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Dr. M Venkateshwara Rao

General Physician, Hyderabad

Dr. M Venkateshwara Rao General Physician, Hyderabad
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. M Venkateshwara Rao
Dr. M Venkateshwara Rao is a trusted General Physician in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. He is currently associated with YASHODA HOSPITALS in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. M Venkateshwara Rao on has a nexus of the most experienced General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 26 years of experience on Find the best General Physicians online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am 22 years old, I have allergy called urticaria, I'm suffering very badly with D's and taking treatment of homeopathic tablets since last 6 months, I don't know what to have food, if I have color and masala ingredient my body get swell and patches too, please kindly help me, thank you, looking forward with best cure.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
1 हरिद्रा खण्ड एक चम्मच सुबह -शाम 2 आरोग्यवर्धिनी वटी 2 टैब सुबह - शाम 3 अविपत्तिकर चूर्ण एक चम्मच सुबह - शाम
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Hi doctor I have some myths related to sex that it will hurt me. It will be painful. After sex I will not able to walk. I am not able to do sex. What should I do?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
It's a very wonderful experience. Don't worry too much, just enjoy, don't take any stress related to myths. Nothing will happen as you mentioning Always use protection Take care Thanks.
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I want to take proper sleepiness, but I can't take. I go to bed at 11 pm and sleep at 3 or 4 Am. What should I do? please tell me the suitable sleeping pill name which I can take.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Be relaxed Do meditation regularly before going to sleep Do Relaxing exercises daily Take Tab macfresh 5 1 at nt Saraswatarishta 20 ml twice daily with water Re Consult me on Lybrate after 5 days for further advice.
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My aunt goes for the test called urine culture and sensitivity the report has been generated and it says sterile after 48 hours of aerobic incubation at 37 degree C. And in culture column it says no growth. What does it means is there something serious?

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please It means that she has no infection in urinary tract Give her Chandnasav 20 ml twice a day for 7 days Tab chndraprabha Vati 2 2 for 7 days Reconsult after 7 days with all details.
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My mom having allergy with cold water, dust particle, smoke, cold wind which results in flu and sneezing what should they do?

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Allergist/Immunologist, Kollam
Dear lybrate-user, your mother should be advised to avoid cold water and use warm water, avoid smoke ie mosquito coil burning in the the rooms, no smoking in the house do not use wood/gobar for cooking. An allergy test under the guidance of an allergist followed by allergy immunotherapy for dust mites. Taking oral antihistamines at night for 4-6 weeks will be help ful. Thankyou.
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Hello, aged 28 residing back in india need a proper diet plan for bipolar disorder I have been having this issue since last 4 years now could you please advise me on how I can control my sickness thanks,

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MBA (Healthcare)
Psychiatrist, Davanagere
I am glad that you are seeking help online. Thank you for the brief description of your problem and the fact that you are having bipolar disorder for the last 4 years. I agree that medications can be very helpful however you are seeking non medication methods to treat your problems. I am unaware of any foods that can help with your mood stabilization however many methods at psychotherapy can be helpful. If you know the difference between your symptoms and your true self i.e. Self assessment and mindfulness can be helpful. Also educating your family and friends who are near and dear about your illness and involving them in treatment when possible is helpful. Working on healthy lifestyle choices is also helpful. Also, although a combination of these may be helpful, individual treatments may be all that you need or a combination of a few of them. I advise you to consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist for further care.
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MD - Alternate Medicine, BHMS, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
Homeopath, Vadodara
आयुर्वेद एवं स्वास्थ्य (आहार)


भोजन , जल और वायु - आहार के मुख्य अंग हैं . आहार से ही तेज , उत्साह , स्मृति , ओज ( जीव शक्ति ) तथा शरीर - अग्नि की वृद्धि होती है .
गीता में सात्विक आहार के विषय में कहा है , जो सभी मनुष्यों के लिए समान रूप से लाभप्रद है -
रस्याः स्निग्धाः स्थिरा हृदया आहाराः सात्विकाह प्रियाः .
जो भोजन सभी रसतत्वों वाला हो , सुरस व स्वादिष्ट हो , स्निग्ध अर्थात चिकनाई युक्त हो , शरीर को स्थैर्य देने की शक्ति हो , ह्रदय और दिमाग को ताकत देने वाला हो , सुविधापूर्वक पचने वाला हो , और प्रिय हो - ऐसा आहार सात्विक है .
संतुलित पथ्य भोजन ग्रहण करने वाला व्यक्ति ही पूर्ण स्वस्थ रहते हुए अपना जीवन व्यतीत कर सकता है .

भोजन के मुख्य कार्य

भोजन का मुख्या कार्य रस - रक्त आदि धातुओं को बढ़ाकर शरीर का विकास करना , क्षतिपूर्ति करना , ज़रूरी उष्णता और बल बनाए रखना तथा शरीर की जीवनी शक्ति को स्थिर करना है .
आयुर्वेद का सिद्धांत है - ' सामान्य वृद्धिकारणम ' . समान गुण धर्म वाले पदार्थ से वृद्धि होती है .
1 वे पदार्थ जिनमें रस - आक्तादी धातुओं और स्नायौं की वृद्धि तथा शारीरिक क्षतिपूर्ति करने वाले तत्व हों , जैसे दूध , अंडा , मांस और दाल .
2 . वे पदार्थ जो शरीर को आवश्यक उष्णता प्रदान करते हैं जैसे आटा , चावल , चीनी , आलू आदि .
3 . वे पदार्थ जो शरीर को जीवशक्ति - संपन्न बनाकर शक्ति का कोष भी संचित करते हैं . जैसे घी , माखन ओर तेल आदि स्नेह पदार्थ .
4 वे पदार्थ जो भोजन के पाचन - . प्रचूषण में सहायता करते हैं . जैसे - जल , पेय , खनिज पदार्थ , पाचकांश और विटामिनें
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Hy. I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a girl known to have reputation of sleeping around with other people. After the incident I got a bit tensed and approached my GP. I have no symptoms. No discharge or anything. Just bit pain while urinating. Its been 12 days of exposure if any. My Gp wants to treat me for gonorrhea n chlamydia together and has prescribed cefpodoxime proxetil 200 and azithromycin 1g to be taken together at one dose. And then continue with cefpodoxime for 1 week. And has told me to get hiv Elisa and vdrl testing after 6 weeks. Just wanted to know if this is the right approach?

MS sexuality, M.Phil Clinical Psychology, PhD (behaviour modification), Certified in Treatment of Resistant Depression
Sexologist, Hyderabad
Yes it is. You can go for the hiv Elisa after 3 months actually as it won't show up so soon if at all you r infected which I hope you aren't. Don't worry and please follow the medications. If you need a second opinion please seek it at the earliest.
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When I do sex with wife. I come out vary soon. Its not go for 5 minute. What should i do?

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
Male sex power booster that is sold under the brand name hy power musli. The male sex power booster that we sell is not only used for improving sexual energy but also brings vigor & vitality in males. Also, we have the best and reliable male sex power booster medicine. Hy power musli helps to raise sexual energy levels in male, helps to get harder erections, minimize premature ejaculations, enhance libido. It helps to restore potency and increase libido, increase confidence, energy and stamina. It also helps to restore vigor & vitality and simultaneously improves general health also.
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I got fucked my ass by one of my gay friend ,I love to be a gay but fucking ass will be hurting me a lot give suggestions to loose my ass hole and is being gay is good or bad suggest me.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hello, You can always use lubrication for anal sex to reduce iinjuries though anal sex is to be avoided and it should be always protected.
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My fasting is 129 and pp lunch 200. I want to know what is the good avg. Of blood sugar.

General Physician, Nashik
Fasting should be less than 110 and pp less than 140. Kindly mention your ongoing treatment and revert back to me for further assistance.
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I am a 46 year old male. Very active - all days of the week. Average of 15, 000 steps a day. Crossfit athlete. Run very often. Eat decently. Blood sugar fasting: 88, Post Prandial: 182, Triglycerides: 205.70, LDL: 134, HDL 42.5, Total Cholesterol: 237.80, Blood Uric Acid: 5.3. Is this what is called the metabolic syndrome? I'd rather try and correct the lipid profile through diet and exercise - I already get a lot of exercise. If I start medication, will it be life long?

MBBS, MD-General Medicine, DM - Cardiology
Cardiologist, Secunderabad
Hi, metabolic syndrome is a combination of obesity, dyslipidemia, impaired fasting glucose and htn. You don't seem to fit into that category. Although you have not mentioned your bp your blood sugars are normal, lipids are little higher but you do not need medicatin at present. You need to maintain healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, good dietary habit (avoid sugary and fatty foods, take lots of fruits and veggies,), avoid smoking and relaxation.
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I am suffering from PPP (penile papules) problem, kindly suggest how to get rid of this problem, it is so embarrassing sometimes.

General Physician, Nashik
Pearly Penile papules are a normal anatomic variant. They are not due to sexual activity or lack of hygiene. They are more common in uncircumcised men. Treatment is not necessary. Patients are reassured as to the benign nature of the lesions. If treatment is desired, carbon dioxide laser vaporisation or electrosurgery may destroy the lesions. Pearly penile papules have no effect at all on sexual activity.
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How to control quick ejaculation during sex. Please suggest some effective ayurvedic medicines to control the ejaculation so that I can stay long during sex.

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
One of the simplest home remedies 1. Take 2 tsp Indian asparagus powder 2. Add 1 cup milk 3. Boil the mixture for 10 min 4. Drink 2 times every day Causes: • Anxiety • Incorrect diet • Unhealthy lifestyle This is very helpful.
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I'm 20 years old male. I masturbate everyday since 5 years. Is it safe or should I quit it?

M.D Psychiatry , DPM, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Mumbai
do u daily pass urine or stool,it is normal, in same way our testis stores the semen like (water tank), if u do not discharge u r semen either by masturbation or sex it is bound to overflow, which is normal, if some one would tell u don't pass urine or stool for 5 days will u be able to control, it will come out, same applies to semen
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Sir if i'll get my penis enlarge using some sandha oil and enlarging machine is there will be any side effect or any sexual issue further? Help me some buddy plz.

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
The best ayurveda herb for your case is Natural home remedy using asparagus powder and milk: 1. Take 2 tsp Indian asparagus powder 2. Add 1 cup milk 3. Boil the mixture for 10 min 4. Drink 2 times every day this is very helpful, if it dosent work then you must consult ayurvedic doctor.
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I am 40yr old man my last two teeth have half damaged for which I can not eat hard food please suggest me what can I do

Dentist, Mumbai
Get them properly checked and if possible get rct done and crowning of teeth will solve your problem. Have a good day.
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My mom is suffering from diabetes from around two years diagnosed with blood sugar level of 250 around after two hours after lunch. So what should be taken in daily meal to control?

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Do regular exercise 2.Reduce weight if overweight 3Control diet 4.Avoid sweets, excess calorie and carbohydrate rich diet. 5.Adhere to a strict diabetic diet by consulting Dietitian 6.Monitor your fasting, PP blood sugar and Hba1c three monthly 7.Consult diabetologist for advice and treatment
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I am 16 years old I didn't get into sleep from last week I didn't use any medicine midnight I do not had any dreams or irritation just no sleep it gives me a severe headache at day time.

M.D - Respiratory medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
Common causes include stress, heat exhaustion, electrolyte imbalance, have ors drink and relax in calm dark environment, take exams easy,
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Sexual Disorders

MSc-Psychology, MHSc-Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Sexologist, Hyderabad
Play video

Here are the Sexual Disorders faced by Men and Women.

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