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Dr. R.S.Rawat

General Physician, Gurgaon

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Dr. R.S.Rawat General Physician, Gurgaon
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. R.S.Rawat is a renowned General Physician in Sector-14, Gurgaon. You can consult Dr. R.S.Rawat at Kalyani Hospital Pvt Ltd in Sector-14, Gurgaon. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. R.S.Rawat on has top trusted General Physicians from across India. You will find General Physicians with more than 39 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Gurgaon and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am Mihir from Rajkot and suffering from low blood pressure and vomit and dierea since 3.5 years and sinus from 1 year. Waiting for local doctor for diagnose. Thank you.

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Ahmedabad
Sinus problem should be evaluated by nasal endoscopy and ct scan of sinus. This will give us idea about extent and severity of problem. So that we will come to know that you will improve with medicines or you need surgery and if surgery than what kind of surgery. By that time you try to avoid dust smokes perfumes and pollutants. Take steam inhalation.
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Sir I am 21 years old. Sometimes I feel pain inside sternum. Pain light. Tell me sir what I do.

General Physician, Mumbai
Dear lybrateuser, - Your pain could be due to acidity/ GERD - avoid spicy, fried, sour & junk food - chew your food well, do not miss meals, have meals on time, have 4-5 small meals rather than three large meals, do not lye down for about an hour after meals, have dinner 2-3 hrs before bedtime - have 7-8 glasses of water daily for proper hydration - take tab Pantaprozole, 40 mg,1 tab half an hour before breakfast daily morning
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Sir I am facing constipation problem but a unique one. I take the picolex laxative and I got released but as soon as I stop taking laxative constipation starts again .there is no pain during excreting the waste product. There is no hard stool also. There is no pain in belly also. Only problem is I can't excrete desired waste product out. A.s as soon as I stop taking laxative it gain occurs. please give suggestions and preferred prescription.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
take warm water before going to sleep, eat cows ghee regularly, take green vegetables , milk, fresh fruits. do regular exercise ,yoga,pranayam. Avoid- oily,spicy,salty,fast food,bakery products,dry food products, excessive tea,coffee,cold drinks,frige luck
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hello doctor. I want to know what will happen if we take non veg daily. Chicken and mutton. Thank you doctor. Who answer me.

General Physician, Mumbai
Dear lybrateuser, - You can take non-veg daily but limited to one portion with a meal, a portion is equivalent to a pack of cards that is one piece of the food item, preferably have seafood or skinless chicken, only occasionally red meat as it is rich in saturated fats - also use grilling, baking, steaming rather than deep fried as it will have more calories & saturated & trans fats - also do regular exercise like walking, jogging to keep body fit.
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I am of 72 years. Quite often I am suffering from throat pain (e n t) and dry cough persists. Please. Advice for treatment if any for permanent solution.

Homeopath, Delhi
Hello, you can take homoeopathic medicine throat aid (bakson) 2 tablets thrice a day for a week and update with the feedback. Gargling twice a day with luke warm water will also give you relief.
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Erectile Dysfunction? Avoid Tips for Better Sexual Health

Homeopath, Agartala
Erectile Dysfunction? Avoid Tips for Better Sexual Health

Experts have warned diet can have a huge impact on fertility and impotence. Being overweight or obese can alter hormone levels, lowering testosterone which can impact semen quality and contribute to erectile dysfunction or impotence.
A typical ‘western’ diet which includes a high intake of processed meats, refined carbs, and sweets – essentially an unhealthy diet – can have an impact on sperm motility.
This type of diet, high in trans-fats, may have an impact on sperm quality and also lead to weight gain.
Being overweight or obese can alter hormone levels, lowering testosterone which can impact semen quality and contribute to erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Excess weight accumulated around the testes can increase the temperature in this region and affect sperm production.
Replacing fried foods with wholesome nutritious foods, including fresh fish as this contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which has been shown to boost healthy sperm.
It is also worth bearing in mind that being underweight can also have a negative effect on sperm production, as fatty tissues play an essential role in the metabolism and release of sex hormones.

Maintaining a healthy weight is key to ensuring the optimum environment for sperm production.
Studies have shown that sugary drinks, including fizzy and energy drinks could be linked to poor sperm motility. Too much sugar in your diet also increases your chances of developing insulin-resistance, this may lead to increased oxidative stress also known to be damaging sperm. If this is a problem for you, making some swaps with fruit might help to improve your sperm. Other issues which affect fertility in men and women are age - two thirds of women over the age of 40 experience fertility issues - stis and smoking.

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I use to travel a lot and thats too self driving since last mamy years. My sex power is reduced drastically, how to increase that?

Sexologist, Aligarh
You pls:-) do not warry. You will perform best in futue so take the following. For best and early relief. 1. Majoon shabab e azam b. D 2. Badshahi gold cap. O. D 3. Farbah oil for local applicstio.
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My mother 56 years old is on epileptic medication (eptoin 3 tablets daily) since 3 yrs. And wants to discontinue now as there are no seizures. Is it safe to discontinue? If yes then how.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
If your mother is on regular medications with eptoin 300 mg daily for the last three years and has not had any seizure since 3 years. (i. E. Its 3 years complete after she had her last seizure), stopping medications can be considered. However it is always advisable to consult your treating physician to gradually taper the dose according to age, serum drug levels and eeg status. If she has a breakthrough seizure she might have to continue the withdrawn dose.
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I am 35 years old male and have following problem1) blood pressure2) cholesterol 247 triglycerides 298 hdl 35 ldl 152 vldl 603) uric acid 9.24) RBC 4.39 MCV 107 MCH 34.5Doctor recommend me----1) Seloken xl 2) Olmark 3) Atchol f 4) febustat 40Please help me.

General Physician, Nashik
Eat a high-fiber diet. Get insoluble and soluble fiber. Limit foods that are high in fat. Choose lean meats. Incorporate probiotics into your diet. Eat on schedule. Stay hydrated. Continue treatment.
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My son is 21 years old and suffering from constipation. Due to this, he is also having piles. Kindly suggest some foods which will improve his present condition.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, Food to be avoided are hot and spicy food, oil fried food and wheat and ragi preparations, pepper, green chillies. Avoid intake of coffee and tea. Food that are helpful are high fiber diet which includes raw vegetables like onion, radish, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, tomato,etc. and fruits like big banana, grapes, musambi, orange, jackfruit, chikoo, pineapple, watermelon,etc. Sprouted whole grains and oats are also helpful. Drink plenty of fluids like tender coconut, buttermilk, milk, water, fresh fruit juices,etc.
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Hello doctor. I am married my prob is when I do sex my wife is behave like madness, she is do oral with dick and sometime I discharged in her mouth and sperm is go inside her? harmful for her? And she says more after 2-3 shots per night, what should I do cause I am feeling fear to her madness.

General Physician, Chandigarh
Nothing to get scared of no fear sexual choic s are individual as long as she enjoys it and you have no problem with it nothing to worry.
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Since last 3-4 years, I am suffering from sleep apnea problem, snoring and not feeling enthuastic whole day. Whole day small headache and hence could not concentrate on work. As also I have lost interest in sex also. Please suggest ayurvedic remedy.

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
You should once meet to ayurvedic docotor. And get assessed your condition is there any options available. Positive options may be found under ayurveda. Wish you good health.
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My mother in law suffered from heart blockage problem n blockage in brain too n suffered from paralysis attack so m worried about her diet so pls Dr. suggest me which food she hv to focused n which is to be avoid. And she like non veg diet a lot. Will it be still good for her health pls suggest me. Thanks.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Continue medicines, reasons for blockages in heart or brain or in rest of the body are same and it's called plaque, starts with inflammation within blood vessels due to wrong eating habits. Non veg food can be taken in little amounts but only if steamed or grilled, no animal fats soaking in it, but masala like black pepper and chat masala are okay. Reduce her salt despite bp under control. Take lemon juice and honey added to it on empty stomach every morning. Besides reducing weight it helps to protect heart and blood vessels. Give her lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits plus eating according to constitution. Take more proteins like milk and curds. All of the supplements for proteins which she likes. Walking is simple exercise that helps you to reduce sugar and lipids and clear blood vessels of blockages. Stay positive. Stay occupied.
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I am 53 years old, six months back I had cold with cough. Since then I feel something choking my throat & ears (no problem in swallowing). What should I do? regards.

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
There are several things you can do to prevent a cold—they are all easy and inexpensive and worth the effort. Wash your hands often-with soap and warm water.The germs stick to the soap and get washed down the drain. Always wash your hands after coughing or sneezing into your hands, blowing your nose, after touching someone who is sick, or when using public restrooms or telephones. Cover Your Mouth and Nose When You Sneeze or Cough- Clean your hands every time you cough or sneeze. Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, or Mouth-Germs are often spread when a person touches a contaminated surface and then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. Stay Home When You’re Sick-Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, don’t smoke, manage stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food so you can fend off viruses. Take healthy balanced boiled eggs.daily in breakfast .. Avoid people who have a cold or cold symptoms. Routinely clean and disinfect common areas of your home. Treatment:There is a gradual 1-3 day onset of symptoms. It often starts out as a sore throat, then a fever and coughing. As the cold progresses, the nasal mucus may thicken which is the last stage before the cold dries up. A cold usually lasts for a week or two. But, taking good care of yourself at home can relieve symptoms and help prevent complications if you are otherwise healthy. Unless you develop complications, you shouldn’t need medical treatment. Complications include bacterial infections of the ears, throat, sinuses or lungs which must be treated with antibiotics. In general you should: • get plenty of rest so your body can use its energy to fight the cold • staying at home will keep you from spreading germs • drink plenty of liquids like herbal tea or hot broth/vegetable/tomato soups. Avoid foods or drinks with caffeine which can keep you from getting enough sleep Runny Nose and Sneezing- if you have post nasal drip, gargle to keep from getting a sore throat. Drink extra fluids. (avoid sugary and high calorie drinks) Use saline nasal sprays or nasal irrigation • Tablet Nasorest-P once/twice daily may reduce the amount of mucous. • Humidify the rooms you are in most or your whole house if possible. • Do steam inhalation once or twice daily Cough-Coughing is how your body gets rid of debris and mucus from the airways during a viral infection. Unless your cough is severe or is keeping you from resting at night, it is better not to treat it. A severe cough can be treated with a cough syp, but don’t try to completely stop the cough. There are two types of coughs. Productive and non-productive or dry cough. Non-productive, dry cough. A dry, hacking cough may develop near the end of a cold. Dry coughs that follow viral colds are often worse at night and can last up to several weeks. Take syrup Alex-D for a dry cough. Cough drops can sooth an irritated throat, but most don’t affect the cough. Productive cough. A productive cough is one that brings up mucus from the back of the throat or the lungs. Productive coughs should not be suppressed to the point they no longer bring up mucus. Use syrup Alex. Drink lots of water if you have a productive cough. Head and Body Aches- Take tablet dolo-650 mg for fever once or twice daily
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I am a u19 Indian Cricketer , I got typhoid 2 years back after that I got fully treated but than I was having low grade fever continuously for 3 months I didn't got anything in my reports and in CT scan they found I got lymph nodes they put Me on ATT. For 9 months . I gained so much weight+ now I am doing regular running but the problem is that I am not loosing weight faster and if I leave my running for a week I gain more weight. I don't know why its happening with me. I want a solution so that I don't gain weight.

MBBS, MD - MD- Skin & VD
Dermatologist, Ahmedabad
Hello, your condition doesn't seem to be very simple. In such conditions, you need to have your family doctor or your regular doctor who knows your medical history. Even if you go for weight loss programme, your medical history and the trainer's conversation with the doctor is required. Anybody with weak immunity should avoid dieting and aggressive work out. Do get a regular health check up esp. For thyroid if you are putting on weight for no reason.
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Hii. I am 29 year women. From last month I saw some symptoms of pregnancy in myself but my period not missed. So I think is everything is o. K. But nowadays I feel faitgueness AND feeling of vomiting, not vomiting. And my abdomen is became fatty. Give me right suggestion to what I do. Please.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ernakulam
Hi lybrate-user, if you haven't missed your periods then you are not pregnant. Absence of periods marks pregnancy. Your uneasiness may be due to gastritis. Please try to drink milk everyday diluted with water.
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