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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi, I am 18 years old and I am getting black stool whenever I do it. Only once I got blood in my stool but I thought it's because of my periods but then I was diagnosed with PCOS. Sometimes I get pain under my ribs. It's been a month I am observing this. I need help. Please be brief. Thank you alot.

General Physician, Mumbai
Black stools overall is a sign of upper gi bleeding which has to be confirmed by a upper giscopy as early as possible.
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I took medicine for shifting my periods late last month. I had it on 8th of june. Then I lost my virginity on 19th of june and it was with protection. I did not yet have my periods this month. I was close enough wit my partner this month but we did nt intercourse. But some ejections had fallen on on my lingerie. Is the any thing to worry? Or it can be just the side effect of the medicine I took last month?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
I took medicine for shifting my periods late last month. I had it on 8th of june. Then I lost my virginity on 19th of...
Hello, It's due to stress & anxiety. * Tk, plenty of water to hydrate yourself ,to eliminate toxins diluting your blood to establish your flow.  * go for meditation to reduce your stress, anxiety to calm your nerve ,improving haemoglobin level. * your diet be simple, non- irritant, easily digestible on time to avoid gastritis  •TK, Apple,carrots, cheese,milk, banana,papaya, pomegranate, spinach, to improve your haemoglobin to release your flow, timely. • Tk, Homoeo medicine, being gentle, rapid & safe in administration. @ Pulsatilla 30-6 pills, thrice. @ Sepia200 -6 pills at bed time. * Ensure, sound sleep in d night for at least 7 hrs. •Tk, care,
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PCOD - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Post Doctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Fellowship in Infertility, Diploma in Assisted Reproductive Technology & Embryology
Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
PCOD - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Are you experiencing problems with your periods because of hormonal imbalance? This condition, known as PCOD and PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, may make it difficult for you to get pregnant, and unwanted changes in your appearance are also indicated. In most cases, women with PCOD develop small cysts in their ovaries. These cysts may not be harmful or cancerous, but they cause hormone imbalance in your body.


The specific causes of PCOD are yet to be determined. In PCOS patients, the ovaries produce excess androgens or male sex hormones, which result in an imbalance in ovulation, acne breakout and development of excess body hair. Your body faces problems using insulin and develops insulin resistance. Genetics are considered to be a key factor that determines a woman’s chance of getting PCOD.


The symptoms of PCOD are mild in the beginning. The most common symptoms are as follows:

  1. Weight and difficulty in weight loss.

  2. Acne breakout.

  3. Development of excess hair on the face and body, which is not a feminine feature. Thicker and darker facial hair and unusually excessive hair on the belly, chest and back are also indicated in some women.

  4. Thinning of hair on the scalp.

  5. Irregularity with menstrual periods. Commonly, women with PCOD experience less than 9 periods during a year. Some women may have no periods at all, while others experience heavy, abnormal bleeding.

  6. Fertility problems are likely in women with PCOD.

  7. Depression.


The treatment of PCOD aims at relieving the symptoms and preventing long-term health problems associated with the condition. PCOD can be treated and managed by using the following measures:

  1. You should keep fit and undertake regular exercise and work out. Walking is an ideal exercise which you can opt for.

  2. You should eat heart healthy food which includes vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grains and beans. Avoid foods which contain saturated fats and these include fried food, meat and cheese.

  3. Losing weight is beneficial for your health if you have PCOD. Losing even a small amount of weight will help in balancing your hormones and regulating your menstrual cycle.

  4. Quit smoking as smoking increases the levels of androgen in your body.

  5. Birth control pills are also prescribed for reducing your symptoms, and fertility medicines are prescribed in case of infertility issues because of PCOD.

It is recommended for you to consult a gynaecologist on experiencing any symptom of PCOD. This will enable early diagnosis so that you can start with the treatment measures before the condition worsens.

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Hi, I am suffering from PCOD and high prolactin and thyroid issue. I have been under medication since last six months as I was trying to conceive. I didn't get any positive result from the medication hence I have stopped it now. I have stopped taking cabergoline due to which again my periods have become irregular. I had my last period on 10th of Feb. I have still not got my periods and my pregnancy test is negative. Please suggest something.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Hi, I am suffering from PCOD and high prolactin and thyroid issue. I have been under medication since last six months...
You have to take all the medicines prescribed for PCOD cabergoline is used to treat high levels of prolactin hormone in your body. High levels of prolactin in women can cause symptoms such as unwanted breast milk and missed periods and can cause difficulty becoming pregnant.
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Khujli Ke Upay In Hindi - खुजली के उपाय

MBBS, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Khujli Ke Upay In Hindi - खुजली के उपाय

खुजली वाली त्वचा एक आम समस्या है जो कई लोगों को प्रभावित करती है। खुजली एक छोटी सी झुंझलाहट से अधिक हो सकती है। इसके अलावा, खरोंचना हमेशा काम नही आता। न केवल सामाजिक रूप से अजीब हो सकता है, यह वास्तव में खुजली वाली सनसनी को बढ़ा सकता है और यहां तक कि आपकी त्वचा को चोट पहुंचा सकता है। 

संक्रमण, मच्छर के काटने और डंक, उपद्रव, पुरानी बीमारियों, एपोटीक जिल्द की सूजन, छालरोग, एलर्जी प्रतिक्रियाओं, सूरज की आशंका, और शुष्क त्वचा खुजली के सामान्य कारणों में से हैं। 

त्वचा की खुजली के लिए उपाय:

जबकि खरोंच क्षणिक राहत प्रदान करता है, यह चोटों और संक्रमण का कारण भी बन सकता है। ये प्रभावी घरेलू उपचार आपको केवल खुजली वाली त्वचा से राहत नहीं दे सकते हैं, लेकिन अत्यधिक खरोंच के कारण जटिलताओं को भी रोका जा सकता है:
1. बेकिंग सोडा:
बेकिंग सोडा खुजली वाली त्वचा के लिए सबसे आम घरेलु उपाय है। बेकिंग सोडा में शोथ रोधक और एंटी-बैक्टीरिया गुण है और प्राकृतिक एसिड न्यूट्रलरज़र के रूप में खुजली को दूर करने में मदद करता है। ठंडे पानी से भरा बाथ टब में एक कप बेकिंग सोडा जोड़ें, और लगभग आधे घंटे के लिए इस पानी में खुद को भिगोएँ। एक तौलिया के साथ त्वचा को रगड़ने के बजाय खुद को सुखाएँ। यह एक बार दैनिक करें। 
छोटे क्षेत्र के लिए, एक चम्मच पानी के साथ बेकिंग सोडा के तीन चम्मच मिलाकर एक पेस्ट तैयार करें और प्रभावित क्षेत्रों पर पेस्ट को लागू करें। इसे लगभग 10 मिनट तक छोड़ दें।
लेकिन ध्यान रखें, अगर त्वचा टूट गई हो तो इस उपाय का उपयोग न करें।

2. कोलायडीय ओटमील:
इसमें एंटी- इरिटेटिंग, शोथ रोधक और सुखदायक गुण होते हैं जो खुजली से तत्काल राहत प्रदान करते हैं। यह खुजली वाली त्वचा को शांत करने और आराम करने में मदद करता है। कोलाइडयन दलिया के एक से दो कप को गुनगुने पानी से भरे बाथ टब में जोड़ें, और लगभग आधे घंटे के लिए इस पानी में खुद को भिगोएँ। 

3. ठंडा सेक:
ठंडा पानी आपकी खुजली वाली त्वचा पर तुरन्त काम करता है। खुजली वाली त्वचा के लिए ठंडे पानी का उपयोग करने के कई तरीके हैं:
- जब तक आवश्यक हो तब तक प्रभावित त्वचा पर ठंडा नल का पानी चलाएं।
- प्रभावित इलाके के ऊपर, एक कपड़े में लपेटे हुए बर्फ को लगाएँ।
- ठंडे पानी से स्नान करें

4. नींबू:
नींबू का इस्तेमाल प्राचीन काल से त्वचा की समस्याओं का इलाज करने के लिए किया गया है। नींबू में मौजूद एसिटिक एसिड और साइट्रिक एसिड में संवेदनाहारी, विरोधी-परेशान, शोथ रोधक, कसैले, और एंटीसेप्टिक गुण होते हैं। प्रभावित क्षेत्र पर थोड़ा सा नींबू का रस लागू करें और उसे सूखने दें। फिर गुनगुने पानी के साथ धो लें।

5. सेब का सिरका:
सेब के सिरके में एंटीसेप्टिक, एंटी-ईचिंग, एंटिफंगल और जीवाणुरोधी गुण है जो खुजली से छुटकारा पाने में मदद करते हैं। गुनगुने पानी से भरा बाथ टब में 2-3 कप सेब का सिरका जोड़ें, और लगभग आधे घंटे के लिए इस पानी में खुद को भिगोएँ। खुद को सुखाएँ और एक हल्का मॉइस्चराइज़र लागू करें। 
अधिक स्थानीयकृत खुजली का इलाज करने के लिए, रूई की गेंद का उपयोग कर प्रभावित क्षेत्रों पर सेब का सिरका लागू करें। इसे आधे घंटे के लिए छोड़ दें और फिर गुनगुने पानी से धो लें। 

6. एलोवेरा:
एलोवेरा शायद सबसे अच्छा उत्पाद है जो आप त्वचा की जलन को शांत करने के लिए उपयोग कर सकते हैं। एलोवेरा में न केवल शोथ रोधक, जीवाणुरोधी और एंटिफंगल गुण है, बल्कि इसमें विटामिन ई भी शामिल है जो त्वचा को मॉइस्चराइज रखने में मदद करता है। यह त्वचा पर चकत्ते, खुजली वाली त्वचा, सनबर्न त्वचा या मुँहासे से ग्रस्त त्वचा के लिए सही उपाय है।
उपचार के लिए, प्रभावित क्षेत्र पर एलोवेरा जेल लागू करें। इसे 15 मिनट के लिए छोड़ दें और फिर इसे गुनगुने पानी के साथ धो लें।

7. तुलसी:
तुलसी के पत्ते कपूर, यूजेनॉल और थाइमोल के समृद्ध स्रोत हैं, जो सभी शक्तिशाली खुजली विरोधी एजेंट हैं। दो कप उबलते पानी में सूखे तुलसी के पत्तों का एक बड़ा चमचा जोड़ें। कुछ मिनट के लिए पैन को कवर करें। 
मिश्रण को ठंडा होने दें और फिर प्रभावित क्षेत्र पर सूती कपड़े का उपयोग करके इसे लागू करें।

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Married for 3 years no child .fibroids n unable to get pregnant consulting gynecologist for a year. Irregular periods n thyroid. Will she be able to conceive? How?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Married for 3 years no child .fibroids n unable to get pregnant consulting gynecologist for a year. Irregular periods...
Do NOT WORRY. Your doctor has already identified some factors which could be the reason for the infertility. Fibroids , cause infertility ONLY if they are large and they change the shape of the uterine cavity, or are situated in the innermost layer ( endometrium ) For thyroid problems good effective medicines are available to make it normal. Just go ahead with the treatment . But if many months have passed and there is NO effect, you may even change your gynecologist to have a change in treatment approach. By the way there is NO mention of the semen and fallopian tube patency, I hope it is Normal and this can be said only after a semen analysis and a HSG respectively.
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Hello sir im 29 year old married in last may my wife's cycle time change from last two month it came on 25 may then it came 21 june in between we had sex without using any protection is there any chance of pregnancy and which are safe days for sex without protection if cycle time date is 25 of every month. Thank you.

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
General Physician, Sri Ganganagar
For you you shoul avoid sex from 5 th june to 12 june. For you safe days were 25-5-16 to 4-6-16. And then 16-21 june.
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Dear Doctor , I'm now 19w 6 days , for the past 3 days I'm getting white vaginal discharge and some transparent liquid but in very small amount. Is there anything to check with or is this normal ?

Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
Hi lybrate-user, white discharge is normally seen during pregnency but if you have itching n if it's foul smelling then there is infection n you need to see a gynaecologist n start medication. It is better to have a checkup with gynaecologist.
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I have got symptoms of periods as my period date last month was 14 th Jan....Bt still periods have not I have to go for travelling after one day so today I took the tablet regestrone to delay the periods. So I want to ask will it work now?? Is this safe to take the tablet after getting symptoms??

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Continue it at the dose of twice daily until you want period. usually, within 3-5 days of stopping the pill, you will have your period.
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Do you need to serum beta hcg test if you got your withdrawal bleed previous month on the pills and then you do not have any intercourse after that bleed? Withdrawal bleed was normal previous month. Not taking pills this month. Due date 1st sept till not occurred. Is there any chance of pregnancy?

General Physician, Chandigarh
Do you need to serum beta hcg test if you got your withdrawal bleed previous month on the pills and then you do not h...
If you didn't have sexual relationship then there is no chances of pregnancy you had taken medicines to get withdrawal bleeding and they are hormonal meficines that is why your periods are disturbed
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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Gastroenteritis Treatment

BHMS, PG Hom London
Homeopath, Mumbai
Best Homeopathic Remedies for Gastroenteritis Treatment

Gastroenteritis, also commonly referred to as infectious diarrhoea, is a gastric disorder. The gastrointestinal tract, which comprises of the small intestine and stomach gets inflamed. Gastroenteritis is indicated by the symptoms such as diarrhea, acute vomiting and pain in the abdomen. Fever, exhaustion and dehydration are also observed. This disease usually lasts not more than two weeks. It is also called the stomach flu. Infections caused by virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi may lead to gastroenteritis. Viruses account for this disease the most. This disease is transmitted mainly from food items and contaminated water. Important electrolytes like sodium and potassium are lost from our body.

The most common remedy in case of gastroenteritis is having ORS. However, homeopathy is also considered very effective if you have got infectious diarrhoea. Homeopathic medicines are considered very safe and result yielding in case of gastroenteritis. Homeopathy is a form of medicine, which is always given preference by all experts, as it is natural with no side effects. After conducting various surveys, it has been proven that homeopathic treatment is far more effective than other forms of medication for gastroenteritis.

Here is a list of the best homeopathic remedies for the treatment of gastroenteritis. There are many categories of homeopathic medicines for diarrhoea each with their own significance.

  1. Aconite: This must be used for diarrhea caused in the season when the days are hot, and the nights are comparatively cold. The symptoms appear in the middle of the night. Heavy diarrhoea along with high-intensity  fever occurs and anxiety.
  2. Aloe : This remedy should be used in case of a continuing urge for stool because of weakness of the anal sphincter. Mucus is accompanied along with pain in the rectum area. In case of adults, this diarrhoea is also characterized by blue hemorrhoids.
  3. Arsenicum album: This medicine is used in case of food poisoning. The affected person feels cold, tired and panicky. Vomiting and diarrhoea take place after midnight. Burning pain in the abdomen is also observed.
  4. Cinchona: Used in case of diarrhoea with the presence of excessive exhaustion and abdomen gas. The abdomen gets bloated up. 
  5. Ipeca: When there is nausea and non stop vomiting or your mouth gets filled with saliva, Ipeca can be used. Thirst is lost, and the color of the stool may be green or bloody.
  6. Podophyllum: This medicine is usually used by tourists in case of diarrhoea.  Abdominal vibration and frequent stools are indicated. The stool is characterized by an unpleasant smell.

Homeopathy is a very effective category of medication when it comes to gastroenteritis, however, still it is advisable to get regular full body check up done.

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Hi. M 28 n mother of 3 yes child. But after giving birth to the child my weight started increasing now m almost 15 to 18 kgs excess. Can anyone help me in reducing the weight.

Homeopath, Dehradun
it happens some time yes you can loss your weight . if your are feeding your baby . so its important that your diet should be maintains for that you need to consult .
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I recently had d&c around 2.5 weeks back and now I had a little discharge from my chest sometimes if pressed I this normal or any complication is there please help me.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
I recently had d&c around 2.5 weeks back and now I had a little discharge from my chest sometimes if pressed I this n...
If you were pregnant and got a d and c for abortion, then pregnancy related changes like some dischrge through nipples takes time to become less, it may stay till next cycle starts, even urine test for pregnancy remains positive after mtp.
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Hi, I am having PCOS since 4 months now. Started with delayed periods since May then I consulted Gynac in June After ultrasound got to know I have PCOS. She asked me to have Normoz for 3 months and gave some Vit. D and folic acid. Again need to meet her. Quite tensed. Planning to have a baby since Jan still not succeed. I am obese and cannot shed weight too. I am broken now.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship in Infertility (IVF Specialist)
Gynaecologist, Aurangabad
Hi, I am having PCOS since 4 months now. Started with delayed periods since May then I consulted Gynac in June After ...
Hi lybrate-user, you should not give up, because you need patience to achieve pregnancy. First need to loose weight. Follow proper diet, exercise. Once you loose weight it will be easy to achieve pregnancy.
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About Fat

Homeopath, Pune
About Fat

The general wisdom for many years was that all fat should be avoided.

Trans fat, saturated fat, unsaturated fat just stay away from them all. But now scientists realize that fat  and how our bodies process it is much more complex.

Our bodies need some fat for optimal functioning. But we need the right kinds of fat, and we need to practice moderation. Some fats are actually good for you, and others should be avoided at all costs. How do you know which is which?

Fats: the good, the bad, the ugly

Mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are" good fats" and that saturated fats can be consumed in moderation.

Trans fats, however, should be avoided altogether, adds schmitt, explaining that trans fats are dangerous because they raise cholesterol levels. High levels of certain kinds of cholesterol, in particular low-density lipoprotein (ldl) cholesterol (the so-called" bad cholesterol") increase your risk for heart disease and other health conditions, including stroke. So how do we know which foods contain which fats" fats that are liquid at room temperature, like olive oils, are a better choice than foods that are semi-solid, like butter or margarine" the following tips will help you choose a diet rich in mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and low in trans fat.

Mono-unsaturated fat (unsaturated fat): good sources of mono-unsaturated fat are canola and olive oils, most nuts, and avocados.

Tip: spread avocado on a bagel instead of cream cheese. Use olive oil and garlic instead of whole milk and butter for a flavorful twist on mashed potatoes.

Poly-unsaturated fat (unsaturated fat): there are two types of poly-unsaturated fat, omega-6 and omega-3 fats. Get plenty of omega-6 fats in their diet from vegetable oils, primary concern is omega-3 fats. Good sources of omega-3 fats are fish (salmon and tuna), flaxseed, and walnuts.

Tip: snack on a handful of walnuts, or add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to your morning oatmeal or cereal. You can also add ground flaxseed when you are baking cookies or muffins for an omega boost.

Saturated fat: red meat, fatty meats like salami, dairy products such as cream and butter, and thicker vegetable oils like coconut, palm, and kernel oil are sources of saturated fats.

Tip: enjoy a steak now and then, but try to limit saturated fats to 10 percent of your diet, at the most.

Trans fat: made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil, a process designed to extend the shelf life of packaged goods, trans fat is found in a wide range of packaged and processed foods, including bakery items, cookies, and crackers.

Tip: current food and drug administration guidelines allow manufacturers to say that their product is" trans fat free" if it contains less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving. Check the labels of processed food for" hydrogenated" or" partially hydrogenated" oils in the ingredients. These words signal that product may have up to 0.5 grams per serving. Eat a few servings, and this starts to add up.

The bottom line? be an educated shopper: know what to look for and the potential pitfalls. Try to do the majority of your shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store, limiting your trips down the inside aisles where most of the trans fat culprits reside. On the perimeter, you can focus on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat and fish, and whole grains fresh from the bakery. Add a little olive oil, and you'll really be cooking!

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Hi I am 36 years old breastfeeding my child, cause of low supply I am taking lactare tablets and galact granules (ayurvedic medicine), now its going good, my gynaecologist told you can take as long as you want to feed, are there any side effects on using it for me and my baby, one more question my 5 months old baby suffering from times versicolor, I am confusing cause it is because of these tablets, please help me whether I will continue or not.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Vellore
Breat feeding encouraged upto one year. After this we recommend table diet to babies. To promote breast milk secretion first think is you need to cosume high protein low fat nutritious food in plenty. Commercially available items are not must to promote secretions. More oten it is just for some psychological satisfaction tomothers. Tin. Versicl. Is not related to the products you use.
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Hi doc my daughter is 18 years old, she is not getting her menses till 6 months, her weight is 78 kgs and height is 5 feet. She has started getting hair on her chin area also. Please suggest some medication to get her periods ?

Homeopath, Delhi
Hello, well your daughter might be having pcos as is suggested by these complaints. You can go for an ultrasound and best to start with homoeopathic medication. Any other complaints or family history.
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I have 3 months baby. I m breastfeeding my baby. What I should eat to get more milk for my baby through breastfeeding?

Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator, MHA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
I have 3 months baby. I m breastfeeding my baby. What I should eat to get more milk for my baby through breastfeeding?
More suckling is the key to more milk. Putting the baby more frequently to the breast would help in making more milk. Expressing milk with hands or with a breastpump after every feed would also help. Along with this, a nutritious diet for the mothet and plenty of water is all that you require.
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