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore
Psychiatry Resident at Institute of Mental Health & Hospital, Agra (erstwhile Agra Mental Hospital)
Psychiatry Resident at LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health (LGBRIMH), Tezpur
Languages spoken
Professional Memberships
Indian Psychiatric Society
Indian Association of Private Psychiatry
National Academy of Medical Sciences
Indian Medical Association (IMA)


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

How to get rid of the mental stress of the students especially teenager. They are getting angry easily and are emotionally backwards.

Ph.D - Ayurveda, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma Yoga
Ayurveda, Jaipur
How to get rid of the mental stress of the students especially teenager. They are getting angry easily and are emotio...
Sir go for a complete detox of your body with the help of ayurveda's panchakarma therapy. It includes abhyangam (massage with medicated oils) n medicated steam bath. This wud rejuvenate your body - improving your work efficiency and bettering your sleep. It will also strengthen your nerves and muscles. These procedures will take out the harmful toxins out of your body - cleansing your body. Also take shirodhara which would completely take the stress out of your body and you will feel light, fresh and full of energy. Strictly avoid all junks, oily -spicy food, pickles if you r eating, drink lots of water, juices or daily have fresh fruits. Try to keep your bowel clear.
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My two year old son thinks his foster parents are his parents but I'm his biological mother he was in foster care since he was born but I seen him two out the week he been home for a year and I tried to let the foster parents still be around being generous but since day one my son never talked to me or his father he can talk very well in sentence and everybody else but and the foster parents but he haven't seen them six months now but he still won't talk to me his mother or father he thinks the lady is mother like for real.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Lybrate user. I can understand. Don't force the child as it irritates the child. Child do not have any cognition which leads to perception and understanding. Child is inclined to where he gets love and affection. Provide love and affection to the child as much as possible. Whenever he calls you by other names, correct him gently and ask him to call you mom. But do not force. Please wait, everything will be alright. I suggest online counseling to you. Take care.
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My brother forgets too many things due to carelessness and it is quite frequent. What may be the problem with him.

M.Sc Applied Psychology, Advanced Diploma Child Guidance & Counselling
Psychologist, Delhi
Dear Lybrate user forgetfulness and carelessness is very common habit among people. Sometimes it can be due to too much stress or preoccupation with loads of work. Trying suggesting your brother to first keep a check on his work load or stress. Then trying reducing this stress by bringing some change in daily routine. Trying taking break from daily routine. Ask your brother to maintain a diary of important events. App are also there to note daily events and notes. Try these things, You can also take one on one sessions with psychologist if situation remain the same.
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Doctor my girlfriend does not have mom from the birth time and she crys every night when we used to walk together and talk she used to be happy but my parents knows about her and my father bad me so badly so I cannot meet her and my mom says me because she is from different religion what should I do and doctor she is very nice to me but I gets angry very quickly I have a lots of ego and attitude doctor we love each other what should I do and she always comes in my dream I always miss her 25 december was her happy she was so happy that I meet her she gave me a hug to but my parents does not like it because she is from different religion what should I do doctor she always crys in the night I hope you understand how she feels without a mom she crys alot which makes me sad what to do?

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
If you are loving this girl out of pity and want her because you feel so sorry for her, then that is not a good reason to continue with her. If she misses her mother, she can meet with a counselor and get a lot of help to sort out her issues. You will also need to attend to your anger issues with a counselor. Do not worry about your parents as yet, because you are too young to marry and you will have to do a lot of things to become settled in your job etc. Having a girlfriend is not wrong, and even if she is from another religion. Time is a great leveller and only when the time is right you need to reveal your plans to your parents. It is ideal if you marry within your own religion but it is not mandatory. But people and your parents too can all twisted up in this area and cause a lot of distress both for themselves and for both of you when the time comes.
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My father having some kind of pain in his body due to hard work at office. He sometimes drinks alcohol to reduce it but I know alcohol is not a solution. So please recommend me any supplement or give me some advice.

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patna
My father having some kind of pain in his body due to hard work at office. He sometimes drinks alcohol to reduce it b...
Get his blood sugar, liver tests like serum bilirubin, sgot, sgpt, ggt done. If normal then ok, if abnormal you may sound it to your father that due to alcohol his health is being affected. Certainly he will reduce/stop alcohol abuse.
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I have problem of short temper What will I can do to control it. I became aggressive on nothing sometimes help me to change myself.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
You should not control your anger but learn to express it in healthy ways. Anger is a good feeling if harnessed well. In fact all feelings are good feelings and they are there to tell us to rectify something that is not going well. The cardinal rule to feelings is the expressions of them. All feelings must be expressed without exception. If you do not they will get internalized and harm the particular organ it has chosen to express itself in. Now there is a problem if you are getting angry suddenly, too fast or without reason. These are signs that there has been some problem in the past and that the concerned feeling has not be dealt with by expression. Sometimes by suppressing anger over the years you may be carrying an overload of unexpressed anger that will come out in impulses and with the least of provocations. These piled up emotions must be dealt with even now and after you have relieved yourself of past feelings you will be able to handle current ones with a lot of ease. Since you are already displaying so much anger at such speed, it indicates that there was something that had happened in your early childhood, including prenatal life, which is contributing to this situation. Your mom will know what that is all about, and equipped with that information meet with a counselor soon. In fact it will be easier to work on it now than later when the anger behavior will be too entrenched to remove easily. In the meantime go for regular and vigorous exercise daily, preferably the aerobic kind. Also you must introspect whether you are actually scared but choosing to act angry because it is a power feeling compared to being in fear. In that case you need to handle the fear and not the anger and your problems will cease to trouble you. Even so you must then find out about why there is so much fear in your life at this stage. Anyway anger management classes will be still beneficial for you.
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I married 8 month back first day onwards we had misunderstanding within 1 month she made suicide attempt then she not come back to my home. She told me we live like friends ,she cannot consider me as a Husband. She joined job and staying apart I got angry I called her and their parents we both now applied for divorce. Now I am getting depressed what about her future ,I cannot forget her ,at least I have to consider her point live like friends future may be she come back. But now already we applied for divorce. I am not getting any solution for this.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
I married 8 month back first day onwards we had misunderstanding within 1 month she made suicide attempt then she not...
Hi lybrate-user, When someone does not want to stay with us- we can not force a person to do that. Its always better to free the person let go and you are lucky that it all happened quickly- otherwise you both would have been dragging a faulty unhealthy relationship. I do not know about her but it seems she is emotionally unstable too. Let bygones be bygones- go for the divorce you are young you will engaged again and this time please be careful while choosing your mate. All the best for counseling you can consult me. Happy to help.
2 people found this helpful
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I am working as BIM Engineer. My question is regarding Humans emotions. An extreme level (i.e.Verge) of any emotions either it is happy / sad / frustrate/ wondering. Whatever it is. These leads to what and why so?

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), MA Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), Certificate in Naturopathy & Yoga
Psychologist, Nagpur
I am  working as BIM Engineer. My question is regarding Humans emotions. An extreme level (i.e.Verge) of any emotions...
Dear lybrate user As we all know that extreme of anything is dangerous. Negative emotions makes us anxious sad depressed stressed and also change our physiology as secretion of hormones is also involved. Same thing happens when somebody gets carried away regarding happy and positive emotions. Moreover extreme levels of happiness can lead to negative outcomes such as an increase in risky behaviors. Happiness could be maladaptive in the wrong contexts for example an unsafe environment when it would be more functional to feel emotions such as fear or anger. Pursuing happiness as a goal unto itself paradoxically leads to an overall diminishing of happiness.
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He is very much addicted to liquor. He drinks very much. 4 times a day. In a higher amount.Please tell.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, give him Acid phos Q , 10 drops twice daily with water and Quercus 1X , 2 tabs thrice daily. Revert me after 3 weeks.
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Managing Stress Can Help Manage Diabetes And Heart Disease

BHMS, C.S.D.(Skin Diseases), M.D.(Medicine), M.Sc. In Counselling & Psychotherapy
Homeopath, Delhi
Managing Stress Can Help Manage Diabetes And Heart Disease

Stress is the new-age disease, which though not a disease in itself, leaves its effect on the entire health of a person, both physical and psychological. Diseases which are extremely common today were not as common some decades ago. The constantly changing lifestyle where there is no demarcation between work and home, the to-do list is neverending, multiple responsibilities, etc., puts a constant pressure on a person. People switch roles on the go and keep performing, and that takes a toll on even the best task-masters.

Diabetes and heart disease definitely have an underlying physiological connection, but outlined is the overall picture.

  1. Inflammation is the body’s most common way to respond to anything – including infection and trauma. This is, however, acute and passes away with the infection or trauma.

  2. On the other hand, chronic inflammation is the bigger culprit. This induces changes at a genetic level in the immunity system, producing more immune cells than normally required for a body. The body is in a constant state of fight, which is not required.

  3. This not just alters the physiology, but also the way a person behaves, thereby adding to issues like depression, anxiety, etc.

  4. Diabetes is seen as a result of chronic inflammation, where the body’s ability to respond is reduced. This increases insulin resistance, leading to higher sugar levels.

  5. Similarly, heart disease is also caused by chronic inflammation. Both these are compounded by the changing diet patterns, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking and alcohol abuse.

While both diabetes and heart disease cannot be completely prevented, stress management will definitely help in reducing the onset of these as well as in reducing their severity and complications where possible. The following measures would be very helpful.

  1. If you are at risk for either of these, take a step back and evaluate.

  2. If you are obese, make sure the target weight is achieved with proper planning and supervision of exercise and diet control.

  3. From then on, it is a constant maintenance phase, requiring an altered lifestyle.

  4. Quit smoking and alcohol. If you think it is not possible, reduce the addictions significantly. Smoking, in particular, causes damage to multiple organs and is best avoided.

  5. Monitor your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. If they are beyond acceptable limits, they need to be brought under control aggressively.

  6. Incorporate dietary changes by increasing fiber, reduced meat and reducing fatty/processed/sugary foods. Include supplements like omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Also, spending quality time with family and friends is also helpful.

  7. Exercise in any form should be a part of daily regimen. Take up enjoyable activities like Sports of ur choice/ dance /zumba/ swimming etc.

  8. Other stress management measures like

    • Meditation: Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health.

    • Cultivating Hobbies: Indulging in a hobby can be a great way to calm an overactive mind. It helps you take a break from your busy, stressful life and clear your mental plate. So, just rekindle an old interesting hobby or cultivate a new one to lift your spirits and tune into the real you.

    • Yoga: Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines that may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind. This can help you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

    • Music Therapy: Music Therapy uses music to promote healing and improve one’s overall emotional well-being. This may include listening to music, playing a musical instrument, singing along to music, and using guided imagery with music. Music stimulates the production of opiates and endorphins, the “feel good” hormones in our bodies. This stimulation can result in relaxation of mind and body.

    • Herbal Remedies: Herbs can also play a fundamental role in a stress management program. Herbs can facilitate a dramatic change in the quality of life experienced by anyone under stress.

    • Spending quality time with family: Having a chat with family members could help reduce your stress levels. Young girls benefit from a boost in the feel-good hormone oxytocin after talking on the phone with their mothers – and it seems logical that the effect may last as you get older. Talk about your worries with anyone you have a close relationship with – if not your mother then your partner, for instance – to help you feel more at ease.

Controlling stress can help prolong the onset of these and also delay or reduce complications. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.

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