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Nice Care Medical Centre Gynaecologist Clinic Main Basai Road.Landmark: Opp Raghu Gas Godown, Gurgaon Gurgaon
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We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
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Nice Care Medical Centre is known for housing experienced Gynaecologists. Dr. Sapna, a well-reputed Gynaecologist, practices in Gurgaon. Visit this medical health centre for Gynaecologists recommended by 58 patients.


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Main Basai Road.Landmark: Opp Raghu Gas Godown, Gurgaon
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Common Penis Problems: Curing the Penis Rash

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Common Penis Problems: Curing the Penis Rash

Common Penis Problems: Curing the Penis Rash

Men who pay close attention to good penis care are likely to notice the moment something goes wrong. Since a penis rash can develop so quickly, it isn't unusual for a man to be perfectly fine in the morning but have an itchy, unsightly rash by day's end. Fortunately, most penis rash causes are quite common and can easily be remedied. In fact, as penis problems go, the penis rash is one of the most common and one of the most curable.

There are some common culprits that contribute to most penis rash problems; once a man determines which one has cause the issue, he can easily reverse the problem.

1) Skin allergies. Men can easily develop sensitivity to certain items used in the course of sexual play. While allergies to latex are the most commonly discussed, there are other problems that can arise as well, such as allergies to lubricants, spermicides that are often found inside condoms, and even the fluids from a partner. The result can be a significant penis rash, soreness, redness and inflammation. In some cases, allergies can be severe enough to cause an anaphylactic reaction, which necessitates an emergency room visit.

2) Contact dermatitis. Another form of skin allergy, this is a much more common and mild problem. It often occurs when a man comes into contact with something new, such as a new detergent on his clothing, a new cleanser in the shower or even the use of soap rather than a special cleanser designed for sensitive skin. It might even come from the use of new underwear that has a different fiber makeup than what he's used to! Once a man discovers the culprit, he can simply stop using it and the penis rash will go away.

3) Infections. Few things can lead to worse penis itching than infections. Infections often present with a rash that is incredibly itchy, bad enough to keep a man awake at night and make him succumb to the urge to scratch in public! Yeast infections, jock itch (a fungal infection) and some sexually transmitted diseases can cause serious penis rash, itching, pain, discharge and much more. A guy who has a penis rash that won't quit and itching that makes his life miserable must visit the doctor as soon as possible to figure out the problem.

4) Dry skin. Sometimes, simple dry skin can be enough to prompt a penis rash. This is especially true if a man suffers from conditions such as eczema, impetigo and psoriasis, as each of these can create a penis rash that doesn't respond well to typical moisturizers. Fortunately, dry skin can often be combated with a proper penis health crème, and conditions that don't respond to daily application should be looked at by the doctor. He or she can prescribe a stronger crème that will help alleviate the problem.

5) Heat rash. The simplest of all penis problems concerning rashes, a heat rash is exactly what it sounds like - a rash that appears during the hottest weather. It usually appears at areas where the skin has rubbed together or where clothing has pressed against the skin, especially if a man has been sweating in that area. Heat rash usually clears up on its own; a guy should take the time to 'air out' the penis and surrounding area in order to get rid of the rash and cut down on the itching and discomfort is can cause.

As with many other penis problems, simply taking the time to allow the skin to heal a bit can help ease penis rash and itching. In addition, a guy should use a daily penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to fight the most common issues of itching and rash. However, it's important to remember that if a penis health crème doesn't do the job, a visit to the doctor is warranted to rule out any more serious problems and get back on the right track to a healthy penis.

Curd Benefits and Side Effects in Hindi - दही के फायदे और नुकसान

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Lakhimpur Kheri
Curd Benefits and Side Effects in Hindi - दही के फायदे और नुकसान

दही हमारे देश के भोजन परंपरा का अहम हिस्सा है. ये स्वाद में बेहतरीन होने के साथ ही पोषक तत्वों से भी भरपूर होता है. दही में मौजूद तमाम ऐसे पोषक तत्‍व इनसान के शरीर को कई प्रकार की बीमारियों से बचाने में मददगार होते है. यह सेहत और सूरत दोनों संवारने में काफी मददगार होता है. इसमें कैल्शियम, प्रोटीन, विटामिन पाया जाता है. दूध के मुकाबले दही सेहत के लिए ज्यादा फायदा करता है. क्‍योंकि दूध में मिलने वाला फैट और चिकनाई शरीर को एक उम्र के बाद नुकसान पहुंचाता है. इस के मुकाबले दही से मिलने वाला फास्फोरस और विटामिन डी शरीर के लिए लाभकारी होता है. दही में दूध की अपेक्षा ज्यादा मात्रा में कैल्शियम होता है. इसके अलावा दही में प्रोटीन, लैक्टोज, आयरन, फास्फोरस पाया जाता है. आइए हम आपको बताते हैं कि दही आपके शरीर के लिए कितना फायदेमंद है.

1. हड्डियों के लिए फायदेमंद: दही में पाया जाने वाला कैल्शियम की भरपूर मात्रा हड्डियों के लिए बहुत फायदेमंद होता है. दही खाने से दांत भी मजबूत होते हैं. दही ऑस्टियोपोरोसिस (जोडों की बीमारी) जैसी बीमारी से लड़ने में भी मददगार होती है.
2. टाइप 2 डायबिटीज का खतरा कम करें: दही के नियमित सेवन से डायबिटीज टाइप 2 का खतरा 28 प्रतिशत तक कम हो जाता है. दही में प्रोटीन, विटामिन, कैल्शियम और सैचुरेटेड फैट्स अच्छी मात्रा में होते हैं जो डायबिटीज टाइप 2 से दूर रखने में आपकी मदद करते हैं. इसलिए अगर आप डायबिटीज से परेशान है तो अपने आहार में दही को शामिल करें.
3. पेट के लिए रामबाण है दही: दही पेट के लिए बहुत फायदेमंद होता है. पेट की बीमारी से परेशान लोगों को अपने आहार में दही को प्रचूर मात्रा में शामिल करना चाहिए. पेट में जब अच्छे किस्म के बैक्टीरिया की कमी हो जाती है, जिसके चलते भूख न लगने जैसी तमाम बीमारियां पैदा हो जाती हैं. इस स्थिति में दही सबसे अच्छा भोजन बन जाता है. इसमें अच्छे बैक्टीरिया पाये जाते हैं जो पेट की बीमारी को ठीक करते हैं. यह इन तत्वों को हजम करने में मदद करता है. दही में अजवाइन मिलाकर पीने से कब्ज की शिकायत समाप्त होती है.
4. त्‍वचा के लिए गुणकारी: चेहरे पर दही लगाने से त्वचा मुलायम होती है और त्वचा में निखार आता है. दही से चेहरे की मसाज की जाये तो यह ब्लीच के जैसा काम करता है. गर्मियों में त्वचा पर सनबर्न की समस्‍या को दूर करने के लिए दही मलना चाहिए, इससे सनबर्न और टैन में फायदा मिलता है. इसके अलावा त्वचा का रूखापन दूर करने के लिए दही का प्रयोग करना चाहिए. जैतून के तेल और नींबू के रस के साथ दही का चेहरे पर लगाने से चेहरे का रूखापन समाप्त होता है.
5. बिमारियों से लड़ने की क्षमता बढ़ाए: इसके नियमित सेवन से बीमारियों से लड़ने की क्षमता में भी बढ़ोतरी होती है. गर्मी के मौसम में दही और उससे बनी छाछ का ज्यादा मात्रा में प्रयोग किया जाता है. क्योंकि छाछ और लस्सी पीने से पेट की गर्मी शांत होती है. दही का रोजाना सेवन करने से शरीर की बीमारियों से लडने की क्षमता बढती है.

अन्‍य लाभ:
लू से बचने के लिए दही का प्रयोग किया जाता है. लू लगने पर दही पीना चाहिए. दही पीने से पाचन क्षमता बढती है और भूख भी अच्छे से लगती है. मुंह के छालों के लिए यह बहुत ही अच्छा घरेलू नुस्खा है. मुंह में छाले होने पर दही से कुल्ला करने पर छाले समाप्त हो जाते हैं. दही के सेवन से हार्ट में होने वाले कोरोनरी आर्टरी रोग से बचाव किया जा सकता है. दही के नियमित सेवन से शरीर में कोलेस्ट्रोल को कम किया जा सकता है.

दही खाने के नुकसान
* एड्स से पीड़ित और ऑर्गन ट्रांसप्लांट वाले लोग डॉक्टर से पूछकर ही खाएं.
* आवश्यकतानुसार ही खाएं.
* फ्लेवर्ड दही के इस्तेमाल से आपको परेशानी हो सकती है.
* कुछ दवाओं के साथ इसका इस्तेमाल नहीं किया जा सकता है.

Why a Cup of Tea is Essential For You?

Dentist, Chennai
Why a Cup of Tea is Essential For You?

Drinking a cup of tea everyday helps in keeping the gums and teeth healthy as it contains high amounts of flouride and flavonoids which prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Everything a Man Needs to Know About Smegma

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Everything a Man Needs to Know About Smegma

Everything a Man Needs to Know About Smegma

When it comes to questions of penis care, some situations are rather off-putting to discuss; but they need to be talked about in order to help ensure the best penis health possible. One of these issues is smegma, a buildup under the foreskin of intact men that needs to be addressed on a regular basis. Avoiding the issue can lead to rash, itching and even penis pain, so it behooves a man to read on and figure out what he needs to do to ensure his penis doesn't have to deal with this unsightly problem.

What is smegma, anyway?

Smegma is a problem that pertains only to men who have not been circumcised. It's a buildup of the body's natural oils, as well as dead skin cells, sweat and other substances. This buildup occurs underneath the foreskin, and usually looks like white bumps or soft balls. When a guy wipes his finger across smegma, it should be easy to remove from the penis.

All intact men develop smegma; however, their hygiene habits dictate who will actually notice it building up. For instance, a man who showers at least once a day and carefully cleans the foreskin during that shower might never see smegma at all. But a guy who doesn't have such good hygiene might find that smegma builds up and causes problems for him after a while.

What kind of problems can smegma cause?

Smegma is a natural thing, so if it is handled properly, it won't cause problems for a man. But if a guy is seeing excessive smegma, that might be an indication that he either needs to step up his hygiene game or that there is something else going on under the foreskin.

First, the hygiene: A man must clean carefully under the foreskin at least once a day in order to avoid the buildup. However, there are some who find that the foreskin is a little too tight, and that makes it tough to clean underneath. In that case, a guy will have to take special care to clean the area or speak to the doctor about how to handle the situation.

Second, the other problems: Smegma buildup might become much more severe if a man has an infection that is contributing to the cause. Sexually transmitted diseases can lead to a sudden increase in smegma, as can yeast infections. A good rule of thumb is that smegma, in its natural state, doesn't have an odor, but smegma that is formed as a result of an infection often does have a very off-putting smell.

Men should pay close attention to the presence of any odor from the smegma, as well as how much of it there is. In addition, if the smegma is accompanied by itching, burning, redness, soreness, penis pain and similar problems, it's important for a guy to get to the doctor as soon as possible to help ensure he isn't dealing with a serious issue.

Finally, there's a phenomenon called "smegma stones." This happens when a man's hygiene is so bad that the smegma actually has a chance to crystalize into tiny stones that linger underneath the foreskin. These stones can become quite painful and can lead to other serious problems, so it's important for a guy to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Daily treatment for smegma

The best treatment for smegma buildup is simple: great hygiene. A man can shower every day and take care to clean the area well each time. He should use only cleansers that are specially formulated for the delicate penis skin. Some men who have serious smegma buildup with no known cause might be helped by a course of antibiotics, but only the doctor will know for sure.

He can also reach for a good penis health creme  to use after his shower. A crème that contains penis-centric vitamins and nutrients can help keep the skin smooth and supple, as well as fight odor and help keep smegma under control.

All About Liposuction!

American Board of Plastic Surgery, , American Board Of General Surgery, MS - Dermatology, M.B.B.S
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi
All About Liposuction!

Liposuction can be defined as a surgery, which uses the suction technique to pull out bodily fat from various parts. It is more commonly used for certain body parts like the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck and the surgery is performed on both men and women. 

However, there are certain facts on Liposuction you need to know about: 

  1. Liposuction gives you better skin: It is proven that after a Liposuction surgery, the skin becomes more elastic, smooth and adjusts automatically to its new shape. 
  2. The Process Of Liposuction: Liposuction surgery techniques involve ultrasound and laser for breaking down fatty substances and ultimately removing them. 
  3. Time taken for the results of Liposuction to  show: After a Liposuction surgery, you may not see the results immediately. Compression garments and/or elastic garments are used to get your affected body part to adapt to its new shape. 
  4. The Side Effects Of Liposuction: A Liposuction surgery is mostly safe but in some cases it might just have certain side effects. The most common side effects are: temporary fluid accumulations, short-lived numbness, kidney and heart problems, internal organ damage/puncture, skin irregularities, etc. 

Now that you know how it works, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before going for a liposuction surgery. They are: 

  1. Checking Your Medical History: The operating doctor should carefully review your medical history before even thinking to start the surgery. This helps to disclose a lot of medical conditions related to the patient that minimize the side effects. 
  2. Checking Your Family's Medical History: The health records of your family should also be reviewed to check for genetic conditions and allergies that might be common amongst the family members. 

    In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Infertility - Role Of Homeopathy For It!

Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Infertility - Role Of Homeopathy For It!

For most people, the natural progression of life includes meeting a suitable partner, getting married and having children. However, for some people, this last part can be tricky. The inability to conceive children after having well timed, unprotected intercourse for a year is known as infertility. Infertility is not a disease, but can be managed in a number of ways, including hormonal treatment, in vitro fertilization, surgery and homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is a holistic form of treatment that addresses the root of the problem and hence is a viable form of treatment for this condition. It treats the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of a person. Homoeopathy treats infertility by:

  1. Regulating ovulation cycles
  2. Balancing hormones
  3. Increasing sperm count
  4. Reducing stress
  5. Dealing with anxiety and depression
  6. Reducing negative thoughts and emotions

The key to treating infertility is to determine the cause of this condition. To this effect you and your partner may need to be tested for hormonal problems, the condition of your fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids and sperm density. The results of these tests and your constitution will determine the best form of homeopathic treatment for you. Some homeopathic remedies used to treat infertility are:

  1. Sepia: This homeopathic remedy is useful in cases where the woman has a tendency to miscarry the fetus. It can also be used to treat a prolapsed uterus and vagina and to regulate ovulation. It can also be prescribed to enhance a man’s libido.
  2. Sabina: Women suffering from recurrent miscarriages may be treated with Sabina especially in cases where the miscarriage occurs in the third month of pregnancy. It is also prescribed in cases where periods are profuse and bright red in colour, and for women who suffer from inflammation of the ovaries and uterus after an abortion.
  3. Aurum: Infertility triggered by depression, and negativity can be treated with this homeopathic medicine. It is also beneficial in cases where an increased blood pressure is responsible for infertility. Additionally, it can help treat an enlarged or prolapsed uterus and painful swelling of the testicles.
  4. Phosphorus: If uterine polyps are the root cause of your infertility, phosphorus biochemic supplements can be beneficial. This supplement is also used in cases where anxiety and stress cause infertility.

These homeopathic remedies can be used on their own or in combination with other medicines. When it comes to homoeopathy, there is no one-size-fits-all remedy. Although it has negligible side effects, you should not self medicate to treat infertility. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Cinnamon and Health Benefits

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
Cinnamon and Health Benefits

Dalcheeni, also known as cinnamon, cassia, Ceylon cinnamon or Saigon cinnamon is a commonly used spice, found to be a natural healer for various ailments. It provides pain relief and helps to treat infections because of its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. 

Cinnamon is greatly productive in dealing with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) mainly because it helps in reducing insulin resistance, which is believed to be the major cause of PCOS. It also lowers down the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. 

If mixed in hot water and consumed regularly, cinnamon can repress appetite and food yearnings, which helps women dealing with PCOS to cope with obesity. Cinnamon is also Scientifically proven to be a bountiful source of calcium, manganese and dietary fibre. 

Cinnamon boosts phosphorylation of insulin receptors which improves insulin function and sensitivity. A diet rich in cinnamon helps in revamping the menstrual cycle and also helps during pregnancy or by increasing fertility at the time of conception. 

Women with PCOS are comparatively more prone to developing diabetes and high blood sugar levels due to insulin dysfunction. Cinnamon balances the insulin levels and thus, lowers blood sugar and the pressure; and facilitates speedy weight loss. A cinnamon rich diet will also reduce the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. 

After eating a carb-rich diet, women with PCOS face a rapid rise in insulin which causes multiple problems and hormonal dysfunctions. However, if they add cinnamon to the same diet, it will minimise the insulin reaction. 

It is, therefore, highly recommended by experts to include cinnamon in your diet if you have PCOS. Since it does not have any side effects, a teaspoon of dry cinnamon twice a day should pose no harm. It can also be consumed with water or in baked products like muffins. Even if you are taking medicines or other supplements, cinnamon is a safe choice. An overdose, however, might lead to hypoglycaemia, so do not consume more than two teaspoons a day.

Postpartum Hemorrhage - Know Why It Actually Happens!

Gynaecologist, Sirohi
Postpartum Hemorrhage - Know Why It Actually Happens!

Postpartum hemorrhage is a condition where a woman may lose a lot of blood (approximately 500ml to 1000ml) from her vulva shortly after childbirth. This usually occurs within the first 24 hrs of childbirth and can even result in severe blood loss threatening the mother’s life in case the blood loss is over 2000 ml. Secondary postpartum hemorrhage can also occur until 12 weeks after childbirth and this extra care should be taken, if there is any such possibility.

Symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage:
1. Rapid increase in heart rate.
2. Feeling dizzy while standing up.
3. Increase breathing rate.
4. Feeling cold and chilly even if the room temperature is normal.
5. Sudden fall in blood pressure levels.
6. Fainting or becoming unconscious.

Causes of postpartum hemorrhage:

  1. Uterine atony: This is a condition in which the uterus contracts and may lead to excessive bleeding. Infection in the placental tissue can also lead to postpartum hemorrhage.
  2. Trauma: This is a very common cause for postpartum hemorrhage. Sometimes, the uterus (womb), vagina, cervix (passage forming the lower end of the womb) and the perineum (area between the vulva and the anus) can get injured. These areas become vascular during the course of pregnancy and may rupture in the process of childbirth causing excessive bleeding.
  3. Tissue: At times, the whole placenta or fetus tissue does not come out of the body after childbirth. This can lead to profound blood loss resulting in postpartum hemorrhage.
  4. ThrombinThis is a disorder which occurs when there is excessive bleeding when the blood fails to clot inside the body.

How can you prevent postpartum haemorrage?

  1. Oxytocin is a substance which is used after the delivery of the baby. This prevents postpartum hemorrhage. It can be administered in the following ways :
    • As an injection which is directly injected into the blood stream.
    • After delivery, breastfeeding your baby can also trigger natural oxytocin. This occurs as encouraging the baby to suckle also stimulates the nipples which release oxytocin, thus preventing postpartum hemorrhage.
    • In the form of intravenous drips mixed in with important medications. IV drips can administer oxytocin along with other important fluids along with it.
  2. Uterine massage is also recommended to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. After delivery, massaging the uterus makes the muscles relax and contract. This reduces the risks of excessive bleeding.

A lot of women can also die due to excessive bleeding after childbirth, especially in developing countries including India. This is a cause for concern and proper care should be taken if you start experiencing these symptoms.

Liposuction vs. Lipofilling: What's the Difference?

MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mohali
Liposuction vs. Lipofilling: What's the Difference?

Liposuction is a common type of cosmetic surgery, which involves the removal of excess body fat. People with isolated fat deposits which are non responsive to diet and exercise, opt for Liposuction.

On the other hand, lipofilling, a relatively recent procedure which involves grafting the individual's own fat to the parts of the body that need filling. Liposuction is used to remove fat from various parts of the body. Lipofilling involves grafting the fats taken out by liposuction to the areas that require it. Both the procedures address the following areas:

1. Abdomen
2. Face & Neck
3. Buttocks
3. Knees
4. Thighs and Calves
5. Hips
6. Breasts
7. Arms and many other areas.

The procedural differences
The basic difference between the two procedures can be seen in the two words itself. In the context of fat displacement, one involves suction while the other involves filling. Liposuction involves removal of the fat while lipofilling takes an extra step to allocate the fat to the required parts of the body. Lipofilling is popular for enhancing the Buttocks also. This procedure is well known as Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Reasons for utilizing these procedures
Both the procedures are opted for various reasons. Liposuction is used for reducing double cheeks, fat bulges, removing excess fats for improved sexual function or for rectifying body irregularities which cause difficulty in movement. On the other hand, lipofilling is used for breast augmentation, creating smoother contours in various parts of the body and for grafting additional muscle mass in more prominent parts of the body. The type of people likely to use it Liposuction in general would be opted by people with fat bulges while on the other hand lipofilling would be opted by people with contour deficits.

Pornography - How It Helps You Release Early?

Pornography - How It Helps You Release Early?

Watching porn can be pleasurable and invoke your intimate desires. Since talking about intimate relations is considered as a taboo and most children in our country don’t receive proper education, they resort to porn videos that give them a false idea of reality. Little do they know that the actual acts are nothing like the ones they see in these adult videos. Looking at men with chiseled bodies, women with hourglass figures and extremely spicy sex lives can, unfortunately, lower your confidence. After all, not everyone can attain these. Nonetheless, one can always engage in the act of self-satisfaction or masturbation by watching these videos. Masturbation is one of the underrated pleasures of the world and pornography does the trick here; it not only gets you sexually aroused but also helps you in reaching an utterly satisfying climax.

These thought process may include the habit of watching porn. Wait! Did you say Porn? Now before we jump to conclusion and sing hymns that porn is bad for you, let us look at it from a different perspective. Sure it could have a negative impact if you are addicted to it, but let’s say for a minute that you have a habit of watching porn occasionally. Is it really that bad for you as spread across in social circles? Let’s find out!

Watching porn: Ask any kid why he would want to watch porn and almost two out of three answers would be that they need a quick fix in their “Me Time”. Our human brain varies a lot and though everyone would disregard this, our mind always yearns for variance and adventure. Porn in a way gives this to them. The experience of watching something new or something which is not the usual norm accelerates the hormone process and this directly makes you cum earlier. Of course, this may pave the way for premature ejaculation and can also affect your libido levels. But that is a topic for a different discussion.

Positive consequences of Watching Porn: One of the few good things about porn is that it determines what scintillates you and what type of guy you are. It also in a way allows you to develop standards while pleasing a woman. Love making is not just an ejaculation process. It is rightly called an art. Do explore more and porn if channelled in a right way can actually be good for you. However, there is a very thin line between good and the bad side of porn. Just make sure that you are not addicted to it.

Increased Sexual Energy: Almost 75% of the population would get excited about porn. Psychologists say that this is not a bad thing and they can channel this need into a positive sexual energy. Porn can increase your libido levels and if you combine this with deep inner exercises like meditation and breathing exercises, then you can be greatly benefited by it. Though it sounds a bit absurd, experts would like us to try it out.

Last Longer: While porn can make you come earlier, alternatively it can help you relax and you can take your time to get an orgasm. This happens in the advanced stages and you need to know a couple of factors before you get to this level. One is you need to know your limit and the permissible lines when you watch porn. Second, don’t overdo porn. These might take some years to practice but once you have mastered it, porn can actually be an alleviating experience for you with mental harmony and peace. You can also go for ayurvedic treatment package for masturbation.

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