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Dr. Satyanarayana Bhandari

Ayurveda, Hyderabad

Dr. Satyanarayana Bhandari Ayurveda, Hyderabad
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
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Dr. Satyanarayana Bhandari is a renowned Ayurveda in Secunderabad, Hyderabad. You can visit him at Dr.Satyanarayana Bhandari's Clinic in Secunderabad, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Satyanarayana Bhandari on has a nexus of the most experienced Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 39 years of experience on Find the best Ayurvedas online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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From last one month I am noticing blood from my gums while brushing and irregularly. Can you suggest some cure for it? I would be grateful.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Irregular brushing technique will certainly cause the gums to bleed. Bleeding may also be due to infected & swollen gums. Advise investigation (OPG x-ray) with clinical examination for the treatment to check for bone loss & pockets. Adv. artificial enamel filling, deep cleaning or surgical curettage, a gum strengthening procedure. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouth wash after every meals. Use pepsodent tooth paste & gum paint for 2 to 3 weeks. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush. Tooth brush to be changed every 2 months.
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Mera last periods 17 Jan ko hua that phir 3 Feb ko hua that phir nahi hua hai aaj 6 march ko pregnancy test kiya usme two lines nahi aaya.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hello, Please get an ultrasound pelvis done to check for endometrial thickness and if more than 9 mm then you can opt for a withdrawal bleed with progesterones, as pregnancy is ruled out by negative urine pregnancy test.
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What is meant by foreplay? How to do that? My girlfriend no sex feelings actually she has no knowledge about sex. But we will have phone sex. How to make her for intercourse? She'll do what ever I am saying. How to have good sex with her? Please give valuable ans.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Whether the problem is big or small, there are many things you can do to get your sex life back on track. Your sexual well-being goes hand in hand with your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Communicating with your partner, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, availing yourself of some of the many excellent self-help materials on the market, and just having fun can help you weather tough times. Create an atmosphere of caring and tenderness; touch and kiss often. Don't blame yourself or your partner for your sexual difficulties. Focus instead on maintaining emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship. Homoeopathy boosts sex drive and help you enjoy more. You can click on consult option for homoepathic treatment without side effects.
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My wife has been suffering from leg swelling and vertigo for past few months. We have done blood test for Urea, creatinine, Sugar and TSH. All other things are normal except TSH which shows 4.9 micro IU/ml. How to recover this?

Nuclear Medicine Physician, Mumbai
TSH is in the upper normal range. No thyroid medication is advised at present. Kindly repeat the test after 3 months.
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My father is feeling from swelling lymph nodes around neck and armpits some of doctors are saying that it is non Hodgkin lymphoma is it true we made biopsy and it is favour to non Hodgkinlymphoma wat is the treatment required and chemotherapy is necessary r not.

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
The main types of treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma are: Chemotherapy. Immunotherapy. Targeted therapy. YES CHEMO IS MUST.
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My age is 43 and I am single I cannot sleep well lot of disturbing dreams I can not sleep it is any serious problem what kind of treat I must take.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.You may be having anxiety or stress. Avoid stress. 2.You need 7-8 hours of sound sleep to remain healthy. 3.Go for regular exercise, Take part in games and sports, 4.Do yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercise like pranayama to calm your mind, control your emotion, relieve anxiety and improve concentration. 5.Adhere to a specific sleep time and regular schedule 6.Take light dinner. 7.Avoid taking tea/coffee at bed time. Have a glass of milk at bed time 8. Don’t go to sleep immediately after dinner.Take a small walk after dinner and if possible take hot water bath before sleep. Read a light magazine or interesting book before going to bed 9. Avoid late night. 10.Don’t sleep in day time 11.Don’t take sleeping pill 12. If no relief consult doctor
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My question is like what we have to do if I get blood in my gums and teeth and also they smell bad because of the blood. Even I couldn't eat apple, banana etc, so, please suggest me a good solution for this. I really want that my gums get healthy and also not smelly as fast as possible. It would pleasure if you suggest me any suitable option for all this regards

Dentist, Jaipur
Hello, thanx for the query. You are having gum problem calling gingivitis. You need dental scaling done by dentist. At home you can do one thing. Take a glass of warm water add 1 tps salt gargle 2 to 3 times a day daily for a week. For bad breath use mouth wash and clean tongue. For more you can consult me. Thank you drjagrati.
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Homeopathy For Asthma

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi
Homeopathy For Asthma

Asthma is a condition that severely affects the lungs. The airways become narrow and the lungs become inflamed. Its characteristic features include bronchospasm, reversible airflow obstruction and variable and recurring symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. This might be caused up to 2 to 3 times a day.


  1. Daily use of Paracetamol
  2. Vaccines
  3. Daily use of antibiotics
  4. Caesarean sections
  5. Asthma in family

Asthma is usually triggered by:

  1. Tobacco Smoke
  2. Exercise
  3. Polluted or Poor air
  4. Cold Air
  5. Emotional Stress
  6. Allergies

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which tries to ‘cure’ this disease, instead of trying to provide symptomatic relief. While dealing with a case of asthma, a homeopath not only records the symptoms of the disease but also studies the medical history, family history, physical and psychological characteristics of a person. This helps to find the cause, the precipitating factors, and the hereditary tendency etc. Of special interest to a homeopath is the history of suppression of skin disease. Homeopaths believe that when there is a tendency or predisposition for a disease – it first manifests on the less vital organs, towards the periphery (like skin). If this manifestation is suppressed than the disease shifts inwards, towards the more vital organs (like lungs, heart, brain etc).

The fact that in children asthma is often preceded by eczema is observed by the allopaths also. This fact is written in all their textbooks of medicine. They say that children often ‘move-out’ of eczema and ‘move-into’ asthma. But they are unable to make a correlation. Homeopaths believe that the suppression of eczema with topical preparations, does not cure the disease/sensitivity of the person, it merely drives it inwards.

Now after ascertaining the symptoms and the cause, the homeopath tries to find a medicine which matches the symptoms as well as the general characteristics of the person. The medicine so selected is administered to the patient.

When a right medicine is given, the asthma disappears but the old eczema or skin rash reappears for some time, before finally disappearing itself. This reappearance of old symptoms is seen as a reversal of disease process and is considered a very good prognostic sign by homeopaths.

MEDICINES – There are lots of medicines in homeopathy for asthma symptoms and it is not possible to list them all here. Some of the common medicines are ars- alb, ipecac, lachesis, pulsatilla, spongia, sulphur, ignatia, antim-tart, hepar-sulph, nat-sulph, tuberculinum etc. The selection of medicine varies from patient to patient. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a specialized homeopath for treating your individual case.

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I feel granules in my mouth,stiffness in jaws,burning sensation inside of both cheeks,feeling irritation on outside of left cheek. Earlier I have shown to dentist for oral cancer but they told that it is a fat pad no oral cancer. I am confused. I still feels the problems in mouth

A.C.C.I - Accredited and Certified Course in Implantology, MDS - Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry, BDS
Dentist, Jammu
Dear, If you have lots of spices or gutka or tobacco chewing etc. There is great possibility that you may be suffering from OSMF. But, it will be better to have a dental check up by a good Dental Surgeon to allow him evaluate your condition and then guide you out of this mess.
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I am lost my hair quickly and I use many shampoo but no effect so please recommend proper shampoo.

Vaidya Visharad
Ayurveda, Narnaul
For a comprehensive, hair fall prevention regimen, you need to be equipped with a diet plan that includes foods that can arrest hair fall and stimulate better scalp health. Recommendations here include eating more seeds and nuts (almonds and peanuts) along with green leafy vegetables like spinach and sprouts of a variety of dals (legumes). Basically, foods rich in calcium, protein and iron are vital for ensuring overall health of the scalp. Combine this with some basic dietary supplementation, i.e. using over-the-counter products that help to ensure wholesome nutrition for your hair. Regular intake of Amla juice ensures adequate amounts of Vitamin C but you can boost this with eating more guavas. Ensure you take a multivitamin that combines beta-carotenes, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and trace amounts of zinc and iron.
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My face is becoming oily skin due to sun, so kindly tell me the remedy for making my skin beautiful.

MBBS, M D internal medicine
General Physician, Srinagar
Eat less of fried food. .oil .avoid butter. Frequently wash your face with lukewarm water. That should take care. And yes drink plenty of fluids.
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I am 49 years Old male. Having weight around 95 kgs Height 5ft 11 inches. Am having Uric acid issues with pain in the toe specially in the mornings. Kindly advise. I am already on allophatic medication.

Doctrase in Dietetics, Ph. D - Psychology
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
You can start doing any physical activity on very slow pace to boost up your metabolism rate. Include low protein diet to reduce iric acid. Reduce weight asap with the help of high fiberous and low fat diet.
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I have problem related to my sexual part, actually I don't is this a problem or I feel this. The thing is lower part of my penis except testis (both) other part is looks like big I feel that its size is not proper size like the other people have. I just want to confirm do I am suffering from any problem, I want to test this all. Please help me for this.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Sex tips for men with thick penises: Lubricate: It is very important for your lady to lubricate enough. Dryness can make it really painful to penetrate inside her. So, make sure you penetrate inside her only if she is lubricating enough. Use a lube if required: If your woman is not lubricating, you must use a lube to prevent dryness and ease the intercourse. Sex positions: Focus on the sex position as it matters a lot! You should not try few sex positions immediately. Once your woman gets used to your penis thickness and size, try sex positions that are deeper and spacious. Prefer classic sex positions like missionary till then. Even woman on top is preferable as the woman controls the depth and speed as per her comfort levels. Spread your legs: Spread your legs apart to allow deeper penetration, and also give enough space to make it less painful for the woman. If you join your legs and enter inside her, it will be really painful for the woman. Women can avoid pain by joining her legs closer. More foreplay: Women take time to get excited. So, indulge in foreplay to increase the sex drive. Women most particularly love foreplay and this can really turn them on! So for better sex and lubrication, have a proper foreplay before sex.
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I am an Physically challenged Person, i use a wheel chair to move around i am getting fat day by day. How can i reduce my weight, my belly and my chest?

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Indore
Avinash,Pl provide the details about you like:height/weight/diet routine/daily routine/any medical problem in private consultation section. Dietician. Vinita Jaiswal
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Dear doctor, when I become confused or stressed or depressed by putting pressure on mind without sexual stimulation, semen is discharged from penis. So my body is becoming weak and my weight is deduced and head ache I have such a problem. While taking stress, it happens so, is it possible for me to get affected by cardiac arrest, diabetes, some dangerous disease in future. I'm male, age- 29.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
V. Stop worrying & tension is best remedy. Do 45 minutes morning walk. Also yoga etc. Avoid stress. Take everything easy & do not put presdure on mind. Dinner early at 8 & sleep early 9 & sleep 8 hrs app. Do not assume othef thinkings may have in future diseases.
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Whatever food I eat I create problem for and most of the time it lead to loose motion so what should I do?

General Physician, Aurangabad
hi, many a times it happens in stressfull profession, possibilty of h pylori infection or idiopathic bowl disease is also present but information you provided is very less to guide you in a better way, you can consult me online to have a detailed discussion and i can help you in a better way
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I am underweight and find it a bit hard to put on and keep weight and I really want to be weighing the average amount, is there any over the counter medications you can prescribe to help with this?

MD(Ayu), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bhavnagar
Hello less weight is sometimes common according to age. Ayurveda believes in digestion not into giving heavy food for weight gain. According to ayurveda, food which are easy to digest but nutrient can gain weight. But I need detait history for perfact solution. Like your appetite? bowel habits sleeping habits kind of your work or job life style diet etc. But till you can do following: take daal rice more. Use cow ghee n milk. Avoid over eating start massage with til oil in morning, after that, do exercise whatever you want. Then bath focus in yourself avoid stress anger fear take ajvayan 1 tsp after meal. Start chyavanprash in morning.
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I take ocid 20 daily to control burning sensation in left side of stomach below rib cage. Diagnosed hiatus hernia. Is burning sensation because of this. How can I get rid if it.

General Physician, Kolkata
Hiatus hernia is unlikely to give rise to burning sensation. It may be due gastrooesophageal reflux disorder.(gerd)
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My friend is having lot of stomach pain vomiting from few days she had unprotected sex 4 months before n she got her periods 3 times is there a chance she may be pregnant she's worried a lot please suggest.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Karnal
As she is having her periods regularly chances of conception are minimal. But still you should perform a urine pregnancy test to rule it out. Present stomach pain and vomiting appears to be because of some kind of infection ,which can be treated with antibiotics .consult your local physician and take a course of antibiotics and antiemetics under his guidance. All the best.
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