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Dr. Bala Sarswathi

MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Gynaecologist, Hyderabad

7 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic
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Dr. Bala Sarswathi MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
7 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Bala Sarswathi is one of the best Gynaecologists in Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. He has been a successful Gynaecologist for the last 7 years. He has completed MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology . He is currently practising at Vijay Hospital in Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Bala Sarswathi on has a nexus of the most experienced Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 42 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology - NA - 2011


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Vijay Hospital

#24, Chitraseema Colony, Mansoorabad Road, Sahara, Vanasthalipuram. Landmark: M.E.Reddi Function Hall, Sahar Road, HyderabadHyderabad Get Directions
200 at clinic

Vijay Hospital

24, Chitraseema Colony, Mansoorabad Road, Sahara Landmark : M.E.Reddi Function HallHyderabad Get Directions
200 at clinic
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Homeopathic Remedies For Different Types Of Bronchitis!

Bsc(Med.), DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), NDDY(Naturopathy and Yoga)
Homeopath, Mohali
Homeopathic Remedies For Different Types Of Bronchitis!

Bronchitis is basically an infection in the bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes which basically carry air to your lungs sometimes get infected due to cold or flu. That's when you tend to develop the infection in the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes known as bronchitis.

Symptoms of bronchitis
The basic symptoms of bronchitis include:
● Intense coughing
● Feeling of discomfort in chest
Shortness of breath
Blocked nose, headache
● Low fever
● Body aching

Types of bronchitis
Bronchitis can be of two types:

  1. Acute bronchitis: Acute bronchitis is generally a viral infection. It causes coughing up mucus, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever. Generally acute bronchitis stays for a week or less. Acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria or viruses. Apart from this, irritants, fumes, dusts are also responsible for causing bronchitis.
  2. Chronic bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis is much more severe than acute bronchitis. It causes persistent cough with mucus, breathing difficulties, fever etc. It can last till 1-2 years depending on its severity. The symptoms may get worse if not treated properly. Chronic bronchitis might turn to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease if it occurs with pulmonary emphysema. Chronic bronchitis can be caused due to irritation of the airway tissues and lungs. But the most common reason behind chronic bronchitis is smoking. Apart from these, repeated acute bronchitis can also cause long-term chronic bronchitis.

Treating bronchitis with homeopathy
Homeopathy is one of the holistic ways of treating bronchitis. Decades of research has established homeopathy as one of the most effective and safest treatments. Bronchitis can be cured and the symptoms can be reduced with the homeopathic treatment.

  1. Arsenic Album: Arsenic Album is one of the best medicines for treating bronchitis. It is more effective in treating bronchitis which is combined with severe weakness.
  2. Bryonia: This is another effective medicine for bronchitis. This is more effective when there is severe cough with mucus, chest pain while coughing, body ache, sore throat etc. Patients with such symptoms are prescribed bryonia.
  3. Antimonium tartaricum: This medicine is prescribed in two phases of bronchitis. It is mostly prescribed to the young infants or the older people. This is prescribed when the patient suffers from wheezing, chest pain, coughing up mucus, vomiting etc.
  4. Sulphur: Sulphur is great for treating chronic bronchitis. It is a great remedy for treating severe cough, breathing difficulties, severe chest pain and breathing attacks.
  5. Pulsatilla: Pulsatilla is an effective remedy for treating chronic bronchitis. This remedy works best for chronic bronchitis with nausea, vomiting and severe cough with mucus.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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A bad smell comes from my vagina. I get to know this cause my underpants also stink. What to do to get rid of this bad smell.

BAMS, MD - Medicine
Ayurveda, Bareilly
Probably it is due to leukorrhea, wash local parts with alum water solution, betadine solution etc. Make local parts clean by removing p. Hairs.
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Homeopathy For White Discharge Or Leucorrhoea

Sexologist, Lucknow

Leucorrhoea, vaginal discharge is a universal problem of all women. It is seen more in married women as compared to unmarried women. It’s also common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy period.

Female genitals are very much prone to infections since they are moist, sweaty and covered. The white vaginal discharge with foul smell makes it embarrassing to get into social gatherings and even engage in personal affairs. The affected women needs reassurance; prevention from infections and some counseling as most of the women health problems are psychosomatic. The amount of vaginal secretion varies throughout the menstrual cycle, peaking at ovulation and also increasing when under emotional stress.

What is leucorrhoea (white discharge)?

Mucous membranes and glands in our body produce a lot of secretions, which have their own separate functions. The secretions protect our body by forming a thin lining over the skin or mucous membrane. It also helps to keep the mucous membrane or skin moist and flexible. The best example to understand is saliva in the mouth. If this secretion becomes very low, everyone will feel the dryness. The skin may crack thus paving way for infections. Similarly, vaginal glands also secrete some secretions to keep the organ moist, flexible and to prevent it from infection by its acidic nature. At ovulation time, the acidic nature of the secretion gets altered to alkali nature by hormones to allow the male sperm to survive for fertilisation. If not, the sperms will find it difficult to thrive and reach the ovum. Also, secretions of the vagina help in lubrication during the sexual act.

Leucorrhoea is a medical term for white discharge which is an excessive secretion from the female reproductive tract especially from the vagina or cervix or both. It is very common in females nowadays. It could be embossing, painful and may cause lot of discomfort, stress and even affect the sexual preferences and libido. It may be mild to severe, and varies from person to person.

Types of leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is mainly classified into two types:

1. Physiological leucorrhoea

It is an excessive discharge or secretions of a normal vagina. It generally occurs among teenage girls due to hormonal imbalance during puberty, at the time of ovulation period of the menstrual cycle and before periods. In case of adults, it occurs during the course of sexual excitement and pregnancy.

2. Pathological leucorrhoea

It is a discharge occurring due to disease or malfunction of the female reproductive tract. It needs immediate attention, cleanliness and treatment. Ignoring pathological leucorrhoea may lead to serious problems like infertility and complications of uterus. The nature of discharge varies from thin to thick bloody discharge with foul smell. This condition is commonly present in both the cases of vaginitis and cervicitis.

Causes of leucorrhoea

1. Infections

  • From fungus: candida albicans can easily flourish in moist circumstances and is commonly promoted by synthetic undergarments and poor hygienic condition.
  • From parasites: protozoa - trichomonas vaginalis causes the trichomoniasis which spreads usually through sexual intercourse and moist clothes.
  • From bacteria: gardnerella vaginalis and chlamydia are the prime causes in bacterial infections. Also, it is frequently seen in venereal diseases like gonorrhoea, syphilis, and aids.

2. Injury

Injury to the vagina or cervix or womb during childbirth, abortion, or excessive sexual indulgence can cause erosions and infections with discharges.

3. Poor hygienic conditions

Non hygienic measures, especially during periods, can create infection and cause leucorrhoea.

4. Diabetes and anaemia

May provoke infections due to weakened immunity among many females.

5. Irritation of iucd

If irritation persists at iucd, (intra uterine contraceptive device) it can cause pain and discharges.

6. Sprays and jellies

Used by males for provoking sexual act and jellies and drugs taken by females to kill sperms to avoid conception can also irritate and initiate the infective process.

Symptoms of leucorrhoea

Mostly there won’t be any symptom other than discharge. Discharge may be slim, viscid to dark coloured or even bloody with a foul smell. In some cases, the accompanying symptoms are:

  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Painful sexual act
  • Backache and pain in the leg, especially thigh and calf muscles
  • Intense itching with oedema of vagina
  • Soreness and burning in the genital tract
  • Burning urination and frequent urge to pass very little urine
  • Irritability and lack of concentration in work due to consciousness of discharges
  • Digestive disturbances like constipation or diarrhoea or vomiting
  • General tiredness due to loss of vital fluids as discharges
  • Soreness and dryness
  • Strong smell or frothy discharge
  • Dark coloured discharge
  • Rashes or sore spots on the genitals.


Leucorrhoea is generally found to be hormonal. The occurrence, time and nature of the discharge also points out the diagnosis. Mostly, it can be easily differentiated as physiological or pathological leucorrhoea by physical examination. It is essential to identify the inflammation and help identify and confirm the type of infection.

Also, sometimes blood tests may be recommended by the doctors. Routine blood test gives some idea about the infection. And, finally, urine test is also a must to rule out the spread of infection.

Complications of leucorrhoea

• in case of chronic infection, and if left untreated, the infection spreads inward into the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, etc, causing congestion of the uterus or ovary or pelvis, leading to heavy menstrual flow in the forthcoming period.

• it acts as a precursor of pelvic inflammatory diseases, salphingo-oophoritis (infection of fallopian tube and ovaries) which mostly result in pelvic adhesions like peritoneal adhesions and fallopian tube adhesions which obstruct tubes and may cause infertility.

• white discharges in late fertile period or after menopause should always be analysed completely to rule out cervix cancer which is the second commonest site of cancer in females after breast cancer.

• urinary tract, reproductive tract and the adjacent organs are often caught in the spread of infection simultaneously since the urethra, vagina and anus lie very close.


  • Wash genitals everyday
  • Wear clean garments every day
  • Always wear cotton underwear to avoid moisture.
  • Do not stop treatment when symptoms disappear – taking full course of treatment is very important.
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse during treatment to avoid irritation of tissues, which are in the process of healing.

Please avoid

  • Sprays, deodorants, and strong perfumed soap and bath products
  • Stress since it may affect the hormonal level and may increase secretions
  • Sharing towels and garments
  • Synthetic or nylon garments which cause dampness of genital organs
  • Sexual intercourse during heavy discharges

Always take 

  • Nutritious diet, especially food rich in vitamins a, b, c, e, magnesium and zinc, to improve general health
  • Plenty of water and juices to avoid urinary tract infection and its spread to the vagina or cervix.
  • There are few medicine for like hydrastis, alumina, borax, pulsatilla, thuja, sulphur, kreosote etc.
  • But before taking this medicine please consult your homoeopathic doctor.
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Hi, Mam Mai last 1 years s try kar rahi hu baby conceive ke lie ho nahi rha Dr. ne mere ye test krae hor result ye h prolation - 6.83 amh- 2.90 t4 free ft4 - 1.22 tsh ultasanstive - 1.618 please suggest for that.

Gynaecologist, Faridabad
Hi, Mam Mai last 1 years s try kar rahi hu baby conceive ke lie ho nahi rha Dr. ne mere ye test krae hor result ye h
Hello lybrate-user, aqbove tests are fine. But few more tests are required. Have you taken any medication for the same. Need to know everything.
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I am 31 years old and 4 months pregnant and I am suffering from serious lower backache from last 5 days I consulted a doctor but he simply said we can't give you high dose due to pregnancy. But I am in a serious problem I am not able to move and can't sleep.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
I am 31 years old and 4 months pregnant and I am suffering from serious lower backache from last 5 days I consulted a...
Backache is common complaint in pregnancy but if it is as sever as you are describing you should consult orthopaedic surgeon.
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While doing sex my penis is not able to go inside vagina due to not strong and hard But I have fully hot and tempt and everything coming outside vagina. I have not able to insert my penis inside because of fully soft. Please advice me.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
While doing sex my penis is not able to go inside vagina due to not strong and hard But I have fully hot and tempt an...
You have a erectile dysfunction problem and in my routine practise I have come across many cases like this and I have found out one common cause in most of the cases and that is excessive masturbation or sexual excesses in their young age. If yours is also such history then consult me. Myself is a homoeopath and I will surely help you in regaining your normal sexual life----------------------------
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Meri age height weight sb normal hai. Weight v 3 kg km kiya hai. March k baad period band ho gaya or july me ja k period hua. To doc ko dikhaya to pcod ki problem small cysts in both ovaries. Sept se tretment le rahi hu. Or period k liye dawa v li. Or is month dydrogestrone liya .period to time se huyi hai par bilkul light. Blood pure din me mushkil se 10 bund aate hain. Kya karan hai.

Ayurveda, Banaskantha
Meri age height weight sb normal hai. Weight v 3 kg km kiya hai. March k baad period band ho gaya or july me ja k per...
Dear Lybrate user this condition is know as Shushka Yoni in Ayurveda Scince occurse due to vitiation of Vayu dosha. It can be cured with Proper line of Ayurveda Treatment. You should take cup of desi cow milk with Shatavri+Yastimadhu+Vidari+Ashwagandha powder 1tsp added in it twice in day.
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I had encounter std before, but treated, now I am planning to have baby, does it affect baby health, if yes, what I have to do before making baby.

MSc-Psychology, MHSc-Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Sexologist, Hyderabad
You and your wife get tests done for all possible sexually transmitted infections. If you are clear, go ahead for pregnancy. If you have any infection positive in your blood, then you have to get treated. Some diseases if you have, you have to postpone the effort for pregnancy. Some diseases even if the blood test is positive, you can go ahead. We will counsel you depending upon the reports.
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Hi, My wife is 32 weeks pregnant and recently she did test for fasting and non fasting sugar. Her fasting sugar is 88 mg/dl and non fasting after taking 75 gm of glucose 2 hrs before the sample collection is 143 mg/dl. We are concerned whether this number is too high? Will this affect the baby? Should she take some medicine or control diet and do exercise? Doctor has given her tablet but I don't want her to take any tablets. Doctor has prescribed her glyciphage 500. So we want to know whether through diet control and exercise she should try to maintain it, is this okay or she should take the tablet. Her weight current weight is 69 kg and baby's weight is 1367 g. She is approx. 5 feet tall.

My wife is 32 weeks pregnant and recently she did test for fasting and non fasting sugar. Her fasting sugar is 88...
Gestational diabetes is only when fasting above 90 mg/ dl post 126 mg/ dl above wait do not start tablet since her PP only high RECHECK FASTING / PP SUGAR DO TEST AGAIN 2 TIME CHECK HBA1C URINE SUGAR RFT LFT show obstretic & endocrionologist & diabetiologist consult all then only start medicine if 32 week 1702 gm is correct weight for baby so wait take proper advice from all specialist Your baby's growth will be checked during the following scans in your pregnancy: Dating and viability scan. This usually happens between six and nine weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound doctor will measure your baby from her head to bum. This is called the crown-rump length (CRL), and it will be used to work out your due date. Anomaly scan (ultrasound level II). This scan between 18 and 20 weeks. Ultrasound will check your baby's head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC) and thigh bone (femur) length (FL). In the third trimester growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan between 28 and 32 weeks. Colour doppler studies between 36 and 40 weeks. These scans will show how your baby is growing.
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I want to do anal with my boyfriend is it safe to do so I m gay please any one suggest?

General Physician, Mumbai
The recepient will have problems of anal region and might suffer pain and bleeding while passing stools
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