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Star Health Care And Diagnostic General Physician Clinic Star Health Care And Diagnostic, Towards Tukaram Gate, Main Road, East Marredpally, Secunderabad, Hyderabad Hyderabad
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We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
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Star Health Care And Diagnostic is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. Sunil Lahoti, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Hyderabad. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 58 patients.


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Penis Size Tricks: Creating the Illusion of a Bigger Penis!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Size Tricks: Creating the Illusion of a Bigger Penis!
  • Despite overwhelming evidence that penis size is not the main factor in sexual satisfaction, most men fret over the size of their member and wish that they had a bigger penis to display. Their penis health may be superb, they may have no complaints from their partners, they may even be on the larger side of average - yet many still strive for that elusive bigger penis goal.
  • Wanting a bigger penis is not in and of itself a bad thing. It may indicate that a man takes a great deal of pride in his penis and its appearance and would just like to add to its impression. The problem occurs when the desire for a larger penis size prevents a man from appreciating the endowment he currently has.
  • Actually increasing penis size is not really an option; however, for some men there are tricks they can try that make the penis appear bigger.


Guys are really hairy down below, and for many it's a source of masculine pride. Manscaping - or shaving the hair on and around the crotch - has become more popular in recent years, but it's still not practiced by all guys. Men who want to make their prize package appear an even bigger prize should consider it. Manscaping the area allows the penis to stand out more and gives the illusion that it is (even) larger than it actually is.

Get fit

This is no secret: obesity is a problem in America (and in many other countries around the world). Lots of men could stand to lose a few pounds, which would make them feel better, give them more energy and resilience - and maybe make their members appear a little longer.

When a guy loses that rubber tire, the fat that has accumulated in the crotch also diminishes. This often reveals a little bit more of the penis - perhaps a half inch or so - which had previously been hidden underneath the layer of fat. So the penis isn't actually longer than it was before, but more of it is visible. Also, when the frame around the penis is smaller, it helps create the visual illusion that the penis is bigger. So it's a win-win situation when a guy goes from overweight to fit.

Watch skin tones

Many men have skin that reacts strongly to sunlight, making exposed skin a significantly deeper shade than skin that is kept covered. This means that many men have a very distinct tan line around the mid-section. This two-tone effect tends to visually diminish penis size, so working to safely achieve a more consistent skin tone throughout the body may be of benefit to the man wishing to present a bigger penis.

Warm it up

The penis responds well to warmth and not so well to the cold. Many guys have discovered that it pays to wrap the penis in a washcloth that has been soaked in warm water. When the gentle heat reaches the penis, it helps the blood vessels to expand slightly, creating a somewhat larger appearance for presentation purposes.

Men in search of a bigger penis should remember that penis size is not the be-all end-all of sexual matters. Penis health is also crucial, so men really need to use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven mild and safe for skin). With blood flow important for penile health, the chosen crème must contain L-arginine, an amino acid which facilitates the expansion of blood vessels in the penis. In addition, men need to make sure the penis gets topical vitamin C from this crème as well. Vitamin C contributes to proper blood flow, while simultaneously contributing to collagen production, which supports penile skin elasticity. With a good penis health crème, a man is in better shape for his social encounters.

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Red Penis Query: Does Diabetes Cause Balanitis?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Red Penis Query: Does Diabetes Cause Balanitis?

Although there are many causes of a red penis - including totally benign ones such as too much friction - when the red penis presents with balanitis, a man needs to take some appropriate penis health steps. Balanitis is a common issue for some men - and it may be more common for men who have diabetes.


What exactly is balanitis? It is defined as a condition in which the penis becomes inflamed, usually on the glans (or "head") of the penis. The name is derived from a Greek word which means acorn, a reference to the vaguely acorn shape of the glans. Any man can have balanitis, but it tends to be more prevalent in men who are intact.

Although the exact number of men who have or have had balanitis is unknown, studies indicate that between 3% and 11% of men in the United States have experienced it. Children and adolescents tend to be more susceptible to balanitis, but many adult men deal with it as well.

What causes it?

Balanitis is an inflammation, which means that some sort of infection - usually bacterial or yeast-based - is present. This is more likely to occur due to improper hygiene; a man does not clean sufficiently in the area and an infection develops. It can sometimes be difficult to clean beneath the foreskin, which is why balanitis may be more likely to occur in an intact man.

In other cases, using too strong a cleanser can be the inciting cause of balanitis. A soap with very harsh chemicals or fragrances may irritate the skin, bringing about the inflammation.


But diabetes can also be a contributing factor to the development of balanitis. Some sources even suggest that diabetes is the main cause of balanitis in adult males. Since diabetes is an increasingly common issue, especially as men get older, it is important to understand the connection between diabetes and balanitis.

As most people know, diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to properly regulate the amount of sugar in the blood (also called the glucose level). Blood sugar is the key to a person's energy level and plays a big role in developing and maintaining muscles and tissues. When those levels are too low or too high, it can cause significant problems.

What does diabetes have to do with balanitis? It usually occurs when blood sugar levels are too high. Some of that excess sugar gets into the urine. When a man urinates, some residue often remains on the glans or slips down beneath the foreskin. If the urine is full of sugar, the drops that get waylaid on the penis will deposit that sugar when the urine evaporates. The presence of that sugar causes the inflammation, and a red penis results.

A man with diabetes needs to follow his prescribed course of treatment to properly monitor and maintain his blood glucose levels. He also needs to take appropriate steps to insure that his penis - especially the glans and foreskin - is kept well-washed and free of bacteria or other contaminants.

A healthy habit

A man with diabetes who wants to avoid balanitis and the resulting red penis should maintain his penis health by regular use of a first-rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The itchiness and rashiness associated with balanitis respond well to a crème that has potent moisturizers, including Shea butter and vitamin E. Balanitis may also contribute to penis odor issues, so a crème with vitamin A is recommended; the antibacterial properties of this vitamin go a long way toward suppressing unwanted stench emanating from the penis. Whether a man has diabetes or not, use of a penis health crème is advised.

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Diabetes And Oral Health Care!

Dentist, Gorakhpur
Diabetes And Oral Health Care!

If you are a diabetic patient and your blood glucose levels are poorly controlled, you are more likely to develop serious gum disease and lose more teeth than non-diabetics. Like all other infections, serious gum diseases may contribute towards rise in blood sugar and may make diabetes harder to control.
Other oral problems associated with diabetes include - candidiasis (thrush), and dry mouth which can cause soreness of mouth, oral ulcers, various infections, teeth cavities and bad breath.

First of all, control your blood glucose level by exercise, diet, oral medicines or insulin. Then, take good care of your teeth and gums, along with regular checkups every six months. To control candidiasis, use candid mouth paint and maintain good diabetic control, avoid smoking and, if you wear dentures, remove and clean dentures daily. Good blood glucose control can also help prevent or relieve dry mouth caused by diabetes. Use chlorhexidine mouthwash for 15 days and continue with diluted listerine mouthwash for months. It will prevent bad breath problem.

How To Diagnose Male Sexual Problem?

Sexologist, Ahmedabad
How To Diagnose Male Sexual Problem?
  • Did you know male sexual dysfunction is a common health problem affecting men of all ages, but is more common with increasing age.
  • It is an important part of a couple's foundation and contributes to the quality of life. Sexual dysfunction is common, however it is a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss, including medical fraternity. Fortunately, most cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important to share your concerns with your partner and qualified sexologist.
  • The smart way to tackle is to speak to a qualified sexologist and get consultation on key causing factors to timely resolve the issues.
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How Herbal Medicines Help In Curing Sexual Deficiencies?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
How Herbal Medicines Help In Curing Sexual Deficiencies?

The sex is a very important activity in the life of a human being. This recreational activity is very effective in providing satisfaction. The latest research has suggested that satisfaction in this activity helps in boosting the health standards. During the lifetime, there are several diseases which can adversely affect your sex life. Let me discuss some of the diseases as well as their possible cures.

The erectile dysfunction or popularly known as impotence is a very serious problem. In this, the penis of the male loses its ability to get erected for the sexual intercourse. The erection of the penis is a natural condition to perform sexual intercourse. There are several reasons which give rise to this problem. Some of the most potential cause for this problem is the hormonal imbalance. Due to this imbalance, the reproductive organ in male does not grow. Another reason for this problem is weak nerves and muscle.

Another problem which adversely affects the sex life of males is small penis size. Due to hormonal imbalance or any other reason, the male reproductive organ that doesn't grow properly. Thus, it doesn't attain the proper size which is must to perform sexual intercourse. What is the normal penis size? As per medical terminology, it is mandatory to have the penis of 3 inches in the unerected state in order to establish the physical relation. Any size below this is considered as small. Why is it necessary to have bigger penis size? The doctors explain this in a beautiful manner. They suggest that the male reproductive organ that is penis needs to get inserted into the vaginal cavity. The rubbing of this with the walls of the vaginal cavity produces hormones which provide pleasure and satisfaction.

Let me discuss another disease which adversely impacts your sex life. It is known as premature ejaculation. The sexual satisfaction is not confined to males only. The female partners also need to get satisfied during the sexual intercourse. At times, during the sexual intercourse, the male partner ejaculates prematurely. Even the small touch or stimulation results in the discharge of the semen. This results in dissatisfaction as the male discharges prematurely, leaving the female partner dejected and frustrated.

Low libido is a serious problem. In this problem, the male loses its desire to have sex with the female partner. The most crucial cause of this problem is low secretion of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the sexual desire. Most of the people think that it is due to stress and anxiety. But actually, this is not so. This is a very serious problem and needs proper medicines and care.

What Is The Possible Cure?

Nature harbors cure for these problems. As we all know that the size of the penis is very crucial in the sexual intercourse, the comprehensive range of medicines are available in the market which can enhance its size. The sexologist is offering penis enlargement treatment which is based on Ayurveda. In this, they use some of the rare species of herbs like the horny weed, etc. The medicines made out of these plants help in bringing proper hormonal balance in the body. These regulate the growth hormones as well as testosterones. These medicines also improve the circulation of blood in the body, thus providing complete nourishment to the tissues of the reproductive organs.

Why Opt For Herbal Penis Enlargement Treatment?

The herbal medicines are manufactured using roots, stems, and leaves of herbs along with minerals and vitamins supplements. These are naturally occurring substances and on being used regularly don't offer any adverse impact. Moreover, the regular use of herbal medicines does not give rise to irrational and wild behavior. So, it is always recommended to use herbal medicines in order to get the proper cure for above-mentioned diseases.

Penis Rash and Hiking: Itching on the Trail!

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Rash and Hiking: Itching on the Trail!

Hiking is one of those manly activities that is much more fun and satisfying than it sounds on paper - as long as penis rash doesn't rear its ugly head. The invigorating, enlivening feeling that a guy gets from becoming one with Nature can be severely diminished when jock itch or other skin conditions intrude upon his enjoyment. Men interested in hiking need to take steps to keep their penis health at a high level, warding off a penis rash or treating it properly if it does arise.

It's natural

Why does a penis rash often occur when hiking? It's only natural. When hiking, the penis and balls are going to be bounced around, as they are on any occasion. However, hiking tends to cause the bouncing to occur over an extended period of time, often with only occasional breaks. By contrast, regular everyday walking is for shorter periods of time, usually with extended breaks between. In addition, hiking tends to involve different strides and stances - longer, shorter, reaching up, etc. Both of these conditions create greater opportunity for friction between the groin and the fabric surrounding it.

In addition, hiking tends to involve a decent level of exertion, which in turn increases the "sweat factor." A sweaty penis creates more friction while damp; it also creates more bacteria, which in turn adds to the potential for a penis rash to develop.

So, with penis rash conditions at an optimum level, what are some steps for preventing the condition from gaining a foothold?

- Wear the right underwear. Loose boxers tend to exacerbate the situation, creating even more friction. Briefs are better from the point of view of tightness, but they can cause a rash around the legs where the elastic tightens. Boxer briefs or Lycra shorts are a better bet.

- Try a bandana. The penis head is especially prone to getting chafed and rashy when hiking, so many men try folding a bandanna and tying it around the head while hiking for extra protection.

- Consider a condom. Some men have also found that wearing a condom while hiking helps keep the friction to a minimum. However, finding one that will stay on can be tricky, unless a guy plans on maintaining an erection for the entire hike. With a flaccid penis, using a smaller-sized condom may work - but it can also create a painful situation when an erection does arise. (Since a man experiences several erections a day, it is logical to assume a hiker will have an erection at least some of the time.) Of course, men who have an allergy to latex will need to use a non-latex condom.

- Open up. If a man is sure he will encounter no other hikers, he may wish to unzip and let his penis air out for a while as he hikes. This can also dry out excess sweat.


If a penis rash does develop, be sure to wash and dry the penis thoroughly as soon as possible. Leaving the affected area bare and exposed to the air can help the healing process as well.

Penis rash from hiking can be treated by keeping the penis in good health via the regular application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Maintaining the hydration balance is crucial; the skin needs to have the proper oils for healing, so a crème with a potent combination of a high end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) is definitely needed. It's also important that the skin benefits from a powerful antioxidant to help prevent significant oxidative cell damage to penis skin cells. A crème containing an antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is ideal.

In My All Body there are a small rashes. And all time itching. I can't understand what can I do. Can you Tell me any medicine name.

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Mumbai
In My All Body there are a small rashes. And all time itching. I can't understand what can I do. Can you Tell me any ...
You are probably suffering from what Dermatologist call urticaria. Common causes are food allergy, infection or drugs taken for some condition. It presents with itching resulting in formation of red rashes which we call hives or wheals. Although in most cases cause remains unknown in spite of a thorough search. It can be symptomatically treated with medicines so that you do not get any new hives. The treatment should be prolonged until it resolves which usually takes 1 to 6 months. Please contact me through online consult option for further details and treatment.,
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My whole body is itching all over red bumps skin is red fleshy .pimples r rising .Plz doctors suggest any home remedy.

MD - Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bangalore
My whole body is itching all over red bumps skin is red fleshy .pimples r rising .Plz doctors suggest any home remedy.
Avoid fried food, cold items, very much spicy food, Prefer vegetarian diet, and avoid potato, brinjal, drumsticks Don't expose to too much cold or too hot Intake of plenty of water,
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I am very confused bcz some Dr. and hakims say that due to masturbation penis become weak and veins of penis pressed it may be the cause of impotency What is the right concept please tell me.

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
I am very confused bcz some Dr. and hakims say that due to masturbation penis become weak and veins of penis pressed ...
Daily masturbation is definitely harmful. It can cause erectile dysfunction, early discharge, sperms count and size problem of penis and body weakness. So I will advise you to do not more than twice weekly.
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I am a male Is it ok to apply coconut oil as lube while masturbating Does coconut oil has any side effects please tell me.

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
I am a male Is it ok to apply coconut oil as lube while masturbating
Does coconut oil has any side effects please tel...
Yes. And make sure it's unrefined as well! Refined has bleach and crap in it. But coconut oil is great fun :) And don't use coconut (or any) oil when you are using condoms. You wanna get yourself something water based.
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Ulcerative Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

MS - General Surgery, MBBS
General Surgeon, Guwahati
Ulcerative Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

This is a disease that affects the large intestine and the rectum. The Ulcerative Colitis refers to the inflammation in the innermost lining of the large intestine. The main function of the large intestine is to absorb water from indigestible food matter in the body before throwing away any waste. Hence, the large intestine is a vital part of our body. If left untreated, the disease increases risk of colon cancer.


  1. Diarrhea with blood or pus: A person suffering from Ulcerative Colitis is likely to suffer from loose stools accompanied with blood or pus.
  2. Stomach pain and Cramping: In many cases, patients complain of severe stomach pain and cramping.
  3. Rectal pain: At times, many patients feel pain while sitting or even after a bowel movement.
  4. Bleeding from the rectum: Bleeding can be observed while passing stools.

The other complications leading to this disease are kidney stones, swelling of the colon, thickening of intestinal walls and blood infection.

This disease can be diagnosed by several methods. A simple stool test may be done to check out for bacteria and parasites. A blood test to check the level of C-reactive protein helps determine the inflation rate of the body. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsy are some other methods of diagnosis.


  1. Oral medication: Treatment involves drug therapy or surgery. The first step in treating Ulcerative Colitis will be an intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, but these may have a side effect. Another option is immune system suppressors, which help to bring down the inflammation by suppressing the immune system response. Antibiotics, anti-diarrheal medications, pain relievers are some of the additional drug supplements recommended by doctors.
  2. Surgery: Surgery plays an important role because this disease is pre-malignant in nature. Depending on the severity of the condition, the medical practitioner may advice surgery. The common methods of surgery are:
    1. Proctocolectomy and Ileostomy: Proctocolectomy involves removal of the colon in part or whole. Ileostomy is carried out by placing a special bag in the small intestine to collect waste from the body.
    2. Proctocolectomy and Ileo-anal: Ileo-anal pouch is a bag directly created the small intestine and connected to the anus, for diffusing the stools. As colon is removed Ulcerative Colitis cannot re-occur.

Precautions after surgery
It is very important that the patient takes healthy, sufficient and nutritious food so that bowel movement can be carried out with ease and zero strain. The patient has to restrict lifting of heavy grocery, mowing the lawn, any physical activity that can strain the abdomen and related areas.

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How Homeopathy Helps Treat Skin Allergies?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Palakkad
How Homeopathy Helps Treat Skin Allergies?

Skin allergens such as immune system disorders, medicines, food, and infections can trigger an immune system response that characterizes in the form of a skin allergy. Although skin allergies such as bumps, itchy rashes, red patches and other conditions are commonly seen, identifying their cause isn't as straightforward sometimes.

Homeopathy identifies and treats the root cause of the allergy with oral medication instead of superficial medicines such as topical creams and treatments. To treat a skin allergy or problem, homeopathy keeps in mind the sufferer, not just the allergy or skin.

Common skin allergies can be effectively treated with suitable homeopathic treatments as listed below.

EczemaAlso known as dermatitis, it affects children more than adults. Characterized by the red, itchy and irritated skin, an infection may cause the development of fluid oozing bumps. Eczema of the scalp affecting children can be treated with Calcarea Carb whereas Rhus-Tox (Toxicodendron) is used to treat red, itchy and swollen eruptions caused by eczema.

Urticaria - Better known as hives, this condition is caused by the inflammation of the skin due to leakage of blood vessels. Those who suffer from itchy, swollen bumps or thickened skin as in the case of chronic urticaria, can be treated with Arsenicum. Hives with heavy menstruation may be treated with Belladona, while Urtica urens is better suited to hives of gastric origin.

PsoriasisIt is characterized by red, itchy patches of skin covered with silvery scales. Plaque, guttate and pustular psoriasis are differentiated on the basis of location, appearance and severity. For guttate psoriasis, where the plaques are rounded and flakey, Arsenicum iodatum and Arsenicum album can be used while sulphur and graphites are also commonly prescribed.

How To Differentiate Between Migraine And Headache?

Pain Management, MD - Pain Medicine & Anesthesiology
Pain Management Specialist, Srinagar
How To Differentiate Between Migraine And Headache?

When you feel pain or pressure in your head, it may become difficult for you to assess whether you are experiencing a common headache or a migraine. Let's understand how different they are from each other.

A typical headache usually affects both sides of your head and varies from a mild to moderate pain. It can last from 30 minutes to up to a period of one week.

Some specific areas which get affected by a headache are:

  •   Temples
  •   Forehead
  •   Back of your neck

Factors that trigger this headache type are a muscle strain, stress or anxiety.

A migraine, on the other hand, is also a type of a headache which results in an acute throbbing sensation in one part of your head. Usually, migraine headaches are highly painful. Migraine pain makes it difficult for a person to carry out his/her daily tasks. Symptoms or signs associated with migraine attacks are:

  •   Vomiting
  •   Nausea
  •   Sensitivity to sound or light
  •   Pain in the temples
  •   Temporary loss of vision
  •   Pain behind your ear or eye

What are the common causes of a migraine?

  •   Hormonal imbalances in women - fluctuations in oestrogen, especially during menopause or pregnancy seem to trigger a migraine
  •   Drinks like wine and extremely caffeinated beverages
  •   Foods such as salty foods, aged cheese as well as processed foods can trigger the migraine attack.
  •   Medications - vasodilators such as nitroglycerine and oral contraceptives can intensify migraine pain.

How to treat a headache?

Fortunately, you can get rid of stress-induced headaches through over-the-counter treatments, which include:

  •   Aspirin
  •   Acetaminophen
  •   Ibuprofen

How to treat a migraine?

If you experience migraine attacks less frequently, these medicines may give you quick relief:

  •   Triptans, such as rizatriptan (Maxalt) or almotriptan (Axert)
  •   Antinausea medicines, such as chlorpromazine (Thorazine), promethazine (Phenergan) or prochlorperazine (Compazine)
  •   Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, aspirin or ibuprofen

Some preventive tips:

  •   Make changes in your diet such as avoid such foods, including caffeine and alcohol which are believed to trigger headaches.
  •   You can also try muscle relaxation exercises, yoga or meditation to ease the migraine attack.
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Styes - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
Styes - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Styes are normally caused by a proliferation of natural bacterial flora within the eye. This causes an inflammatory reaction and is known to affect children more than adults. It resembles a pimple in exterior appearance and may grow both inside and outside of the eyelid. The symptoms of styes include redness, pain, swelling and tenderness. Though the styes do not lead to any kind of visual problems, they can cause significant discomfort.

What can cause styes?
Your eyelids have lots of tiny oil glands, which can become clogged by dead skin, dirt, or oil buildup. When a gland is blocked, bacteria can grow inside. This is what causes a stye to develop.

What are the symptoms of styes?
The most common symptom of styes includes swelling of the eyelid, redness, pain, tenderness, eyelid crusts and burning in the eye. It frequently leads to a yellowish-white discharge which becomes very uncomfortable and may also continue to drain out of the eye. Doctors recommend not to press or squeeze the styes as it may lead to further complications.

You should call your doctor if:

  1. The child`s eye is swollen shut
  2. He has a severe pain
  3. He has a high-grade fever
  4. Swelling lasts for more than 20 days
  5. Pus continues to drain from the eye
  6. His eyelid bleeds
  7. He has problems with his vision

Homeopathic medicines for sty are safe and effective with no side effects. They play a vital role in improving the health and immune levels of the body. The recurrence of any symptoms in a body can be prevented by homeopathic medicines. These medicines are easy and comfortable for all age groups as they taste sweeter and give quicker results.

Styes tend to dry out on its own although applying homeopathic medication can aid in hastening the process of healing.

  1. Amalki: This homeopathic medicine aids in repairing damaged tissue which in turn aids the stye infection to dry out. It is recommended to add a teaspoon of Amalki, which is available in most homeopathic outlets, into a glass of pure water. Then the mixture must be left on its own for the whole night for at least 10 to 12 hours. The mixture should then be filtered and used for washing the affected eye.
  2. Heper Sulphur: Heper sulphur aids in speeding up the rupture of styes so that the pain is instantly relieved. This remedy is particularly suited for the styes that cause significantly red and swollen. It also aids in reducing the tenderness and swelling. In the case of some children, styes tend to secrete a liquid discharge and are extremely painful. Heper sulphur along with warm compress can be extremely helpful in relieving the pain. 
  3. Pulsatilla: Some styes do not cause any pain but cause significant swelling and secrete a yellowish discharge. People affected with such type of styes can be significantly benefited by the use of homeopathic remedy called pulsatilla. It has also been found useful in preventing reoccurrence of styes.
  4. Staphisagria: Staphisagria is for chronic or recurrent styes that appear mainly on the upper eyelid. The eyes are very dry and have rheum. The corner of the eye and the edges of the eyelids may be chapped and infected.

It is important to keep the eye clean and flush it with cold water. If the pain and related symptoms do not go away after 3 to 4 days, it is best to consult a doctor for further treatments.

Scabies - Know About Derma Treatments For It?

Dermatologist, Bangalore
Scabies - Know About Derma Treatments For It?

The development of bumps and blisters on your skin surface accompanied by severe itching are the symptoms of a skin condition known as scabies. It is caused by a burrowing mite called sarcoptes scabiei. A patient experiences itching in the affected area and the urge for itching gets increased during the night. Scabies is a contagious disease and spreads rapidly among people via a physical contact.


Thin and irregular burrow tracks or blisters are common symptoms of scabies. These tracks generally appear in the folds of the skin. Commonly, scabies appears in the following areas:

  1. Between the fingers

  2. In the armpits

  3. Around the waist and along the insides of the wrist

  4. On the inner elbow, soles of the feet

  5. Around the breasts, buttocks, knees and shoulder blades

In case you had scabies previously, the symptoms usually develop within a few days after exposure. For first-time occurrences, six weeks are required for the symptoms to appear.


The eight-legged female mite which causes scabies burrows beneath the skin, produces a tunnel and deposits egg in it. After being hatched, the mite travels to the skin surface. Here they become mature and spread to other areas. The body’s allergic reaction to the mites, the eggs and their waste material causes the itching. Vigorous scratching of the scabies infected skin can break the skin, allowing a secondary bacterial infection to develop, like impetigo. A severe type of scabies known as crusted scabies can affect some people.

Crusted scabies usually affects people suffering from chronic heart diseases due to which the body’s immune system gets weakened. People who are very sick, hospitalised and aged people in nursing homes may develop crusted scabies. This type of scabies is scaly and crusty, covers large areas all over the body and is difficult to cure.

Treatment of scabies

The involves the elimination of the developments using medicines. There are several lotions and creams, which can be used on a doctor’s prescription for treatment. These creams should be applied all over the body. After the application, the medication should be left for eight hours. In case of recurrence of rashes and burrows, a second treatment may be required.

It is important to consult a doctor for proper treatment of scabies. Usually, treatment is recommended for all family members and close friends of an affected person, even though no symptoms of scabies appear in these people.

STDs: Here Are Warning Signs That You Should Lookout For!

FFIM, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Sexologist, Hyderabad
STDs: Here Are Warning Signs That You Should Lookout For!

STDs can be said to be the main down side to what is globally known as the most widely appreciated pastime. Yes, your read that right, as they can also be quite rampant. For example, by the age of twenty five, about half of all sexually active adults would have been the victim of at least one STD. Therefore, one should be aware of the risks and take precautions while indulging in sexual activities.

A lot of people are of the opinion that only an actual act of sex can lead to an infection by an STD. However, this is really not true as any sexual activity which features any or all of the mouth, penis, vagina and the anus has the potential to lead to an infection by an STD.

What doesn’t feel right?

  • STDs come in all sorts of ways. Some of them are curable and can be successfully treated while others just have to be managed. One of the symptoms to keep an eye out for includes a swelling or redness in the region around the penis or the vagina. Also, if a person experiences a lot of pain during urination, it is a very good idea to get checked for an STD.
  • The symptoms of an STD are basically that not everything feels okay. Apart from the symptoms which have been mentioned, others which also exist and serve as a warning sign are a severe itching, which is experienced in the genital region and a discharge from the penis or vagina. In addition to this, unexplained weight loss along with skin rashes and bumps, sores or warts around the mouth, or the genital regions are also fairly good signs that an STD has been contracted.

Road to recovery

  • If a person suspects that he or she may have an STD, it is very important to consult a doctor as delaying in doing so can harm other parts of one’s body, and at times permanently.
  • When it comes to the treatment of an STD, an antibiotic course of treatment is usually the way to go. It is important that the course of medication which is followed is specifically for that person as using another person’s medicine course can backfire.
  • The best way to practically avoid contracting an STD is to practice safe sex. Sex is something which is supposed to be fun and satisfying. Keeping a few things in mind, the fun can be almost unbridled.

Sore Throat - Factors That Can Put You At Risk!

ENT Specialist, Noida
Sore Throat - Factors That Can Put You At Risk!

If you are experiencing pain, irritation, or itchiness in your throat, the condition is referred to as a sore throat. It is likely for you to face difficulty in swallowing food and the pain worsens when you want to swallow. The primary symptom of a sore throat is throat pain. People of all ages can get affected by a sore throat.

There are several causes of a sore throat. The most common ones are as follows:

Viral infection
• Viral infections are the most common causes of sore throat.
• These are the infections that are caused by a virus, like the flu or cold.
Measles, chicken pox, and croup are other viral infections that cause a sore throat.

Bacterial infection
• Several bacterial infections also lead to a sore throat.
• They may include strep throat, diphtheria, and whooping cough.

Environmental factors
• Several environmental factors also cause sore throat.
• Exposure to pollen, mold, pet dander, and several other irritants leads to postnasal drip.
• This causes throat pain and inflammation.
• Exposure to dry air, and smoking cigarettes are also common causes of a sore throat.

• For the diagnosis of a sore throat, a physical examination of your throat is carried out, and your throat will be examined using a lighted instrument.
• Doctors usually look out for inflammations and white patches that indicate strep throat. Your breathing will also be checked.
• The back of your throat can be swabbed for examining samples in order to determine the virus.
• Certain blood tests may also be required to be undertaken.

• The treatment of sore throat depends on the cause.
• In case your sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection, you will be prescribed antibiotics for killing the infectious bacteria.
• The medicines should be taken strictly according to a doctor’s prescription.
• You should complete the course of 10 days to get effective results.
• If you stop the treatment at an early stage on noticing improvements, a sore throat can recur soon.

There are certain simple home remedies which are effective for curing the most common forms of sore throat. They include:
• Gargling with warm, salted water.
• Consuming warm fluids like soup, tea, and water.
• Having throat lozenges.
• Reducing the inflammation using ibuprofen and acetaminophen.
• Avoiding exposure to allergens and irritants.

In case your sore throat is caused by a viral infection, the virus should be left to run its course. During its course, you will be prescribed medicines like pain relievers and decongestants for relieving the symptoms. Antiviral drugs are also used in some cases for fighting the virus effectively.

I'm facing issues with erection and premature ejaculations, hence I have started swallowing crushed garlic, honey in morning with empty stomach. Will it help? Further to say I was feeling change in erection for 3-4 days, now the effect is little low. Penis size is little increased. Is what I'm doing, actually working?

Sexologist, Mumbai
I'm facing issues with erection and premature ejaculations, hence I have started swallowing crushed garlic, honey in ...
The common reasons for your problem may b due to excitement or stress ,medicines, alcohol, anxiety, ect. Do not label yourself so as you r young. Have rest. Exercise regularly. Involve into sports or hobbies of your choice.
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Hi sir Blood coming while cleaning the motion (how to prevent) but no pain and no bleeding occur while motion.

MBBS, MD-General Medicine, DM-Gastroenterology, Advanced endoscopy fellowship
Gastroenterologist, Visakhapatnam
Hi Mr. lybrate-user Your friend might be suffering from bleed due to hemorrhoids (piles). Please visit a nearby gastroenterologist or surgeon for the same. Meanwhile please do not strain at the stools, consume high fibre diet, and lot of fluids. Your doctor may prescribe you a laxative and local creams to control the bleeding. Sometimes you may need additional therapy like laser or surgery as well. Get well soon.
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I am suffering from acidity, vomiting, irritation due to burps It is occurring very frequently Cannot drink water also as it gives the feeling of vomiting Cannot slip properly.

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Ayurveda, Zirakpur
I am suffering from acidity, vomiting, irritation due to burps
It is occurring very frequently
Cannot drink water als...
These are the signs and symptoms of hyperacidity and infection alongwith a weakened liver. Further check-up up and proper treatment are mandatory. Drink boiled and cooled water only or you can boil 2 litre of water and put 2 tsp dry coriander and 2 tsp Saunf when you switch off the gas. Sieve and drink this water for the whole day. Take fruits and eat inbetween 3-4 hours of meals. Do not stay hungry. Take coconut burfi and sweet Amla when you feel hungry. Eat 3 to 5 hours before you sleep. Avoid chillies, tamarind, vinegar, pickles, etc. These small measures are not the treatment but will help you in the long run. Shothari pranayam and anulom vilom will be a boon. Take Avipattikar churna- 1 tsp after food with normal water 2 times a day which is very safe and can be used by anybody.
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