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Dr. Desh Pandey

Pediatrician, Hyderabad

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Dr. Desh Pandey Pediatrician, Hyderabad
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. Desh Pandey
Dr. Desh Pandey is a popular Pediatrician in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. You can consult Dr. Desh Pandey at Shashi Hospital in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Desh Pandey on has a nexus of the most experienced Pediatricians in India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 27 years of experience on Find the best Pediatricians online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My 10 years old twins daughters having plum body. They are not very overweight and they are very active too But still looks plum. Their height is around 4.5" and weight around 42 KG

Their BMI is around's quite high..indulge them in games and physical activities.. you can do a thyroid function test to rule out hypothyroidism too.

Sibling Rivalry - 10 Tips To Tackle It!

Certificate in Wellness Management, Master In Counselling Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore
Sibling Rivalry - 10 Tips To Tackle It!

While siblings are the force that breathes life into any family structure, it has also been seen as a challenge of sorts to manage siblings and bring out the best in each one of them. In any family unit, there are a number of entities who need to be nurtured in a certain way to ensure that their identities are not hampered by a "one size fits all" style of parenting. Every child is different and will need to be handled differently. Besides this, there are other related challenges that will contribute to the quality of the relationships between the siblings, as well as the rivalry that they may feel towards each other when it comes to attention, achievements and varied other factors.

Read on to know the ten tips to tackle sibling rivalry:

  1. Make friends before birth - Encourage your first born to connect even before the birth of the new baby by including him or her in the changes you see and feel. Planning for the new baby with your first born will also help in such cases.
  2. Staying positive is a big factor that will help the children in feeling confident despite their different qualities and strengths.
  3. Comparison is a big no no - Stay away from these kind of comparisons so that the children do not feel like they have to fight with each other for your praise.
  4. Time sharing - Ensure that you divide your time well and indulge each child in his or her area of interest so that they feel like you are always there for each of them.
  5. Harmonious start to the day - This will ensure that the children have a special bond at the end of the day. Make sure that they help each other and divide chores accordingly. The older siblings should be given the care giving tasks while the younger ones should be taught to obey them and play along.
  6. Humour them - It is a known fact that humour is the best medicine that breaks even the most tension filled atmosphere.
  7. Family meetings - Hold family meetings to discuss important things and even intense fights so that everyone's needs and issues are addressed.
  8. Empathy - Teaching your child to empathize with others will help him or her steer clear of needless rivalry at home too.
  9. Ignore the small - Let them figure out the smaller fights, yet always be there to address the bigger issues so that they know you are there for them.
  10. Equal treatment - Treating them equally does not mean doing the same thing for each of them. It means giving them equal time and attention with personalized treatment to suit varied temperaments. This will also give them a lot of individual confidence which eventually kills any feelings of rivalry. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a psychologist.
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How to increase the breastfeeding I have 3 month baby how to increase the baby wait.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
How to increase the breastfeeding I have 3 month baby how to increase the baby wait.
You have to tell the birth weight and present weight and by normal nutrition the milks will be sufficient and there are medicines claimed to increase breast milk.
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Limit Your Sugar Intake To Maintain Dental Health

Certified Implantologist, Advanced Aesthetics
Dentist, Pune
Limit Your Sugar Intake To Maintain Dental Health

Sugary foods should be consumed in limited quantities as the bacteria in dental plaque changes them into acids.

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Ayurvedic Herbs That Are Really Good For Children!

Graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (GAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
Ayurvedic Herbs That Are Really Good For Children!

 There are several lovely and gentle herbs that can help children in different ways as they quickly respond to the effects of the herbs. These herbs can be used not just for improving the conditions of an ailing child but also teaches them the wonderful benefits of Mother Nature. If a parent is willing to use some herbs for the children, then it is imperative to know which herbs are best suited for the individual kids.

It is very important to do your homework well before choosing the herbs to administer on kids. Herbs have a long history of helping children and their families to be healthy and steer clear from common ailments. But it is crucial to note here that children tend to be more sensitive than the adults and they respond much quicker to the mild herbs.

A few of the herbs for your child suggested by Ayurveda:

  • Nourishing plants: There are some plants which act as a nutritive potion for the child and the herbal resistance proffered by these nourishing herbs comes from the high amounts of minerals, vitamins and different types of phytochemicals which are effortlessly absorbed by the children. Some of these herbs include nettle, oat straw, raspberry, dandelion, seaweeds, violets, marshmallow, rose hips, and alfalfa. These herbs can be used for making soups, salads, and casseroles. They may also be used in making refreshing teas and ice pops. Yet, one should remember that not all herbs will be suitable for the child. A few may not suit the child while others may work wonders for him/her. So, it is important to consult with an Ayurvedic expert before administering herbs.
  • Gentle nervines: Nervines are a class of herbs which helps in nourishing and calming the nervous system and they are wonderful to soothe the central nervous system. It is great for those children who suffer from the uncontrollable amount of anxiety, stress, and nervousness. These herbs are great for alleviating the tiredness that kids face after a hard day’s toil. Herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, rose petals, spearmint, lavender, and catnip are regarded as nervines and they are great for treating occasional insomnia and body pains. It is a good practice to use these herbs on a regular basis in order to experience a calming comfort.
  • Herbs also help in treating illness: It goes without saying that it is a great thing to use natural remedies for helping a child feel better. There are some herbs which can aid in alleviating signs and symptoms of a runny nose, sore throats, tummy aches and coughing. Some of the best herbs that can be used for this purpose include violet and pansy, elderflower and berry, anise seeds, cinnamon, garlic, thyme, and marshmallow. Certain nerviness is also known to provide beneficial effects for an ailing child.

Thus, herbs are a natural way of prevention and cure of many conditions in children, however, it is important to know how these herbs need to be administered. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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My baby is now 3 years 4 months, we were using pediasure for her but she was facing lot of constipation so we have stopped giving that milk powder from last 1 month now she is OK so we wanted to start giving her milk so which is the best milk powder in India can you please suggest us.

BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Homeopath, Delhi
You can take strong and smart nutritional powder of modicare it is avilable online .it is very good for building your immunity. It is available in chocolate flavour.

Gastroenteritis - Homeopathic Remedies To Combat It!

Bachlor in homoeopathic
Homeopath, Pune
Gastroenteritis - Homeopathic Remedies To Combat It!

Gastroenteritis, also commonly referred to as infectious diarrhoea, is a gastric disorder. The gastrointestinal tract, which comprises of the small intestine and stomach gets inflamed. Gastroenteritis is indicated by the symptoms such as diarrhea, acute vomiting and pain in the abdomen. Fever, exhaustion and dehydration are also observed. This disease usually lasts not more than two weeks. It is also called the stomach flu. Infections caused by virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi may lead to gastroenteritis. Viruses account for this disease the most. This disease is transmitted mainly from food items and contaminated water. Important electrolytes like sodium and potassium are lost from our body.

The most common remedy in case of gastroenteritis is having ORS. However, homeopathy is also considered very effective if you have got infectious diarrhoea. Homeopathic medicines are considered very safe and result-yielding in case of gastroenteritis. Homeopathy is a form of medicine, which is always given preference by all experts, as it is natural with no side effects. After conducting various surveys, it has been proven that homeopathic treatment is far more effective than other forms of medication for gastroenteritis.

Here is a list of the best homeopathic remedies for the treatment of gastroenteritis. There are many categories of homeopathic medicines for diarrhoea each with their own significance.

-      Aconite
This must be used for diarrhea caused in the season when the days are hot, and the nights are comparatively cold. The symptoms appear in the middle of the night. Heavy diarrhoea along with high-intensity  fever occurs and anxiety.

-      Aloe
This remedy should be used in case of a continuing urge for stool because of weakness of the anal sphincter. Mucus is accompanied along with pain in the rectum area. In case of adults, this diarrhoea is also characterized by blue hemorrhoids.

-      Arsenicum album 
This medicine is used in case of food poisoning. The affected person feels cold, tired and panicky. Vomiting and diarrhoea take place after midnight. Burning pain in the abdomen is also observed.

-      Cinchona
Used in case of diarrhoea with the presence of excessive exhaustion and abdomen gas. The abdomen gets bloated up. 

-      Ipeca
When there is nausea and non-stop vomiting or your mouth gets filled with saliva, Ipeca can be used. Thirst is lost, and the color of the stool may be green or bloody.

-      Podophyllum
This medicine is usually used by tourists in case of diarrhoea.  Abdominal vibration and frequent stools are indicated. The stool is characterized by an unpleasant smell.

Homeopathy is a very effective category of medication when it comes to gastroenteritis.

Hi. My daughter is 11 months old. And she has allergies. She has scares on her shoulder. What kind of allergy is it and whats the solution of it.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
Hi. My daughter is 11 months old. And she has allergies. She has scares on her shoulder. What kind of allergy is it a...
With this little description, I may guess, it may be a fungal infection. Apply candid lotion on. Wait for some days. If scar fades, continue treatment otherwise consult either skin specialist or pediatrician.
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What should be the weight of my 6 month baby? And when can we start giving solid.

Masters In Clinical Nutrition & Dietitics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
What should be the weight of my 6 month baby? And when can we start giving solid.
Hello dear We have infant diet from 6 month - 2 years which include. How to introduce food every month in right quantity and in right way. To meet their nutrition al requirements. To cure problem such GI Problem. How to introduce cow milk at 12 month. And many more But before prescribing any thing we need some information like. Vitals.Medical history. Family history. Daily routine And many more So, if you want to contact us, you can contact us directly thru Lybrate.

My son is 7 year 11 months and am single parent. He was brought by my parents now am finding so diffcult to understand his needs and read his mind. He talks very rude, back answers, he carry's lot of pride good looking colour and sometimes he also faced the bullying at school. Kindly advice.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
A counsellor or a motherly person should talk to him lovingly and find out his mind. May be you can check his general condition by testing cbc and tsh in a good lab and inform me privately.
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