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Dr. Noora Sinha

Psychologist, Hyderabad

Dr. Noora Sinha Psychologist, Hyderabad
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Personal Statement

My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
More about Dr. Noora Sinha
Dr. Noora Sinha is one of the best Psychologists in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. You can consult Dr. Noora Sinha at Olive Hospital in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Noora Sinha on has a nexus of the most experienced Psychologists in India. You will find Psychologists with more than 33 years of experience on Find the best Psychologists online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am suffering from an addiction to tramadol and swallow min- 8 tablets daily. When I am not with my drug, I just feel pissed off and very irritated. I want to quit drugs. Help!

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, MA In Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Pune
I am suffering from an addiction to tramadol and swallow min- 8 tablets daily. When I am not with my drug, I just fee...
Hmmm, when your dependency created it is very difficult to quit but not impossible. I think you will take help from any deaddiction center. You need to ready to urself to get admit in any deaddiction center for some time period. Where you can easily deal with your withdrawal symptoms & urge. Also can understand the disease of addiction. The other option is to take treatment from psychiatrist. Best luck, not to worry.
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My dad age is 55. We gave 7 tablets of crotonol 500mg. Now he is taking like mental upset. Now we are admitted in rajeev nursing home at hassan. So get me some good suggestion please.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
My dad age is 55. We gave 7 tablets of crotonol 500mg. Now he is taking like mental upset. Now we are admitted in raj...
It is the side effect of disulfiram. The use of this drug is only as an aversion agent so that if he takes alcohol while taking the drug he will have unpleasant effects and vomiting. Due to these unhappy effect the person is thought to stop taking further drinks. But only strong will power will help. For further assistance you can concern me privately
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What Causes Early Childhood Trauma? + How to Identify this Condition?

Phd, Mphil, MSc, Bed, BA (Clinical Psychologist and Parent Child Relationship Expert)
Psychologist, Noida
What Causes Early Childhood Trauma? + How to Identify this Condition?

The problem of early childhood trauma refers to disturbing experiences that take place in children during 0-6 years of age. The traumas that young children experience can be the effects of natural disaster, war or accidents or that of intentional violence like sexual abuse, domestic violence or physical abuse.

What Does this Condition Impact Childhood?

Traumatic events have a significant impact on your child's life and can break his sense of safety. The problem has been linked with a decrease in the size of the brain cortex. This is the part of the brain that controls several complex functions like thinking, consciousness, memory, attention, awareness, and language. The changes that occur as a result can affect your child's IQ as well as his or her ability to control emotions. As a consequence, he or she may harbor feelings of danger and become more afraid or it may manifest in other personality issues which are not very obvious.

How do you identify this condition?

Generally, children who suffer from traumas face problems in regulating their emotions and behaviors.

They may display signs like:

- Fear of new situations
- Being clingy to their parent(s) or somebody close
- Become easily frightened
- Display aggressive and/or impulsive behavior
- Are difficult to comfort
- Display deterioration in behavior and functioning
- Easily forget newly attained developmental skills
- Difficulty in sleeping

Depending on the age during which your child may go through a traumatic event, he or she can exhibit signs relevant to his or her age.

For instance:

Children aged 0-2 years may also display reactions like poor verbal skills, memory problems, excessive temper, experience nightmares, etc.

On the other hand, children aged 3-6 years can face difficulties in learning as well as develop poor skill and learning disabilities, face problems in social interaction, may be unable to trust people and so on.

If this condition remains unattended or unresolved for longer, it may create personality issues and can deeply impact the individual's relationships, or equations in the society, as they grow up and even after they become adults. In fact, many behavioral problems can be traced back to childhood trauma.


Related Tip: What Really Causes Personality Disorders?

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Hi! my father is above 60 and retired person. He is having negative thoughts always and keep disturbing family members day and night. Please suggest what to do ?

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
He will be alright after homeopathic medication. We need cause of above emotional state, why he is doing like this. I wil tell u some good things u can do n u will get good result. Thanks.
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I am a chain smoker but I don't face problems like suffocation, chest pain etc etc. But before the beginning of winter I have this problem. Specially just after I wake up in the morning. Why is this happening? What is the solution? I want to quit smoking. But I don't have that will power. Is there any medicine present which can help me?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, Smoking is injurious for health you must know ,why? ●It ,blocks & damages your air pipe, including lungs. Causing lungs cancer, copd,diminishing its capacity to retain oxygen.  ●  It, increases cholesterol level, threatening to heart- not only that, people around you ,will be sufferer of the same hazards for no fault of their own, U, being the victim of breathing disorder, Asthma,gastric disorder, diseases of eyes, palpitation of heart with anaemia, lack of concentration. Irritation with anguish temperament. Loss of weight, insomnia,will ruin yours as well as your spouse & children's 'future.  ● It's advisable to get rid of this killing agent, as soon as possible for the betterment of d entire family, nears & dears, around U  ●Tk, plenty of water free from contaminants to eliminate toxins &'regulate your metabolism to absorb protein, vitamins, minerals, energy & other important substance essential to upkeep ,repair & energise the body.    ●Don't skip your meal, rather, it should b easily digestible on time.  ● Go for meditation to reduce your stress and to inhale plenty of Oxygen to restore the flexibility of lungs to increase its tidal volume, nourishing the whole body of yours including heart and brain.  In winter the tidal volume of lungs falls down resulting in suffocation. ●Tk, apples,carrots, cheese,almonds, walnuts,spinach, papaya,banana, milk,fish, chicken soup .●   Tk homoeo medicine ,gentle. & rapid in action with no adverse effect, thereof. @ Nux vom 30-6 pills, thrice a day. @ Caladeum 20-6 pills, thrice a day. ●  Avoid, caffiene, alcohol,junk-food, alcohol. Stay fit & fine, your family is awaiting your arrival. ○Your feedback matters to me for your further, follow up, please.
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Hello Doctor. I might have been problem or not I don't have any perfect idea about but the life is no more joyousness as i am in a age of 26 now and bachelor and a student of pg. And when I go to meet through my girlfriend (not actually girlfriend we like each other purely) in college time only, means saying anything about enthusiastically like as i am loving her then it does not prevail long enough to talk so confidently as before even not more than 5 minute although still talk but not romantically and most time try to ignore her in a general conversation (this happen to me after a heartache between me and her since one year before) still talk sometime. Please doctor. Would you guide me in this field of love and health and anything that lead to through health fitness or anything else that I reported. Thanks.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
I am not sure that I get your drift. If I understand it right, it sounds like you may have gone off of this girl after that? heartache! that might have been quite serious to have this effect. If you can identify that and know that whatever put you off is genuine, then this may be the end of this relationship and it may not be worth pursuing. This may be good for the girl too because you should not mislead her into believing that there is some scope and future in this relationship. However, there is another angle which needs consideration: you could be depressed because of that incident and may be feeling like it is all over and that could be a wrong perception under the influence of the depression. You could visit a counselor and check out this thought and see if it is true. Then when you deal with the depression, you could see her rather differently. There is also the possibility that this relationship has run its course and there is no longer any appeal or yearning for this girl, i. E. The attraction has died for some reason and you cannot see any future in the situation. I think that you will need to be honest and have a discussion without it being too hurtful and see what her take on these matters are. In fact both of you could visit a relationship counselor and find out more on these lines and take it to its logical conclusion.
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I am 26 year male smoking from last 5 years. Due to smoking RBC and hemoglobin in my blood increased and my body feels weak. I want to quit smoking.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
You may chew babulgum, chocolates now a days there are many institute of nicotine replacement therapy in many country. Please go there and save your self eat various fruits and vegetables you need to take a balanced diet do exercise eat anti oxidant rich foods.
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My son who is unmarried and middle age has got into the habit of drinking through the whole day and also smokes. He is short tempered and will argue a lot over any issue. His habit of drinking has been incurred in the last two to three years. How can I get him over this issue.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
He is in need of admission to a rehabilitation facility. This level of drinking is very serious and cannot be treated from home. In most centers, unfortunately, they do not address the smoking but it can be also resolved together with the alcohol problem. He will need to be admitted for at least 6 months and he will be taught a lot of techniques and the 12 step method of resolving the problem. The family will also need to attend counseling and Al-anon groups for their codependency issues. After the rehabilitation, he will need to attend AA meetings too. All of you will need to rally around this plan​ and work together.
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Hello Doctor, Am Sasi. Am 27 year old girl. Am divorced girl. My ex husband has bipolar disorder. So we could not run our life peacefully. Now my problem is my life. During divorce process, I came separately and I run my life in hostel, also am working girl. My parents can't keep me in their home because of family status issues. I had understand their situation and I started my life with my career. Dueto my official transfer I had to move some other place. I met one person that place. I got inspired by his career attitude. Because that time my only one support is my job. He guided me very well without any expectation. He want me as a good professional girl. But the fact is I fall love with him. He too divorced. But he has a daughter. He loves her most. We shared our life each other. I felt he is very comfortable person in my life. I proposed him. He shared his previous divorce life. He told some reason why he got divorce. After apply his divorce, he come to know he is going to have a baby. But he do not want his wife in his life. Somehow he got his divorce also, he shared about his love. He loved one girl after his divorce truly. She used him financially. She left him. But He didn't forget her still. They both lived living together life 2 years I think so. She got married with high rich person. Then due to his official transfer he came to my place. He hated his ex wife very badly. But his ex wife getting nice money from him by the reason of daughter. He never say no to his daughter for anything. Then I ask him to get his daughter from his ex wife and I ask him to take care of his daughter. But she is 7 year kid. She can't come out from her mother. In between he started to like me. He got possessiveness on me. We both feel hostel life is bored. No proper food. He suffered a lot. He gave a nick name to me that am his" food angel" I can't see his sufferings. If he feel bad, automatically I helped him. Then I come to know about hi divorce cancellation. One day he received phone call from his ex wife family that his brother in law died. So his daughter got severe fever. That kid started to ask abt her father. He went their place and attended funeral. His daughter got scare of everything he stained his daughter place 3 days. All are asked him to cancel his divorce for his daughter. But his ex wifr not willing to cancel the divorce. Every family member advised her and made her to take cancel the divorce. This issue I come to know later from him. Because he knows how am loving him. I feel my extreme true love in him. I prepared myself to live his memories. I just want to be with him. Meanwhile we had physical contact with hearty relationship. Then when we both in hotel he told his divorce cancel process. I cried a lot. He told" sasi I want you in gd position. My daughter life is too important. You don't know the pain of divorce cancellation. I do not't want to see that women face. But I sacrifices my life for my daughter. You have a age, you can marry anyone as years wish. This is a life time commitment. I really do not want any additional commitment in my life. Am having enough of problem. But I keep on cry. Because I do not want to leave him. Then I feel I want to be with him as much possible. We had discussed about living together life. He told that" living together life is good but when we separate it ll hurt very bad" then he said ok for taking home and all. After divorce process also he stained with me only. He did't bring his family to his place. We started our life very peacefully. He always make aware of about people mentality. Bcoz I do not have such gd knowledge abt people mindset. He taught me everything. We both lived like a skin and nail. He started to love me a lot. Effect is I got pregnancy because of him. But my divorce was still ongoing process that time. Then he advised me to abort baby because of legal issues. I don't know what to do. Doctor advised me to continue my pregnancy for avoid future problems. But I listened to him. I feel very bad after my abortion. Still am guilty feel. I crushed my baby. Then he got official transfer he moved some other place. My parents want me in home for sometime. So I had resigned my job and went to native place. But I and him had a big question mark that what to do next in life. I informed my parents that am loving this person. But they did't agree. Suddenly his dad hot heart attack. He asked some money from me. Really he feel bad that I was not with him in his difficult situations. He told the same thing that, sasi I want you to be with me, I could not face anything without years moral support. Then after 1 month back he ask me to come to his place for marriage. We know this is illegal marriage. But he do not want his wife and I do not want anyone except him. Suddenly some misunderstanding happen between us. He scolded me a lot. But I had compromised with him. At one point I left my family for him. Before my arrival he tod that" sasi our relationship is not legal. So we should take care of some limits. But my love feel does not allow me to think anything. I just want him in my life. I came over ther. His dad want to stay with him. So I can't saty his home. So I took a hostel room temporary. He took me to his home and I stained over there for 10 days. He put leave to his office. He introduced me as a wife to his owner. Then because of his parents arrival I came back to hostel. Then again he ask me to come to his home and I stained over there. Then due to my official reason I had to move some other place for 1 month. We received one hardable news from his wife that, his daughter got sexual abuse. He immediately arrived her place and tried to solve the problem. Here, I feel uncomfortable to stay in hostel. But his permanent official transfer came. He informed his owner that he is going to vacate his home. But I asked him that I want to stay over there. He said ok to me. But he took his all things to his native. When I reach his home nothing is there except few cloths and things. He msged only one thing to me. Life will move hard as much we think. Try to save yourself. I try to be with you. My daughter suffering unwanted issue. I ll come to you soon. I understand his position. I stained very calm. But I missed him a lot. My msges made him uncomfortable. He started to feel bad abt me. At one point he msged to my mom that, I was torchering him my msges, she never ever understood his position" My parents came to my place and wantely made me return back to home. But here all are asking about him. My parents informed to everyone tha I got 2nd marriage. Now my parents giving me torcher like anything. Am suffering a lot. I want to get rid of from this home. Each and everything they are scolding me. But still can't hate him. I want my baby from him. I can not imagine anyone instead of him. Even he knows my mindset. I want to see his happiness again. He feel I did not treat him normal way. Whatever problem he has that is one part. But he forgot about my life. He did not spoke to me well when I was his home. Actually now he do not want me. His mind full of his daughter. I did not oppose his love on his daughter. But he forgot abt my life. Doctor I want him back. If I go there I do not know how he ll react to me.(i think definitely he ll react bad manner). But other point of chance is he ll accept me. He got permanent official place. Now he is staying in hostel only. Because his family stained other state. So due to language problem they never come his place. He used to visit them yearly once or twice. Now my only wish is I want baby from him. I can take care of my self and baby and if he wish I can take care of him also. Please advise me how to solve this problem smooth manner.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
Hello Doctor,
Am Sasi. Am 27 year old girl. Am divorced girl. My ex husband has bipolar disorder. So we could not run...
It seems more and more like a one-sided wish. You have to grow out of this obsession to have a baby from him. It is because of this that you can make him take advantage of you. In such a relationship and for that matter in any relationship it must be reciprocal i.e. both must have love and respect for each other, mutually. If it is true that because of his daughter he is taking these steps then you must respect that and not disturb it. Whatever the reason and however much you love him, his priorities are very different from yours and they do not match up. It is too complicated, and I would not advise you doing something that might jeopardize his marital situation, whether he claims he loves her or his daughter or not. The fact is that he is not willing to take a brave step towards you. So, as difficult as it may seem, please leave this man and find another more deserving and someone more committed to you: otherwise I am afraid you are repeating your problems all over again.
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Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
Common day to day experiences which are physically, mentally and emotionally stressful tend to get accumulated in the mind and body and manifest as lifestyle diseases and psychosomatic illness. In Counselling you can address your mental and emotional baggage and develop the skills for having meaningful relationships, decision making, problem solving and in return lead a life free of disease, worry and tension.
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Hi I am 33 years old, DOM -12/2009, in starting days me and my wife were enjoying the sexual life, but after delivery my wife having Zero interest in sex. I am very upset when ever I request her, she refuse it. After so many times if I request her, she agree, now I am very quickly discharge also. I am shame on very self also. Some time I thought I kill my self due to frustration. I having a son his age is 2+. Please advice me what should I do. I am very depress.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
Hi I am 33 years old, DOM -12/2009, in starting days me and my wife were enjoying the sexual life, but after delivery...
Some women may get put off by sex after a delivery. You need to be gentle with her and gradually coax her back into sexual union. Anyway since you have probably harassed her and she has finally agreed, I hope it is a permanent solution. If not please visit a marriage counselor and get some help. That person may recommend a sexologist, if necessary. I still advise you to be gentle with her and gradually induce the sexual desire by simple physical contact but approaching the erogenous zones very subtly. If done with unhurried and soft stroking she could be seduced back to those hey days early in your marriage. You can also openly discuss what is happening with her, and discuss these matters with the counselor too. Your discharge will be premature because of the long and forced abstinence but if you do it a second time soon, there will be a delayed discharge and orgasm. Now I do you know, if your wife has ever experienced orgasm, ever? I strongly suspect that she may not have and that she may have been brought many times to that tipping point but left high and dry because you have already had yours by that time! the reason I say this is that if she had, she would have wanted it more and may not have gone off of sex so easily. Now with your early ejaculation, she may never experience sufficient gratification. This is something for you to explore with a sexologist and learn some skillful means of bringing her close to and satisfying her till orgasmic fulfillment. You will have a different spouse altogether, in my opinion. So if you are ashamed for whatever reason, then this is something that will bring a huge blessing to your relationship with your wife to both your satisfaction. If you want to kill yourself for this reason without knowing all the facts, you are certainly not acting like an educated person. Take my advice and go fulfill her and do justice to meet her needs in all respects but especially in the sexual arena! you will want to live much longer with the fine times that are guaranteed ahead!
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I do suffer absolute breathlessness in any fine day, I was a regular smoker but recently quit do have average active lifestyle, do have lots of stress and anxiety also have acute sinus and blocked nose vessels also suffer chest pain specially while eating. Kindly suggest.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
I do suffer absolute breathlessness in any fine day, I was a regular smoker but recently quit do have average active ...
For recurrent blocked nose you may need to check up and correct if any deviated septum is the cause. and for allergy part you can take Montair LC tablet one daily and see. ALso do breathing exercise and meditation and yoga, breathing exercise as well.
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MBA (HR), D.Sc, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Pune
5 Ways to Beat Loneliness

1. First, don’t isolate yourself – When you’re feeling lonely it is hard to go out and be with others who seem to be OK, and don’t really notice how lonely you feel. But putting up a wall and withdrawing from your friends will only intensify that sense of loneliness, and will further undermine your self-esteem.

2. Second, keep yourself busy – Do things that you normally enjoy with others. For example, listening to a band or maybe going to watch a game … or you could always try something that’s new, but interests you! That would allow you to connect in a non-threatening way … as it takes the focus off talking, and off you.

3. Third, be kind to yourself - It’s likely that you regularly beat yourself up, criticise yourself and are unrealistic in the kinds of expectations that you have for yourself. So what, if it goes wrong? You can always try again – just learn what you can from the experience. And notice your successes and the times when it goes well. It’s likely that this happens a lot more than you think!

4. Fourth, recognise that we ALL battle loneliness at times - You’re not some kind of freak – it’s actually quite normal. It something we’ve all known and understand.

5. Fifth, talk to someone you like and trust – It can really help to talk about your feelings with a family member, a friend or counsellor. It relieves some of the painful sense of isolation – and help to get your life back in perspective again.
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Hi I am 31 years and my tummy is increasing day by day. I had tried every thing to reduce it like leaved the rice eating habit, walk where ever possible, use to drink aloevera and awla but still did not get any result out of it, what could I do to get out of such situation. What else I could do doctor please suggest. I early wants to reduce my weight. But one condition is that I do not wants ti go for exercise bcoz it does not help.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
Hi I am 31 years and my tummy is increasing day by day. I had tried every thing to reduce it like leaved the rice eat...
Your notion is really wrong. Sometimes all it takes to lose weight is only exercise. You need to move and sweat to lose those extra kilos. If nothing is working stop everything and turn to exercise. Join a gym play some sport, get active. There is no excuse.
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Ways to Treat Depression Caused by Gender Identity Disorder

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Ways to Treat Depression Caused by Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria causes the patient to think that he or she is does not belong to the gender that may be physically apparent. This condition may cause severe stress, anxiety and depression.

Let us find out more about the depressive conditions caused due to this disorder and how this depression may be treated:

  1. Trapped: One of the most common emotions that a patient experiences while suffering from this condition includes feeling trapped in the wrong body. For example, while all the physical and visual signs may point at the male status of the patient, he may actually feel that he is a female. In such cases, the patient often feels like the body does not reflect his or her true gender. This can cause the patient to feel trapped, which in turn can lead to feelings like restlessness.
  2. Anxiety: Once the restlessness sets in, general dissatisfaction grows, which is the earliest sign of anxiety. The intense discomfort experienced by the patient can lead to severe anxiety where he or she shuns normal functioning and socialising. The patient may choose to stay alone and isolated in the long run, which can fuel further anxiety when the patient is faced with social situations like school, work and others.
  3. Mismatch: The depression and anxiety also comes from a sense of mismatch that the patient may feel when it comes to the gender in the mind and the physical gender that may be parlayed with the genitals as well as other areas of the body and development. This mismatch will need to be addressed in order to get to the root of the depression and anxiety experienced by the patient.
  4. Talk Therapy: Talk therapy is one of the most common and popular forms of therapy that has been used for this kind of disorder. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is one of the most effective forms of therapy used for conditions like depressions due to GID or any other kind of depression and anxiety. With this kind of therapy, the patient can be brought face to face with the problem before reprogramming the attitude, thinking and resulting behaviour of the patient to be more accepting of the condition. Also, any physical therapy will have to backed by it. 
  5. Trans Sexuality and Homosexuality: With the help of therapy, one of the most important and initial barriers that will have to brought down is the opinion of the patient. The patient will have to be made aware of the fact that his or her problem does not convert his or her into a transsexual or homosexual. This condition is not the same a sexual orientation issue.
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I'm 30 years old I want to stop sleeping pills sunidra how can you help. I also take anti depressant.

M.S. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Bangalore
I'm 30 years old I want to stop sleeping pills sunidra how can you help. I also take anti depressant.
It seems something is bothering you because of which you have lost your sleep. I hope you are taking these antidepressant tablets after consulting a doctor. It appears to me that you are upset about something in your life. May be you are not able to express your feelings to anyone or to the concerned person. But suppressed feelings come out in the form of psychosomatic pains, sleep disorders, unjustified anger or sadness or other health issues. Please check with yourself what is happening to you? you need to get in touch with your own feelings. It is also important to express your feelings assertively so that you can take rational decisions in life and enjoy your life. You may consider talking to a counsellor who will help you in finding the root cause of your sleeplessness and depression and will also help you in boosting your communication skills. Taking medication for a longer time will have side effects. Take care.
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What happens when we smoke. Why it becomes a habit. Why do youngsters attract to smoking.

Homeopath, Gurgaon
Tobacco smoking contains lots of health hazardous substance, it contains nicotine also which is highly addictive. So when any body starts smoking he or she become habituated of it.
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I have a pregnancy of 3 weeks is there any precautions to take and ways to reduce the stress, as I have some fear in mind relating to pregnancy.

BDS, Certification in hypnotherapy, Certification in N.L.P, Certification in Gene and behavior, Psychology at Work
Psychologist, Gurgaon
I have a pregnancy of 3 weeks is there any precautions to take and ways to reduce the stress, as I have some fear in ...
Pregnancy is a physiological process and not a pathology (disease) we have put lots of what is to be done and what not, which is only creating hindrances in a natural process. Trust you body's intelligence. Birthing in animals is a such a smooth process, body takes care of everything. Ovarian cyst is not very uncommon. Just follow your gynaec's advice and enjoy this rare change, which will bring so much of joy to you. Remember fear and stress only harms the baby inside. Take a counseling session if you must. Relax.
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I was sincere student till 12th then in college I cannot focus on studies and always tend to postpone important task and if I concentrate too long I feel mentally tired. I always procrastinating and now I want to study but I can not. I think I have adultADHD and due that I feel guilty of not preparing for exams, even in day before exam I cannot focus and do something else and I have other symptoms of adhd like fidgeting and cannot sit at one place.

M.Sc Applied Psychology, Advanced Diploma Child Guidance & Counselling
Psychologist, Delhi
I was sincere student till 12th then in college I cannot focus on studies and always tend to postpone important task ...
Dear lybrate user nowadays we all have habit to google about the symptoms to know about the problem we are suffering from. But google is not a doctor or psychologist. There are standardized procedure for diagnosis. So relax and don't think too much by putting yourself into different categories. It's important for you to make a study plan or organiser. The plan should have breaks in between so that you won't get mentally tired. It's proven that studying for prolonged hours without taking break doesn't help in learning process. So make a study plan paste it near your study table. Set daily achievable goals for yourself. In the beginning may 2 goals per day. Motivate yourself to achieve those goals on time. Reward yourself for achieving those goals. Try these things. If you still face difficulty then take one on one counseling session. Remember that it will require time to change ones habit it won't be changed in one day or week. It's a process. Take care.
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I miss my ex gf too much, nd now we can't be back together but I dnt want to be with any other girls else her, what should I do?

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear, you are disappointed. Disappointment sometimes gives you symptoms like depression. Everything in your life will change. You will also change one day or other. Nothing is immortal. You just can't say, you cannot live without your ex-girl friend. You will live without her. So don't be so adamant. Be elastic. That is the solution. Take care.
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