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Dr. Mastan Vali Shaik


Pediatrician, Hyderabad

9 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic
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Dr. Mastan Vali Shaik MBBS, DCH Pediatrician, Hyderabad
9 Years Experience  ·  300 at clinic
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Mastan Vali Shaik is one of the best Pediatricians in Malakpet, Hyderabad. Doctor has over 9 years of experience as a Pediatrician. Doctor has done MBBS, DCH . Doctor is currently practising at Indo US Diabetes Research Center & Multi Specialty Hospital in Malakpet, Hyderabad. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Mastan Vali Shaik on

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MBBS - Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad - 2009
DCH - Niloufer Hospital - 2016


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Indo US Diabetes Research Center & Multi Specialty Hospital

#16-2-661/3, Judges colony, Landmark : Beside Sree vani Womens CollegeHyderabad Get Directions
300 at clinic
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Hi doctor ,I am a mother of 1 month old baby boy .early days after my delivery I didn't get milk .after a week I get milk .but my boy after sucking 1 hour he still get hungry so I include scaling formula milk. Is it safe n I give formula milk in bottle bt after having some milk he throws out some milk .why.

MBBS, DGO - Preventive & Social Medicine
Gynaecologist, Sri Ganganagar
A mother usually produces enough milk that can satisfy hunger of their babies. Its all that faulty feeding technique and duration and timing of feed. Look into it and avoid formula milk.
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I feed to my kid, now my kid is one year old, while feeding my kid bite on nipples it's cause too much and unable to feed the kid Please help.

Gynaecologist, Mumbai
u got sore nipples..apply nipcare ointment...ask kid not to bite frequently..scold at times..reduce ur feeding now as baby became 1yr and can have adult type food by this age..
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I am 12 year old, fungal infection in my tounge since five year. What can I do. Which medicine take.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Really surprising if you have been taking fluconazole for five years? have you consulted someone? or think you have fungal infection and continue to take what was prescribed long ago? with all details ask me privately.
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Dear sir/madam. This is my sad story to my baby .last 3 years back we have girl baby. Baby fine for 3 month but suddenly baby got hurting. We go to Doctor clinic. He told me treating but not to get baby fine. Then we go to clinic ,doctor told me go to big hospital ,then we go to hospital baby starting to cry always ahh ahh ahh ahh lyk this. Doctors taking ICU but 3 days giving treatment they told me. Urine infection .baby not cure 4th day baby dead. Doctor not telling what is that problem. Then now 8 month back born boy baby. That baby also fine but 3 month after happening same problem baby starting cough we going to clinic there is giving tonics and some treatment ,also nebloising and baby starting wheezing sound in throat. Then it's not getting control then we going to same hospital there admitting .first day giving oxygen it's cure in 2 day in ICU .then shifting ward 8 hours after suddenly night. Starting vomiting then going to ICU after 4 days baby dead we are suffering a lot, I can't understand please tell me what is this I am very sad. Doctor can't understand what is the problem .they can't find please told me please give me suggestions. We are doing all test all OK fine, please tell me.

Ph.D - Ph.D in Psychology, Ph. D - Education
Psychologist, Kakinada
Dear sir/madam. This is my sad story to my baby  .last 3 years back we have girl baby. Baby fine for 3 month but sudd...
The first and foremost principle is one of fate which no one can control. Second there must be some genetic defect which has not been diagnosed at birth Third diagnosis is the ultimate for any treatment which is not done well. When you have the third child male sure that all tests are done prior to delivery and after birth itself. I think that some genetic problem exists which was not diagnosed Consider yourself lucky that the baby passed away early rather than grow up undiagnosed and face problems after they grow up. Next child don't take chances just get all tests done. I know it's tough but that's the way of life.
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My one year old baby has problems passing stools cries a lot to pass stools, have tried various digestion aiding syrups bonisan, Smuth etc. What can be a permanent solution for this any diet change suggestions are also welcome.

MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), DNB (Pediatrics), FACEE PEDIATRICS
Pediatrician, Allahabad
My one year old baby has problems passing stools cries a lot to pass stools, have tried various digestion aiding syru...
Your baby is suffering from constipation here thay need treatment for at least three month. And duration of teatment may be prolonged. Itially disimpaction of stool is needed either by enema or by oarl medicine followed by non habit forming laxative toilet training: like sitting the child on pot for atleast 5-10 min after some food intake in morning fruit and fruit juice like apple juice or pear juice in need -exercise - no stress during defecation consult to pediatrcian for disimpaction of stool and use of laxative medicine.
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Hi, I have a 4 month old girl child. Please suggest how to care for and how to treat for best grow. And suggest any books, literature or tools which help us better. Thanking you.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
To give you a good guidance I need to know the present weight. Weight alone is not the indicator of good health. You can continue to give breast milk and add home made semisolids like raggi porridge, mashed banana and slowly introduce all the homemade foods. You need to be in regular touch with me so that I can personally interact and guide you as this is very interesting part of caring for babies, I like. Ask me privately.
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Dear, sir/Madam, my son is 07 years old and student of standard 1 in cbse school. He have a very big problem, in readings he is very strong and also catching lessons very much in school as fast but in writing very slow and too much absent -minded in class.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
If you feel excessive sleep or tiredness/ head spinning or vertigo like feeling you have to make sure you have no anaemia or hypothyroidism by doing a blood CBC & TSH and inform me directly 10 Study Tips to Improve Your Learning Study Tip 1: Underlining Underlining is one of the simplest and best known study tips. It’s easy to highlight the most significant parts of what you’re reading. One key sentence per paragraph and a few important phrases here and there. You can only retain a certain amount so it’s best to retain the most important information. Study Tip 2: Make your own note and taking notes is one of the most widespread study skills out there. Essentially the aim of note-taking is to summarise lectures or articles in your own words so you can easily remember the ideas. Study Tip 3: Mind mapping A good Mind map can save you many hours of study and further consolidate your knowledge for your exams. Mind Maps are an extremely versatile tools. They can be used for brainstorming, outlining essays or study topics and for general exam preparation, ExamTime offers the ability to create Mind Maps quickly and easily which makes them the ideal tool when it comes to exams. Study Tip 4: Flash cards:- Using these are a particularly effective method of learning when trying to assimilate different facts, dates, formulas or vocabulary. Subjects such as History, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Geography or any language are made much easier if you incorporate Flashcards in to your study. Study Tip 5: Case Studies Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp the implications of some theories. This is where studying case studies can be a big help. Case studies can help you visualise a theory and place it in a more familiar and realistic context. This is especially useful in business or law subjects. Study Tip 6: Quizzes are an excellent way to review study notes in the weeks and days before an exam. Quizzes can show where your strengths and weaknesses are, so it allows you to focus your efforts more precisely. Moreover, if you share your Study Quiz with your classmates and test each other as much as possible you can discover even more details and areas you may have overlooked. So before any exam, make sure you create and share a bunch of different Quizzes with your Friends. Study Tip 7: Brainstorming This is another study technique that is ideal for studying with friends and/or classmates. Brainstorming is a great way to expand every possible idea out of any topic. Just get a bunch of friends together and shoot the breeze, there are no wrong answers when brainstorming – just talk and capture the ideas, you can review afterward. Study Tip 8: Mnemonic Rules Mnemonics are especially useful when memorising lists and sets. Mnemonics rules basically work by associating certain concepts with other concepts that are more familiar to us. There are many different ways to make mnemonics and these can be individual to the person. Study Tip 9: ORGANISE your study One of the most effective study skills is also one of the most often overlooked; this is organising your study. Creating a TIME TABLE gives you goals and a time in which to achieve them. Having a study timetable as you study is greatly motivational Study Tip 10: Drawing Many people find it easier to recall images rather than text that is why they are better able to memorise concepts if they associate them with pictures or drawings.
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6 Common Sleep Disorders in Children

MBBS, MD - Paediatrics
Pediatrician, Varanasi
6 Common Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep is the most important aspect for a healthy beign, but for kids it is of utmost priority. Lack of sleep can often have a negative impact on the brain funtioning of kids along with accidents. Listed below are the major sleep disorders in children along with their causative factors:

1. Sleepwalking: It is not uncommon for children under the age of 10 to sleep walk. Despite being harmless on its own, the effects of sleep walking can be dangerous such as stepping outdoors or hurting themselves during sleep. If the child runs into objects while sleep walking, they might wake up and hence further worsen the situation.
2. Nightmares: They might be general or result from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nightmares, if frequent, can make falling asleep a tedious task. Nightmares in children are common and they usually begin to reduce in frequency by 9 years of age.
3. Obstructive sleep apnea: Snoring might be the result of improper respiration while sleeping and while it isn’t a cause of worry, regular snoring might lead to insufficient oxygen during sleep, thus making shut eye a challenge. It might be hereditary or the result of a deviated nasal septum or blocked nose. The snoring might hamper the quality of sleep.
4. Bedwetting: This is something most children experience, but usually grow out of by the time they turn six. It doesn’t need to be a cause of concern unless the frequency doesn’t reduce over time and more than two instances of bedwetting take place in a week.
5. Insomnia in children: It can be due to a host of factors and coping with changes to their normal lifestyle is one of the biggest triggers. Mental disorders such as anxiety and stress due to a variety of reasons (like the death of a loved one) may also be the cause of distress and lead to troubled or incomplete sleep.
6. Excessive daytime sleepiness: Excess naps throughout the day, always feeling lethargic or experiencing trouble waking up in the morning may be symptomatic of EDS. It isn’t uncommon in adults either wherein despite apparent proper sleep; energy levels seem to be low throughout the day. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor.

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