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Dr. Tahseen Sultana

Dentist, Hyderabad

Dr. Tahseen Sultana Dentist, Hyderabad
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Tahseen Sultana is an experienced Dentist in Olive Hospital, Hyderabad. You can consult Dr. Tahseen Sultana at Dr Motiwala's Dental Clinic & Implant Center, Olive in Olive Hospital, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Tahseen Sultana on has a nexus of the most experienced Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 42 years of experience on Find the best Dentists online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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It's been one month when ever I brush my tooth some parts of my teeth get bleeding. I don't know what to do. Help me.

MDS - Periodontics
Dentist, Delhi
Kindly dont stop brushing and start using mouthwash and visit to near by dentist for oral prophylaxis
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Dentist, Guna
Do not use your teeth for doing something other than chewing food. Using them for cracking nuts, removing bottle tops or ripping open packaging can result in chipped or broken teeth.
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I have spot on my teeth it is not going so I think for scaling is it any harmful effect or side effect please help me.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Scaling does not cause harm. It has transformed the teeth of many people who were in need of it and their teeth and gums became much healthier as all the accumulated dirt was removed which cannot be done by just brushing. So if the spot on your teeth can be removed by scaling and if the dentist you visit suggests that you need it you can go for it without any fear. If your teeth have deposits it will definitely make them better and healthier. If you also maintain oral hygiene well after a scaling its effects will be much better.
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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Dentist, Mumbai
What is Root Canal Treatment?

What is a root canal?

Root canal is a layman's term to describe a dental procedure that is performed to preserve a tooth that is at risk of being lost due to deep decay, infection, or other forms of trauma. Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment are the dental terms to describe this procedure. Root canal treatment is the removal of the infection-prone contents within the tooth and its roots. Subsequently, the resulting space is filled with an inert material to prevent infection. This treatment thoroughly disinfects the tooth's inner space. Root canal treatment enables a tooth to remain intact to function and serve its purpose in the mouth despite losing its vitality. Vitality is the tooth's ability to sense pain, pressure, or temperature. Prior to the implementation of root canal treatment, if a tooth had a large cavity or was abscessed, the only option was extraction of the bad tooth. All in all with Root Canal Treatment, we get to preserve a natural tooth and restore good dental health.

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Doctor, Kanpur
Citrus fruits like lemon help in whitening the teeth.

My teeth are bleeding since from long time twice I have shown to dentist, every time I went thy clean my teeth and take out lot of blood. I have very serious issue I loss lot of blood every time I eat kindly give best suggestion further to stop blood please.

BDS, CDE Endo-Prostho, CDE - Cast Partial & Complete Dentures
Dentist, Pune
Hello, bleeding of gums could be because of deposits on teeth surface or food lodged in between teeth. Visit a dentist and get your scaling and polishing done. Brush your teeth twice daily, night brushing is very important. Floss regularly. Rinse after every meal. Visit dentist every 6 months.
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Dentist, Jaipur
Always rinse your tooth brush thoroughly after brushing, and allow it to air-dry before using it again.

When I eat sweets and drink cool water I will get teeth pain and bleeding. Why? please give me remedy for that.

Dentist, Vadodara
Teeth pain while eating sweet n drinking cold drinks can be due to decay in tooth. Get your teeth x-rayed to determine the extent of decay. For bleeding gums, go for scaling and polishing.
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I am a 29 years old female and have mouth ulcer for last 2 months. What should I do?

MDS - Oral Medicine and Radiology, BDS
Dentist, Ahmedabad
Hi, there are many causes of mouth ulcers like stress, trauma, constipation, vitamin deficiency and many more. You can apply mucopain gel over the ulcers for relief. Visit an oral medicine specialist for complete treatment. Regards.
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How costly is bleaching and scaling polishing of teeth and for how much days it will work.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
All individuals requires scaling (cleaning) to be done atleast once in 6 months to maintain our oral hygiene clean. Our toothbrush is not much finely designed to clean all the plaque and calculi in the interdental areas of the teeth, which is the area where most of the calculus accumulate much and has to be removed regularly using scalers by the dentist.
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I am feeling sensation in my mouth while eating or drinking. sensation is not wholly but side by side. i am using brush for last 15 years but i feel my jaw are weak. root of teeth are weak. suggest me how can i make my jaw strong and teeth strong. how can i prevent from sensation?

Dentist, Gurgaon
Dear Lybrate user, sensitive teeth can be due to cavities, gum recession, some old fillings etc. A proper clinical checkup would be required to establish the exact cause so consult your dentist immediately and pursue the treatment. You can use anti-sensitivity toothpastes for sometime. Apply it on the affected teeth, leave for 4-5 minutes and then brush it off. To maintain strong teeth and healthy gums, brush and floss regularly, use a soft toothbrush and brush gently using proper technique. Pay a visit to your dentist every 6 months.
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Hello doctor I have a cavity problem, can I remove the cavity teeth ? If I remove that cavity teeth I will get any problem in future ?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
•If your cavity in the tooth is caused by decay, your dentist will remove the decayed area and replace it with a filling. •If the pulp inside your tooth is infected, you may need root canal treatment. This procedure involves removing the infected pulp and then inserting a special type of filling to seal the tooth and prevent re-infection.
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Dentist, Jamshedpur
Tip to prevent plaque.

I am tobacco addicted from many years. But I leave it 6 months ago. I can't eat spicy food. I hadn't eat rice for 3 months. When I eat spicy food my mouth became full of water.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear Ashish, Congratulations for leaving tobacco for 6 months. Please continue to motivate yourself to be off tobacco. For the time being, please eat bland diet. Later please check up with a doctor for an early patch of cancer in the mouth. All the best.
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For healthier teeth, flossing daily in a sawing motion is highly recommended

Dentist, Trivandrum
For healthier teeth, flossing daily in a sawing motion is highly recommended
For healthier teeth, flossing daily in a sawing motion is highly recommended. Take the floss to the point where the teeth meet the gums.
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How to cure bad breath issues permanently? I use orbit mint chewing gums whenever I go out. Is it advisable?

Dentist, Raipur
kindly get scaling done and use mouth wash twice daily for 15 days. brush your teeth twice daily using correct brushing technique to maintain your oral hygiene. also notice that you are not constipated most of the times as this is also one of the reasons for bad breath.
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I am suffering from halitosis since 2005. I had consulted various doctors but unfortunately it doesn't cured.

Dentist, Navi Mumbai
First thing stop using mouthwash because it give you temporary freshness and hide the clinical findings if it is there in mouth. It can be oral or extra oral /systemic in origin. Oral causes - cavities, poor oral hygiene, any removable or fixed artificial teeth causing food lodgement extra oral / systemic - various diseases have their specific type of smell it comes in diabetes, liver diseases, kidney problem.
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I am 24 years old and I am getting blood from my mouth when I spit since last 6 months what to do? I am getting it more when I try to suck from the behind my teeth on the top.

Dentist, Hyderabad
Once you get cleaning done of your teeth and start using vitamin c and d tablets. At times def of these vit may cause bleeding gums in your age.
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