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Dr. C. E Prasad  - Pulmonologist, Hyderabad

Dr. C. E Prasad

92 (619 ratings)
M.D - Respiratory Medicine

Pulmonologist, Hyderabad

33 Years Experience  ·  500 - 550 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
Dr. C. E Prasad 92% (619 ratings) M.D - Respiratory Medicine Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
33 Years Experience  ·  500 - 550 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online
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Personal Statement

I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Dr. C. E Prasad
Worked for over 25 years as Faculty and as Professor Of Pulmonology for 10 years in PostGrad Centres Osmania Medical College Hyderabad rated among the top 20 Medical Colleges in the country. Associated with the 500 bedded University Chest Hospital in Hyderabad Hyderabad since 1980. Obtained MD DTCD and received prestigious British Thoracic Society Fellowship and the European Respiratory Society Fellowships in Leeds and Keele Universities in England in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine. Published 54 research papers and guided 20 MD and 5 PhD Environmental Sciences candidates. Delivered 5 Orations Delivered 70 CME Lectures


M.D - Respiratory Medicine - Osmania Medical College, Osmania University - 1985
Languages spoken
Professional Memberships
Fellow of The British Thoracic Society
Fellow of The European Respiratory Society


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How Air Pollution Affects Your Children's Lungs

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
How Air Pollution Affects Your Children's Lungs

Air pollution is known to take a toll on the lungs of even the healthiest adults. So it comes as no surprise that the effects of this pollution on the lungs of children is deemed as a grave situation, full of health hazards including the onset of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders and conditions like asthma. Read on to find out more about the link between air pollution and its effect on the lungs of children.

-   Children's Lungs: Mostly, all the organs of a child's body are considered delicate and not fully matured until the child reaches a certain age. The main and largest part of the child's lungs will usually grow only after the child has been born - much like the arms and legs. In fact, it is a medically proven fact that about 80% of the tiniest of air sacs grow after the child's birth. These are called the alveoli and they facilitate the transfer of the oxygen into the blood stream with a life sustaining function that is built into our lungs. These alveoli continue to grow until the child becomes an adult. 

-   Immunity and Infections: Like the lungs of the child, the immunity of the child is also still in its growth phase, and very much unlike the immunity that an adult enjoys. This makes the child more susceptible to infections that are usually carried by air pollution in today's day and age of urban living when myriad pollutants are sent into the air every single day. Also, since children play outdoors more often and spend more time breathing in this air, they are more prone to these infections and lung or respiratory ailments due to this reason. Various studies and tests have shown inflammation in the respiratory passages caused by deposits of carbon dioxide emissions in the lungs of children.

-   Symptoms: Usually, the very first symptoms that show that air pollution is affecting the child's lungs can be seen when persistent coughing and wheezing sets in, without any proper reason. Also, when the child faces bronchial infections time and time again, then this points at the hazardous effects of air pollution as well. 

-   Respiratory problems: Apart from respiratory problems which can lead to asthmatic attacks, hay fever and allergies as well as other COPD ailments, there are other related dangers. These can happen when constant choking and obstruction of oxygen due to pollution become a regular affair. These include strokes and brain damage which can eventually also lead to a higher risk of dementia. 

The government and citizens need to ensure that there is a drop in particle air pollution so as to ensure that children do not fall prey to such health problems.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

How much time the TB patients need after treatment for they get perfect as they are.

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
Tb Treatment is 6 months usually Even after treatment some do not get back physiologic status It varies from patient to patient depending on pretreatment status of function.
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World No Tobacco Day - Making An Effort To Control Tobacco Usage!

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
World No Tobacco Day - Making An Effort To Control Tobacco Usage!

When man first started using tobacco, he probably did not know that it would grow to be an epidemic that could cause multiple health issues. Be it smoking or chewing, tobacco has severe negative effects on health. Take any of current lifestyle diseases from diabetes to infertility to obesity, the common risk factor is tobacco abuse. In addition, depending on the form of tobacco used, specific organs are affected. For instance, chewing tobacco leads to oral cancer while smoking causes lung cancer.

The statistics around tobacco abuse are extremely startling and can be read below:

  • A total of about 90 trillion rupees are spent on various tobacco products.
  • About 1.4 trillion is spent on healthcare related to conditions caused by tobacco abuse.
  • India has about 120 million tobacco users.
  • More than 7 million people die every year due to tobacco usage.
  • The Government has levied a GST of 28% on cigarettes, making them unaffordable, which is one of the ways to promote quitting.
  • For those who want to quit but are not able to, there is a quit-line setup, which is toll-free, 1800-11-2356 and is accessible from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Tobacco is a menace in all the strata of society. The lower economic classes are adversely affected both due to lack of knowledge and healthcare facilities. Therefore, the government uses the World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) that is observed by all members of the World Health Organization as an opportunity to drive this awareness.

This is celebrated on May 31st every year. Some measures that are taken to promote 'say no to tobacco' campaign are listed below.

  1. In 1975, the Cigarettes (Regulation of Production, Supply, and Distribution) Act was introduced, which made it mandatory for cigarette packs to have a warning stating “Smoking Kills” or “Smoking is injurious to health.”
  2. Marketing campaigns are shown in the movie theaters at the beginning of movies which depict the hazards of tobacco
  3. Smoking is banned in most public areas, and warnings are on display.
  4. Children below 18 are not sold tobacco products. If in doubt, the seller can ask for age identification.
  5. Schools and colleges do not have tobacco selling within 100 meters of the campus.
  6. The price increase ensures that not everybody has easy access to cigarettes.
  7. Celebrities promote quitting tobacco and smoking by talking about their personal stories.
  8. Restaurants have separate smoking sections where children are not allowed to sit
  9. Tobacco in form of beedi and gutkha also needs to be targeted, as the lower income groups often use these. Also, beedi is sold as single units, so cost is not a deterrent.

How can a healthcare professional help you?

A healthcare professional plays a vital role in a smokers life, as it the healthcare professional that can increase the odds of quitting with guidance, medication, and support. 

What should a healthcare professional do?

  • Identify people who smoke 
  • Motivate them to quit or think about quitting
  • Refer a person who smokes for treatment and support
  • Support ongoing abstinence

What is the right smoking cessation strategy?

  • Ask: Every smoker to visit a healthcare professional
  • Advise: Urge the smoker to leave smoking
  • Assess: Assess whether the person is willing to quit in 30 days
  • Assist: Plan and help Rx Quit
  • Arrange: Arrange a follow-up through phone or sms or in person

What is that people who smoke need help with?

  • First and  the foremost challenge are the withdrawal symptoms 
  • Urge to smoke and borderline depression with a possibility of relapse
  • People who have high pre-abstinence nicotine intake

How to get over the initial withdrawal discomfort?

  • Behavioral support is of proven efficacy
    • Can be delivered in different formats
      • Face-to-face
      • Telephone
      • Internet
  • Nicotine replacement therapy and nortriptyline are of proven efficacy

Facts On Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

  • There are no real contradictions related to NRT
  • No drug interactions 
  • Side effects, if there are any are localized e.g.
    • Taste of oral products
    • Hiccups with the mouth spray 
    • Skin irritation with patch 

Treatment for quitting Nicotine 

  • Medications: Medicines which are useful adjuncts in the determined but unsuccessful quitters are Varenicline and Bupropion
  • Electronic cigarette: Electronic cigarettes are not as effective as imagined and have few side effects 

Though smoking out in the open has reduced, there are miles to cover when it comes to eradication of tobacco. 

2760 people found this helpful

I am 22 and I have tuberculosis coughing up blood. What kind of food items not to eat and drink daily?

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
Blood in Cough is due to lung TB Food items that do not cause any allergic cough or gastritis are best for you since you are on TB drugs.
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Re my breathlessness all tests as suggested by Dr. Gupta have been done and the results are okay no problem there my BP is normal I am on tab Broclear 1-0-1, inhaler rotacap nistami 1-0-0 Buda mate 1-0-1 I want to reverse this so that I may be able to walk at least.

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
Hi, Since you have Improved advise and counsel you when to stop medicines and see how you long you will be normal.
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I am suffering from insomnia since last two years so I don't sleep well so what can I have to do?

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
I am suffering from insomnia since last two years so I don't sleep well so what can I have to do?
Most important is Sleep hygiene No tobacco or coffee or tea If tea or coffee only before 4 pm Evening 30 min exercise Evening meal before 8 pm. Good shower Relax on music of low volume and mellifluous No electronics in bedroom No books in bedroom Quiet and dark Meditation also helps Easy to say but difficult De-stress on any specific issues. It is said that underlying depression might cause Consult Psychiatrist Cognitive therapy helps.
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Pneumonia has been treated some days ago, but still back pain not gone. How can I treat that and get cured? Pneumonia back pain!

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
Pneumonia has been treated some days ago, but still back pain not gone. How can I treat that and get cured?
Check with CT Chest for any sequels to TB and also Spine MRI Most importantly a Physician Consult firs.
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Sir .I had extrapulmonary TB (affected lymph nodes) and it is treated and cured during 2016. Is there any problem in future for me to visit foreign countries?

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
No Relapse of the disease may run risk if immunity is reduced by Cancer Diabetes Drugs etc Take Care to prevent what can be prevented and treated early if at all they occur (God forbid)
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How get reduce allergy. It is dust allergy, once sneezing is start cannot stop before two days.

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
A simple nasal anti allergic spray and tablet should help Steam inhalation is also useful to clean up allergen loaded passages.
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