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Dr. Anitha

Gynaecologist, Hyderabad

Dr. Anitha Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Anitha is one of the best Gynaecologists in Adibatla, Hyderabad. You can visit him/her at Niloufer Hospital For Women And Children in Adibatla, Hyderabad. Book an appointment online with Dr. Anitha on has a nexus of the most experienced Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 37 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Hyderabad. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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How to avoid sexual diseases if having sex with strangers but don't prefer using condom?

M.B.B.S., F.I.C.A. (USA), P.G.D.I.H, F.C.G.P., D.C.A.H
Psychiatrist, Vadodara
Very difficult to avoid diseases if you don't want condoms, you r putting your life in danger. You need proper sex education, other then penetration.
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I love a girl more than me and she too. We also date 2-3 times. We are going to marry in next 2-3 year but the only problem is that her age is 1 year more than me. She is 20 and I'm just 19. Is there any problem in future physically or sasexually or any other problem in our relationship? Sir please help me.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- The Indian traditions of Elder bride and younger groom is very much supported by modern findings that a girl reaches its puberty (youth) two years earlier thn the boys of same age, so a girl also will face menopause (get old) earlier thn the boy of same age. This is the reason why a girl is searched of less age thn the boy. However if you are in love it all does not matter as you can delay aging (of both you and your partner's) by the use of Rasayana medicines of ayurveda.
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She has a small baby of 8 months Now she is again pregnant past one n half month Please suggest what should be diet of her as well as baby.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
She has to stop breastfeeding the baby which is 8 months old. Usually during pregnancy food rich in fibre and folic acid i. E. Green leafy vegetable, protein like chicken, fish, pulses and more fruits and dry fruit should comprise of healthy diet. In first 3 months there is increase chance of vomiting, so better to avoid more spicy and oily food. All kinds of food you can eat. Focus on green leafy veg, fruits and wallnuts. Along with tat full glass of milk twice a day will supplement calcium.
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Hi meri shdi ko 3 years hogye r time par bhi pired aata 28 to 32 days me but mujhe aaj tak kabhi pregnancy nahi rahe 1 mahina bhi nhi raha he humne apna pura body ka bhi text karvaliya he sab noraml aaya lekin kbhi pregnancy nhi rahi mujhe kya karna chahiye ab.

BHMS, MD - Alternate Medicine
Homeopath, Nagpur
When all the investigation is normal and still the couple fails to conceive then it is called as sub-fertility. The best suggestion for this kind of couples are to avail our online pre-conception counseling package, only which include diet, lifestyle modification, identifying the cause of late conception and addressing.
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Is there any problem at time of sexual activities if my husband sucking nipple more than 10 minutes 8 or 10 times daily.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Unless it is hurting you and if it is not causing any injury to your nipples, it should not be a cause of concern. It will not change any hormonal balance of your body or will not cause any disease in the breasts.
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B.H.M.S., M.D. (Homoeopathy)
Homeopath, Surat
We all are visitors on this earth. We came empty handed and will go empty handed, leaving all our efforts, creations and relations back here. Only our" karma" will come with us to decide our future. Good" karma" gives happy future and bad" karma" gives painful future" karma" is results of good and bad actions we performed during our life. Let us go with basket of fruits of good" karmas" when we leave the earth.
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Benefits of Garlic

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Benefits of Garlic

Surprising benefits of garlic
Grow beautiful hair with garlic.

Garlic could end your hair loss problems because of its high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound similar to that found in onions, which were found to effectively treat hair loss. Rub sliced cloves of garlic on your scalp, squeezing as you go for the most benefit. You can also infuse oil with garlic and massage it into your scalp.

Garlic clears acne.

It might not be the main ingredient in your drugstore acne medication, but garlic makes a great natural remedy to banish unsightly blemishes. Its antioxidants kill bacteria, so rub a sliced clove of garlic on the pimple for an effective topical treatment.

Garlic prevents and treats colds.

Packed with antioxidants, a daily dose of garlic in your recipes could benefit your immune system. If a cold does sneak by, try sipping garlic tea: steep chopped or minced garlic in hot water for several minutes, then strain and drink. You can add a bit of honey or ginger to improve the taste.

Soothe psoriasis with garlic.

Since garlic has proven anti-inflammatory properties, it could be useful in relieving uncomfortable psoriasis outbreaks. Try rubbing a little garlic oil on the affected area for smooth, rash-free skin.

Control your weight with garlic.

Garlic could help you control your weight, according to nutritionist Cynthia sass, who cites a study that showed mice eating a garlic-rich diet reduced their weight and fat stores. To take advantage of this benefit, try to cook with garlic daily.

Treat athlete's foot with garlic

With its anti-fungal properties, some people swear that a benefit of garlic is its ability to relieve itchy athlete's foot. Soak your feet in a bath of warm water and crushed garlic.

Keep away mosquitoes with garlic.

Mosquitoes don't seem to like garlic. One study in India found that people who rubbed a garlicky concoction on their arms and legs weren't bothered by the pesky buggers. Make a solution of garlic oil, petroleum jelly, and beeswax for a natural repellant or place cloves of garlic nearby

Garlic conquers cold sores.

A popular cold sore home remedy involves holding a bit of crushed garlic directly on the cold sore; its natural anti-inflammatory properties could help reduce pain and swelling.

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My son is 9 months old. He had suddenly stopped drinking breast milk, dint noe the reason. Later found out he had blisters in his mouth due 2 wch he was refusing 2 suckle. He dint take milk 4 almost 4 days, due 2 wch milk supply has reduced. If he start sucking again, will it increase? How cn I increase my milk production?

Pediatrician, Gurgaon
calories demand increases with activity of child,and 9months is cut of age for increased activity.It may be possible he is more satisfied in term of calories,with semisolid food.thus just give breast 8hourly and try to give more energetics food.keep watch on wait gain.
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Recently I make to know. sometime I used to get panic attacks.. I wanted to know what diet should I add to my food.please help.

PGDD, RD, Bachelor of Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Hye, Dietary changes may help prevent or minimize your symptoms. Whole Grains Whole grains are grains that have retained nutrient, fiber and protein content during food processing. As a result, whole grains digest slower than refined grain products, such as white flour, and have a positive impact on your blood sugar levels. Blood sugar management is a useful dietary step toward preventing panic attacks. Replacing processed snack foods with whole grain foods most often, can help prevent mood swings and promote relaxation. Examples of nutritious whole grain foods include whole grain rotis and cereals like poha, rawa, daliya, unpolished rice, corn, jowar, bajra. Dairy Products Dairy products, such as milk, curd and paneer are valuable sources of calcium, vitamin D and protein, which also help stabilize blood sugar levels. They also help your brain produce chemicals associated with calmness. Fruits and vegetables They help your body protect itself from disease and infections. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into starch-based meals for improved blood sugar management and mood balance. Rather than eat cereals alone, eat with cooked vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables, such as bananas and baked potatoes, also contain calming nutrients. Healthy fats Ghee, nuts, oils add healthy fats to diet. Avoid junk, processed and oily fried outside foods. Sleep well.
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Health Tips For Working Professionals

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Health Tips For Working Professionals

Spending long hours at your desk in front of a computer screen, with a compromised diet and work pressure can put a lot of strain on your mental and physical health. With these tips, you can ensure optimum health and well-being in your professional life.

1. Keep water handy: 

Carry a bottle of water and be sure to hydrate yourself at regular intervals. This way, you’ll be able to maintain healthy oxygen flow in your body, especially the brain, and keep drowsiness at bay. Flavored water or fruit-based waters are interesting ways to drink more.

2. Stick to home-cooked meals:

 Nothing substitutes a wholesome homemade meal. You’ll be sure that you’re not consuming any artificial flavors or preservatives, using only as much sugar, salt and/or spices as needed, which are otherwise put in excess and can affect you adversely. Plus, you can customize your meal with healthy favorites. Cook big batches during the weekend, and freeze for use through the week.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself: 

Work is important, but you’ll not be able to give it your best with a tired mind and body. Don’t work over lunch break, and close your eyes and relax for a few minutes every hour. This clears your mind and keeps you active. Here are some other ways to establish a healthy and calm workplace routine.

4. Invest in your comfort: 

Make easy ergonomic adjustments. Get a comfortable chair and place the mouse and keyboard as close together as possible. Mind your posture. Your back should be aligned against the chair, and avoid hunching or leaning forward.

5. Go easy on the caffeine: 

Gulping down several cups of coffee/tea to keep you awake at work, is not doing you any good. Caffeine consumption is linked to several health issues such as a speedy heartbeat, high blood pressure, anxiety, restlessness, and irritability. Yes, it tastes divine and gives you an instant energy boost, but can also cause a quick energy crash. What’s more dangerous, however, is caffeine addiction. Stick to a cup or two, at most. Here are some healthy alternatives to keep you up and running all day long.

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Benefits of Having Sex During Periods

M.D.MEDICINE , Diploma in Diabetology
Sexologist, Jaipur
Benefits of Having Sex During Periods

While the social stigma pertaining to women's sexuality is gradually reducing, questions addressing the sexual concerns and problems of women are also more widely and openly discussed now. The debate of whether to completely forgo sexual activity during menstruation is one that continues to have divided opinions even now.

The idea of intercourse during 'the time of the month is one that seldom receives an approving nod. Inhibitions relating to the 'mess' and the notion that menstrual blood, sanitary pads, and tampons can lower your arousal rates may underplay the many benefits of engaging in sexual activity during this time:

1. Helps ease cramps

The release of oxytocin and dopamine along with other endorphins alleviates the cramps and body-ache that one might encounter during periods. Sex promotes better blood flow and relieves stress and can help battle mood swings during periods.

2. Shortens the length of periods

Many women who engage in sex during menstruation often claim that their periods last for a comparatively shorter span of time if engage in sex. This is because every time you have an orgasm, the uterus contracts. The muscle spasms of orgasm allow expulsion of blood and uterine lining faster than it is usually subjected to.

3. No need for lubes

Your flow acts as better lubricant during sex and this also enhances pleasure. This might act as a natural way to deal with dryness during sex and one may avoid store-bought lubricants during the time of the month.

4. Chances are that you might actually like it!

Changes in hormonal balances during the first few days of periods can make women more desirous of sexual activity and the partners may enjoy a greater level of pleasure. Sex during periods also ushers in a feeling of deeper intimacy between the partners. An intensified sense of libido that one may feel during this time is extremely beneficial to sexual activity. The pleasure is therefore greater and you might actually like it more than sex on normal days!

How to minimize the mess?

If your primary concern is the 'mess' that you're afraid to create, a menstrual cap or female condom may be the solution to your problem. They help reduce the blood flow during sexual intercourse. In fact, even a regular condom can make it less messy, at least for you partner. Sex in the shower also elevates cleanliness while retaining (often increasing) the excitement in your sexual act.

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Does washing your vaginal area after intercourse help in preventing you from pregnancy. Or is there a method to prevent it apart from contraceptive pills.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ernakulam
Hello lybrate-user, washing the vagina after intercourses won't prevent from getting pregnant. Do intercourse on safe days means avoid sex from 11 th to 16 th day of the menstrual cycle, these days mark ovulation. Once ovulation period is over chances of getting pregnant are very less.
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My spouse age is 41 years. She is healthy non-diabetic and non-bp. From past 4 months she is getting her periods 5 to 6 days later. Unfortunately this month even after 12 days she is not getting her periods. She does not have stomach pain or any other problem. Kindly suggest the medicine.

Homeopath, Ludhiana
Hello.... She is moving towards menopause.. May be because of this her periods affect.... Do not worry...... Wait for few days...... If still no periods then consult a doctor or you can consult me also........ Tell her to take calcium supplements....... Good luck......
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I have less breast milk. When I squeeze breast it comes in drops. My mom says it should come more. Also my baby after sucking for some time gets irritated and starts crying so I have to give him formula feed. My baby is 17 days old and my breast milk is not sufficient for him. Please help as I want to breast feed him and discontinue formula feed.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Tumkur
Don't try to squeeze as you can not get milk by that. Only way of getting adequate milk is suckling the baby. If the baby is irritated while feeding you check for proper attachment. You must stick on to breastfeeding only. Drink good amount of water.
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I am having irregular periods since long time ,and also having back pain alot. Is my bk pain a reason of irregularity of periods. How cn this be cured. My age is 27.

DNB - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Dear lybrate-user meet a gynaecologist she would recommend certain tests and ultrasound. There are various reasons for irregular bleed but backache is definitely not one of them. You could have backache due to vitamin d deficiency kindly get it checked. For irregular bleed go to a doctor.
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I had a sex with my gf when she was on her 4th day of her periods. I didn't ejaculate the sperms inside. However my gf is feared of her chances getting pregnant and more importantly she took ipill with 3 hours of sex and she 23 years old. Pls let me know wat are chances of her getting pregnant. She is really scared.

Gynaecologist, Surat
A woman on an average ovulates on 14 th day (+/- 2days )of her periods. So only relations during these days can make her pregnant . No chance of pregnancy in your case .
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Hi Team, 1. What is polysitic ovary and why it is found 30% of woman. What is the Root cause and how to irradicate the disease? 2. This is Geneticaly affecting to our offspring or not? 3. What are the symptoms found when Ovariyan cancer affected the body? Why it found, How fast we will point out it? 4. How we will restrict Heart attack, What are the symptoms to find out it?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Pcod can't be removed from body, we can only control by exercise and medicine. It is genetically transferred. Ovarian cancer goes unnoticed mostly. Better to get ultrasound done beyond 40 years
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