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Dr. Sunita Siwach


Dr. Sunita Siwach Gynaecologist,
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
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Health Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Health Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon

Health benefits of honey and cinnamon

The health benefits of honey and cinnamon include the following:

Immune system: honey and cinnamon paste is good for boosting the immune system, eliminating chronic fatigue and increasing the life span of people. It can also be used for treating colds and influenza. This is partially due to the antioxidants found in both honey and cinnamon which can combine to combat the free radicals in the body’s organ systems.

Diabetes: cinnamon contains antioxidant flavonoids whose effect closely resembles that of insulin, meaning that it can encourage glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it is needed for functional energy source. Energy, as a pure source of natural sugar, does not cause nearly the fluctuation in blood sugar levels that many artificial sources of sugar do, and cinnamon’s effects, when combined with honey, show a steady use of glucose by the body, and an improvement in type 2 diabetes management.

Cancer: the phytochemicals that are found in such impressive amounts in honey have been linked to preventing cancer, while cinnamon has certain anti-tumor properties that can also decrease the chances of metastasis or the spread of cancer through tumorous growth. Certain acids within honey also directly shut down the activity of two enzymes, lipoxygenase and phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase c, which have both been linked to producing cancerous materials in the body.

Itching: another health benefit of honey and cinnamon include relief from insect bites. A paste made of honey and cinnamon is often used to treat insect bites and relieve inflammation at the source. Cinnamon is considered an anti-inflammatory substance, while honey is an antiseptic and therapeutic component of many beauty and cosmetic products, so their combination works on all aspects of skin irritation and insect bites at the same time, while simultaneously keeping you from developing infections.

Digestion: honey and cinnamon can help to increase the health and functionality of the digestive system. It can remove gas from the stomach and intestine and treat stomachache, excess flatulence, indigestion and bladder infections. Regular consumption of cinnamon and honey will help in maintaining healthy digestion, which protects the gastrointestinal system from a number of more serious conditions.

Arthritis: honey and cinnamon are also beneficial in providing relief from arthritis. Regular intake of honey and cinnamon paste helps to maintain bone health and relieves joint pain. You can also mix honey and cinnamon powder in warm water and enjoy the same resulting health boosts.

Skin care: the benefits of honey and cinnamon extend to skin care as well, where minor skin infections and pimples can be treated with a simple application of a paste formed from these two precious foods. This can be done on actual wounds, or on the skin as a general spread due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant characteristics, which can reduce the appearance of age-related spots and wrinkles by reducing the impact of free radicals in the skin.

Heart disorders: honey and cinnamon are used for reducing cholesterol levels and thus providing additional protection to the health to your heart. A high cholesterol level (ldl or “bad” cholesterol) can result in atherosclerosis or plaque buildup on the walls of arteries and vessels, thereby increasing the chances of a clot forming that can result in a heart attack or a stroke.

Weight loss: a mixture of honey and cinnamon in warm water is considered a good weight loss tool. Of course, like any other weight loss remedy, results are only seen when you combine it with a controlled diet and regular exercise.

Hair care: honey and cinnamon also nurture hair, reduce hair loss and actually stimulate hair growth.

Dental care: both honey and cinnamon are individually used for dental care. A mixture prepared from the two is also useful in dental care, particularly in eliminating bad breath and toothaches.

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I am having polycystic ovary disease .Both ovaries are enlarge in size and shows multiple small peripherally placed small follicles with central echogenic stroma. No focal lesion seen. Right ovary: 3.4×2.7×2.3 CMS (vol-11.6 cc) Left ovary: 4.4×2.5×2.4 (vol-14. 2 cc).

MD-Ayurveda, Basic Life Support (B.L.S), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ahmednagar
I am having polycystic ovary disease .Both ovaries are enlarge in size and shows multiple small peripherally placed s...
Use herbal medicine for permanent cure of pcod. Eat tablet diapal before food twice daily for 45 days. Eat capsule gynocare twice daily after food for 45 days.
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Hi I'm Wardahtul. I went cliff jumping into water few days ago. The drop was about 5meters. I felt my under a bit hurt after the jump. Could I have harmed my uterus with the water impact? I got a little bleeding straight after and a little bit more a day later. But then suddenly it stopped (bleeding less than two days). Am I having my period? Fyi, I have irregular period.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Hi I'm Wardahtul. I went cliff jumping into water few days ago. The drop was about 5meters. I felt my under a bit hur...
Uterus does not get harmed that way but to detect any other injury meet gynaecologist. I am one at mumbai.
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We are planning of pregnancy. But one question in my mind. If male blood group O an Female blood Group is O-, then any problems during in pregnancy? Or any problems with baby? Please give me answer asap possible. Thanks

MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
We are planning of pregnancy. But one question in my mind. If male blood group O an Female blood Group is O-, then an...
Rh sensitization can occur during pregnancy if you are Rh-negative and pregnant with a developing baby (fetus) who has Rh-positive blood. In most cases, your blood will not mix with your baby's blood until delivery. It takes a while to make antibodies that can affect the baby, so during your first pregnancy, the baby probably would not be affected.
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I am suffering from PCOD what treatment should I choose( Ayurvedic, allopathy or homeopathy)?

BHMS, Certificate in Gynaecology & Obestric, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi
Homeopathy is the best treatment for PCOD,I have cured permanantly many PCOD Cases with only Homeopathy
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Irregular Periods - 4 Ways Ayurveda Can Help!

Panchkarma Course, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
Irregular Periods - 4 Ways Ayurveda Can Help!

In an incredibly fast paced and unhealthy lifestyle of the modern world, irregular menses aren’t exactly an unusual situation. The length of a monthly cycle may either last longer than usual or end earlier than usual, only to begin in a short while again, accompanied by greater abdominal pain and blood loss. Irregular cycles may vary from 8 to 21 days or more. The variation of 21 days or more is considered highly irregular and abnormal. A woman may face some menstrual irregularities at both ends of menstrual life, (onset- menarche and end of cycle- menopause) which is normal and in most of the cases, it is self-establishing. 

Causes of Irregular Menstrual Cycle: 

The cause of irregularities in menstrual cycle is basically hormone imbalance. The altered levels in the body lead to irregular cycles. There are many factors in routine life which affect hormonal balance. Some of them are: 

  1. Poor diet or wrong dietary habits 
  2. Stress and anxiety, thoughts and emotions
  3. Lifestyle: Lack of physical activity and exercise, too much physical exertion, stress and strain during menses. 
  4. Illness: Long-term illness like fever, tuberculosis, thyroid problem etc. 
  5. Medication: Certain medicine if taken for a long time, like oral contraceptive pills, hormonal therapy etc., alters hormonal balance.  
  6. Imbalance of Tridosha (vatta, pitta and kapha) in body, leads to irregularities of reproductive system. 

As per Ayurveda, Vatta is the main culprit in menstrual irregularities.

How To Deal With Menstrual Irregularities:

With the sudden acceptance of eastern concepts of yoga and organic and indigenous medicines around the world, Ayurveda has gained importance in treating irregular menses, gynecological and obstetric problems. 

  1. Lifestyle and Food- There is no alternative for lifestyle and food habits correction. Eating healthy and nutritious food, regular exercise, yoga, physical activity, outdoor games lead to good physical health. 
  2. Meditation and Breathing: Exercise is good for taming hormones. It keeps a person physical and mentally healthy. 
  3. Avoid heavy physical work during menses. 
  4. A good oil massage over body keeps Vatta in balance (one of the important tridoshas of body: vatta, pitta and kapha). 

Ayurveda has proven to be much helpful in regulating the menstrual cycles. According to certain studies, Ayurveda came in rather handy while tackling PCOS, a disease distressing 1 in 3 women today. It is certain that Ayurveda medicines work better in certain scenarios and definitely have fewer risks in comparison to allopathic medicines and surgeries. Over a period of time, they have proven much more beneficial in overcoming the irregular menses and the irritation along with the accompanying pain and PMS symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines use herbs and roots and almost everything found in nature to discover a rather organic cure for diseases. Certain plants like Shatavari are used to reduce the much spoken about mood swings or PMS symptoms during periods which can only worsen in case of an irregularity. The bark of the Ashoka tree has proven to be quite helpful in relieving menstrual pain and excessive bleeding. Other plants and their parts like the Lodhra, Guggul, Guduchi and Amlaki, Jatamansi etc. are useful in regulating periods and reducing the stress and irritation accompanied by it.

Panchkarma- Basti therapy (Enema- administration of medicines through rectal route). In this treatment, decoction of different herbs and medicated oils are used for giving enema. Basti has proven its efficacy since centuries, for treating Vatta. A course of 5, 8, 15, 30 or 60 basti, as per person’s requirement can be given for menstrual problems. Irregular periods, although are faced by a large chunk of women, pose different symptoms for different people and hence individualized treatment is advised. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda and ask a free question.

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Hi doctor I have married 5 days ago. When I had sex with my wife, she had very severe pain in her abdomen and she is crying. Now 5 days has over and still have pain. What happened to her.

B.Sc, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S), M.D General Medicine
Unani Specialist, Hyderabad
Take another BHANGIMA like From Backside Sex with Vagina. She donot feel abdominal pain from this Bhangima Sex. Usually Females like this Sex.
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I am 21 years old. I was suffering from pcod for the past 6 years. What should I do to reduce this?

Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Hello, lifestyle changes, food changes, day to day activities and exercise are the mainstay of treatment. If you could tell me your daily routine like doing officework, studies, etc will provide you details of your diet, exercise, lifestyle changes plus medication if required. Thanks.
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Myth - Breast feeding spoils the Mother's figure

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Agra
Not at all! Breasts sag from obesity and lax muscle tone - not because of nursing a baby. To the contrary, the baby's sucking leads to the uterus contracting, which helps restore the belly to its normal position quite quickly. What you really need is a well fitting bra to give you support, with nursing flaps to allow your baby easy access to your breasts.
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I am 38 yrs old my wife is also 33yrs old I am having a prety daughter. She is 7 years old, but now my wife is not interested with me for making sex regularly last two months. Regularly she avoiding me by the different issues sometimes she spokes me mujhe sex kerne me koi interest nahi hai. Please tell me why she is doing such type activities.

MD, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Pune
She has lost interest in sex. This happens. She needs ayurvedic tablets to increase her desire. So that she will start demanding and enjoying the act.
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My wife is 47 years and she has entered into menopause stage. But occasionally she gets into" Light Period" symptoms. The discharge is light and lasts, at times for a day and disappears, only to show up after 3 or 4 days. Sometimes this repeats after a month when there is a small discharge and no further. What this can be due to and how to over come this discomfort?

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
My wife is 47 years and she has entered into menopause stage. But occasionally she gets into" Light Period" symptoms....
Hello- this kind off symptoms are faced by most women in their early fifties due to menopausal changes in the body physiology. You can understand this by a simple example, as when a pipe is connected to a tab and later when you close the tap, the water output from the pipe decreases gradually and finally after dribbling it ceases completely. Still you can use these safe ayurvedic medicines- a) dashmolaristha 2 tsp twice daily. B) tab chandraprabha vati 1 twice daily.
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Main jab apni wife se relationship ke liye bolta hoon to woh mana kar deti hai. Pichle 2-3 years se same problem aa rahi hai. Main bahut pareshaan hu. Woh kehti hai ki uska mann nahi hai. Pichle 2-3 years mein maine 4 se 5 baar hi relation banaye hai. Main bahut pareshaan rehta hoon. Please suggest the best solution.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Main jab apni wife se relationship ke liye bolta hoon to woh mana kar deti hai. Pichle 2-3 years se same problem aa r...
Please Take her for picnic Love her Fulfill her good demands Try to keep her happy Give Cap kapikachhu by Himalaya 2 2 for 3 mths You will be happy.
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My monthly period date had 26th april. Still now period is not start. 6th may I will go to shiridi. Can you help me? how to period start today or tomorrow. Give me ans.

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
Please take following medicine:- Dr. Reckeweg's pulsatillae - 200 / 5 drops in little water every one hour for one day only. Revert back after two days with feedback.
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General Physician, Nashik
Diabetes in pregnancy

What are the risk factors?

The risk factors commonly associated with an increased chance of developing gestational diabetes include:

Person is overweight or obese before pregnancy.

African-american, asian, hispanic, or native american origin.

Age is above 30.

Blood sugar levels are moderately high or pre-diabetic.

History of diabetes in the immediate family.

History of gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies.

Previous delivery of a baby weighing more than 9 pounds.

Kindly consult further for detailed information.

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Hi Doctor, Greetings for the day. My questions are little bit bolt but must know info for any people. Please excuse me for that. I have tested for the HIV and result is -ve and my life partner too. I read from a article that if we use condoms while doing sex, Chances of women getting pregnant is nill. Then 1) please suggest whether it is safe to do sex without any protection in this case? 2) Also please suggest whether it is safe, if female insert penis in the mouth and swallow semen, In this case male have wear any protection? 3) And is that safe intake female semen? 4) Also please suggest what are the things we should avoid in order to keep away from any future infections and STD's.

General Physician, Kolkata
Hi Doctor, Greetings for the day. My questions are little bit bolt but must know info for any people. Please excuse m...
Use of condom serves dual purpose of preventing pregnancy and std. Not using will reverse the effect. You can have intercourse without condom. Oral sex is not uncommon, depending on desires of partner, provided neither of you has oral or penile ulcers & not harbouring hepatitis b. Swallowing of healthy semen is of no consequence. & vice versa. Be monogamous & adopt healthy life stylr. Ensure sterility of syringe & needles while taking any injection.
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Hi I am taking Novelon 21 day pill from june. Missed second last doubled with the last, break of 6 days from 2-7 july. Menses from 5-7july. New pack from 8th july. Protected intercourse but condom used thrice on 9th july (first timw intercourse) Next fully protected on 14th july (last intercourse) Missed 21st july pill doubled 22nd july night. Light bleeding on 22nd july morning (breakthrough bleed or implantation bleed?) Pill ended on 28th july menses from 1-6 aug. Negative hpt at 4,5,6,7,8,11,12 weeks all negative hpt done with first morning urine with different brands. No pills or intercourse after 1-6aug. Periods due on 1st sept as it dint came did a usg and hcg beta on 8th sept (10 weeks from first and 9 weeks from last intercourse) Hcg was 0.11 and usg shows pcod (no mention of pregnancy) Dr. Prescribed deviry 2 tab for 5 days for withdrawal bleed. But after taking just a single dose bleeding started from 11-16th sept. It was heavy. On 21st sept morning when I woke up I can feel my pelvic bone in the front (can it be due to exercises like crunches leg rise etc with weight loss? I was 72 in july 70 in aug and now I am almost 68 kgs) and after continuous touching I made it hurt. Scared went for usg on 21st sept (12 weeks ftom first and 11 weeks from lasr intercourse) Usg only showed bulky ovaries with pcod. I asked him if my uterus was normal he said its absolutely normal. Usg was transabdominal Have taken an hpt with first morning urine at almost 12 weeks 6 days. And its negative. Can their still be risk of pregnancy? My menses was due on 11th october and it is now delayed by 7 days. I did not have any intercourse after 14th july. M not experiencing any pms symptoms Is their any risk of pregnancy? Do I need to redo hpt or BHCG test? M I 100% safe from pregnancy? Can BHCG be wrong after 2 months and was 11-16sept my natural period? M having shortness of breath too. Is this due to stress or is it pregnancy related?

Obstetrician, Mumbai
Hi I am taking Novelon 21 day pill from june.
Missed second last doubled with the last, break of 6 days from 2-7 july...
lybrate-user, do not panic at all. Every problem has a solution. So please do not over stress. You said your usg showed PCOD picture. This is one of the main reasons for your irregular menses. Beta hcg values in case of pregnancy increase exponentially. Just out of fear no need to immediately do BHCG. Urine pregnancy test comes positive after 4-6 weeks of last period. So do not be worried. For PCOD, you need lifestyle modification which consists of proper diet, exercise and stress free life. This will regularise your menstruation. You need other few tests as well to rule out other conditions.
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What Is Antibiotic Resistance?

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, Infectious Disaeses Specialist, MD (Internal Medicine), Infectious Diseases Observership, FNB Infectious Diseases
Internal Medicine Specialist, Gurgaon
What Is Antibiotic Resistance?

Ever been in a situation where a medicine you used to take regularly to deal with something, has suddenly stopped being effective? This is because of antibiotic resistance. This refers to the ability of bacteria to change their structure so as to resist the antibiotic. Thus, an illness that was once easily treatable is no longer affected by the same medicines and the bacteria causing the infection multiplies, thus worsening the condition.

How do bacteria develop antibiotic resistance?

When you take a drug, not all the bacteria present is affected equally. While some bacteria die out, others turn dormant. Repeated and improper use of antibiotics can lead multiplication of the dormant bacteria, which results in spreading of disease, instead of containing the same. One of the main causes of this is using strong antibiotics to treat minor viral illnesses.

What can you do to fight antibiotic resistance?

  • Follow your prescription: When taking a course of antibiotics, it is also essential to complete the course and not leave it midway just because you are feeling better. Antibiotics are also most effective when taken regularly. Hence, avoid skipping a dose in your treatment. Doing this does not completely cure the infection, but increases the bacteria's resistance to the drug.
  • Do not take someone else's medicine: Self medication can do more harm than good. Each drug attacks a particular combination of symptoms. Taking medication prescribed for someone else can increase the bacteria's resistance to antibiotics. It can also delay correct treatment, thus allowing your condition to worsen.
  • Discard the leftover medication: When stored for a long period of time, medicines lose their potency. Thus if you were to take them later, they would be less effective against the bacteria.
  • Do not take antibiotics for a viral infection: In any case, antibiotics to not address viruses and hence, the medicine will not have a beneficial effect on the virus. However, it can affect the bacteria present in your body by making it resistant to the drug.
  • Do not use antibiotics for an extended duration: Use of antibiotic for treating issues such as acne can contribute to antibiotic resistance. If you must take any such medication, ensure that you are being cared for by a healthcare professional. Most doctors will suggest giving your body breaks between antibiotic courses when it comes to long term medication.
  • Try natural remedies: Many common bacterial infections can be successfully treated naturally in their early stages. Aloe Vera, turmeric, garlic and tea tree oil are some of the natural cures for a range of bacterial infections. The biggest advantage of these natural cures is their lack of side effects.
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I am 18 years old. I am virgin. My periods are not coming from last two months and this is the third month. Please tell me a medicine for my periods so that it starts again.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
I am 18 years old. I am virgin. My periods are not coming from last two months and this is the third month. Please te...
Hello, Please rule out pregnancy first. IF NEGATIVE Then rule out PCOD, hypothyroidism or hyperprolactinemia.
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I am pregnant my 9 month was completed 10th of march but yet I dnt have any labour pain heart beat of baby is normal what I do. Is it dangerous.

Minimal invasive surgery in gynaecology, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, DNB, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
I am pregnant my 9 month was completed 10th of march but yet I dnt have any labour pain heart beat of baby is normal ...
Do a usg scan for baby. It is better to go for induction of labour and give artificial pains. Discuss with your obstetrician immediately.
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I had a miscarriage early. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant and having dry cough. Will it cause any harm to my foetus.

M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
I had a miscarriage early. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant and having dry cough. Will it cause any harm to my foetus.
When pregnant women cough persistently, they often worry that this coughing will affect the baby. However, this is unlikely to be the case. The baby is well protected from noises, vibrations, and the pressure caused by coughing by the amniotic fluid which acts as a shock absorber. Natural remedies to some of your most bothersome symptoms include: Reduce congestion – Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. Alleviate your sore throat – Suck on ice chips, drink warm tea, or gargle with warm salt water.
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